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While you can just jump into this season and not know any of the characters it is recommended that you read Halo Series: Halo Book One

to get a general feel of the characters

In this Season/Book, Coy James past comes back to haunt him and even more so his prsent & future when Ky gets mixed into the wrong

group of people. Coy's attempt at his first relationship may soon go down in flames....

Carmen discovers a change in Josh's personality and wants to know why and is horrified of what she discovers.

Anthony is in love with someone who doesn't love him back that way while Nick is in love with someone who isn't even sure why....

lastly, Giselle finds out that her status of being "queen bee" is quickly being taken away from her and she seeks to whatever it takes

to be popular and to be happy.

This season is MUCH MUCH more darker, Violent, and graphic then the last season. It has a lot more Action and by the end of the 8th

chapter you will learn who the Angels are and the Monsters

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This is Episode 1 of 8


Season 2:

Angels & Monsters

Episode One: The Man With No Shadow

?SAY CHEESE!? I said as Matt and I took a picture on my phone. I smiled but he kissed me on the cheek as the camera clicked for the picture. ?Matt!?

?What?? He asked with a sheepish grin. ?I love kissing you. Although I prefer your lips, anywhere on your body is good.?

It had been two weeks since we had begun dating and I got to say it has been heaven sent. If this was a dream, I didn?t want to wake-up ever. He leaned into give me a kiss but I put my finger on his lips.

?For a boy who isn?t out, you can?t seem to keep your hands off of me in public,? I said to him with a laugh.

?What can I say? My chocolate prince has me feening for a taste of him,? He said making us both laugh. ?But yeah, you are right. Wal-mart is like the the hang-out spot here in Atlantic City. I don?t know why though.?

?Because you can?t have fun without the rollback man,? I joked climbing out of his car

?Why are we here anyway, rich boy?? He asked as we headed inside Wal-mart. ?Wal-mart isn?t the store I expect to see you in.?

I punched him in the arm and wince in pain. ?I really gotta stop doing that,? I said shaking my hand. ?It hurts me more than you.?

?You gotta do it like this,? he said tagging me in the arm. I looked at him with a shock look. ?I couldn?t resist.?

?Domestic abuse,? I whispered as I stuck my foot out to trip him. ?Anyway, we are because Josh has been talking about getting guitar hero for the longest. I figured I would surprise him.?

?I love that fucking game,? Matt said excitedly. ?See I got a reason to go his house now.?

I rolled my eyes as he looked around at the video games like a little kid. I was really happy for once in my life. Somehow, I began establishing myself with my own idenity. Ky and I seemed to be even more closer, if that was even possible. Josh was really into this whole supporting me thing but I felt Ky needed it more than I did. Giselle for some reason wasn?t hanging around us but without seeing her, I was actually even more happier. To top it off, I had the most amazing boyfriend.. I doubt anything could ruin my high.

I looked in past Matt and saw a face that I hadn?t expected to see standing in front of me.

Looks like I spoke too soon. Matt was so entranced with the games that he didn?t hear me call his name. I pulled his arm.

?Matt, come on,? I said pulling him away from the games. Never knew my boyfriend was a gamer geek.

?But we didn?t even get the game for Josh,? He whined, hoping to look at the games and play some more. ?Hold on, I gotta play this game. Move it, brat.? He pushed a little boy away from the PS3 game console.

I looked for the face but he wasn?t there. I walked down the aisles to see where he had went. But there was no sign of him on any of the aisles.

?Was he really there?? I asked myself. I turned and found myself face to face with my worst nightmare.

?Hello Coy,? Tony said to me with the same devilish look in his face. I felt suffocated. Like I couldn?t breathe. Almost as if he were on top of me again, smothering me.

?Oh my god,? I said taking a step back. ?No.?

?Told you I would be back,? He said to me unbuttoning his pants. I was looking around at the other customers. But they were oblivious to what was going on.

?MATT!? I Screamed out. I felt paralyzed like I couldn?t move. ?MATT!?

?You can?t save yourself,? Tony said to me grabbing me and turning me around. ?Not this time.?

