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News & Views - February 9, 2009


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Hi Gang,

Things are on the upswing again with a couple of new serial novels starting this week plus a new short story and an update on a story that has been quiet for a while.

Jack Scribe has started the serialization of the third in his Splash series - Splash on the Web - Read Chapters 1=5 today!

Rick Beck brings the first chapter of Antiques & Homicides - based in the nation's capital.

Bruin Fisher has a new short story Graffiti for us.

Welcome back to Sequoyah who this week posts Chapter 47 of Saga of the Elizabethton Tarheels. He's feeling better, writing again and all is well with the world.

Updates to the weekly posted Family & Friends by Ron Robbins and the fortnightly posted The Price of Friendship by Graeme.

Now.. I am very, very happy to announce that the winged boys are back. Jamie will be posting a new chapter (Book 2 - Chapter 22) of The Scrolls of Icaria on February 14th. Jamie and editor AJ are geared up to provide us with a new chapter every three weeks! Welcome back Jamie!

I've put the Now Playing box for AwesomeDude Radio up in the upper right corner of the AwesomeDude Home Page. I invite you to listen the the newly enhanced (nearly 8000 songs) collection as you read or write. I listen to it as I work on the website or spend time here in the AD Forums. Try it!

Finally.. this is the first mention I'm making in a public forum, but we decided to put a PayPal link in the upper left hand corner of the homepage. If you like what you see here and would like to help pay the bills to keep AwesomeDude going through these 'tough times' you are welcome to use it to make a contribution.

That's it. Busy these days... so I'll leave you to your great week of reading!

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