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Call to Action: Watch Prayers for Bobby

January 24, 2009 by Damon

If there is only one thing you do this weekend, watch the excellent television movie Prayers for Bobby on Lifetime. In fact, email or call your friends, relatives, co-workers and fellow churchgoers and tell them to watch as well. This is a movie that should be seen by young and old, gay and especially straight. Yes, it?s that important.

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Brent Hartinger says:

Indeed, the story is told with subtlety and sophistication, and the performances ? especially Ryan Kelley as Bobby and Weaver, who will almost certainly be in the running for an Emmy ? are excellent. It may be the best TV movie on gay issues ever, precisely because there is absolutely nothing cautious or watered down in its execution.


Sigourney Weaver's TV movie debut proves worth the wait, as Lifetime's fact-based "Prayers for Bobby" revisits ground similar to that which the AIDS-themed "An Early Frost" broke nearly 25 years ago and -- thanks to enduring religious-based bigotry toward gays -- still feels fresh and poignant. Lifetime doesn't often aim this high with its made-fors, yet aside from some minor questionable stylistic choices by director Russell Mulcahy, this message movie proves powerful without being unduly preachy.

David Wiegand, San Francisco Chronicle:

There may be some flaws in "Prayers for Bobby," but that doesn't mean it won't kick you in the emotional gut. Awkward dialogue and merely adequate direction notwithstanding, "Bobby" becomes a universal story of a child trying to please a parent, and of a parent who learns too late that children will, after all, listen.

Prayers for Bobby will play three times on Lifetime: Saturday, January 24, 9-11 PM; Sunday, January 25, 8-10 PM; and Tuesday, January 27, 9-11 PM.

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I watched that movie tonight...

I watched...

and I watched...

and I watched what we as a people have done to ourselves, to our future humanity.

Am I crying right now? Yeah, I am. And, I'm not crying for Bobby. I'm crying because I CAN'T save all the kids. I can't do a fucking thing to stop the ignorance, to stop this unrequited hope of what they can become. What the hell are we doing?

I'm sorry. It's really not you, not the people on this board. This should be on my blog, not here. But, I thought that you would be understanding.

The first GLBTQ Center in New Mexico WILL open this June 20th. We will have (more than ever now) a teen center as MY first project to provide hope, education, but more importantly, a place of acceptance and safety.

I can't save them all. I probably can't save most of them. But if I can save one...just one...kid from killing himself, then whatever I do, no matter how many hours it takes, it will be all worth it!

Sorry. I needed to vent.

This movie will be shown again tomorrow night and then again on Tuesday. If you haven't already, please watch it.

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Bobby went to my high school, but that was before I was born. The efforts of his mother in memory of Bobby caused the high school district to establish one of the first comprehensive anti-discrimination anti-bullying anti-abuse policies in the country, policies that recognized not just race, national origin, religion, and gender, but sexuality as well. It's because of Bobby and his mother that I and all the other students in my high school district benefited from those policies. Despite how sad the causative circumstances were, I can't say enough in thanks for what resulted. Sometimes it takes a desperate act to make something happen. Bobby didn't die in vain.

Colin :icon1:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Those of us without cable television missed a very thought provoking and important show. And yeah, I don't have cable so I missed it. :sad:

But here is the good news. The movie, in it's entirety, has been posted to utube. It is posted in eleven segments. Here is the url to the first segment. (Just click on the remaining segments to the right of the screen.)


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