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New Heels

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New Heels

?The road!? Oh, he moaned,

Tracing sidewalk cracks.

?Let me tell you something:

Rubber soles against the road

Is the only honesty left.

Pavement?s the only lover

Worth living for or with,

And damned if my heels

Ever stop kissing her

Blushing concrete cheeks.?

?But what about people??

I contested, ?Even Fearless Leaders

Can fall in love with something

More human than an ideal.?

?People,? He replied,

?Are the ones crowding the streets

With cars and bikes and SUVs.

People are what we walk to escape.

People are what kicked us to the curb

In the first place, don?t you remember??

?But surely, if people sent us here,?

I countered, ?They at least serve the cause,

Because without our lovely exile,

We?d be civilized, and lost.?

?People,? He said again,

?Built the roads, but don?t walk on them.

They spend hours in machines

That do nothing but help them avoid one another.

They blow their horns at us

When we take too long at a crossing

After we?ve been walking for ten hours

And they?ve been driving for ten minutes.?

?But the code!? I argued,

?The code states that we walk for them!?

?For them.? He said. ?From them.?

He extended his hands to his sides.

?And why am I defending myself to you?

New heels, you?re still civilized, besides.?

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