He bent me over the cart. I could feel his erection pushing up against the back of my basketball shorts.

?I promise you, it won?t hurt,? He said to me in my ear.

?NO!!!? I Screamed out as I closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable. I opened my eyes and found myself sitting in my homeroom class. My class all looked at me shocked at my outburst.

Ky looked at me worriedly. ?Coy?? He asked. ?Are you okay??

?I?m fine,? I said to him shaking my head. ?I?m fine.?

I sighed and looked down at my desk. I knew that was a lie. I wasn?t fine. Far from it.

The bell rung and Ky hurried to catch up with me as I quickly left the classroom. ?What was that all about? You look like you saw a ghost.?

?I just dozed off,? I said to him as we walked too my locker. ?I just had a bad nightmare, that?s all.?

?Matt must be keeping you awake at night,? He joked as he put his books in my locker as well. I flashed him a curious look. ?I don?t want to go to my locker.?

?Why?You?re locker is close to most of your classes than mine is?? I asked him.

?Just avoiding somebody that?s all,? He said face darkening. Just as soon as it did, he smiled. ?Besides, we?re brothers?Twins at that?We share everything.?

?Yes unfortunately,? I said closing the locker and we started down the hall. ?So how are you doing? I know I been hanging with Matt a lot for the past week so I haven?t had a chance to do movie night like we always do.?

?It?s cool,? He said with a shrug. ?I?m fine. It?s just?I got to get something out of my system.?

?Something or someone?? I asked him and he flashed me and alarmed look. ?I mean?because you are avoiding going to your locker.?

?Oh,? He said relieved. He didn?t want to reveal that he was avoiding Nick and had been for the past 2 weeks.

?Don?t worry about it,? I said to him. ?You know my locker combo. Use it as much as you like.?

?Thanks man,? he said as we came to his first period class. ?I guess I will see you at lunch.?

?Alrighty,? I said flashing a smile and walking off towards the front office.

I wasn?t in the mood to be a tour guide but I didn?t want to skip because Matt said he was going to try to skip the last few minutes of Gym so we could hang out in the Student Lounge.

?Coy,? The receptionist said with a smile reading my name tag. One thing about my school is that they couldn?t seem to keep a receptionist for long. Or a 9th grade assistant principal. I wonder were they related situations.

?Hello?Miss..Peck,? I said reading her nametag on her shirt. ?How are you settling in??

?Very nicely, thank you,? She said with a warm smile. ?It?s Mrs. Peck, by the way.?

?Oh sorry,? I said sheepishly. ?I?you?re just so young?you look like you just graduated from high school.?

?I did,? She said with a warm smile. ?I graduated from Ocean City before it burned down last year.?

?Ah,? I Said with a nod. ?Well, it?s nice to have you and not some stuffy old lady barking at me. How long have you been married.?

?Newlywed,? She said flashing her ring. ?3 weeks. My first day back in the states after spending 18 days in Jamaica tanning my butt off.?

?Well, congratulations,? I said to her with happy for her. She just beamed with a glow of happiness.

?Thank you,? She said handing me a folder. ?Mr. Augustus is meeting with our newest addition to the school.?

?Wow, we get like 10 new kids here a week,? I said opening the folder. I choked on my spit when I read the inside of the file.

?You okay?? She asked me Before I could respond, the principal walked out with the newest student.

?Coy James, meet our newest addition to Atlantic City High and the lacrosse team,? He said with a proud smile. ?Tony D?amato.?

I looked at Tony with a look of fear and he flashed me a smile.

?hello coy,? He said with a knowing look.



Something told me this wasn?t a dream or a nightmare. This was reality.

Josh sat in his English class with a lot on his mind that he didn?t realize that his teacher had called on him to read.

?Joshua,? She said for the fourth time as she walked towards his deck. ?Has the contact of football damaged your hearing? I?ve called your name like four times no response. Are you deaf??

?No but I wish I was,? He said rudely shocking her, Carmen, Giselle, and the rest of the class.

?Excuse me?? The teacher asked Josh taken aback at his rudeness. He looked her in the eye.

