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Sometimes it just feels GOOD!

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Hi, everyone,

Here's something we posted over at DeweyWriter's forum. We're not patting ourselves on the back, just want to share something good:

Today we received a wonderful reply to an e-mail that Trey wrote last night to a 17-year-old student who lives in rural Ireland. We had noticed in our site statistics that he had linked to our ?Kayden? page in his blog. Today he wrote about us in that blog, and in the words of Eric, our resident ?bull in a china shop?, ?Hot damn! That?s what we?re all about. He?s got it right!? Check out A Different Shade of Normal. We can?t show the guy?s name, because he?s out to only a few select people, but he tells us he?ll be posting regularly to his blog, which he started only a few days ago. We really feel great every time we see evidence that someone is accepting himself or herself and feeling better about life. Keep it up, ADSF. The blogger?s e-mail address is shown in his profile, linked from his home page, in case you?d like to give him some encouragement.


Aaron, for The Mail Crew

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Attaboy, Aaron!

The young man made an excellent point in his blog. Two young men who share the same sexual orientation may live next door but never know... at that age gaydar is seldom well developed.

I grew up in St. Louis County and had the biggest crush on my best school friend. But due to fear of defining myself to another -much less myself- I never acted upon it. I learned ten years later -meeting in New York City- that he had also had a huge crush on me, but that out of the same fear, never told me.

Oh that we'd have had the Internet and The Mail Crew... how different things might have been.

Keep up the great work, guys!

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