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Signs by R. J. Santos

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As short stories go this is a very real drama, beautifully written, and deserving that someone comments and proclaims the author who has so wonderfully described a life, a romance, and the constraints of being gay with all the insecurities nearly everyone must know.

The more you get into the story, the more you appreciate the descriptions and the many self reflections. There are some brilliant lines, as when Korean Guy, the name tag he gives his new found infatuation, asks if he wants him to get a CD he is looking for: “Yeah,” I answered, looking at the teeth showing through his grin. “I want it.” The double entendre is poignant.

The author describes the restrictions of society and religion, Christian and Muslim, in another country, the Philippines, and the impact on a person who is gay, twenty-one, and living with devout parents. The situation and the barriers are very real, but also universal, I could as easily relate to the story living in Europe as I am sure could someone in America.

A great story that you ought to take five minutes or so of your time to read. I wonder how much is actually from real life and not simply fiction? Perhaps the author will join the discussion and tell us a little more.


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5 hours ago, James K said:

I wonder how much is actually from real life and not simply fiction?

John Mayer said in his new song, "shouldn't leave you messages in every little song." And I could relate to that. I was supposed to entitle Signs as Dear John, but I realized it would just be a message in a bottle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And, I think I'll leave it at that 😅

Very grateful for your kind words 😊

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