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News & Views - April 20, 2009


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Hi Gang....

Progress continues on the general neatening up of the site as well as on the Master Story List and we're reviewing some possible new stories and authors. If you've submitted a story please be patient. We're gradually catching up!

Don't forget we're interested in good Short Stories. It is often a good way for an author to get his or her feet wet in writing. And some of our most seasoned authors at AwesomeDude love to write them. Send them to us at Story-Editor@awesomedude.com. If you're not sure about developing a story short or novel-length , by all means discuss it with others in The Bull Pen right here in the AwedomeDude Forums. If you need some tips and advice, go to the Writers' Workshop and the Editor's Desk. If you're inclined towards poetry, either as a reader or writer, try the Poet's Corner... read the poems and comments and add your own poems and comments.

Now to this week's Serial Novel Chapter Updates:

  • The Price of Friendship by Graeme - Chapter 16 is posted.
  • The Scrolls of Icaria by Jamie - Book II Chapter 25 is up.
  • Middle School by Cole Parker - Parts 9 & 10 (Wed-Sat)
  • Mystery & Mayhem at St. Marks A Sequel by Joel - Chapters 16 & 17 (Wed-Sat)
  • Why Did He Die? by Seth Newman - Chapter 3
  • Antiques & Homicide by Rick Beck - Chapter 11
  • Splash on the Web by Jack Scribe - Chapter 15
  • Family & Friends by Ron Robbins - The Lloyd King Story Chapter 6

Monday morning update this week. Normally would do it Sunday morning, but this week didn't make it. And for those who 'twitter' you can find the dude at www.twitter.com/awesomedudester.

Have a good week of reading and don't forget to tell your fav authors you appreciate them!

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