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Halo is a series of 5 books, that i call seasons . I write my story as if it were a series on television..

Halo is a story that follows twin brothers Coy & Ky James. Coy, is sensitive, kind, and more reserved. He is gay and knows he is gay

and Hopes to find love with someone at the start of his sophomore year. As for Ky, Ky is more wild, brash, and misunderstood at times.

Ky is struggling to understand himself and his sexuality and hopes to repress it.

Josh Jackson is struggling to accept the fact that his best friend, Coy is gay while dating another mutual friend Carmen, who is like a mother

figure to them all.

Matt and Giselle are a new couple who recently began to attend the same school as Coy and his friends and Coy instantly takes a liking to Matt

but its hurt to learn that they are couple.

And Last you have bad boy twins, Anthony & Nick....they are set to do whatever they want, whenever they want, HOWEVER THEY WANT....

Please leave Feedback and tell me how much you love, hate, or a bit of both the story :)

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This is Episode 1 of 5


Chapter One: Sham pain for my sham friends and champagne for my real friends


Scene A

"SKITTLES!!!" I yelled out as I tackled my best friend Carmen Gianni in the hallway of school.

I loved skittles. They were like my drug. Without them, I was like a fiend and with them I was on a high.

"Well, it?s nice to know that over the summer, you haven?t lost your love for skittles, Coy," She said handing me the pack. "I?ve been here for like ten minutes and I expected to see you in the student lounge and didn?t see you. I knew if I cracked open some skittles you would find me like the whore you are."

I smiled at her mischeviously. "You of all people are calling me a whore? I wasn?t the one who gave it up to Rick Allen at his graduation party back in May. The name Carmen Gianni comes to mind"

"And the homo wins," She whispered in my ear as my twin brother Ky made his way over to us. "But you know you would?ve if given the opportunity."

Carmen was the only person who knew that I was gay. I didn?t want to tell her but after she had been flirting with me for all of freshman year last year with no avail and wondering why I always avoided being alone with her, she put two and two together. Well that and she caught me making out with her cousin, Andrew.

"Shut up," I hissed at her. "Hey bro!"

"Hello, my fellow sophomores," He said as he threw his arms around Carmen and I, leading us down the hall. "This is so going to be our year, I can feel it."

"You said that last year," Carmen said shrugging him off her shoulders. "Besides me losing my virginity, Coy beating Alex?s ass, and you getting some ass, how was it our year?"

"I think you gave three good reasons right there, CG," Ky said to her with a smile. "Now if only we can get my bro here to lose his virginity, we?ll be good to go."

"I doubt that?ll ever happen," Carmen said. "He?s afraid of it hurting."

I pinched her in the side. "What Carmen means is that I am afraid of hurting the girl I decide to lose it to."

"Coy James, that?s how you know you good with your dick," He said to me in my ear. "When she is screaming in pleasure in pain at the same time."

"And this is coming from the guy who gets it every once in a girl?s drunken while," Carmen retorted.

Ky rolled his eyes. "I still don?t see why the two of you never hooked up as much as you are together."

"Anyway, enough of my sex life?" I began.


"Or lack there of," Ky and Carmen said in unison. I flicked them off.

"Isn?t Ocean City High merging with us this year?" I asked them changing the subject.

"Oh, I almost forgot about that," Carmen replied. "Yeah, somebody set the school on fire during the summer and it was badly damaged so the board decided to merge the schools together."

"Atlantic City and Ocean City High School as one," Ky said as he opened his locker. "That explains the extra crowds of people. You can almost bet there is going to be a fight pretty soon."

"You might have spoke too soon," Carmen said as she noticed my face frown up and both of their eyes looked over at to what I was looking at.

"Coy," Ky said reaching to grab my arm.

"Let me go," I said shrugging him off and headed towards a group of boys.

"Oh Shit," Ky said following behind me.

"COY!" Carmen hissed at me.

Josh Jackson stood with his boys from his old school and they were talking about how the girls at Ocean City high were ten times better than the girls at their old school. He looked up and noticed a face he hadn?t seen in almost 2 years and wished he hadn?t seen it now.

Even though Josh wasn?t as much of a trouble-maker as he had been in the past 2 years, He couldn?t allow his image as a tough guy to be damaged by the oncoming situation headed towards him.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him as Ky and Carmen caught up to behind me.

He snorted. "I think you know why I am here," He said to me folding his arms. "That?s a pretty dumb question to ask, don?t you think, Coy?"

Anger welled up inside of me. I was a step away from hitting him. Josh was twice my size. Where as I had a slim slender build more for track, Josh was all muscle built for high contact sports like football and lacrosse.

"What I meant was, why are you here? Because there is no lacrosse team here," I said trying to so hard to keep my anger down.

"Actually, my friend," He said to me. "Atlantic City decided to start a lacrosse team here this year. That?s one reason to come. Reason two?.the girls are hot. Hello Carmen?."

She blushed slightly and smiled at him. I shot her a look and she quickly wiped the smile off her face.

"Ky, you doing football this year," Josh asked him looking past me.

Ky opened his mouth to answer but I stuck my hand up. "Don?t talk to my brother or my friend." I said to him with a glint in my eye.

"Oh, come on, Coy," He said to me with a mocking smile. "Can?t we all be friends again? What happened to the krew?"

"What happened to the krew was?" I began to speak but realizing what I was about to say I stopped. "Look, stay the hell away from us and this year will be almost perfect. Minus seeing you here, I mean."

"Or what?" Josh asked Challenging me. He had the same mocking smile on his face that he had the last time we fought when we were in eighth grade.

I snapped and shoved him hard. Caught off guard by my sudden assault, he fell on the floor.

"And this is where we stand to the side," Ky said pulling Carmen over to the side and signaled Josh?s friend. "You too dudes."

I met eyes with this guy who was really attractive. So I attractive that I forgot all about?.

"Oof!" I said as I felt Josh?s big body tackle me and I hit the floor sliding backwards.

"Didn?t you learn your lesson the last time, Coy," He said to me as I struggled to get back up. He kicked me in the stomach.

"One of you do something," Carmen said to Ky and Josh?s friends. "Coy?s a 130 lbs to Josh?s 190 of muscles."

"I can?t," Ky said to her. "This is something they gotta get out of their systems."

A crowd began to circle around us. Josh pulled me up by my shirt and pinned me to the locker.

"You couldn?t be cool," He said to me. "You had to be Coy." He banged my hand in the locker door.

"The teachers are down stairs with the freshman talking to them," one of Josh?s friends yelled. "They will be finished any second though."

I felt just like I did two years ago. I felt like the small little boy compared to Josh. Josh always had to be the one to protect me when we were friends. No matter what?Josh had to take the lead. Ky was always okay with it. Hell, Carmen liked him then and she probably still did so she didn?t put up much of a fight. But being a good friend, I never put up much of an argument. Josh needed to dominate in order to better his ego. I was always jealous of Josh?s confidence. I wish I had that confidence when I was beat up when my cousin overheard me coming out to Carmen. I was tired of always being dominated by josh.

"What you going to do?" He asked in my ear. "You?re a weak little bitch. You can never beat me."

That sent me over the top. A burst of energy and anger welled up inside me and I got out of his grip and pushed him back. With an elbow to the face and a punch to the face, Josh was stunned. I remember the fear I had when Josh and I last fought. I was so afraid of him that I didn?t fight back. Each punch made me realize that I was done being everybody?s follower. I was done being the shy one. I did a roundhouse kick and josh slumped to the floor apparently defeated. I raised my fist for another punch but I was stopped by somebody grabbing me. I turned around expecting to see a teacher. But it was the cute guy.

"It?s over man," He said to me and with a look into his eyes I dropped my fist. I turned back to Josh to see Carmen aiding him.

"What?What is?"I was speechless. Carmen was my best friend but she ran to see if he was okay first.

"They?ve been dating since last Friday," Ky said to me. I looked at Carmen with extreme hatred.

"Coy, Please don?t be mad," She said to me. She was torn between her boyfriend and her best friend.

I could?ve said something angry out of anger but instead I chose to turn and head to the bathroom.

If she wanted to be with him?She could. As far as I was concerned, Carmen was the enemy as well.



"You didn?t tell him?" Josh asked Carmen as they sat in the student lounge center. They decided to skip homerun. Josh sat their icing his face before first block started.

Carmen scoffed. "You see how he reacted before he found out. If I would?ve said something to him about it before the fight, he might?ve killed you. God, he looked at me with so much hatred. He feels betreyed."

Josh groaned in pain. "Well, this is so not how I did not want to spend my first day of school. I was definitely not expecting this out come. I guess Coy is learning to stand up for himself now."

"Josh." Carmen said kneeling in front of him. "You know how we have been talking all during the summer and you promised me you were going to always tell me the truth?"

He knew what was coming. "Now you are going to ask me what happened two years ago?"

"Please," She pleaded. "He?s my best friend. We?ve known him since 4th grade. I want to fix this whole problem.:

The bell rung signaling the transition period between home room and First block.

"I know you want to be the mother and take care of all your young," He said bending down to kiss her. "But some things can?t be fixed."

He grabbed his bag and left Carmen with a stunned look on her face.



"Why coy, you look like you been through a bar fight," The office receptionist said pointing to my face. I was office aid and ran errands and did other tasks for them.

"You should see the other guy," I said with a smile. "So how much work you got for me to start off sophomore year with?"

She laughed and handed me an index card with some guy named Matthew Glesiner. "Pretty simple day today. I?m making all the aids show the new students around and I decided to pair you with that young man. Oh, here he is now."

I turned at the sound of the door opening. My heart skipped a beat. It was the guy before.

"Sorry, I was a little lost," he said with a sheepish grin. "This school is huge. Bigger than I realized."

"Matthew, I was just telling Coy here that I was going to have him show you around. Hopefully, ease your transition a little better here."

He smiled at me and stuck his hand out. "Nice to meet the calmer side of you," he said with a voice that made my knees weak. "I?m Matthew as you know but call me Matt."

"Coy," I said voice cracking slightly. I blushed and looked down.

"Well boys, you can go ahead and get started," She said to us both. "Coy, when you are done don?t worry about reporting here. Just meet the rest of the aids in the student lounge center."

I nodded and followed Matt out of the office. We began walking down the hall. It was pure silence. All I could hear were the echoes of our shoes and distant teachers voices from their classrooms.

"Um?Dude," Matt said after a few minutes. "I don?t mean to tell you how to do your Job but I think you?re kind of supposed to show me where and what everything is."

"Oh," I said blushing again. "Sorry?I?m just a little nervous and not completely here." It was really uncomfortable being around him. Just standing next to him and smelling that cologne and shampoo was making my dick get hard. That would be a hard situation to get out of. No pun intended, of course.

"Look, I don?t want you to think that I am going to be an asshole because of what happened this morning," he said to me. "I?ve known Josh since he transferred to our school and everything. I don?t know what the deal between the two of you are but you are pretty much my first friend here and I am hoping to make some more. So whatever is the deal with you two, isn?t my deal."

"Thanks man," I said with a small smile.

"But um?What is the deal with you two?" He asked me. I laughed. "Hey, I said it wasn?t my deal meaning that I?m not going to hate you. Doesn?t mean I?m not a nosey little bastard."

"We just had a real big falling out," I replied. "We used to be best friends. He was like my second bro. Then some fucked up shit happened and we just stopped being friends."

"Wow," He said sadly. "He talks about you all the time."

I stopped walking and looked at him. "He does?"

"Well, I mean not a lot now," Matt said as he leaned up against the wall. "But when he first transferred to Ocean City, I remember Ryan Kelly, the other guy who was with us this morning had called Josh his best friend. And Josh said he had one best friend. Till this day, he still says that. One best friend he always felt he needed to protect. He used to tell us about the crazy adventures you four had. The time you got chased by a dog and you pushed him and your brother down and took off running and left them there to be bitten."

"Yea, I don?t mess around with my life. When my life is on the line, it?s every man for himself.," I said with a nostalgic feeling. I chuckled softly to myself. "I remember that. It was the last time we had hung together."

"Look," He said to me. "You suck at showing me around. But it?s okay because I feel like we are getting to know one another."

"Ha, sorry," I said with a small chuckle. "When she asks you to rate me, can you rate me a 10?"

Matt bit his lip and gave me a naughty look. "You gotta do something for me to get that 10," he said looking at me intently.

I gulped. He stood in front of me. It was getting really difficult to keep myself from kissing those juicy lips.

"What is that?" I asked him looking him into his eyes.

"You gotta give Josh a chance," He said to me. "Try to bury the hatchet. He told me before he came to our school he used to be a bully but Josh has really changed. He isn?t the same Josh you know anymore. I just want you to get to know my friend the way we all know and love him.

I sighed to myself. "Of course," I thought. "Of course this is my horomones getting the best of me. Of course he didn?t mean anything sexual."

"So what?s it going to be, Coy?" He asked me with a sly grin.

Before, I could answer, I saw my brother following this girl down the hall.

"Giselle, come on," Ky said to her. "One kiss and I will never bother you again."

"Matt?" She said noticing Matt standing there.

