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Mexican beaches to Alberta snowdrifts

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I just can't let this one go by without a comment. :hehe:

It was a balmy -25?F (-32?C) here in Calgary Saturday night.

Edmonton is just a 3 hour drive north of us. It was -51?F (-46?C) on Saturday night there -74?F (-59?C) factoring in the windchill.

It was the second coldest place on the planet behind Zhilinda, Siberia, which was -54?F (-48?C). They didn't give their windchill. Maybe there was no wind.

Now for the fun part?imagine you are these people.

The temperatures were recorded at the International airport where they were interviewing people getting off a plane from Mexico. These people had just spent the last three weeks at +95?F (+35?C).

From the time they got on the plane in Mexico until they got off the plane in Edmonton, three or four hours later, they were looking at a 169?F or 94?C drop in temperature taking into account the windchill factor, or 146?F (81?C) drop, not counting the windchill factor. :omg:

I'm just glad I wasn't the guy who got off the plane wearing a T-shirt and shorts. Oh, and a sombrero. :icon11:

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I don't think anyone refused to leave the plane...the airport maybe. :omg:

Most had relatives or friends to pick them up who came equipped with parkas and warm woolies for them. :icon11:

Just so you are aware, the reason I posted this is because it is NOT normal weather up here. Calgary is normally 30F (-1C) and Edmonton is normally 21F (-6C). So I thought it was just a tad newsworthy. Or at least worth bitching about.

We are having the coldest weather in history right now. But just till this afternoon. It was -13F (-25C) this morning and is forecast to go up to 23F (-5C) by the afternoon and then warm to 41F (+5C) by tomorrow and stay that way for a while. :hehe:

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Well Adelaide is suffering from extreme conditions too. I don't think I have ever seen so many hot guys as there are this year. :mad:

Our summer promises to be unusually long and hot. I'm hoping for beach wear in the streets. :sneaky::shock:

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