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Douche-bag of the Month- April 2010

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Scott Ashjian "Tea Party" candidate for senate in Nevada

Love 'em, hate 'em or ridicule them the Tea Party Movement has energized people who have never been politically active.

It's founders say that the Tea Party Movement IS NOT a political party.

So why is Scott Ashjian of Nevada running as the Tea Party candidate for senate in Nevada?

No one in the Tea Party movement seems to know him and have made great pains to distance themselves from him.

It's even reported that Ashjian's primary rival Harry Reid actually funded his campaign to spoil the chances of a main stream republican opponent.

He is facing felony bad check charges for bouncing a $5000 bad check.

Whatever this guy is: snake in the grass, scammer or opportunist- he stinks and he's my Douche-bag of the month.

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