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Three couples were wanting to become members of a rather 'picky' Baptist Church, and were told they would have to abstain from sex for 3 weeks, in order to prove their worthiness.

At the end of the three weeks, the couples were interviewed and asked how they had made out with their vow of abstinence.

Couple one said that they had no trouble at all. Since they were both over 75 years old, they didn't have much drive left anyway.

Couple two said they had some serious concerns but decided the best way was to sleep in separate bedroom, and this worked for them.

Couple three said they had tried to abstain, but the very first day, the wife tried to get a can of food from the top shelf and dropped it. As she was picking it up off the floor, the husband confessed, he couldn't resist the temptation of his wife's beautiful behind, and he took her right there, right then.

The congregation was shocked, and told this last couple that they wouldn't be welcome in their Church, whereupon the husband informed them that they expected that, and that they weren't welcome in the grocery store anymore either.

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