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Frontier Guard - preview - new web series


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Coming in 2009 is a new, original web series, Frontier Guard.

Want to see a preview? Of course you do!

Connor Black is abducted by aliens in 1957, and is found on a space ark, hundreds of years later.

It's in the tradition of other old space shows and books, but this isn't a rehash. The plot bits they've mentioned look to be good. The aliens/humans and the CGI are very good quality.

Want to learn more? See the Hidden Frontier site and look for Frontier Guard.


This is a brand new, original series, not connected with Hidden Frontier's Star Trek fanfilms.

Yes, I'm a member of their forum and I've done brief audio lines a couple of times for them. You might, *might* hear me once or twice in upcoming Frontier Guard audio, doing extra bits 8)2.

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