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Top ten boy-on-boy screen kisses


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There might be some in the porn movies. I wouldn't know; I've never rented one.

I think the idea is to ignore the porn movies. I was surprised by some of the names I saw on the list. Some well-known actors clearly didn't seem concerned that an on-screen kiss with another guy would ruin their careers.

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Boy, is that a screwy website. Here's the list of the films, for people like me who are annoyed by bad web user interface design:

Total Eclipse

Brokeback Mountain

Velvet Goldmine

Y Tu Mama Tambien


My Beautiful Laundrette

In & Out

Enduring Love


Before Night Falls

I'm appalled that they omitted Queer as Folk and Milk, either of which have far more intense and romantic scenes than any of the above (though admittedly, QAF was done for TV). I would also add the British film Get Real, which I thought was much more poignant and heartfelt -- though it's not a film I necessarily found satisfying, for a lot of reasons. And I'd also recommend the 1982 film Making Love, which was the movie that finally helped get me out of the closet, half a lifetime ago.

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I'm not sure, but I don't think Milk was released when the list was created -- it is, after all, a relatively recent film. As for Queer as Folk, it's a TV show, not a movie, which is what the list appears to be derived from.

I should also point out that I got the link from a mainstream newspaper website, not a gay site. There was also a link for the top ten girl-on-girl screen kisses, but I didn't bother giving that link....

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