?Why don?t you quit wasting our parents tax dollars and actually go teach us something worth listening to,? He continued. ?Because Shakespeare is not my cup of tea.?

?Josh, shut up,? Carmen hissed at him. He rolled his eyes and grabbed his backpack.

?How about I save you the trouble of writing me up and I escort myself to the principal?s office? He said getting up. He walked to the door in the back of the classroom and slammed the door behind him.

?Mrs. Tate, may I?? Carmen asked her. Mrs. Tate smiled at Carmen. Although Josh wasn?t one of her favorite students, Carmen did have the highest grade in the class.

?Sure,? She said with a smile. ?I will not right him up this time but please let him know I will be seeing him all week long for Detention. Morning & Afternoon.?

Carmen nodded and headed out to find her boyfriend. Giselle raised her hand.

?Mrs. Tate, may I please be excused?? She asked her with an angelic look.

?Oh please, Giselle,? Mrs. Tate said to her. ?You of all people belong here in class.?

Giselle gasped in embrassment and flicked the teacher off as she turned to head to her desk.

Josh walked out to the parking lot towards his Dad?s car. Carmen followed behind him.

?JOSH!? She yelled out after him. She ran as fast as she could in her stilettos but Josh still was a fast walker.

Josh stopped at the car and waited for her to catch up. She slapped him across the face.

?What the hell, Carmen?? He asked rubbing his face.

?Exactly. What the hell,? She replied. ?This isn?t like you to snap on teachers.?

Josh sighed and looked at his girlfriend with a blank look on his face.

?Care to explain what is going on inside that curly hair of yours??

?Just stuff,? he said turning to get inside the car.

Carmen reached out and grabbed his arm and he winced in pain.

?Josh?? She began looking at him worriedly.

?Look, I feel like getting out of here and skipping the rest of the day,? He said. ?You coming??

?Josh?we don?t skip,? She said to him

?You don?t but I do,? He said getting inside his car.

Carmen watched as he pulled away out of the parking spot and drove out of the parking lot. It hurt her that Josh was hiding something from her. They had never kept secrets from each other, even as little kids.

What was different now? She thought to herself. She pulled her cell out of her pocket and texted Giselle.

Meet me in the student parking lot. It?s a 911 situation

Closing her cell she walked to the bench and took a seat on it trying to figure out exactly what she was going to do.



I sighed to myself as the bell rung signaling the new period. That meant that I could escape from Tony and the silence.

?Hey,? He said grabbing my arm. I shook him off of me and walked on. He followed after me.

?Come on, Coy,? He said walking side by side me. ?What?s with the attitude??

I looked at him speechless. ?You have got to be kidding me? You seriously asking me that??

?About the sex?? He asked me.

?It?s not sex if I didn?t want it,? I spat.

?It?s not rape, like you tried to say, when you did want it,? He countered. ?You were all over me at that party.?

?That isn?t true,? I said shaking my head. ?I was not all over??

?Coy! Tony!? Matt said running over to us. I looked at my boyfriend with a surprised look.

?You know him??

?Of course I do,? Matt replied. ?Tony here is the new lacrosse player. He was supposed to play football for us but he was overseas on vacation and just got back like last week to find out the school was burned down.?

?Vacation, huh?? I said looking at Tony with an amused look. We both knew that was a lie but I was shocked to see him standing here in front of me.

?Yep, I?m glad to see you met my best friend, Coy,? Matt said proudly. ?Coy is really good people.?

?Oh he is, is he?? Tony said flashing me a smile that only I knew what meant.

?Well, I think I should head to class,? I said to Matt clearing my throat.

?I?ll catch you at lunch, man,? He said to me as I walked off without acknowledging Tony.

?You got to meet the rest of my crew at lunch,? Matt said as I was walking off.

I wheeled around. ?Um?Matt?Remember. We are supposed to be eating off campus? Just to talk. You and I.?

Matt flashed me a look saying to shut up. I guess he was worried I was going to out us to Tony. Little did he know?

