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Lesbian bishop elected in Stockholm

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This tuesday it became official that Eva Brunne won the election for new bishop for the Stockholm diocese of the Swedish church (lutheran and formerly state church). She is openly lesbian and living in registrered partnership with Gunilla Lind?n (assistant vicar). They have a three year old son.

The first of may marriage became legal for same sex couples. But the Swedish church has not yet decided if they shall continue to keep the right to marry couples according to swedish law and thereby also marrying same sex couples according to swedish law. The alternative is to leave the marriage to a justice of peace and only carry out a blessing to the already married couple - mixed or same sex.

If you already have an registrered partnership you have the choice to either applying to the authorities to change the partnership to marriage or to make a full marrying act. But as it is now the new bishop cannot marry her partner in the church of their own belief. :evilgrin:


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