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Cantebury 'not gay enough'

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This is an example why I feel that some gay activists seem to be trying to do their best to make gays unpopular....

An article from the Telegraph in the UK.

Canterbury 'not gay enough'

The ancient city of Canterbury has found itself the subject of a complaint from homosexual rights activists for not having a gay bar.

By Aislinn Simpson

Last Updated: 8:18PM BST 13 May 2009

Although it welcomes millions of tourists each year from across the globe, the cathedral city - famed for its association with 14th century Canterbury Tales author Geoffrey Chaucer - has also attracted ire for not having a homosexuals' community centre.

The complaint was lodged with the Local Government Ombudsman by the Pride in Canterbury pressure group which also complained about the "stereotypical" depiction of a gay character in a play staged at the city's Marlowe theatre.


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It just goes to prove exactly how similar gays are to straights. Some good, some bad, some activists, some not, some exaggerate, some are realistic.

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