"Hey, GiGi," He said grabbing her into a hug. "Giselle, meet my new friend, Coy. Coy, meet my?um?"

"His off and on girlfriend but forever fuck buddy," Giselle said sticking her hand out. "Nice to meet you, Coy. Cute name."

"Thanks," I said let down by this revelation. Not only was he straight. He had this gorgeous Latina on his dick probably on the regular. Leave it to me to let my horomones get the best of me.

"Wait a second," Ky said pointing at Matt. "You?re the guy they call Matty G?"

"The one and only," Giselle said wrapping her arms around him. "You two are twins, I see. Although, Coy is the cuter twin but you still are cute my dear aid Ky."

I stifled a laugh as I saw Coy sigh in frustration. "You are the dude who knocked me off the top of the list," he said ignoring Giselle.

"What list?" Matt and I said at the same time. We shared a smile. God, what the hell is the guy doing to me.

"The most fuckable list," He replied. "Coy, you?re still a virgin so of course you wouldn?t know about it."

"Thanks," I said flicking him off. "No homo, but at least you know that you got beat by a good looking dude."

"Um there is no way. Ky James does not get beat by anybody," Ky said indignantly. He pointed at Matt. "I don?t like you man. Come on, Coy."

"But I?m supposed to be showing?"


"It?s cool man," Matt said to me wrapping his arm around Giselle. I had to fight back the urge to vomit. "Giselle and I are going to find our class. We both got first period together anyway."

"Okay, I will see you around then," I said to him as I turned to follow after Ky.

"Hey," Matt said grabbing my arm. "Don?t forget our deal." He flashed me a smile that I returned back.

"I won?t," I said to him and I ran after Coy but not before I heard Giselle say they should skip first period together for some privacy.



I made it all day long without seeing Carmen and Josh together. Even at lunch when I had saw them both, separately but never together until now. I was standing with Matt at his locker talking about how we should hang out after school. I saw Josh and Carmen holding hands and walking towards us.

"I gotta go," I said and I tried to get around Matt but he stopped me and gave me a stern look.

"You promised," He said to me and look past me at those two. "Carmen, I gotta get to know my friend?s girlfriend better. We should go walk."

"I don?t think that?s a good idea," She said looking at the two of us. Josh had an empty look on his face where I had the look of disgust on my face.

"It?s okay," Josh and I said to her both.

"It?s nice to know you two still have the unison thing down," Carmen said to us both. "Try not to kill each other."

Matt flashed me a hopeful look and led Carmen towards the exit. "We?ll be at my house with Giselle and your brother. She can?t seem to shake him off her." With that, they were gone.

I looked at Josh with a stern look. With a scoff, I walked past him.

"Guess that means follow Coy," He said with a sigh as he followed behind me. We went into a science classroom and sat across from each other at a desk.

We sat there looking at each other for what seem like an eternity. I honestly thought it had been an eternity but I looked at my cell and realized it had only been two minutes.

"Talk," I demanded. He looked at me with a sad look on his face.

"I?m sorry, Coy," He said to me. "I know I shouldn?t have reacted that way when you told me?" He couldn?t say it.

I laughed wildly. "That I was gay? Two years later and you still can?t say it, Josh? You haven?t changed. You?re still scared. You can?t catch it."

"What do fuck do you expect me to do? To say? You told me that you loved me," He said to me angrily. "Were in love with me. I was only 13. We are always raised to believe it?s wrong to be?gay. I didn?t know what to say. How to act?"

"So you beat my ass? I asked him. "I told you that because you were my best friend. Were my best friend?I didn?t want to lose you as a friend but the more I kept it to myself the more damaged it caused. I was making myself sick. I knew you were straight. I just wanted you to know. For someone to know what kind of hell I was in."

"Coy," Josh said to me. He didn?t know what to say.

"Did you know that killed me when you decided to transfer at the beginning of the year?" I asked him. "I lost my best friend. The one person who meant the most to me besides Ky. I needed you. You weren?t there when my cousin beat me up. You weren?t there when I almost got raped last year."

"WHAT!" He bellowed. "Who did it? I swear I will kill them."

I laughed at his outburst. "You still have to protect me, don?t you?" I asked him.

"Coy, you wanna know why all these years I always pushed you and always fought with you to become stronger?" He asked me. "Because if I didn?t, who would? Ky is to wrapped up in himself to show you how to stand up for yourself and Carmen always believes the passive way is the answer. When we fought today?I realized you finally realized your true potential. You aren?t some sissy boy. You?re not what I think?thought gays were. You?re my brother. No matter what?And I don?t want us to keep going on like this. I miss you?and I miss us."

He was about to start crying. Whenever Josh got in touch with something really close to his emotions he always began to cry. It?s good to know the things that I like haven?t changed.

"I just want us to go back to before," he said to me with a hopeful look in his eyes. "I am not that Josh anymore. I grew up and I realized that no matter who you sleep with, who does you up the butt, who?s dick?:

"What?s your point? " I asked cutting him off as he embarrassed me.

"My point is?" He said to me with a small smile. "You are still Coy. The same guy who I bet still freaks out over spiders."

"I?ve gotten better," I said with a small smile. "It?s only really big spiders that bother me."

He stuck his hand out. "Truce?" He asked me. I looked down at his hand. I?ve hated him for so long. Could I really go back to before?

"Only if you promise not tell anybody about the rape," I said to him. "Nobody knows. It happened over the summer."

"Promise," he said to me. "But I am goin to want to know what happened eventually."

I shook his hand. "Let?s just stick to you trying to get back on my good side," I said as I tried to let it go he pulled me into his hug.

"I missed you, little bro," he said hugging me tightly.

"I missed you too, Josh," I said gasping for air. "But you?re suffocating me."

"Oh, sorry," he said to me as he let go.

"Come on," I said as I grabbed my bag. "Let?s get to Matt?s before Carmen thinks I killed you."

"Right, like that will ever happened," He muttered behind me as he pushed me out the door.

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This is Episode 2 of 5


Chapter Two: Aries


Josh walked into Atlantic City High School with a lot on his mind. He came 20 minutes earlier than everybody else, besides the smart kids, would arrive. It was already well into the Second week of school and he was having headaches he usually didn?t get unless from school work. He had tried to tell himself it was okay that his best friend was gay. But it bothered him for some reason.

"I did make a promise though," He thought to himself. "I told Coy I was going to really try my best to handle it." Even though he was bothered by the situation he didn?t want to lose his best friend even after just getting him back. He opened his locker lost in thought. He felt a hand on his back.

"Hey Sexy," A male voice said from behind him.

Josh chuckled uncomfortably. "Coy?that?s not?" He turned to see that it wasn?t who he was expecting. "Who are you?"

"Nick," He said biting his lip. "Nick pagan. But for a curly haired Adonis like yourself, I can be whatever or whoever you want me to be."

Josh turned a bright red blush. "Um, I think you got the wrong impression," he said taking a step back. "I?m not gay."

"You don?t have to be gay," Nick said with a sly chuckle. "Just horny."

Josh tried to laugh it off but when he is threatened he begins to get angry. He wanted to deck Nick in the face right then and there but he made a promise. "Look, dude," Josh said trying to be polite still. "I?m flattered but I am not gay. I have a beautiful girlfriend. You may know her?Carmen Gianni?"

"I don?t care about her, Just you," Nick said reaching his arm out to touch Josh?s bicep.

Reflexes kicked in and Josh shoved Nick back. "Fucking Faggot," he said as he jumped on top of Nick. Apparently Nick wasn?t as feminine as Josh stereotyped him because he easily gained control of the situation and flipped Josh over on his back. A small group of chess club members spilled out in the hall.

"Sweet," one said as he watched the two wrestle. "I love when Jocks fight."

Josh was slightly stunned from hitting his head on the floor giving Nick opportunity to pin him down.

"Sorry Dude," he said as he raised his fist. "I prefer top."

"Nick!" A voice called out from behind him.

"Fuck," Nick muttered. "Yes brother?" Nick jumped up quickly. A pissed off Josh stood up ready to fight Nick but made a strange observation.

"Twins?" He asked looking at the boy beside Nick. "So now I got to beat two faggots asses?" I?m down for that."

The guy pushed Nick to the side and walked up to Josh. "First of all, I?m not a faggot," he said to Josh. "Second of all, I seriously advise against you doing that. Josh is it? I remember you from tryouts earlier this month? In case you don?t know, I?m Anthony Pagan and between Ky James and my brother here we pretty much run the football and lacrosse team. So if you don?t want to be my bitch for the season I seriously advice you walk away."

Josh seethed with anger. He was not used to being talked to this way. But he was knew here and his sports were his life.

"This is seriously not over," He said turning to walk down the hall. "Not by a long shot."

Anthony watched Josh as he walked down the hall. He turned to his brother. "Starting fights during the second week of school? I can only imagine how the rest of your year is gonna go, Rocky," He said messing with his brother?s hair.


"Mr. Diogostine?" I asked knocking on the coach?s door.

He looked up from his playbook and gave me a warm smile. "Coy James," he said to me. "Good morning."

"Morning," I said to him as I walked into his office. "You know you are pretty much the only person who can tell Ky and I apart?"

"Well, from coaching him in middle school, I can usually tell the troublemaker from the smart one," he joked and we shared a small laugh. "What brings you by the office? Interested in being Sports Trainer for the football team?"

"Ha, actually, I decided this year I am going to leave the sports and all it?s related activities to Ky," I said handing him a sheet of paper. "I was actually coming to do the inventory for the bookkeeper in the front office. She wanted me to come down here to see if you guys needed any new equipment for the team or for your gym classes due to the merge of the schools."

"I?m pretty sure we probably do," he said looking over the paper. "Usually, my class size is uaully about 35 students or less but since Ocean Merged with AC my gym classes are now pushing sixty. We had to hire six new gym teachers as well. But it?s time we put all this space the school has to use anyways."

Atlantic City High School was a rather large high school. It was designed on the beach front and looks more like a college campus than a high school. The school was designed to hold 5600 students from what I heard but Atlantic City only had about 2900. Now with Ocean City here the school is close to its mark at well over 5300 students.

"Well, if you don?t mind, I think I am going to go ahead and get started," I said with a small sigh. "I want to try and get my homework for Bio done before the period is over. Ha, Ky convinced me to come to the scrimmage last night and I was so tired that I forgot to do it last night."

"Are my ears deceiving me?" Coach asked me handing me the key to the supply closet.. "Coy James is not on the ball? That?s a first."

I smiled a small smile and waved as I left his office. Out of Ky and I, I generally was the one focused on going to a good college with a great psychology program while Ky was interested in a college with a high girl to guy ratio. Sometimes it sucked being labeled the smart one while Ky was often labeled the fun one.

"Story of my life," I muttered to myself as I unlocked the door to the supply closet. I heard a faint banging noise coming from down the hall from the corridor.

My curiousity kicked in and I walked down towards where the locker rooms were. It sounded like a yelp of pain coming from inside the locker room. I pushed open the door and walked inside. The banging and yelping got louder as I walked down the corridors of the locker room. I soon discovered what was making all the noise.

"Oh my god," I said covering my mouth. Matt stood fucking Giselle up against the locker.

"SHIT!" Matt said dropping Giselle out of panic.

"OUCH!" She said rubbing her ass as she got up. "I thought you said your friend was going to watch out for anybody coming in?"

"COY?" Matt said ignoring her. He struggled to get his jeans on. He was speechless. Hell, I was speechless. "I?I?It?s not what it looks like."

"It?s exactly what it looks like, " I said finding my voice. It sounded angry. I was angry for some reason. "What the hell are you two doing?"

"It?s PE," Giselle said as she put her bra back on. "I?m just getting my exercise. Ooh, I?m out of breath. You would thought I ran a mile or something."

I rolled my eyes and walked towards the door. "You two are sick and dirty as hell," I said to them. "In a locker room? A boy?s locker room at that."

"Coy," Matt said as I turned to leave. He tried to run after me but as he zipped his pants up he accidentally zipped himself in his jeans. "OW! SHIT!"

"Well, based on how pissed he was looking," Giselle said as she checked herself out in the mirror. "You could definitely tell he is a virgin."

Matt looked at her with a bewildered look on his face as he stood in pain?shock?embarrassment?and guilt.

"But why do I feel guilty?" he thought to himself.


"UGH!? I groaned loudly as I looked at the clock. "Lunch time."

Carmen looked over at me with a amused look. "I have never heard anybody sound so depressed that it?s lunchtime," She said as we walked out of biology.

"It?s not the fact that it?s lunchtime," I said to her as I walked to my locker to put my books in there. "It?s who I have to see together at lunch."

"Oh Coy," Carmen said looking a little bit hurt. "I thought you said you were okay with Josh and I."

I scoffed at her. "Conceited, much?" I asked her shutting the door to my locker. "I?m still trying to get use to Josh being around but that?s not who I was talking about. I meant Matt and Giselle?"

"Ooh yea, she told me they were going back out this morning. Since homeroom," She said to me. "It?s cute because from what I hear they were a pretty hot and heavy couple before coming here." I snorted at that last comment. "But why don?t you want to see them together?"

