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Hey guys,

No big announcement really. Just thought I'd inform everyone (who's concerned) that I had changed my pen name from Rad Steven to RJ. I hope there'd be no confusion about this in the future.

For anyone curious about my reasons, please read this blog entry of mine: "Amazing Grace".



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Ah, good luck to you, Rad. If you're in school, keep going as long as you can. It's bound to help you in your new job, wherever that might be.

One thing I regret is not buckling down and getting better grades in school. I lacked the discipline when I was a kid to really study and work hard. It took me another ten years to realize how hard you have to work in order to be any kind of success in life. As it was, I did OK, but I occasionally muse about "the road not taken," and what might have happened if I had studied harder and gone into a slightly different line of work.

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