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  1. Camy; Thanks for the feedback - I do appreciate it. I found an open source program called FontForge that looks like it will do what I need - the issue now is finding the time to learn another fairly complicated piece of software. Like Murphy said: Nothing is as easy as it looks, Everything takes longer than you expect... Cheers; Rick
  2. I've been working on Chronicles again and have developed a set of characters for use as a runic alphabet within the story. Here's my challenge - how does someone as artistically challenged as myself convert these characters into a usable and scalable font? Does anyone know someone who can pull that off? Any idea on costs? Any help or suggestions are appreciated. Rick
  3. For those of you following Chronicles and wondering why it hasn't been continued, life came along and interrupted my writing for better than a year. When I finally managed to get back to writing, my editor had a serious disagreement with the Codeysworld team and has stopped editing Chronicles, and hasn't posted anything to Codeysworld since very early this year. If I ever find a new editor/web content formatter, things may resume as I've managed to complete a couple of new chapters, but it's anyone's guess when that might happen. Sorry; Rick
  4. Yeah, push that arctic air back where it belongs!
  5. I'm not going to hold my breath either.... Rick
  6. James; Expected or not, it's never easy to lose family. My condolences and sympathy on your loss. Rick
  7. Welcome Michael! I feel as if I've come to know you a bit through e-mail and, of course, your stories, and look forward to seeing more of your work as you develop it! Warm Regards; Rick
  8. Richard; I only wish I had the courage to walk the path you and your partner are traveling down. I hope things work out well for all three of you. Best wishes and warm regards; Rick
  9. I cast my vote for Mozart...mainly because of the beauty and range of his musical creations, but also because the man was a bit of a rock star in his day, with some of his works being denounced by the clergy as scandalous. My kind of guy! Rick
  10. An awesome piece of music, performed very well, indeed. Rick
  11. This may well be a similar issue.... Thanks; Rick
  12. Des; I'm generally pretty impressed, but I have several video clips where this player will, on its own, resize the video window to minimum after I've set it to a larger size...kinda annoying. Any suggestions? Rick
  13. Thanks, Des. I'll give it a try. Rick
  14. Does anyone know if this player will run with multiple instances open at the same time? Rick
  15. Ahhh, Okay. Your favorite Biloxi places bracket Keesler air plane patch to the east and west. I don't remember either place specifically, although I ate at a bunch of places on the beach to avoid the food in the Keesler chow halls (insert puking smiley here). You'll have to tell me whether or not the drive through liquor store on the beach is still there...I always thought the concept was a scream... Have a great time in Ole' Biloxi, and eat a plate of crawfish for me! Rick
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