"Long story," I said to her walking into the cafeteria. She stopped suddenly behind me and I looked at her.

"OH!" She said with a wild expression. "OH! OH! OH!"

"You gotta teach me how to orgasm without touching myself," I said sarcastically. "What are you OHing for?"

"You like Matt," She said with a big grin on her face. "You like Matty G."

I pinched her side. "Say it louder, why don?t you?" I hissed at her. "The deaf kids over by the vending machines didn?t hear you."

"That is so cute," she whispered to me. She grabbed a tray and begin putting French fries on her tray. "I?ve noticed how you been checking him out but you do that to a lot of guys so I didn?t really think to much on it."

"Let?s hope nobody else can notice," I said to her fixing my plate. "I had to go the gym to do some inventory bull and I walked into the locker room and saw the two of them having sex."

"Well, that is to be expected, Coy," She said to me as we paid for our lunches. "They go out. You realize he is straight, right?"

"Yes, I realize that," I said to her even though I didn?t want it to be true. "I just?I don?t know."

"You were hoping that he was gay as well," She said sympathetically. "That?s understandable but you can?t beat yourself over the fact he is not. Just come sit down and forget about it. Your guy is out there somewhere."

But I wanted Matt to be my guy.

"Nah, you go ahead over there," I said with a weak smile. "The heartbreak is still raw inside so I want to go eat by myself and think for awhile."

"Okay," She said with a sad glance. She walked over to the table while I walked outside to the court yard.

"Where is Coy going?" Ky asked as she sat down beside Josh.

"Um?he just made a shocking discovery and wanted some time alone," she replied leaning in for a kiss from her boyfriend.

"Oh fuck, he knows I hit that guy," Josh thought to himself.

"Way to leave me hanging, Josh," Carmen said throwing him a confused look.

"What kind of discovery did he make?" Ky prodded.

"I don?t think it matters," Josh spoke up trying to change the subject.

"Probably when he walked in on Matt and Me having sex in the locker room during gym," Giselle said pointedly.

Ky spat his chocolate milk out all over Matt out of shock.

"Thanks man," Matt said sarcastically wiping his shirt.

"What? You and Giselle were pop, lock, and dropping it in the locker room?" He asked bewildered. "I thought you two weren?t dating."

"He asked me out again this morning," She said drinking her milkshake. "I figured since I got part what I wanted, I might as well get the rest. We?ve always been the spontaneous type. Schools, Airplanes, Churches?"

"Churches?" Carmen, Ky, and Josh echoed.

"I was telling Matt that Coy was probably reacting badly because he has a crush on me or something," she continued on. "He completely spazzed over nothing important."

Carmen and Josh both shared a knowing smile about that one.

"Well, Coy does have good taste, I see," Ky said with a sly smile. "And apparently Giselle here is a straight-up freak."

Giselle smiled at Ky. "Matt, babe, maybe I should go talk to him," she said to him. "This always happens. I feel bad having to break the hearts of so many boys."


"No, don?t worry about it," he said getting up and grabbing his backpack and tray. "I?m going to find him and talk to him. He?s been a pretty good friend and I would hate to lose him over something like this."

Ky waited until Matt was out of ear shot. Then he walked over to sit beside Giselle.

"So. GiGi." He said throwing his arm around his shoulder. "What other exciting stories do you have to share? And please be very detailed."


"Mind if I sit here?" A voiced asked me. I looked up from my tray to see a guy standing in front of me. I gave him a confused look. "It?s just that I usually eat here and do some thinking. But I see you already are doing both of my activities."

"Oh," I said jumping up. "I?m sorry to invade your space like that. I will just go find somewhere else to eat at."

"Coy, it?s cool," he said to me with a warm smile. "My spot is big enough to become our spot."

"How do you know my name?" I asked him. I didn?t recognize him from anybody that I talked to.

"I play on the team with Ky," he said to me. "I can definitely tell you are not Ky so I figured you had to be Coy."

I nodded my head and sat back down with him on the perch over looking the courtyard. "Yea, that?s me," I said to him sticking my hand out. "What?s your name?"

"Anthony," He said to me flashing me that same warm smile. "Also, one-half of the other set of twins here at the school."

"Ah, I heard about you too," I said to him. "The pagan brothers."

"All good things I hope," He said and then laughed. "Doubt there is any good that most people can say about us?"

"I hear you guys are trouble," I replied. "Major thrill seekers and trouble-makers. I can see why you know Ky."

"Yeah that?s a nice way of putting it," he said to me confidentaly. "My brother Nick and I are who we are and we like it. I hope you aren?t the type who goes only on what he hears because if you?re on my good side, I?m a good guy. My bad side and I?m an asshole. Anybody who has a problem with it can be handled. "

I shook my head no. "I prefer to get to know people on my own before I judge them," I explained to him. "It?s cool that you love who you are. I wish I loved who I was." I looked away from him quickly. "Forget that I said that. I should probably go."

I stood up to leave but he grabbed my arm. "Sit," he said to me. "I?m curious to know exactly what it is you don?t like about yourself. From what I hear, you?re like one of the smartest people at our school but you aren?t exactly a nerd. You?re rich as hell living in a phat ass house. And from what I see, you?re a pretty good looking guy."

I looked at him questioningly. "Are you?flirting with me?"

"What if I am?" he challenged. "Is that a problem?"

I looked into his eyes. He had this quality that almost hypnotized you as looked into them. He was by no means a Matt but he wasn?t anywhere near ugly.

"No," I said softly. "No it?s not."

"Good," he said to me with a smile. Initially, he had this arrogant swagger about him but now it was kind of like I was looking at this shy person.

"How did you know that I was?."

"I didn?t," He said with a small laugh. "I kinda always thought Ky was cute but knew he wasn?t gay. I figured I would try you and if it didn?t work, I?d have to kick your ass."

I laughed at that. "Risky," I said to him. "But I?m sure glad that I am gay because I doubt I could take you."

He laughed at my joke even though we both knew it was probably more true than a joke. "You never told me what it was you didn?t like about yourself," he said to me. "As far as what I know about you and see, I like it. So why don?t you?"

"That?s just it," I said to him. "All people know me as, is the smart kid. Or Ky?s brother. Carmen?s Best Friend. Never for Coy. I don?t know. Sometimes I want to be more like Ky and not the smart twin. Even my mom shows more enthusiasm for Ky and his need for trouble. Reminds her of my dad who left us a few years ago. I don?t know, I?m just rambling."

"I understand what you?re saying," He said after a moment of pausing. "So if you?re tired of being this Coy then stop being him."

"Stop being the boy I been for almost 16 years?" I asked him with a skeptical look. "How do you propose I do that?"

"Hang around me long enough, and you will see," He said with that same hypnotic glare.

"Actually, that won?t be happening," Matt said coming seemingly from nowhere.

"Matt?" I asked surprised to see him standing there.

"Matty G, My man," Anthony said with a chuckle. He stood up to face him. "How?s it been going man?"

"Don?t even," Matt said firmly. "I heard how you and your shitty ass brother were starting trouble with Josh Jackson this morning."

"He started something with Nick," Anthony replied with a shrug. "I have my brother?s back no matter what."

"And I have Josh?s back, no matter what," Matt said stepping to them. "Coy?s back too. And if you fuck with either of them?You?re dead."

"Big threats coming from a little man," Anthony said with a laugh. I looked at him sideways. I could tell Anthony was a very confident person but Matt was a big muscular guy. That would be a tough fight for Anthony.

"You wanna go right here?" Matt asked him. "Because I am not afraid of you."

"It?s not me, who you should be afraid of, Matt," Anthony said calmly. "All those inner demons of yours that you have going on inside of you, I can see why you are as fucked up as you are."

Sensing trouble, I stepped in between the two. "Come on, guys," I said to them both. "I am only 5?10 and 130 lbs. You can?t fight with me in between you guys so let?s just cool off and walk away."

Matt showed Anthony a dark look while Anthony looked at him with a teasing smile on his face. "Fine by me, Coy," he said grabbing his bag. "I should find my brother anyway. Meet me here after school if you want to continue our conversation."

I turned to face Matt as Anthony walked off. "What the hell do you want?" I asked him. "How dare you interrupt my conversation like that?"

"What is your problem?" He asked me. "I came to talk to you about this morning. Why are you acting like an ass for?"

"Because that is fucked up what you did this morning," I replied angrily. "Real fucked up."

"Dude, I?m sorry, I didn?t realize that you liked Giselle," He said apologetically. "I would never ever try to rub that in your face if I knew that?"

I looked at him disgusted. "You think I like Giselle?" I asked him with a wild laugh. "That?s fucking hilarious."

"Then what the hell is it?" He asked me getting angry himself. "Because since this morning, you have been acting like an asshole. Now you?re hanging around scum like Pagan and if you don?t like Giselle then what is it, so I can fix it and make this right."

I thought about what Anthony had said. If I hated being me, then stopped being me. I was always shy and never direct. I always beat around the bush. So I decided to stop being me.

"It?s not Giselle that I like," I said to him as the bell ending lunch rang. "It?s you, Matt. You."

He looked at me shocked. When he didn?t say anything I decided to grab my stuff and go.

Without saying a word, I walked past him and onto my next class.

Matt stood their stunned and speechless as people poured around him.


"MATTHEW!" Giselle said waving her hand in his face. He snapped out of his thoughts.

"Yeah?" He asked her confused as to what was going on.

"Where the hell are you at?" She asked him looking concerned. "You?ve been looking dazed since lunch. And now when you should be heading to the football field for practice, you?re just sitting their with that dead look on your face."

"Sorry," He said to her as he followed her out of class. "I just got a lot on my mind."

"What happened when you talked to Coy?" She asked him. "Ky and the others have been bugging me about it. They said Coy is acting even weirder than before."

"I don?t want to talk about it," He said to her and then he forced a fake smile and tried to change the subject. "What do you have planned for today?" One thing he knew about Giselle was that she loved to talk about herself. That was the best way to get her to shut up about what was on his mind.

"Carmen and I are going to be hanging with the Varsity cheerleaders," She said to him excitedly. "We are the only two underclassmen on the team. I mean besides that girl Brianna who?s sister is the Captain. Brianna is like the co-captain. I hate her though because she is slut and always trying to steal somebody?s boyfriend from what I?ve heard about her. I hate girls like that?"

Matt tuned her out as he noticed me walk out of the science building and towards Anthony and Nick.

"?I heard she slept with Mr. Diogostine to get an A in PE," Giselle ranted on. "Although, I can?t say I blame here. He is a hottie."

"Coy," Matt thought to himself.

He was concerned about seeing his friend hang out with a guy he knew was bad news. But more so, he felt jealous.

"But why though?" He thought to himself.

Author?s Note:

Wow. Chapter 2 is over. I had initially brainstormed on how I wanted the story to go but it spent way to much time slow in the beginning so I wanted to pick up the speed and start bringing in different plots and introducing more characters. I chose to go against my initial process for my story

The main Characters are of course: Coy, Matt, Ky, Josh, Carmen, Anthony, and Nick?.for now?..Stay tuned for the last of the main character and if you thought the fight between Josh and Coy from Chapter one was over you haven?t seen anything yet.

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This is Episode 3 of 5


Chapter Three: Running With Scissors

Scene A

Anthony and Nick watched me as I stood in Abercrombie & Fitch being dressed by one of the girl?s who worked in there.

"You know, even when he had that he had that whatever kinda style he was cute," Nick said to his brother. "Dressing up with a lot more style now, Coy James is a stud."

Anthony smiled to himself. "The clothes don?t make him hot," He said simply. "Coy makes himself hot because of his attitude. Somewhere inside that shy boy lies a fire that yearns to burn but he is constantly overshadowed by Ky so he just tames it."

"Oh shit," Nick said flashing his brother a confused look. "Wait, are you actually into him?"

"Of course I am interested in him," Anthony replied. "Why did you think I invited him to hang with us today?"

"No, I mean, I figured he was just a piece of ass that you wanted to fuck," Nick said. "Hell, I?m up for a tag team if you are. He has a bubble butt ass screaming to be tapped and those lips?"

"Nick," Anthony said pushing his brother. "This isn?t one of our conquests. He?s different from the others."

Nick flashed him a skeptical look. "Different in the fact that I?m almost positive Coy is a virgin with a tight ass compared to the hoes we fucked with it, yeah he is different," He said as I walked over to them.

"I just had a total girl moment," I said to them with a smile. "I just spent $600. On clothes at that. Usually, I spend mad money on electronic stuff like game system, laptops, tvs. The list goes on."

"From what I see, you picked out some hot shit," Anthony said taking some bags and handing them to his bro. "Nick and I are your personal bag men today."

"Are you sure?" I asked Nick who shrugged his shoulders.

"When I get a boyfriend, Ant will be caring our shit around so this is my job till then," He said with a small laugh.

"He?s not my boyfriend," Anthony and I said in unison. We shared a small smile.

"Right," Nick said rolling his eyes. We followed him out of the store. "How is it that a boy who doesn?t know much about fashion seems like he brought a ? of A & F?s inventory?"