?If you guys already made plans then I don?t want to intrude,? Tony said with a faux look of sincerity.

?Nah man, Coy and I were just going to talk about his new workout plan,? Matt lied. ?I?m sure we can talk about that later, right Coy??

I looked at Matt who was expecting me to say yes and Tony who had an amused look on his face.

?Fine,? I said rolling my eyes and storming off.

My worst nightmare was coming to life. My past had definitely come back to haunt me and was now affecting my future.



Ky was leaving from the bathroom when he noticed down the hall Nick was coming out of the teacher?s bathroom. Nick walked down past him and smiled at him and kept walking. Ky noticed the door open again and two guys walked out of the bathroom and rushed to their classes. It was then Ky put the clues together and rushed after Nick.

?You were getting fucked in the bathroom?? Ky asked angrily. Nick shrugged.

?What can I say?? Nick asked him with a sly smile. ?I?m fuckable?I?m hot.?

?You?re a fucking slut,? Ky said angrily. ?What the fuck do you think you are doing??

?I?m living my life,? Nick said. ?What?s it to you.?

?Because?.Because?? Ky couldn?t get the words out of his mouth.

?Because what? You wished it were you fucking me?? He asked Ky. ?After all, I am just a fuck to you.?

?Maybe I do wish it was me,? Ky said defiantly. ?So what??

?So that will never happen again,? Nick said to him. He pushed Ky into a locker and pinned him.

?Get the fuck off of me,? KY said. He was stronger than Nick physically and could?ve easily pushed him off but for some reason he felt weak.

?Why? Because being this close makes you hot for me?? Nick teased him. ?You?re fucking pathetic.?

?You are the pathetic one,? Ky spat. ?For waiting around for me to commit to you. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!?

?Open your eyes fool,? Nick said letting him go. ?I?m already moving on. With Bruce and Alex from the baseball team. They know how to fuck the hell out of a tight ass.?

Ky growled in frustration and tackled Nick. The two wrestled around on the floor while Ky tried choking him. He hated Nick. Every since he finally admitted to himself he was gay, he become extremely attracted to Nick. He didn?t want to be with Nick because he was afraid that by dating him it would soon become true in everyway. He was gay.

Nick was a wrestler and while not as strong as Ky he was able to catch offguard and flipped him over and got on top of him.

?I see why you like the top,? Nick said pinning Ky to the ground and choking him. ?It makes you feel stronger and more dominant. Maybe I should fuck you instead.?

Ky kicked Nick into the lockers and the two began to brawl. The noise attracted a teacher who yelled for help. Two boys each grabbed Ky and Nick separating the two of them.

?Alright, Nick, Coy,? The teacher said to the two boys. ?Let?s head to the principal?s office.?

Ky and Nick flashed each other dark looks as they were dragged down to the office.




?You?re Coming With me,? I said Pulling Anthony out of the line for lunch.

?I am kind of hungry,? He said looking back at the line as I pulled him outside of the Cafeteria. ?Okay, coy. I can walk without holding your hand. What?s going on??

?Nothing,? I said letting go of his hand.

?Does this have to do with our brothers fighting?? Anthony asked curiously. ?I hope you know that their beef has nothing to do with??

?I didn?t even know they had fought,? I said as I walked outside to the parking lot. ?That explains why Ky wasn?t waiting for me like usual for lunch.?

?Then what?s wrong because as much as I love food, you love it more so I never saw you skip lunch before,? Anthony joked. ?As much as you eat it?s a wonder your only 120lbs.?

?We aren?t skipping lunch. We are skipping and going to my house to eat and hang out because I need to be away from this school.? I said to him as we got to his car.

?I thought you loved school though,? Anthony said with a laugh. ?With you being a nerd and all.? I flashed him a dirty look. ?Okay, fine. I?ll shut up and drive.?



Carmen and Giselle watched as Josh got out of his car. They were a ways back and he didn?t know he was being followed.

?What the hell is Josh doing here at this park?? Giselle asked Carmen as they watched him just stand there as if he was waiting for somebody. ?In the middle of the ghetto.?

