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News & Views - June 8, 2008


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Hi Gang...

Back witn another News & Views. Have been working to tame the work schedule and it's almost under control.

We're into that summer lull for authors but some outstanding stories and chapters are still being written. If you haven't started reading The Recemption by Rick Beck... give it a try. It is a novella sequel to his novel The Farm Hand and will definitely move your emotions. Another great piece, Rick.

WBMS has been busy.... Try his new short story L'Histoire Clich? which he took time to write while moving forward with Nearly Entirely Alone With Myself. I was delighted to see the reappearance of Nicky! Not a sequel, indeed!

We do have another 'admitted' sequel.. with Duncan Ryders How the Light Gets In which follows on in the tradition of his popular Everybody's Wounded story. Be sure to check it out.

Bruin Fisher has added The Photograph to his story page and we want to point you to it.

New Chapters are available now to Outside The Foul Lines - Starting Chapter by Rick Beck.

Also don't forget that both Jack Scribe and Altimexis are posting chapters of their latest novels TWICE a week on Wednesdays and weekends at AwesomeDude.com.

Well, guess it's time to apologize for the spotty News & Views schedule... like I said above, I'm just about in control of my own work schedule.. so you can expect to hear from me more often.

Remember our new AwesomeDude Forums Czar is Des , please address any correpondence on the Forums to him!

We'll be publishing his new 'official' email address by next week.

Thanks for all your support and good wishes during my culture shock after moving to The USA. Slowly but surly digging out from everything!

Remember to thank your authors with your comments on their stories and to have a great week of reading!

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