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If By Chance

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Chapter 19 of If By Chance by Nickolas James has been posted.

To quote Nick:

Will Gerald's car run out of gas on the way to the hospital?

If it does, will Dennis call AAA?

How will Pat Robertson influence Peter's CD collection?

Does Alana have the clap?

Find out the answer to none of these questions and more when you read...

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What do the Taliban, a king sized bed that takes quarters, mirrors on the ceiling and a newly buffed tile floor have on common?

How would Gerald fight the outbreak of a bird flu pandemic in the Southeast corridor of the United States?

Why in the world would Dennis take a job as a rodeo clown in Western Canada?

Who in the hell is coming up with these stupid questions, anyway?

Travel down the road of enlightenment when you read

Chapter 20-A of If By Chance.

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