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Introducing Ube Licker! :)

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Hey guys,

I was going through the forum when I realized that I never gave a proper introduction to myself. I am one of the new writer's on this site and I've been writing my online story 'Beautiful Soul' since February.

I read many stories on the web, either original or fanfiction, and I've written a few fanfictions that I've never finished (lack of motivation). I came across Nifty 2 years ago when a friend of mine came out of the closet. He showed me the site because he knew how much I liked to read new and different things. Some stories were... disappointing. But there were some great stories that I enjoyed. Some of them, I've found here on this site.

I've taken a writer's craft course that I found very rewarding. The course helped me tap into a different train of thinking that I wasn't familiar with. It wasn't till my exgirlfriend called me 'close minded and cold hearted' that I decided to write my own original story. I wanted to write in a perspective other than my own so I chose to do a story on gay teens.

When writing 'Beautiful Soul' I look towards stories on Nifty and other gay story sites to help me build the characters I've created. These characters are actually based on real people (who may or may not be straight). I chose to create a fantasy school for gay teen males for a number of reasons. Primarily it took away the overused plot of discriminatory bullying. Another reason was to demonstrate the same type of social structure found in a school full of gays to a normal public school. There is still an hierarchy, a brand of popularity, and the beautiful outcasts. This is the longest story I've written so far. I guess I keep writing because of the strong encouragement (surprisingly) I get from people who actually read it.

In brief, I am a straight male university student who wants to pursue a career as a teacher but also has the ambition to be a writer. I know I sound extremely formal, but if you get to know me I am a very verbal and blunt individual.

If any of you would like to know more about me, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks and have a good read.

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