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Orangutan escapes at Adelaide Zoo

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From the Aussie ABC:

Visitors have been evacuated from the Adelaide Zoo after an orangutan escaped from its enclosure.

Staff are trying to secure the area and visitors have been offered a refund.

Ryan Johnston, 11, saw the animal escape.

"It was amazing how he did it, because he actually got a branch, pulled it over the electric fence and then got over," he said.

If you watch the video you will learn that the little human above, had it wrong, it was actually a female orangutan who escaped from the zoo. It was probably Organna, one of my step-sister's children. She loves teasing the humans with her superior intellect. I expect she tried to escape because she wanted to visit her mom for Mother's Day.

She allowed herself to be caught and put in the zoo to escape her fourth husband (Tomga) who wanted her to convert to gorilla-ism as he wouldn't believe that he had evolved from a human.

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