I shrugged. "That girl was just throwing all these clothes at me, trying to get me to buy them and I didn?t wanna say no, so I just brought him," I said with a sheepish grin. "What do you say I treat the pagan brothers and myself to dinner at Hibachi courtesy my parental unit?s credit card?"

"Hibachi?" Anthony asked looking at his brother. "That?s the Chinese place on the other side of the mall? Isn?t that restaurant kinda?steep?"

"Actually, it?s Japanese," I corrected and threw my hands on their shoulders. "And in another way to lose the old Coy, the new coy says money is not an option."

"Oh god, if it was legal, I?d so marry you," Nick said to me causing me to smile.

Anthony, however, wasn?t to keen on this idea. Nick and he came from a well off family but they did have limits. However, the James family was very well known especially Ky for having the hottest clothes that hadn?t hit stores yet. He wasn?t to keen on people buying stuff for him either.

"Something wrong?" I asked him as I realized that he was being awfully quiet. Nick could tell what was on his brother?s mind. He shot him a pleading look.

As much as Anthony was more independent and prefer to pay for everything himself, he never had been one to disappoint his brother.

"It?s all good," He said to me with a smile. "Let?s go grub."


"God, I am so tired," Giselle said as she applied her make up in the mirror of the girl?s locker room.

After a two hour practice with JV cheerleaders, Carmen and Giselle were looking to call it a night. Their captain had made them go harder then usual because the Varsity girls were watching.

"Yeah, you have had a killer work out today," Carmen said as she checked her cellphone for any missed texts or calls. "Between having your back popped out during class this morning with Matt and Melody giving you a hard time at practice, I?d see why you are tired."

"What can I say?" Giselle said grabbing her purse. "I have the body of a goddess. You didn?t think I got all this from hitting the treadmill and yoga, did you?"

"God, you?re so conceited," Carmen said as they made their way back to the gym to meet up with their boyfriends. "But I?m sure you already knew that."

Giselle was about to respond when she noticed Brianna, the co-captain for the Varsity Squad walking their way. "Slut-rific is headed towards us," She muttered and forced a fake bright smile. "Brianna! What do we owe this pleasant visit to?"

She looked right past Giselle and straight at Carmen with a warm smile.

"I just wanted to compliment Carmen here on her talent," Brianna said extending her hand. "Brianna Rodriguez."

"Carmen Gianni," she replied shaking the girl?s hand. "And I appreciate the kind words. It means a lot."

"No problem at all," Brianna replied. "You date Josh Jackson right?"

Carmen nodded. "Yes, I do," she said blushing slightly. She always did that when she acknowledged her relationship. She was crazy about Josh but often still looked at Josh as the same little boy from elementary school who liked paste.

"He?s a hottie," Brianna winked. "Go girl. Anyways, I?m not sure if you know about it but the cheerleaders and football players, the ones who actually matter anyway, are throwing a party tonight. Seeing how Josh is well-known for his skills, I?m sure he will be there. Will I being seeing you as well?"

"Um, well Giselle and I were going to do a girl?s night at my house?" Carmen said acknowledging her aggravated friend.

"Oh," Brianna said flashing Giselle a sideways Glance. "Yeah, you?re the girl who messed up a lot today during your practice, right?" Giselle had opened her mouth to retort but Carmen interrupted.

"I?ll be there," Carmen said to Brianna said hoping to defuse the escalating situation.

"Perfect," She said giving Carmen a hug. She looked at Giselle. "Oh, Gabrielle, you?re more than welcome to come as well."

"It?s Giselle," She said seething with annoyance. "And you are more than welcome to have my?."

"Time at that party," Carmen jumped in. "She Can?t wait. Neither Can I, Brianna. Right GiGi?"

"Right," Giselle scoffed.

She already didn?t like Brianna based on her reputation but the fact that she barely acknowledge her, Brianna was certainly not getting on her good side.




Josh and Ky ran to catch up with the boy who was eager to leave the school and go home and think.

"Yo, slow down," Ky said out of breath as they caught up to him. "Dude, what?s the hurry for? You didn?t even shower and I gotta say man, you stink."

"I?ll shower when I get home," Matt said shortly. "I just gotta think about some thing."

"Things like what?" Josh asked. "You were completely off at practice? What?s on your mind?"

"Just stuff," Matt said shortly. "Don?t sweat it, Man."

"Well, we kind of gotta sweat it, dude," Ky said shoving Matt into the locker. "We had to a shit load of suicides today at practice all because you weren?t focused. So what?s the deal?"

"Leave it alone, Ky," Josh warned his friend. "You know Coy and Matt got something going on."

"What?" Matt said fearfully. "What makes you say that ?"

Ky looked at Josh and then looked at Matt. "Um, because he likes Giselle and saw you fucking her this morning," he said shaking his head. "Damn, where is your head at. Obviously not at Football."

"Look, I just got a lot of shit on my mind right now," Matt sighed. "I just really need to be by myself right now."

He walked past the two and walked down the hall. Ky thought about something.

"Dude, what about the party tonight?" He called after him. Matt just kept walking down the hall. "I swear, I don?t really like the dude and how weird he?s been acting it?s crazy as hell." Ky looked over at Josh who seemed to be lost in thought. "Oh shit, not you too."

Josh just watch Matt walk down the hall. "Nah, it can?t be," He thought to himself. The gears in Josh?s head churned inside as he began thinking about some things.


"Well, I?m stuffed," Nick said as he stretched in his chair. "This dinner was probably the best shit I?ve had in my life."

"Yeah, thanks Coy," Anthony said making me smile slightly. "We really appreciate it."

"No problem," I said shyly. "That?s what?s friends do and I really appreciate you guys letting me hang with you two."

"I swear, we?re probably like some of the most popular guys in school," Nick said sipping on his drink. "But you and your brother have got to be the richest people. I know this meal is going to cost you like $700."

"$725.67, with a 20% tip," I said and looked down embarrassed. "Sorry, I tend to do a lot of Math in my head."

Anthony smiled at me. "It?s cool," He said flashing me a smile. "I like it."

I smiled but felt a vibration in my pocket. I pulled my sidekick out and saw that it was Matt calling. I frowned up at the sight of his name and hit the ignore button.

"Something Wrong?" Anthony asked concerned. I looked at him. Looked at him right in his eyes. I didn?t see a bad guy as people portrayed him. The rumors I heard about him. Trust me, they were bad, but I didn?t see it. He seemed nice. Too good to be true.

"Everything is fine," I said biting my lip. Carmen always said when I flirt with somebody I always bit my lip seductively and I think Anthony blushed when I smiled at him.

"Okay this 90210 moment is making me sick," Nick said yawning. "I feel like getting into some trouble."

"What kind of trouble?" I asked curiously. He glanced at Anthony who flashed him an unsure look.

"Have you ever dined and dashed before?" Nick asked me. I looked at him confused.

"Where you eat the food and then leave before you pay for it?" I asked him. He nodded. "That?s what you want to do? Isn?t that?kinda illegal?"

"Yes it is," Nick said in a matter-of-fact tone. "Most of the things Ant and I do are illegal. In most countries anyway."

Anthony looked at me nervously. "Uh, Nick, I don?t think that is such a good idea," he said unsure.

"I mean why not?" Nick asked amused. "I mean it?s apparent you two like each other so why not show him how much you really are."

"I mean I have a way of paying for the meal," I said torn between my common sense and drive to be different. "If we get caught then we will be in some serious trouble."

"Then don?t get caught," He said with a sly grin as he stood up. "You two better not be pussies and stay to pay."

He flashed Anthony a knowing look. He knew his brother hated being called a pussy or anything that made him seem afraid of anything Nick casually strolled to the exit.

"Come on," Anthony said grabbing my hand. I was still unsure of the situation. But being Coy usually never got me anything except good grades and loneliness. "Coy?"

I got up and followed behind him, hand still in his hand as he led me out of the restaurant. The waiter noticed that we were leaving and made his way after us.

"Shit," Anthony said pulling me behind him. The three of us ran through the mall towards the parking lot.

It was then I discovered that I really was changing. But I wasn?t sure if it was for the better.


Matt sat in his room looking through a journal he had kept since he was about 11. He flashed through the pages talking about his family life and how his father pushed him hard to be a great sports player. How his best friend was mad that Matt went to the superbowl for the past 5 years. He finally got to the entry he was looking for.

July 19, 2006 11:45 P.M. That day still rang clear in his head. He remembered the emotions he felt when he wrote the entry. He remembered the thoughts in his head. He remembered the tears he cried.

"?I think," He began reading to himself. "I think?." He couldn?t bring himself to finish the passage. "I think?I might be gay."

He looked down at the page. He could still see the tear stains on the page. They still looked so fresh 3 years later. It was then that he realized?Those tears were falling now. He felt so ashamed. Scared. Confused.

"Today, I was at Ryan?s house playing football," he continued reading. "I got the same excited feeling that I used to get from girls before when I was dating Ashley Martin. But it was from Ryan. He tackled me and was on top of me and I could feel it. It was a lot of pressure in my pants. So I pushed him off me and yelled that I had to use the bathroom. Then I went upstairs to?"

Matt stopped himself. He was getting excited just thinking of the past events. He had already felt so much guilt. His father used to tell him all the time that gays were an abomination. They were sick, sick people. He had forced himself to hate being gay?hate being apart of himself. He did some bad things in the past few years. Stuff he wasn?t proud of?all because he was gay and afraid. It was way to much for a recently turned 16 year old to deal with.

But how come every since he came to Atlantic City all the thoughts he had been having felt so right.

"How come he feels right?" Matt asked himself.

He looked at his clock. It was almost 6. He needed to clear his head and alcohol was the best way to do that.

"Fuck this shit," He said ripping the pages out of his journal. He grabbed his house key off his desk and headed downstairs and out the door to the football party.


"Man, this is why I fucking love football," ky said as Josh, Giselle, and Carmen followed him inside Ryan Kelly?s back yard. "Only we would have parties on a school night."

"Please, teachers are still reviewing freshman coursework in class," Carmen said clutching on Josh?s arm. "Nobody really is worried about it being a school night."

"When do they ever?" Josh joked and kissed his girlfriend.

Giselle rolled her eyes. She was bothered by the fact that Carmen seemed to be getting a lot more attention than she deserved. Back at her old school, Giselle was used to be fawned over and treated like the royalty she thought herself to be. Here, Giselle was actually somebody?s sidekick. It bothered her more so that Carmen had a great boyfriend who was affectionate and sensual versus as Sexual as Matt seemed to be with her. She liked a good fuck just like the next girl but she also wanted to feel love and she wanted that from her boyfriend that she loved. As much shit she had been through with Matt and she still stuck around.

"It has to be true love," She said to herself.

"I see potential fuck buddies," Ky said eyeing some girls in the pool. Josh snorted at him.

"You see fuck buddies, I see victims," He said and Ky got an evil glint in his eye.

Carmen recognized the look and quickly pulled away from josh as Ky pushed him into the pool. Josh just laughed and splashed the three.

"I can?t believe that Matt isn?t here," Giselle said sadly. Ky eased up beside her.

"Well, I could be a good upgrade to Matt," He said to her. She smiled at him. And then tried to push him into the pool but he pulled her into the pool.

Carmen smiled at the three as they played around and tried dunking Giselle in the water as she screamed about her hair.

"Carmen," A voice said from behind her. She turned to see Brianna with her boyfriend Christian standing there. "I?m glad that you came."

"Of course, I wouldn?t miss this for the world," she said happily. "Thank you so much for inviting me."

"She better have invited one of the hottest players girlfriends at our school," Christian said. "Also one of the hottest girls at our school. After Brianna here of course."

"And me," Giselle said as she walked up next to Carmen. "Brianna this party had a great turn out from what I see."

"What did you expect?" Brianna asked. "Everybody here is somebody. No lames allowed. And speaking of No lames allowed, Carmen I wanted to talk to you about possibly cheering on Varsity."

"What?" Carmen and Giselle said in unison. Josh heard the good news and hugged her boyfriend.

"Congratulations babe," He said kissing her cheek. "Looks like we really are the power couple of the school."

"I?d be honored," Carmen said shocked. "You guys have the best uniforms, routines?everything. I?d never in a million years expected to be a sophomore on Varsity cheerleading."

Giselle scoffed and stormed off. Carmen sighed to herself.

"Um, Bri can I get back to you tomorrow at school?" She asked her. She knew that Giselle was not liking this.

"Of course, hon," She replied. "Just let me know, okay?"

"Thanks," She said following after Giselle who went to where the beer was at.

Josh scowled as he saw Anthony, Nick, and I walking into the party. "Brianna?Christian?.Excuse us," he said pulling Ky behind him.

"Dare I say, is that my brother walking into a party? One that has alcohol?" Ky said surprised as the five of us met.

"What the hell are you doing with these two assholes?" Josh demanded. I looked at him shocked.

"Josh, calm down," I said with a laugh. "We just been hanging out since lunch and at the mall today. "They?re cool."

"Yeah, these my boys," Ky said giving Anthony and Nick a bro hug. "We twins gotta stick together. They mad cool."

