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Winter's Child


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Winter?s Child

A poem by Codey

Who are you, winter's child?

What do you feel and see?

Why are you what you are, winter?s child?

How did you come to be?

Will you ever find your place, winter?s child?

Where do you belong?

When will you find peace, winter?s child?

Or is rejection to be lifelong?

Trapped between two worlds, winter?s child,

a child?s body and emotions, mind and thoughts of man.

Accepted in neither world, winter?s child,

despised by coevals, distrusted by sons of pan.

The fates played their little joke, winter?s child,

and tossed you among the sheep.

You?re reaping a bitter harvest, winter?s child,

from fields you did not seed.

Your will and psyche are melting, winter?s child,

leaking away, leaving a cold hollow shell.

You?re bluffing your way through life, winter?s child,

finding it hard to ignore the sirens? knell.

You?re on a Quixotic quest, winter?s child,

seeking the acceptance that you crave.

The only acceptance you?ll find, winter?s child,

is the acceptance you?ll find in your grave.

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This one has me confused. I can't understand the focus -- winter's child.

I thought there may have been some mythological reference being alluded to, but if so, I've missed it.

The best I've come up with is that "winter's child" is not one born in winter, but one born into an emotionally cold home. However, the imagery of "trapped between two worlds" doesn't seem to match that.

Sorry, Codey. This poor, poetrically challenged Aussie surrenders on this one. Someone will have to explain it to me.


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In some eastern NA tribes, there are summer children and winter children, depending on when you were born.

Summer children grew strong and made great warrior leaders.

Winter children were weaker but smarter and became tribal wisemen and shamans.

I am a winter's child, born in the middle of winter. This poem has been rattling around in my head for a few weeks but never came together until I read this article yesterday.


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