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Grinnin' Bedlam

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Grinnin' Bedlam

I?ll exist

On the lips of strangers,


And fools.

I?ll persist

To refute any patterns spotted

Live outside the lines all dotted

Grinnin? bedlam

Smilin? delirium

Falling, laughing in the street

Gripping sides until I fall asleep

Grinnin? bedlam

My head?s its own asylum, see

Without a touch of crazy

I would prob?ly go insane

I will dance

To the songs inside my head

And I?ll still be off-beat

I can?t find

A way to coincide desire

For motion with the need

To get some rest.

Hard pressed

To find a way outside

The mazes in my mind


Locked within

Black iron walls

Of preconceived notions

And accepted narratives

?Or, not.

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