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Lament (the American version)


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Hi everyone...I posted one of my poems called 'All My Angels'. This poem has special meaning for me as it's my way of saying thanks to some great people who have helped me through a few very rough years.

I'm Also posting a poem called 'Lament', about the loss of one of these friends. I'm glad I live a long way from Austrailia...I swear I never stole his title LOL

Any and all comments will be acccepted with grace and humility...then I'll send the two of them home, hide in my cubbyhole and cry my eyes out lol


a poem by codey

Harsh words spoken in a moment of ire,

causes great pain by one I admire,

and words, once spoken, are hard to take back

in less than an eyeblink, a friendship is cracked.

The crack widens as more words are spewed.

Hardened in anger, positions are skewed.

A choice then is made as to whom to defend,

a choice clearly showing who's prefered as a friend

A coolness developes as we're drawn apart.

Dark clouds build and fill my heart.

I want to go back, somehow make amends

but I'm at a loss just how to begin

Should I ignore principle, or the way I was reared

and betray the teachings of those I revere?

Or should I stand firm, never waiver or bend,

knowing full well what my actions portend.

My heart is bleeding, as if cut by a sword.

The hurt deepens and can't be ignored.

There must be a way to bring to an end

this pain that I feel from the loss of a friend.

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