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Where is Josh


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Hello.,I've been a lurker reading some short stories at times. Recently I have finished Masquerade by Josh and tried to send him an email letting him know what I thought of it. His email must be defunct because it came back. If any can let him know how wonderful I think his work is I would appreciate it.Thanks I love his stories and need him to know how talented I think he is.

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We are always pleased to see a lurker becoming a member, welcome arl215!

I don't know why your email to Josh was returned, so I'll see if The Dude himself knows anything about it.

Have fun and do feel free to join in the forum discussions. :wav:

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Josh is one of my favorite writers, and I started with Masquerade, and was simply astounded at the emotional depth of the writing,

which is present in all of his earlier works. I tease him about some of his current stuff, but for those of us who know what we're looking

for, and looking at, it is all present in the new stuff as well.

I think Josh was away for a bit, but he's back and I have had recent conversations with him at this addy. So try again.

I'm glad you decided to speak as well as lurk, and hope you'll find it hard to keep quiet in the future. :icon_geek:


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The opportunity to speak with authors about their work is, in my opinion, most generous. What they make of it is up to them, so I try to say what I mean and hope some part of something might have meaning for them also.

Thanks for your persistance, and i'm always happy to discuss his work, here or in a less public forum.

Feel free to use my profile contact info.


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