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Watch this Video On Aussie Internet Filter

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I received the following email from the GetUp! campaign on the Australian Internet Filter.

The video production is a full on extravaganza. Holy Hell, who did the sound mix?

We seem to have the government's attention!

I'll post details on the TV program mentioned below, if it goes out on YouTube.

Update: Tune in to the ABC tonight to see the efforts of GetUp members in the campaign against internet filtering. At 8.30pm, Four Corners covers the campaign and at 9.35pm, Q&A explores internet censorship, featuring former GetUp National Director, Brett Solomon.

Dear Desmond,

Just days before the 2007 federal election, Stephen Conroy announced the Rudd Government's plans to filter the internet. 1 Even as the folly of this filter became clear, they didn't back down - but neither did you.

Thanks to your efforts, and those of our friends in the anti-censorship movement, the Government has finally blinked: "Rudd retreats on web filter legislation" read the headline in The Australian last week.2

The campaign isn't over yet, but your actions for internet freedom to date have been nothing less than heroic. So, it's only fitting to thank you with this action-packed video that pays tribute to your superhuman efforts (for best effect, turn your computer speakers all the way up!):

Watch our super-charged video

In this campaign, GetUp members have emailed and visited MPs, inundated the Minister with questions on TV and in Parliament, signed our largest petition ever, and chipped in over $100,000 for a massive advertising campaign - all to expose the futility behind the Rudd Government's censorship agenda.

And it's working. The overwhelming opposition to the filter made Kevin Rudd think twice about carrying it into the election. They're on the back foot--thanks to GetUp members like you. The pressure also permeated the Opposition. Only a few weeks ago on Q & A Tony Abbott said: "I don't want to see the internet destroyed by a filtering system that won't work."3

Click here to take a look back at all we've achieved together:


The campaign isn't over. The Government is giving mixed messages on whether or when their policy will be debated in Parliament, so we won't take anything for granted, but let's take this moment to congratulate everyone involved in the campaign to protect our online freedoms.

Thank you for being a part of this movement,

The GetUp Team

P.S. Tune in tonight at 8:30pm to see our current National Director, Simon Sheikh on a Four Corners devoted to internet censorship, followed at 9:35pm by a censorship-themed Q&A, featuring former GetUp National Director, Brett Solomon.


1 libertus.net post on 16 November 2007.

2 Bekovic, N. 'Rudd retreats on web filter legislation' The Australian, 29 April 2010.

3 ABC's Q&A, episode on 5 April 2010.

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