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Seminar on Power & Sex:

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Watching and listening to some of the discussions on the Net is often time consuming, but some are worth the effort and time spent.

I found this informative and stimulating.

Power & Sex: America's War on Sexual Rights- Full program

If the full program seems daunting at 90 minutes, you can skip to those items that interest you. For example you can easily skip the first two introductions, however I found the whole thing very interesting.

Certainly items 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 are very interesting and perhaps even important.

In item 17, I loved the reference to "Jesus had two dads."

I found the all female panel to be quite progressive. These are very intelligent women who raise important issues.

Certainly the discussion is informative food for thought.

The questions are also worth watching.

It would be great to have an equivalent GLTB seminar, but I have to admit the women do a great job of considering the issues with insight and sensitivity.

Unfortunately, their enthusiasm for Obama reveals that the discussion must have taken place shortly after his election.

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