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Az Bill Would Allow Anti-Gay Slurs In Schools


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Az Bill Would Allow Anti-Gay Slurs In Schools

by 365Gay.com Newscenter Staff


(Tucson, Arizona) The Arizona Senate has given preliminary approval to legislation barring schools from discriminating against religious beliefs, a move opponents say will encourage students to bully gay students.

Sen. Linda Gray ®, one of the bill's sponsors said the measure is necessary because some school officials are violating the constitutional rights of students by not allowing them to speak out about issues.

But Democrat Sen. Debbie McCune Davis said there has to be limits. She proposed an amendment that would bar bullying in schools on the basis of race, religion and sexual orientation.

Republicans opposed the move. Sen. Jack Harper ® said the amendment would negate the purpose of the bill by allowing the very type of religious discrimination the legislation is trying to end.

He said that on the national Day of Silence students are allowed to "flaunt their alternative lifestyle" by wearing clothing with slogans supporting LGBT rights but under Davis's proposed amendment Christian students could not wear clothing expressing an opposing view.

The exchange prompted openly gay Sen. Ken Cheuvront to enter the debate.

Cheuvront (D) said that the expression beliefs must be tempered by the ability of school administrators to ensure that students are not bullied or harassed.

Nevertheless, the bill, without the amendment, was passed.

It still needs final approval in the Senate. The measure already has passed the House. Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) has not indicated if she will sign the bill if it gains final approval in the Senate.

?365Gay.com 2008

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One has to hope that they will all vigorously support the rights of non-Christian religions to bully and intimidate Christians, in the name of freedom of religion, of course. I can think of several which might enjoy a good round or two.

I still cannot see how anyone can seriously think that the 'right to be left alone' should be superseded by the 'right to bug the shit out of others who want to be left alone'.

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This bill shows that it's okay to hate as long as you do so because your religion professes hate. Wonderful. I hope the Governor of Arizona vetoes this legislation. It should be flushed in the nearest toilet -- except that would be polluting both because of the paper and what's written on it.

Colin :icon10:

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