?I don?t know,? She said concerned. ?He looks like he is meeting somebody.?

?Maybe it?s a girl,? Giselle chimed in and cowered when Carmen shot her a look. ?Or not.?

?Trust me, Josh knows what would happen if he ever cheated,? She said to him. ?That wouldn?t explain why he was acting weird in class today.?

?Ooh, who?s that?? Giselle asked pointing at a guy who was walking towards Josh. ?Oh my god! He?s going to get mugged.?

?Shut up,? Carmen said nervously as she watched the two talk.

Giselle and Carmen both gasped as the guy pulled something out of his pocket and handed it too Josh.

?Oh fuck,? Giselle said looking at Carmen with a confused look. ?Were those??

?Drugs,? Carmen said shocked. ?He?s doing drugs??

?Maybe not,? Giselle trying to figure out something to explain the scene unfolding. Josh handed the guy some money and took the bag from the guy. The two shook hands and watched as Josh headed back to his car.

Carmen wasn?t so sure because based on what she witnessed this morning and Just now. She wasn?t entirely sure of who Josh was.



?What is your problem with me?? Nick asked Ky as they both sat outside the office. The principal was busy with other students and hadn?t seen them yet.

?I don?t like you,? Ky said. ?Simple as that.?

?Since when? Because before we?you know?we were cool,? Nick said sadly. ?Every since we did it?you have been weird and I deserve to know why.?

?Why? You wanna know why?? Ky hissed at him. ?Because I hate how I feel when around you.?

?What?? Nick asked confused.

Ky sighed annoyed. ?I hate how it feels so right to be around you and with you,? he said quietly. ?It shouldn?t feel right because I don?t want to be this way. But I can?t fight being gay.?

?You can?t fight being attracted to me, Ky,? Nick said no longer angry anymore. Just hurt. ?Your heart wants what it wants.?

?I just want to be normal,? Ky said shaking his head. ?I will fight my feelings for you as long as it takes. I?m strong. I can survive anything and I can survive not being with you.?

Nick was going to say something but the door to the office opened and the principal stood there.

?Come on in, boys.? He said with a stern look on his face.

?Let?s get ready to be benched for the next two games,? Ky whispered to Nick who just looked sad.



I watched Anthony as he dived into my pool. We had been a few hours and just relaxed. He was really cool and helped me forget about my problems.

?Did I tell you, how much I love your house?? He asked me splashing me with water. I laughed at him.

?Only a million times,? I said hearing the doorbell ring. ?Hey! I will be right back. Somebody is at the door.?

?Bring me back a soda please,? Anthony called out to me as I ran inside.

I opened the door to see Matt and Tony standing there.

?Hey, no practice today so I figured we would crash over here for awhile if that was cool,? Matt said as I let him in. ?Wait. Is that Anthony in the Pool??

I was too focused on Tony to be worried about Anthony and Matt?s impending argument.

?What are you doing here?? I hissed at him. I looked back to see where Matt was and as I knew, he was arguring with Anthony.

?Here to keep my word,? He said licking his lips. ?I told you I would be back. This time, I?m not going anywhere.?


Angels & Monsters has now begun and I can?t wait to see what you guys think of it. Feedback is always welcomed. I loved the emails I got from you guys so far. Thanks a bunch.

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This is episode 2 of 8

Halo(Book Two): Angels & Monsters


Angels And Monsters

Episode Two: Thirst


Matt kissed me as he ground his body into me as we laid in bed making out. It had been over an hour and while I had initially came over to watch a movie it was Matt who initiated this and it?s hard to stop him when he goes like the energizer bunny.

?God, you?re so fucking sexy,? He said as he began undressing. My heart rate excelled as he pulled his shirt off and unbutton his jeans.

?Whatcha..um?whatcha doing?? I asked cautiously. He began to suck on my chest.

?Getting comfortable?and I plan on fucking you,? He said continuing at what he waas doing.

I willed the urge to scream as I felt suffocated by his heavily muscular body on my small frame.

?Maybe I should be on top,? I said as I attempted to try to flip him on his back. He smiled and kissed me.