"Nah, they are mad gay," Josh said . "Fucking faggots." He looked at me and then quickly regretted what he said.

I shot him a dark look. Anthony and Nick stepped in front of me. "What the fuck did you just call us?" Anthony asked him.

"Why is one of us always involved in a confrontation?" Ky said trying to defuse the situation. "Can?t we all get along? Where is the love at?"

"Shut up ky," Josh, Anthony, and Nick said in unison.

"Okay," Ky said nodding. Nick pushed Josh.

"Answer the question," He said pushing Josh again. "What the fuck did you call us??"

"Josh," I said to him. Ky was unsure of what the situation was. But he couldn?t let his oldest friend Josh be jumped by the two brothers so he was sure he would have to jump in. "Don?t. Walk Away."

"Fuck that," Josh spat. "I called you fucking gay. Fucking faggots."

"That?s what I thought," Anthony said and punched him in the face.

"Fuck," I said as the four boys got into a brawl I knew was going to happen.




Carmen, oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend was involved in a fight chased Giselle as she walked behind the house drinking a beer.

"Giselle," She called out. "What the hell are you doing?"

"What does it look like?" Giselle asked sarcastically. "I?m about to get drunk off my ass. Would you like to steal that too?"

"What?" Carmen asked confused. "I haven?t stole anything from you."

"Oh really?" Giselle laughed, the alcohol already beginning to affect her. "You stole my life. You stole my thunder. Before I came here, I was the shit. Now I feel like shit."

?Well, maybe you are getting what you deserve," Carmen said throwing her hands up in the air. "You spend so much time talking about yourself that you don?t even take the time to acknowledge people you call friends achievements. Some friend you are."

"Spare me the bullshit," Giselle said angrily. "Let?s face it, if Matt and Josh weren?t friends then we wouldn?t be either."

"Do you really believe I am friends with you because of you dating my boyfriend?s best friend?" Carmen asked her shocked. "Let?s not get me confused. I am not a stupid bitch like you are."

"You did not just call me a bitch," Giselle said throwing her beer on her.

"You are a bitch," Carmen said to her. "You are so worried about losing your precious tiara. Well, newsflash princess. Nobody cares enough about you to worship you. Welcome to Atlantic City."

"Ooh," Giselle said tackling her. The two began to wrestle as a bunch of guys began watching the cat fight ensue.

"Oh my fucking god!" I said throwing my hands in the air. "What the fuck is this? WWE raw? Stop fighting."

I looked around at the crowd. They seemed to be more interested in watching a fight then stopping somebody from getting hurt. This was the crowd that I wanted to be apart of?

"Guys stop it," I said trying to pull Anthony off of Ky. I was starting to see the rumor about his anger issues was true.

"Get the fuck off of me," Anthony said angrily shoving me back. Nobody noticed that I fell into the pool. Nobody except ky.

"J?Josh?" He stammered nervously.




I fell to the bottom of the pool. I was holding my breath trying to struggle back up to the surface of the pool. I couldn?t get myself to float to the stop.

"I?m going to die here," I said as I began to lose my breath. I began to lose conscience

My vision began to get blurry and I almost felt like I could see Matt.

"Matt?" I thought to myself. He wrapped his arms around me and the light on him looked white?almost as if he had a?halo.

Then it got pitch black.




"Oh my god," Carmen said as she watched Matt do CPR. Everybody at the party crowded around Matt and I as he struggled to revive me.

Suddenly, Her fight with Giselle didn?t matter as much to her anymore.

Suddenly, Josh?s hatred for Anthony and Nick didn?t matter to him anymore.

"I can?t lose him after I just got him back," He said clutching her as she cried in his arm.

Giselle stood with Ky who looked shaken up. "He can?t swim," he said shaking his head. "We can?t swim. We never learned how."

Matt struggled to fight back the tears as he kept doing compressions. He was walking into the party when he saw Anthony push me into the pool. When he saw the scared look in my eyes he realized in that second, that very second, he wanted to be the one to protect me. He rushed into the water after me and pulled me to the top.

"Was I too late?" He thought to himself as he reached down to breathe in my mouth.

He jumped up in shock when he felt my tounge wiggle in his mouth. He blushed slightly then laughed wildly when he discovered that I was alive.

"Oh," Carmen said excitedly. "Thank god. Your okay." She and Giselle both reach down to hug me.

Giselle smiled at Carmen. It was almost watching someone die that she realized that she didn?t want to lose any of her friends. Especially Carmen. Because she never had a best friend before. Nobody who wasn?t afraid of her anyway. Carmen returned the smile and hugged her as well.

"Coy," Anthony said walking towards me, Nick behind him. "I?m?I didn?t mean?."

"Stay away from me," I choked out. Matt, Josh, Ky, Carmen, and Giselle jumped up in front of me.

"You heard him," Matt said to Anthony. Anthony looked like he wanted to challenge him but Nick pulled him away. With one sad look behind him, he walked out of the party.

"I?m okay, ky," I said as he hugged me tightly. "I almost died from suffocating in the water. I don?t want to die from being hugged to death."

"Sorry," he said sheepishly.

Josh walked away afraid of what I was going to say to him for his actions. "Hey," I called out to him. "Where you going? I almost died. I am too tired to be pissed so you get a freebie this time."

"Thanks." He said as the six of us walked out of the party.

"I?m sure that you guys want to party," I said to them. Josh, Giselle, Ky, and Carmen flashed a guilty look. "Go ahead. I?m fine. I will just see you guys tomorrow."

They pulled me into a bear hug and they went back inside the party. Matt stood there looking at me with a fierce look.

"I guess I should thank you," I said to him with a sigh. "So thank?" I was interrupted by a kiss.

After a few seconds, he pulled away and flashed me a sheepish grin. "Now I consider that a proper thank you," he said to me.

"But?You?re not?are you?" I asked still reeling from the kiss. He knew how to kiss even though it was only for a few seconds.

"Yeah," He said to me. "I am. You sprung it on me so fast that I didn?t know exactly what to say. That?s why I was speechless. I?m just?I got a lot of issues with it to work out but I want to try and work out with you."

I thought about Giselle for a second. But I realized something. I didn?t have to change my entire self. I could change a little but still be me. So I pushed Giselle out of my mind and smiled at him.

"Want me to drive you home?" He asked me. "Being a sophomore with a car is fucking awesome."

I smiled at him and then thought about something. "Sure," I said to him. "But I want to make a pitstop first."

We walked towards his car unbeknownst that we were being watched by Anthony and Nick.


Giselle cheered as Ky and her won a game of chicken against Josh and Carmen.

"I guess I can beat you at something Carmen," She teased with a smile. "It?s all good though."

"That?s only because I let you win," Carmen said as they climbed out of the pull. She hugged her friend. "We so don?t need to fight again. It makes us?Like them." She pointed at Josh and Ky.

Giselle laughed and then sighed as she noticed Brianna walking towards them. "I will let you handle your business," She said sadly.

"Actually, I wanted to talk to you, Giselle," Brianna said with a smile. "I saw the way you stood up for Coy earlier and he is an amazing guy. Helped Christian and I with a lot of our homework and tests when we needed. I feel if he surrounds himself around you then you got to be a good person."

"I?m going to take that as a compliment," Giselle with a half-smile half I can?t stand you look.

"As you should," Brianna said to her. "Will I be seeing you both at Varsity Practice tomorrow?"

Giselle and Carmen looked at her. "Uh duh," They said with a smile. She gave them both a hug.

"Enjoy the rest of the party," She said leaving the girls.

The two hugged each other happily.

Giselle realized sometimes it?s just as fun to share the limelight with someone as it is to have it on yourself.


"Um excuse me," I said to the hostess. She looked up from her receipts and pointed at me.

"Oh! Manager! Manager!" She yelled out in her Japanese accent. I sighed to myself. This was not how I wanted this to go.

A tall Japanese Man walked over to us and gave me a stern look. "So you came back to try and steal more food from us?" He asked me.

"Actually no," I said reaching in my back pocket for my wallet. "I realized that you all families and people to support and by not paying for my meal that I was not only hurting you guys and your family, I was hurting myself. I want to pay for my food plus an extended tip."

"Are you serious?" The man asked me surprised. HE looked at the hostess he flashed me a confused look. "But why are you doing this? You weren?t going to be caught."

"Beacause," I said handing him my credit card. "I am a good person. And I like who I am."

I walked out of the restaurant?Smiling, dignity still in tack.

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This is Episode 4 of 5

Halo 4

Chapter 4: Sixteen at War


Scene A

The sun shinned in my eyes waking me up. I smiled to myself realizing how beautiful the morning was. I felt movement behind me and realized that hands were wrapped around my waist and that somebody was spooning me.

"Oh my god!" I yelled jumping up out of the bed. I realized it was Matt and he awoke with a startled look on his face.

"What?s wrong?" He asked sleepily. He looked at me with a confused look.

I realized that my I was breathing awfully fast and that I was shaking. "Come, on, get a grip," I said to myself.

"Coy?" He asked me his face looking concerned. "You don?t remember? I came back home with you after the party last night? We just slept here, I promise that?s all that happened."

"I know, I?m just?" I was still shaken. "Sorry, haven?t shared a bed with anybody besides Ky in awhile."

He reached over and pulled me back to bed. "Come back and lay down with me," he said to me. "We got a little time before we have to go to school. I say more making out is due, Mister James."

He leaned to kiss me but I placed my hand over his face. "Morning breath," I said to him kissing him on the cheek. "You need to get home and shower and all."

"Ah, dad, do I have too?" He whined to me. I smiled at him as he pouted. I pulled him out of the bed and handed him his clothes.

"Yes, my greek adonis, you have too," I said as I watched him dress.

Just like I was going to have to face my demons pretty soon.


Scene B

"So to commence our one month anniversary coming up, I think we should do something special?" Carmen said to Josh as they sat in Homeroom.

"What?s more special than mind-blowing sex?" He asked her looking up from his homework he was supposed to have done last night.

"Spending some quality time with you?re amazingly hot girlfriend," She said hitting him upside the head. "Then possibly some mediocore sex."

"Ha, you got jokes lil mama," he said flicking her off. "Are you sure it was mediocrity after I had you screaming my name?"

Carmen smiled at her boyfriend. "It?s called Faking it," She said sticking her tounge out. "Anyways, luckily for you we have a week and a half to plan a good night. On the short-term of things, Coy and Ky?s birthday is Sunday."

"oh shit," josh said hitting his head. "It?s been so long since Me and Coy were friends, I had actually forgot the little Virgos birthday."

"Yep, August 24th," She said noticing the bittersweet look on her boyfriend?s face. "What?s wrong?"

"Nothing," He said shaking his head and then sighed when he noticed Carmen?s stern look. "It?s just?I missed a few birthdays with Coy because of how dumb I acted. We always had the most fun on his birthday."

"Well you can?t change the past, baby," She said grabbing his hand. "But you can make sure the twins Sweet 16 is one they will never forget."

"Yeah," he said with a big smile. "Yeah, I can! God, Carmen I love you."

Carmen looked at him shocked and Josh flashed her an equally shocked look.


"Gotta go," Josh said grabbing his binder as the bell rung and speeding out of the class.



"Coy," Anthony called out to me as I walked towards my locker. "Coy just one minute, please."

I turned around to face him. "Come to push me into more pools?"

"I didn?t mean to," he said looking at the floor. "You know I would never try to hurt you."

"Really? Because rumor has it that the pagan brothers really don?t care who they hurt," I said folding my arms.

"You?re different though," He pleaded. "You can?t tell me that you didn?t feel the intensity?the connection from the past few days."

"You preyed on me because I was hurt and vulnerable," I said angrily. "Just like you do with you?re victims. I am not going to be apart of this any longer. So stay away from me." I turned to continue onward towards my locker.

"I know about you and Matt," He said quiet enough for me to hear. I stopped cold and my tracks. "I saw the two of you after Nick and I left the party. It was a hell of a make-out show."

I turned to look at him and I saw this dark look in his face. "You can?t deny that you aren?t attracted to me," he said firmly. "Just like I can?t deny that I am attracted to you."

"The attraction is all for the wrong reasons," I said turning to leave. He grabbed my arm roughly.

"I always get what I want," he said to me. "I want you, Coy. I am going to get you."

"What you going to do?" I asked him snatching my arm away from him. "Hurt me? Hurt Matt?"

"No," He said to me with a smile. "I can do this Good boy thing and show you I am not such a bad guy. But as far as hurting you, I will let Matt do that."

"Wha?" I began but noticed to where he was looking behind me. I saw Matt and Giselle walking down the hallway.

"Stay away from me," I said flashing him a disgusted look and walked towards the couple.

"COY!" He said in shock and dropped Giselle?s hand. She looked at him weirdly.

"Matt?Gisellle?here?together?holding hands," I said looking at both of them.

"Of course," She said wrapping her arm in his. Matt had an uncomfortable look. "Why wouldn?t be?"

"No reason," I said with a tight smile. "Excuse me, I got class." I pushed past them and headed towards the front office.

