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Those pooch sluts are out there!

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I read a friends blog entry. He was having a difficult time- he made a mistake that his Dad is being slow to forgive him for.

See how you like my response to his problem.

Let's see if I follow:

Somehow you screwed the pooch (made a mistake). You are a kid and I guarantee that it will happen again- probably not with the same pooch. We all screw that pooch sooner or later.

Your Dad is angry about the pooch getting screwed. He should get over it. That pooch is a real slut.

The rest of your family knows that you screwed the pooch and supports you. Apparently they know about the slutty pooch.

Life is stressful and difficult because you screwed the slutty pooch that everyone else has screwed.

My conclusions:

Screwing the pooch happens to the best of us. I've even bought that bitch a ring.

Your Dad has certainly screwed a few pooches in his time. Everybody has. Maybe he's suffering from selective amnesia. Nobody likes to remember screwing the pooch. Chances are that he'll remember his own pooch screwings and come around

Remember well your family's support during your pooch screwing low and be there when one of them eventually screws the pooch.

Life is always stressful and difficult so don't make it harder on yourself by hanging out with slutty pooches. Just know that there's all kind of pooch sluts out there just waiting. You'll want to think twice before you do something that's going to give you fleas next time.

Dog_ass.jpg < Pooch Slut

Does that help???

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