?Why though?? He asked looking at me with hungry eyes. ?It?s not like you?re gonna be fucking. Unless, you wanna ride. I?d love that.?

I laughed to myself uncomfortably. ?Let?s just kiss?enjoy each other?s company,? I said trying to persuade him. ?Who knows? We may or may not get to it.?

?We are gonna do more then get to it,? He said flipping me back on my back. ?We are gonna get to it more than once?more than twice. Now off with the jeans, baby.? He moved to unbutton my jeans.

?Ah?? I said uncomfortably as he whipped my jeans off.

I always knew that Matt was highly aggressive when it came to his girlfriends but it was a little nerve-wrecking to see how aggressive he was with me. It reminded me of?

?Matt?maybe we should stop,? I said as he kissed all over my body.

He groaned softly and looked me in my eye. ?Coy, I haven?t gotten any in like a month almost. You can?t deny me of this baby. I want to be with you and in you.?

?I understand that,? I said to him softly. ?I get that. But what happened to waiting till we were ready. Till you were in love??

?But I am in love,? Matt blurted out without thinking and I looked at him with a sideways glance.

?Really?? I asked with a half-smile and half-shocked expression. Matt looked at me unsure of what to say.

?Um..yes,? He said kissing me softly. ?Yes, I love you Coy. That?s why I want to make things special. I want to lose my virginity with a guy to you.?

Everything with Tony left me then. Nothing else Mattered. Matt loved me.

?I love you too,? I said with a big smile.

Matt chuckled nervously. ?That?s good,? he said. ?So do we really have to stop??

?Sadly, yes,? I said pinching his nose. ?But?our anniversary is in 2 days. I say one month screams making love time.?

Matt smiled and grabbed me into a bear hug. ?I think I can wait two more days,? He said kissing me on the forward.

?Good, because I love you, baby,? I said enjoying his embrace and for the first time not pulling away.

Matt felt uncomfortable. While he knew that he cared about me a lot, he didn?t want to think about love when it came to a guy and he didn?t think he was in love. But he was horny and his hormones were telling him to go with it and to enjoy himself in two days.

?I love you too,? He replied back.



Carmen sat in classroom watching Josh as he slept. He barely had acknowledged her when he came in and then went to sleep. Carmen was surprised when the teacher hadn?t bothered him, she figured to avoid another altercation probably.

?Hey,? Giselle whispered to Carmen. ?What you going to do about Junkie over here??

?Don?t call him that,? Carmen whispered back. ?And I don?t know yet. I don?t know what to say or do. I don?t even know if it was drugs he was getting in the park for sure or not.?

?Oh it was drugs,? Giselle scoffed. ?What are you going to do? Wait till the crack baby passes out from an overdose? You need to confront him.?

?I don?t think I can,? She said putting her head in her hands. ?It was simpler when josh was josh. The boy who was goofy and hot and kinda slow but in the cute way. Not the possible drug addict.?

Giselle sighed and shook her head. ?If you don?t want to confront him, I will,? She said to her friend. ?After all, he is your boyfriend which means I kinda have to care what happens to him. So I can beat the drugs out of the boy?s system.?

?No, that?s quite okay,? Carmen said with a small laugh. ?But I don?t want to talk about this right now. What?s going on in Giselle?s realm of pettiness and superficial being??

?Aw, thank you for asking,? Giselle said flicking her friend off. ?Nothing much really. Tired of being single so I figured I might give Nick Pagan a chance and try to get with him.?

Carmen thought about that and the situation concerning Ky. ?Um, are you sure he is into?girls?like you, I mean?? She asked her friend amused.

?Of course he is into girls like me,? Giselle giving Carmen a what the hell look. ?I?m hot. I got a fat ass and a nice rack. Great hair?Lips?the whole nine yards. Bitch, I?m the bomb like tick-tick.?

The two shared a laugh at that and Josh woke up and looked around the classroom.

?Hey,? He said to the two girls. ?I?m hungry. Anybody got anything on you??

?Munchies,? Giselle mouth to Carmen who ignored her.