"Coy is cute and all, but he is really weird sometimes," She said to a oblivious Matt.

Matt was thinking about what was going to happen next.



"What?s up yo? A voice behind Ky said startling him.

He hit his head on the hood of the car he was working on in Auto Mechanics. "Shit," he said rubbing his head. "Damn, nick, you fucking scared me."

"Sorry," Nick said sheepishly. "I just wanted to apologize for the events last night. I didn?t want to fight you."

"I didn?t want to fight you either," ky replied as he leaned up against the car. "But you were beefing with my friends."

"I understand," Nick said nodding his head. "Just wanted to make sure we we?re still cool."

"Cool as whip," Ky quoted their famous phrase they had made back in 5th grade.

"So if I remember correctly, a set of twins are turning 16 this weekend," Nick said as the two began to work on the car together.

"Yeah, I?m so fucking happy," Ky said with a big smile. "I get my Ls now. So I will be driving to school."

"That?s the best thing about being 16," Nick said. "License?and of course parties."

"Parties as opposed to any other parties we have every week?" Ky joked. "I don?t really like birthday parties. Coy does though and that?s the only reason I suffer through em."

"Yeah, Anthony likes birthday parties," Nick said with a laugh. "Ice cream cakes from Dunkin Donuts are his favorite things. Just give me the money and gifts and get the fuck on."

"I know right," Ky said flashing him a smile that made Nick?s breath catch. "You okay?"

"Yeah," Nick said with a smile. And a thought popped in his head. "Hey, I want to show you a good time for your birthday this weekend."

"Really?" Ky asked him. "Well?I mean, I?m sure Carmen and co. have something planned too?"

"Come on, PLEASE!!!!" Nick said with a puppy dog face. "Besides this is my way of also paying you back for being a complete dick."

Ky smiled at his friend. "Fine," He said, "Only if you promise I will have fun."

"With me? When is it ever not fun," Nick said with a sly grin on his face.

If Anthony could seduce one James brother, then so could he.

"So you?re gonna just sit there and ignore me?" Matt asked me as I washed my hands. We had just gotten through doing an experiment in biology

"Yeah, pretty much," I said pushing past him to head for my desk. He followed behind me and took a seat beside me.

"What are you spazzing about?" He asked confused.

"Because you were standing there all lovey-dovey with Giselle this morning like you didn?t have your tongue crammed down my throat not even five hours ago," I hissed at him.

He looked around nervously. "Will you shut up?" He said angrily at me. I rolled my eyes.

"You?re worried about 30 other kids in this class finding out about you?" I asked him with a half-laugh. "You should be worried about Anthony. He saw us kissing each other last night."

Matt looked at me shocked. "Are you fucking kidding me?" He said shaking his head in disbelief. "This can?t be true. I got so much to lose."

"You?re right," I said as the bell rung. "You do have a lot to lose. Starting with me."

"Wha.." Matt said speechless as he watched me walk out of the room.



Josh watched Ky and Nick as they walked out of the locker room. It was just after practice and he was waiting for Ky seeing how Matt pretty much blew him off to go god knows where.

"Please tell me you are not friends with this prick," Josh said folding his arms as the two walked over to him.

Ky sighed in frustration. "Josh, come on, let?s not do this," He said stepping in front of Nick.

"You gotta protect him now, Ky?" Josh asked pulling his back. "He too much of a bitch to handle himself?"

"Nah, far from that but I don?t want to mess up my friendship with Ky here," Nick said calmly. "Ky has been a friend of mine forever."

"Forever?" Josh scoffed. "Dude, it?s been a few years that?s all. I been his friend forever. Like brothers."

"Look, you?re both my friends," Ky said to the two boys. "Can?t we just squash this shit and talk about getting wasted for my birthday weekend?"

"You can?t be my friend if you?re friends with him," Josh said defiantly.

"I guess we can?t squash this," Ky said to himself. "Josh, come on. You?re being a little kid."

Josh shrugged his shoulders and turned to leave. Nick started laughing. Ky gave him a strange look.

"Hey Jackson," Nick said pushing Ky behind him. "Want to tell Ky the real reason we hate each other?"

Josh froze in his tracks while Ky flashed a confused look to both boys. Nick, however, continued to laugh.

"Don?t," Josh said still not turning around. The three noticed Carmen walking towards them.

"Hey boys," She said with a warm smile. Sensing tension, her smile faltered. "Something wrong?"

"Nothing really," Nick said to her. "I was about to tell Ky here why Josh and I just can?t seem to get along."

"I said Don?t," Josh yelled shocking the three by his outburst. He was shaking.

"Oh come on, Joshie boy," Nick said tauntingly. "You been friends since FOREVER! No secrets. Well, let?s share. The other day, I made a pass at Josh in the hall way."

"I knew you were gay," Carmen said at the same time, Ky asked "You?re gay?"

Nick walked right up to Josh with a confident stance. "You wanna know why you despise me so much? Because by accepting that I was gay, you would have to open you?re close minded little brain to realize that it?s okay that somebody besides Coy was gay. Even still, you try to admit you?re okay with Coy. But you aren?t."

"Coy?s gay?" Ky asked with a Dark look on his face. He backed away from the trio. "No?he can?t be."

"ky?" Carmen said reaching out for him but he pulled away from her. He took off running in the opposite direction. Carmen walked over to Nick and slapped him with all her might.

"He didn?t know Coy was gay," she said to him as she ran to try to catch up with Ky.

Josh looked at Nick with a sad look on his face. "Why do you and your brother have to cause trouble wherever you go?" he asked him quietly. "Yesterday, Anthony nearly killed him and today you might have killed a relationship with two brothers."

"I?I didn?t know," Nick said in shock of everything

"You know what? You were right," Josh said in a soft voice. "I do got a problem with gay people. It?s not natural to me. But Coy is like my brother. More than that. I am willing to work through my issues for him and to understand. But you?you just disrespected me the other day and that wasn?t necessary."

Nick just stood there processing everything.

"Watch you?re back," Josh said to him. "Because if I ever see you alone, I am going to do whatever is in my power to beat you to within an inch of your pathetic life."

He bumped into Nick hard as he walked off. Nick pagan realized something. He might have made a dent in the twin?s relationship but he would be there for Ky to vent.

"Who knows?" he thought to himself. "I might get what I want, after all."



Ky rummaged through my room looking for any information. Any signs?clues?.evidence to give him answers. He knew that he didn?t have much time. I would be home shortly from Student Council.

"I can?t believe this shit," he said to himself as he rummaged through my binders and folders of papers from school. "God, coy, you?re such a nerd. Only you would save work from last year."

My instant messenger chimed scaring Ky. He looked at my laptop and hesitated. There was the possibility of proof right there, less than 30 feet away from him. But could he really invade his brother?s privacy?

"Fuck it," he said as he put the folders back the way he found it. He walked towards the door and was almost out when it chimed again. Against his better Judgement he went over to the laptop and opened it. It was from matt.

MattyG: Coy?Please don?t be mad?This is still new for me. Being gay and all.

MattyG: Before I came here, I was fine with Giselle?But the more I am around you the more I want you. I don?t know what to do but I know I don?t want you to shut me out.

"Oh my god," Ky said covering his mouth.

"Ky?" I said as I walked into my room. "What?s going on? Why are you in my room on my laptop?"

He got up from the chair. "You?re sick," he said to me. "You?re sick."

"Nah, I think I am pretty healthy," I said with a chuckle. "You?re avoiding my question. What are you doing in here?"

"You?re sick," he kept repeating.

I gave him a confused look. "You already said that," I said with an uncomfortable chuckle.

"You?re sick," he said pointing to my laptop. I walked over to my laptop to see what he was talking about. I read the ims and I turned around slowly to look at my brother.

"ky?let me explain," I began but unsure of what to say to him.

"Explain what?" Ky said throwing his hands up. "That you?re a fucking homo?"

"Ky?" I said hurt. "Please don?t call me that."

"Would you prefer?Queer?Faggot?What?" He asked me as he grabbed me by my shirt.

"Let go of me," I said trying to pull away but he had a tight grip in his eyes and slammed me up against the wall.

"This is you?re fault," He growled. "I fucking blame you." He tossed me across the room and I hit my head on my dresser drawer.

"What are you talking about?" I Asked rubbing my head. He bent down in front of me. I cowered thinking he was going to hit me.


"You?re contagious," he said to me. "You?re fucking contagious because whatever made you gay, I caught too."

"What?" I asked confused. He stood up and headed towards the door.

"I?m a fucking fag too," He said as tears rolled down his face. "I?m fucking disgusting. You?re disgusting. We?re both disgusting."

"Ky, it?s okay," I said getting up off the floor. I walked towards him but he pushed me away.

"Don?t," he said to me. "Just don?t fucking touch me. You caused enough problems."

"You?re blaming the fact that you like boys on me?" I asked with a shocked laugh.

He shrugged his shoulders. "I don?t know who to blame," he said simply.

"There is nobody to blame," I said firmly. "There is nothing wrong with us. We?re normal."

"Normal?" Ky scoffed. "This is what you call normal? You want to know why I always have a different girlfriend every other week? Because they can?t suck my dick like a guy can. They won?t let me ass fuck them like a guy would. They want me to fucking eat their pussy. I don?t want to do that. So I get a different girl. Hoping that somehow?someway?they will make me normal. Because this is not normal?this is a sickness."

I stood their shocked by this revelation. "You?ve?You?ve done stuff with guys?"

"Yep," he said nodding. "I gotta get out of here. I need to think."

"Where are you going?" I asked him. "Where in Atlantic City can a 15 year old boy stay?"

"I think I know where," He said, "Just tell mom I?m okay and staying with a friend and will be back for Sunday for dinner and whatever else."

We looked each other in the eyes. It was then that I realized. I didn?t know the boy who was standing in front of me. He looked just like my brother. He dressed just like my brother. But this wasn?t Ky. Whoever this was?had nothing but anger & confusion on his face. He turned to leave but stopped.

"I don?t hate you," he said to me. I smiled a little. At least he could still read my mind. Maybe Ky wasn?t completely gone.

He walked out of my room and down the stairs. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I took it out to see it was Matt.

"What is it?" I asked shortly.

"Can we talk?" He asked me. "Please?I want to talk to you."

"Fine come over," I said to him. "Front door is open."

I hung up my phone and tossed it on the bed. It took a second but then I just broke down crying on the floor.



"Coy?" a voice said waking me up. I opened my eyes to see Matt standing there.

"Hey," I said to him softly. He bent down and sat Indian style in front of me.

"You?ve been crying," he said and then laugh. "Well, that?s obvious. But why? Because of me?"

"Partially," I Said to him as I wiped my face. "And the fact that Ky just found out I was gay, outted himself, and is now like?I don?t know what he is. He just isn?t himself right now."

"Ky?s gay?" He asked shocked. "As much as he hits on Giselle? I never would of guess."

"As much as you are on Giselle, I almost forgot you were gay," I said angry at the mention of her name.

He grabbed my hand and kissed it. "Look, I am scared," he said to me. "Giselle is safe?But she isn?t you?Coy we connect?We understand each other. We are supposed to be together."

"What are you saying?" I asked him. He leaned over and kissed me.

"Will you go out with me?" He asked nervously. I looked in his face looking for any deception?any trace of lying. All I saw was a genuine need and want of me.

"yes," I said softly. I smiled at him. "Yes, Matt."

He looked relieved when I said yes. "Thank you," He said to me pulling me up and sitting me on the bed. "So?What now?"

"Now, you just spend the night and lay here in bed with me," I said to him.

He got up to shut the door and locked it. "Oh somebody?s a little horny, huh?" He asked me with a devilish grin.

"That somebody is you," I said to him with a laugh. "Seriously, I just want to lay here. I need to feel safe and I feel safe beside you."

"Fine," He said scooping my thin body into his big muscular build. "We will just lay here?.and I will protect you."

"Um?can you not touch me?" I asked him pulling away.

"What?" He asked with a hurt look. "You don?t want me to touch you?"

I sighed...I was having memories of the rape and i wasn't ready to be held tightly yet.

"Just lay here beside me, please," I Said laying down on the bed.

Hurt, Matt laid beside me. I grabbed his hand to let him know I didn?t mean it so bad.

"It?s okay," Matt said with a small smile.

He knew there was a secret that I wasn?t telling him and he would wait till I was ready to tell him.


"Ky?" Nick said shocked to see him standing on his front porch. "What are you doing here?"

"Are you home alone?" Ky asked him. "Where are you parents and Anthony?"

"Anthony is?well?wherever Anthony goes to get his head clear?My parents are out of town for this weekend. Why? What?s up?"

"How good are you at sucking dick?" Ky asked hungrily.


Wow?Halo is almost over and where Halo begins to really develop. Coy and Matt embark on a relationship in this chapter while we discover Josh isn?t still entirely okay with the gay thing. Ky?s character really begins to develop and we are going to see the contrast between Coy and Ky as the chapters roll along.

