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There it was, and then it was gone.

By Trab

?Copyright 2009.

With the rattle of a loose fender, and a squeal of handbrakes, the young lad screeched his bike to a halt in the middle of the road. There it was, a big, green slug, trailing a pathway of fast drying slime behind itself, creating a silver streak on the hot black pavement.

Why it was there, no-one could know. Where it was going was obvious; a sad and painful death; baking in the hot sun; no moisture and no shade ensured its fate.

Quick as a wink, the boy picked up the slug, and dropped it in the shady cool under the bushes at the side of the roadway, and headed on his way.

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I should point out, that this was inspired by the series of posts discussing "worth" in the Codey's World forum.

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