?Um?no babe, I?m sorry,? She said uneasily. Josh shrugged and got up from his seat and grabbed his back. ?Where you going??

?Hey, teacher lady,? Josh said heading to the door. ?I?m mad hungry so I?m heading to get some grub. Carmen, I will see you at lunch.? Without waiting for a response from either Carmen or the teacher, he just walked off.

Carmen looked at the teacher with the same shocked look she had registered on her face.

?What the hell is his deal?? She thought to herself.



?COY!? Tony said in a singsong voice as he ran up beside me. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

?Just because Matt is cool with you doesn?t mean I am,? I said as tried to duck him in the crowd.

I looked behind me and didn?t see any sign of him. I ducked into the bathroom to hide away. It was empty and I walked over to the sink and turned the water on. I bent down to splash some water in my face.

?FUCK!? I yelled as I saw Tony was standing right behind me in the mirror. I wheeled around and stared him in the eye.

?Language Coy,? He said with a laugh. ?What happened to the Coy who never cussed? I miss him.?

?I miss him too,? I said darkly. ?But he?s dead. You killed him. Now stay the hell away from me.? I turned to go but he grabbed me by my arm and pinned it behind my back.

?Now I can?t do that,? He growled in my ear. ?A promise is a promise and I promised you I would be back.?

?Let go of me,? I Said trying to pull free of his hold. ?What do you want from me??

?I want to feel myself inside of you,? He said biting my ear. ?Again. Again. And Again.?

I kicked him in the balls and backed away as he stood their looking at me angrily.

?You shouldn?t have did that,? He said making a step towards me. The door opened and Anthony walked in.

?Oh, hey what?s up?? He asked with a big smile. However, his smile faded when he saw me clutching my arm and An angry Tony crutched over in pain. ?What?s wrong??

?nothing,? I said walking out of the bathroom. Anthony looked at Tony with a confused look.

?Yeah, just horsing around,? Tony said as he limped out of the bathroom.

Anthony stood their shocked but his mind was telling him something was up and he was going to find out exactly what was up. He pulled his cell out and dialed 7 on his speed dial.

?Thomas,? He said after a few moments. ?I need you to do a favor for me.?



Ky laid on his bed thinking about his situation with Nick and the whole gay issue. He didn?t want to admit it but he wanted Nick just as much as Nick wanted him. He was still not completely okay with himself but he realized he was gay. Nick wanted to be in a relationship but Ky wasn?t ready for that. He wanted fun. He wanted sex. Being suspended, he was insanely bored and he wanted to explore his sexuality more to see if he could find something better than Nick. But what could he do?

?I got it,? he said after a moment. He opened his laptop and typed in Google. Once there, he searched for all the gay areas near Atlantic City. Ky was determined to find out how gay he really was or was it really just a phase?

?I?m coming, I?m coming,? Nick said as he ran down the stairs to answer the door. ?Giselle??

?HI!? She said with a cheerful smile.

?What?Um?what are you doing here?? He asked pleasantly surprised. ?I didn?t know you knew where I lived.?

?I got connections in the front office,? She said with a shrug. ?I wanted to come by and talk to you. So?Can I come in??

?Sure,? He said allowing her inside. He shut the door behind her and led her into the living room. ?What did you wanna talk about miss Santos??

She smiled at him and took a seat beside him on the couch. ?I wanted to discuss the other week when we you know kissed?at the boardwalk.?

?Ooh, yeah,? Nick said blushing. ?I?m sorry about that?it?s just?I?I don?t know.?

?Well, I mean I did kiss you,? She said touching his leg. ?Because I wanted to. There is nothing for you to be sorry for.?

?Oh,? Nick said shyly.

?I like you Nick and I like how we connected at the restaurant that night and the kiss felt right,? She continued on. ?At least to me it did.?

Nick looked at her with a sideways glanced. ?What are you saying??

?I?m saying?I?m saying?That I like you,? She said with a hopeful look. ?I hope you like me too or this will be really embarrassing.?