In Chapter 5, Coy and Ky?s birthday is here but before the party Coy has a panic attack while Ky begins to use Nick. Josh tries to expand his mind on homosexuality by attending a local chapter of a LGBT meeting but he is mistaken as being gay by a guy there while Anthony goes to Carmen to help fix things between Coy and him. Giselle comes between Matt and Coy.

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This is Episode 5 of 5


Chapter 5: Virgo



Nick rolled over on his bed to find it was empty. Sleepily, he opened his eyes to see Ky was not there.

"Wow," Anthony said causing him to Jump. "Looks like Ky is the hit it & quit it type of dude."

Nick threw a pillow at his brother and pouted angrily. "I know I?m probably having a bitch moment here, but tell me that I was not the opposite end of a one-night stand."

"Sorry bro, but you got played," Anthony said walking out of the room. Nick growled in frustration.

He dialed Ky?s cell number and it rang once and then went to voicemail. After a few more times, Nick got out of bed and realized that for once?he got the best fuck in his life and got fucked over?all in the same night.


I felt a heavy body on top of me. Suffocating me and restricting my movement.

"No..please?" I said softly. "Please stop?"

"Why baby?" The husky voice said in my ear. "You were telling me how much you want to feel me inside of you. You know you want it, Coy. Just as much as I want you."

"No?No?I don?t," I Said pushing him off of me and making a move to get off the bed.

"You?re not going anywhere," He said yanking me back. As big as he was, the force of the pull slung me hard. "Not till I get what I want?"

He pinned me down with one Arm while unzipping my pants with his other.

"Looks tasty," he said as he took me into his mouth???

My eyes shot open and I breathe heavily. "It was just?" I said to myself. "It wasn?t real."

But I felt restricted still. Like I couldn?t move. I realized that a heavy body was laying on top of me.

"No!" I screamed out alerting the person on top of me, scaring them.

"What?s wrong?"

"Matt?" I asked confused as he looked at me with a confused, sleepy look.

"Yea, what?s wrong?" He asked concerned "You scared the shit out of me."

"I?m sorry," I said with a embarrassed smile. "Just?Just a bad dream that?s all."

"Are you sure you okay?" He asked me. "You look like you saw a ghost."

I nodded softly at him. "I?m fine," I said to him. I kissed him on a cheek. "And just to show my sexy boyfriend how much I love calling him my boyfriend, I am going to make breakfast."

"That be sweet, Man," he said grabbing me into a hug. I had to fight the urge to push him off of me.

"Okay," I said as we broke apart. "Just continue to lay here and I will bring your breakfast up to you."

"Thanks babe," he said with a yawn laying back down on the bed. I watched him for a few seconds as he drifted back off to sleep

I smiled as he crinkled his face up. I just felt safe with him. I really liked this boy and I was willing to do my best to keep him.

His phone vibrated on my desk. I reached over and grabbed it and saw a text from Giselle.

"Should I or Shouldn?t I?" I thought to myself. I sighed to myself and shook my head.

I didn?t want to start my relationship off not trusting him so I put the phone back on the desk and went downstairs to begin breakfast.


Josh walked nervously inside the Community Center Building. He realized that if he was going to ever try to understand his best friend?and even his enemies?he would have to take the first step to learn more.

"Um?Hi?" He said nervously to the receptionist. She smiled warmly at him.

"Hello Hon," She said to him. "What can I help you with?"

"Yes..I?m, uh, looking for the?the um?" Josh couldn?t bring himself to say it.

"You must be looking for the Rainbow Meeting," She said to him causing Josh to gasp.

"How did you know that?" He asked shocked.

She laughed at Josh?s surprise. "Because, you are here at 11am on a Saturday," She replied. "There are only two meetings going on here on Saturdays. The Weight Fighters class and Rainbow Meetings and seeing how you a very?buff young man I doubt it?s for Weight Fighters. So you?ve got to be here for Rainbow."

"Oh," Josh said simply.

She stood up from the desk and came around to Josh?s side. "it?s ashame that you are gay," She said to him as they begin walking down the corridors of the first floor. "We could have some fun."

"Oh, I?m not gay," Josh said in his best macho voice. She rolled her eyes.

"It?s okay, hon," She said as they came to the door. "I love gays. My brother is gay and if I Can?t get with you then I certainly am going to hook the two of you up."

"But I have a?" Josh began as she pulled him into the room behind her. A bunch of guys squealed in delight at the sight of Josh causing him to blush. "Girlfriend."

He smiled uncomfortably as the girl pulled him up to the podium. "Hey bro," She said to a guy with his back turned.

The guy turned to face Josh and the girl and gave them both warm smiles. "Hey, what?s up?" He asked her and looked at Josh. "Is this cutie a friend of yours, Kristen?"

"Nope," She said with a proud smile. "Jack meet?I didn?t get your name."

"Josh," he said sticking his hand out. "Josh Jackson."

"Ah, Josh & Jack," Kristen squealed delightfully. "It has such a ring to it. I will leave you to alone. Come get me when the meeting is done. Remember condoms are a must use."

"Oh god," Josh said putting his hand in his face from embarrassment.

Jack looked at him with a apologetic look. "I?m sorry," Jack said. "Ever since I came out, Kristen has became the biggest fan of me being gay and tends to embarrass me a lot."

Josh just nodded uncomfortably at Jack who gave him an amused look.

"Calm down, we aren?t going to hurt you," he said patting Josh on the back. "So?when did you discover you were?you know?"

"Huh?" Josh asked confused and then realized what Jack meant. "Oh, when did I discover I was a Homo?Sexual. Homosexual, I mean."

Jack gave him a sideways glance.

"I been gay since I could remember," Josh blurted out. "Since I could walk, I realized I Was gay. I can take two dicks at one time."

Jack and the rest of the meeting looked at him speechless. "Um, yeah, let?s get on with the meeting," Jack said still a little shocked by Josh?s confession.

"Wow, this is going to be easier than I thought," Josh said to himself as he took a seat.


"Being here will get me in trouble," Carmen said to Anthony as they sat in Starbucks. "Don?t you think you caused enough problems already without trying to pull me into your list of people to scorn?"

"why did you come if all you want to do is pretty much tell me how much of a fuck up I am?" Anthony asked her angrily. "Don?t you think I already know that?"

Carmen looked at Anthony intently. "Because I want to understand you," she said to him softly. "I mean, you have this bad ass reputation floating around about you and you brother. I want to know why you do the things you do? Why are you the way you are?"

"Because I never had somebody like Coy actually make me want to try to be different," Anthony said looking down at his cappuccino. "I mean?He is a great person. He has so much and has such a great future but is humble as if he has nothing at all."

"Yeah, that sounds like Coy," She said with a proud smile. Carmen always admired that about me.

"You know I always knew him as Ky?s weird twin but never by his name until recently," Anthony continued. "You See Ky and you see cocky?arrogant?manwhore?not that bright?but Coy is?"

"Coy is Coy," She said for him. "He tries so hard to be confident like Ky but he will never be like Ky. As much as I love Ky like a brother, Coy is the stronger of the two and without Coy, Ky would crumble because he needs Coy?s compassion and drive to enable him to the things he does. Coy just doesn?t realize his true potential."

"He wasn?t afraid of me," Anthony said after a moment of silence. "He wasn?t afraid of me when he discovered who I was. And I tried?I tried to corrupt him."

"Yeah, I know," Carmen said to him and rested her hand on his hand. "But I think you saw how strong he really is when he resisted temptation to become completely like you. No offense."

"Some taken," Anthony said with a smile. "But I don?t know. I just want to make things right with him. Can you help me?"

Carmen sighed to herself. "Damn me for being such a compassionate person," She said to him. "Fine, I will help you. But I?m helping you fix your friendship. Not helping you to get into his pants."

"Trust me," Anthony said kissing his biceps. "I don?t need any help in that department."4


Ky zipped his jeans and put on his shirt and was about to walk out of Nick?s room without saying Bye.

"So we can be friends and chill and talk but once we start fucking communications goes out the window?" Nick asked him bitterly.

"You make it sound like we are dating or something," Ky said with a sigh as he turned to face Nick. "It?s just sex."

"Yes, I know that," Nick said getting out of bed. "Really, Really good sex but I am not the guy that just sits around and gets fucked and then you just leave like nothing happened."

"What do you want from me?" Ky asked him. "What? You want me to date you or something?"

Nick hesitated which Ky noticed. "I didn?t say that," He replied softly.

Ky chuckled to himself. "But you were thinking it," he said folding his arms. "Look, you are a great friend?and a great fuck but I am not looking for a boyfriend. I?m just looking for stress relief. That?s all."

"So I?m just a relief for you?" Nick asked angrily. "You want me when you want me but when you don?t, you don?t?"

Ky shrugged. "Pretty Much," He said to him. "Is that all?"

"What happened to you man?" He asked hurt. "I mean, this isn?t you. You?re being?"

"Like you?" Ky asked with an amused look. "Yeah, that?s what happens when you realize that you are tired of being untrue and reality kicks in and tells you that you might as well give into temptation."

"Well, I?m not some object for you to use," Nick said to him. "I can?t do this anymore."

Ky shrugged. "Fine," he said simply. "You forget, I can fuck and there are plenty of guys looking for that. See you at practice."

Ky left Nick sitting there speechless.

"Wow," Nick said to himself.


"HEY BIRTHDAY BOY!" Giselle throwing her arms around me in a big hug.

"Hey Giselle," I said forcing a smile. "What are you doing here?"

"Your party remember?" She said with a chuckle. "I swear, you are starting to become dumb like Ky."

"Wouldn?t want that, now would we?" I asked sarcastically.

She looked around my backyard. "Where is my baby Matt hiding? I know he?s gotta be around here somewhere," She said scanning around. "You two are like inseperable."

"You?re baby?" I asked with a confused look. "I thought you two broke up."

"Well we did but of course we are gonna get back together like we always do," She said with a happy look. "It?s the story of our lives. Whatever bitch he is trying to get with, he is probably just trying to fuck. I don?t blame him though. I mean, I?m all for love but sex does get boring. Sometimes you have to keep it fresh. So get new people. But he will be back."

I looked at her getting annoyed by the second. Then a thought popped into my head. "Hey, Giselle, Matt is upstairs in my room getting changed. But mind if I use your cell for a sec? Mine is way upstairs and I don?t feel like having to run all the way up to get it."

"Sure," She said handing me the phone. "I will bring it down for you. Don?t be surprised if I come back with messy hair and a torn shirt."

"Alright," I said with a tight smile.

I waited till she disappeared inside and opened her sidekick to check her recent calls. They were all to and from Matt within the past 6 hours. I checked her text messages and shook my head in disgust at the messages.

"Wow," I said closing the phone. "Wow."


Matt gelled his hair up. He wanted to look his best because this would be the first time he would meet his boyfriend?s parents. Although, they weren?t coming out, he still wanted to make a good impression as his best friend.

"Goddamn, I?m sexy," He said to his reflection flashing a smile.

"Yes, you are," Giselle said from the doorway. He turned to face her and then blushed when he realized that he was still wet in his towel.

"Um?Gi..Giselle," He stammered as he scanned the room looking for a shirt. He grabbed one of my Abercrombie shirts and threw it on.

"Wow, Coy?s shirts definitely make those muscles pop," She said with a laugh as she rubbed her hands up and down his arm.

"Giselle...what are you doing here?" He asked stepping back falling on the bed.

"Here for the party," She said as she climbed on top of him. "The party favors begin here."

She bent down to kiss him but he turned his head. "Giselle, come on, stop," He said to her. "We aren?t together."

"When has that ever stopped us?" she asked and she ground into his crotch. "Girlfriend or not, you always want me."

Matt tried to will it not to happen but he felt himself getting hard. It was hormones. After all, he was a 16 year old boy.

"Now, stop talking and fuck me," She said as she kissed him.

"Get the fuck off me," He yelled tossing her off. She rolled off the bed just as I walked into the room.

"What the hell is your problem, Matt?" She asked him angrily. He looked at me and smiled.

"Because?I want to have sex with somebody that I love," He said to her softly.

"You love me though," She said tearing up. "That?s what you told me."

"I meant it," He said grabbing her hand. "I do love you and I always will. I?m just not in love with you."

She pulled her hand away and slapped him in the face. "Asshole," She said as she stormed out. I handed her the phone and I walked in and close the door.

"You know I was about to break up with you?" I asked him sitting on the bed. "I read her text messages and it bothered me that you still wanted to be friends with her even after you broke up."

"Coy," He said grabbing my hand. "I want to be friends with her because besides her many flaws she is a terrific friend and has been there for me at the darkest of times. That?s it. Trust me when I say, you?re the one I have been waiting for."

"Really?" I asked him. He nodded. "Did you mean what you told Giselle? About the sex?"

"Yes sir," He said grabbing me up into a hug. "I think I beginning to fall in love with you and the next time I want to have sex is with you?and I wont my first guy experience to be perfect."

We sat there in his embrace until I remembered the party. "Well, I?m glad that you said that," I said to him as I got up and headed to the door. "I don?t plan on having sex for awhile. Probably till I?m married."

"Wait?What?" Matt asked running after me. "You?re Joking right?"


