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Fear has been my most faithful companion,

Cause this time and next time always seems to be worst.

Mark me down as a craven coward,

Cause the pain of last time is always equal to the first.

Fear in front of me, fear by my side,

Fear behind me, no place to hide.

Fear stalks me, just out of reach,

But very, very deep inside.

Holding on is a constant bitter struggle,

Fair weather friends come and go upon the winds.

I come to love and trust them,

But they are always gone in the end.

Loneliness and heartache fades away,

I?ve come to expect it like a bitter winter storm.

There?s an empty place deep inside me,

Where something precious has been out-worn.

Lord give me the strength to stand and fight,

For myself and the things I know are right.

On this battlefield I did no chose,

I just can?t afford to quit or lose.

So it?s one more day of standing tall,

Even though I feel so very, very small.

I?m so very, very tired of it all.

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