"I say I outdid myself," Carmen said as we sat inside the pool. "I really should look in being a party planner in my near future."

I rolled my eyes and splashed her with a puddle. "It is a great party," I said to her. "Everybody seems to be having fun. I just?"

"I Know," She said with a sympathetic smile. "He will show."

"I just wouldn?t have stopped to think that Ky was gay," I said shaking my head. "He was just so?disgusted."

"Just give him some time to work things out in his mind," She said to him. "He can?t adapt to his situation like you did."

"I?m still adapting," I said to myself.

"Well, till Ky comes around I got a surprise for you," She said jumping out of the pool. "I hope it?s a good one though because I know you hate surprises."

"True," I said with a laugh. "Ooh is it Money?"

"Yeah because you don?t have enough of that already?" She asked me with a scoff. "It?s not money."

"Then I can tell this is going to be a bad surprise," I joked and laughed when she pinched me.

"There is your surprise," She said pointing at Anthony who was sitting on my back porch.

"Surprise?" I asked her with a half-smile, half-frown. "Wow, that?s a mild disappointment."

"Coy?" She warned and I rolled my eyes. "Just talk to him and hear him out."

"On one condition," I said with a smile. "Promise me that you got me a better gift."

"I can?t make any promises," She said pushing me towards Anthony. "Now go kiss & make-up."

I sighed and walked over to him and took a seat beside him. "Hi," I said with a bit of an attitude.

"Hey," he said softly. "Coy?I?Just wanted to say?"

"I know," I said cutting him off. "I?m not mad about that. I?m just mad that you caused trouble with my friends and brother. I knew you were a bit of a hot head but I just didn?t expect to be at the brunt end of it."

"Sorry," He said to me. "I just want things to go back to how they were when we talked at lunch and hung out. I felt really connected to you."

"Same here," I said with a smile. "But you have to know that the things that you are about?stealing?fighting?not paying for food which is almost like stealing?that?s not what I am about."

"I understand," He said to me sticking his hand out. "Can we just forgive and forget this all happened?"

"Yeah," I said shaking his hand and then pulled him into a hug. "Thank you."

"For what?" He asked confused and taken aback by the hug and comment.

"Because if it wasn?t for you?I don?t think I would?ve realized that I was fine being Coy," I said to him with a smile. "If it wasn?t for hanging out with you, then I think I would still be questioning my idenity. But now?I want to show you that there is more to Anthony than havoc and destruction."

Anthony blushed. "You?re incredible you know that?" He asked me and I smiled at him.

"And mine," A voice said behind us. I turned to see Matt standing there.

"Look Man, I didn?t come to start anything," Anthony said standing up.

"Then why bother coming then?" Matt asked him. "He doesn?t want you here."

"MATT!" I scolded. "We just squashed everything. I don?t have any issues with him. Neither should you."

"He almost got you killed," Matt said exasperated. "Yet it?s okay for you to be friends with him?"

"Yes," I said softly trying to calm him down. "Everybody deserves a second chance. He?s got his already."

Anthony looked at both of us and it Dawned on him.

"You two are a couple?" He asked a little crushed. I looked at him and then at Matt who had a smug look on his face.

"Yes but we just started going out," I said sorry because I could tell he was hurt. Matt stepped down off the porch.

"But we don?t plan on breaking up anytime soon," He said throwing his arm over my shoulder in a bro way but I knew it meant more.

I looked at matt with a confused look. He was being highly overprotective of me for some reason.

"Its cool," Anthony said his face hardening up to the usual hardface I saw regularly. "I just wanted to give you this." He handed me a gift wrapped in blue paper and then turned to walk off.

I was about to call out for him but Josh ran up to me. "Matt, give us a second man," He said out of breath. Matt nodded and took off after Anthony.

"I think maybe?"

"Wait a second," He said to me. "I just wanted to tell you that I understand you now. It?s okay."

"What is okay?" I asked him confused. He looked around to see if we could be overhead.

"That you?re gay," He said to me. "I went to this meeting place for the gay community here in Atlantic City and I just was so educated. I feel enlightened."

"Did they convert you?" I joked and he gave me a dark look.

"That?s not funny," He said to me. "Strictly Pussy here but I did pretend to be gay so they would accept me because most of them hated Straight People like straights hate gays."

"That would explain why you have eyeliner," I said pointing at his eyes. He punched me in the shoulder. "OW! Hello?You?re freaking Hercules and I?m like half the size of you?re arm."

"Speaking of which, I got you a great birthday gift," He said to me. "A membership at Gold?s gym?"

"Josh?I don?t think so," I said to him. "Working out with you is like selling my soul to the devil? Remember when we tried that back in middle school and I passed out from exhaustion?"

"That?s because you wouldn?t drink water," He clarified. "You wanted to drink soda instead and you got dehydrated."

"Fine but thanks for the gift but I don?t know if?"

"They have a smoothie bar," He intervened.

"Fine, I will come," I said with mischevious grin. "Just for the smoothies?Till then?." I punched him in the balls and took off running.

"OH YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!" Josh weezed taking off after me, wincing in pain.


"Just stay the hell away from him," Matt said to Anthony as they stood outside my party.

"What are you worried about, MAtty G?" Anthony taunted. "Afraid that he might not be as into as you think."

"Because you tried to corrupt him once and I don?t want that to happen again," Matt said frustrated. "If I have to beat your ass for you to get the point then fine I will."

"Trust me, I would love to fight you," Anthony said with a sneer. "But that would hurt Coy because like it or not, we are friends. And as much as I hate to admit it, you two are together. We need to find some common ground."

"We got common ground," Matt said walking back towards the party. "We hate each other. But I will make this clear. If you so much as try to make him do anything against his will, I will fucking kill you."

"Deal," Anthony said and with that the two the walked away from each other. "Oh..Matt?"

"What?" Matt asked without turning around.

"Don?t be surprised if you lose him," Anthony said with a knowing smile.

"Why would I lose him?" Matt asked turning around.

"Let?s just say, I know how big of a hypocrite you are," Anthony said. "I might have a reputation but trust me?You?re no angel either. So when the time is right..Well, Coy might not think you?re so good."

Anthony turned and headed to his car leaving Matt standing their with his thoughts.


Ky walked into the back yard to see Carmen, Josh, Matt, and I all sitting around the pool.

"Hey guys," He said without looking at us. "How was the party?"

"You would know if you were here," I said angrily as I got out of the pool. "This was OUR birthday. I?ve never celebrated a birthday without you and you just?didn?t show up."

"Coy, I just got a lot of shit on my mind," He said, voice devoid of emotion. "You don?t understand."

"I do understand, Ky," I said to him. "Trust me, I do. I know if I had the choice to be straight that I would gladly choose it. But I can?t will myself to be straight. And the more I think about it, I am happy being gay."

"But I?m not," He said angrily. "I?m not happy being this way."

"Why not?" Carmen asked as she walked over to us two. "What is wrong with being gay?"

"Because?it?s not right," Ky said to himself more than us.

"Who says it?s not right?" Josh asked as He and Matt also Joined us. "Society?"

"Not just society," Ky said tearfully. "But the bible..?

"Not to sound blasphemous," I said to him. "But the bible talked about a man who talked to a burning bush that told him what to do. I?m not too big on following something that I don?t know is a 100%"

"Ky, stop trying to find excuses to fight it," Matt said to him. "Out of all of us, I understand you the most. Because I was conditioned to think a certain way?to feel a certain way. But how I feel about your brother?it feels right."

Josh flashed Carmen an Oh-my-god look and She shushed him and whispered she would talk to him later.

"Ky?" Josh said clearing his throat. "I Spend the day with some gay guys who had a rough transition period of coming out and the aftermath. They didn?t have a support system behind them. But you do?You got me."

"Me too," Carmen and Matt chimed in and I grabbed Ky?s hand.

"You never lost me," I said to him as I started crying. "We are twins. You spent so much time trying to help me?protect me. It?s my turn to help and protect you."

"Oh god," Ky said as he trembled in my arms crying. "I?m so sorry."

"Don?t be," I said rubbing his back. Josh, Carmen, and Matt all Joined into the hug. We just stood there for awhile hugging each other.

"Okay, this mushiness is too gay for me," Ky said with a small laugh as he pushed away.

"Thank god, somebody said it," Josh said with a sigh of relief.

"I didn?t want to ruin the moment," Matt said and Carmen and I rolled our eyes.

"Men," She said to me. "They can?t even express themselves without feeling like girls."

"What am I?" I asked her curiously.

"Um?you?re so much more than a man," She said to me with a hug. "You?re an angel."

"Guys, can we spend the rest of the night hanging with each other?" Ky asked sadly. "I know I missed most of the party."

"The party doesn?t stop till I say so," I said punching my brother sixteen times. "Here?s one for good luck."

"Wait a second," Matt said after a thought came to him. "I never gave you your birthday punches."

Carmen and Josh shared their agreement. The Four of them circled around me.

"Guys, come on," I said. "This isn?t funny."


Nick smiled at Giselle as they sat in Fat Andy?s restaurant. He had came here to clear his head when Ky had left him and ran into her. They had been in the same both for nearly 3 hours.

"God, I can?t believe we have so much in common," She said to him as she finished her milkshake.

"I can?t believe that Pretty Girl Giselle is an expert at Guitar Hero," He said with a laugh.

"I?m an expert at a lot of things," She said with a wink.

They laughed for awhile at that. After a few minutes of flirting, Nick left a tip and the two walked outside the restaurant.

"I?ve had a lot of fun with you," Nick said as they stood on the boardwalk.

"Same here," She said looking at him in the eyes. She knew in her mind that she wasn?t attracted to Nick like that?Kind of got a gay vibe from him actually but wasn?t sure if it was just because he was a pretty boy. But she was lonely and when Giselle got lonely?.she got company.

Nick was lost in his thoughts about Ky and how he was really bothered about how much he liked him that he didn?t notice Giselle even kiss him. Mind still on Ky, he kissed her back passionately.

Coy, Ky, Matt, Anthony, Josh, and Carmen all looked shocked as we saw the two kissing.

"Wow," Carmen said as we walked up towards the two shocking the both of them.

"She moves fast," Josh said to Matt and I.

"Because she is a bit of a hoe," I replied back to him.

"Hey guys," Giselle said with a cheerful smile while Nick looked Ky in the eye. Ky looked at him angrily. "Happy Birthday Coy & Ky."

"Thanks," We both said with a little bit of contempt.

"I got you guys a hundred dollars a piece," She said taking two hundred dollars out her purse.

"Thanks," I said taking it from her, however, Ky flashed her a look.

"I don?t need your money," He said rudely shocking us all.

"Sure don?t need the money," I said snatching his money. "But doesn?t mean I can?t use it."

"Well, can we continue our field trip along the beach?" Matt asked trying to continue the time with his boyfriend he was enjoying.

"Yeah come on," I said leading the group on. "Thanks for the money Giselle." Hey even if she was making moves on my boyfriend, money talks?I kind of forgive her now.

Ky, however, stayed back behind us with Giselle and Nick.

"I should get going to," She said to Nick kissing him on the cheek. "Catch you later, cuties." She walked past them and back towards her Car.

"Ky, it wasn?t what it looked like," Nick began to him. "She kissed me first."

"You had no problem forcing your tounge down her throat though," He said bitterly.

"I was thinking of you and she just planted it on me and I?was just lost in the moment," Nick said desperately. "I am not interested in Giselle."

"Whatever," Ky said forcefully.

"Why do you care anyway?" Nick challenged. "You don?t want to be with me anyways."

"You?re right, I don?t," Ky lied. "You were just a fuck."

"You know that is not true," Nick said not entirely sure if he was hoping that Ky was bluffing.

"Look, I gotta go," Ky said to him. "I don?t feel like dealing with this."

"What is this?" Nick asked confused. "All I see is a guy who is afraid of committing to me."

"I?m not afraid of committing to you," Ky said softly. "I just don?t want to. You?re good for a fuck. But as a boyfriend? I doubt it."

Ky walked off leaving Nick shocked by that statement. If there was one thing about Nick Pagan. He always got what he wanted. Which meant he was going to have to play dirty.


This is the end of Halo?.So to speak. The reason I called Halo because more or less the main characters Coy and Matt were happy in the end. I had this idea of making Seasons kind of with the story. Halo was more or less happy and upbeat for most of Halo. Even with every tense situation, the main characaters for the most part more or less ended in a good level. Coy and Matt are together in their relationship. Carmen and Josh have a good relationship. Ky, while denying his attraction to Nick , is coming into terms with his own issues concerning his being gay. Anthony even got closure with Coy. However, Giselle and Nick both have their agendas that is not completely clear in the end.

Join me in Halo Season 2 entitled "Angels & Monsters" where Coy is forced to finally confront his fears while Matt proves to be a lot more complex than Coy initially expected. Ky embarks on a self-discovery of himself while harboring a Love hate relationship with Nick. Anthony sets out to make a difference with his life. Carmen and Josh soon realize the honeymoon is over when Josh begins acting differently while Giselle reveals how vindictive she can really be when she begins losing her status.

This is where the heaven is lost and Hell is found?.

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