Nick looked at Giselle with an unsure look. He knew his heart wanted Ky but Ky always seemed to reject him always and only wanted him for sex. Here he had Giselle who he might not be intimately attracted too but he was almost positive that he could fall in love with her?or at least love her.

?I?I like you too,? He said with a small smile. He leaned into kiss her. He realized as he was kissing her?all he wanted was ky?but he also realized that no matter how much he wanted him, he wanted to be wanted.

?What does this mean?? Giselle asked breaking the kiss. ?For you?and me??

?It means you my woman,? Nick joked making them both laugh. ?That is if you want to be.?

Giselle smiled at him. ?Of course,? she said leaning back into kiss him.

The two fell back on the couch and begun making out.



?Hey baby,? Matt said sitting down at the table as we waited for our friends. I looked up from my homework that I had forgotten to do that was due next period.

?Hey there,? I said smiling at him. He had a big smile on his face. ?What?s with the goofy ass smile??

?Because today is our anniversary,? He said excitedly. I looked at him with an amused look.

?Yes, I got the chocolates you had delivered to class under the alias of Jessica,? I said laughing. ?The teddy bear was cute.?

?Cuter than me?? He asked taking a fry off my tray.

?Definitely,? I joked and I smiled back at him. ?So what do you have planned for us tonight? After all, you been planning something for the last few days and I?m curious to know what??

?It?s a secret,? He said with a naughy smile. I smiled at him happy to have him in my life.

?I love you,? I said with a big smile. He choked on the soda he was drinking. ?Are you okay??

?Yeah?Yeah?Just went down the wrong pipe,? He said clearing his throat as Carmen walked over with Giselle and Tony.

?Hey coy,? Tony said plopping down beside me. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

?Didn?t learn your lesson yesterday?? I whispered to him.

Chuckling to himself, he began chatting with Anthony while Carmen and Giselle turned to me and began talking but stopped when they realized I wasn?t paying attention.

?Coy!? Carmen Chided snapping me out of my thoughts. It was so uncomfortable knowing that I was sitting beside the guy who raped me.

?Yeah?? I asked as Tony?s hand grabbed my leg. I cleared my throat and grabbed his hand and moved it off my thigh.

?Are you paying attention to me?? She asked me annoyed. ?I was asking have you talked to Josh lately? He is acting weird and I wanted to know did you know why.?

I was about to answer when Anthony walked up to our table. ?I gotta talk to you, man,? He said to me.

Carmen flashed me an annoyed look while Matt looked at Anthony with disgust.

?Um, I haven?t really seen him much lately,? I said getting up and grabbing my things. ?But I will catch up and see what?s going on??

I didn?t wait for a response but I did hear Matt mutter something angrily about Anthony as I left.

?What?s up?? I asked him as we walked out to the courtyard. He looked at me with a concerned look.

?How are you doing?? He asked with a serious look.

I laughed at how serious he appeared to be. ?Um?I?m okay,? I said taking a seat.

He shook his head. ?Something is going on between you and Tony,? He said clearing his throat.

I looked at him nervously. ?Uh?what do you mean??

?I saw him grab your thigh in the caf just then,? He began. ?Not too mention, you two were in the bathroom and there was an obvious amount of tension. I want to know what?s up.?

?Nothing,? I lied. ?Nothing at all.?

?Coy?I Care a great deal about you,? Anthony said looking me straight in the eye. ?I know when you are lying. I know something is up.?

?How do you know?? I asked defensively.

?Because I did a background check on Tony,? He said and I looked at him nervously. ?He has a rape accusation against him as well as assault. But they were dropped.?

?So what?? I asked him. ?What does that have to do with me.?

?Because the person who accused him was named Coy Alexander James,? He replied. ?So answer this question?Did Tony rape you??

I looked down at the ground, tears welling in my eyes. I couldn?t speak so I nodded my head.

?That fucker!? Anthony said angrily. ?I?m gonna fucking kill him.?

?No, you?re not,? I said nervously. ?This is a secret only you and I know. Well, josh too but I trust you to keep it between us. Meaning don?t confront Tony because it will bring unnecessary attention that I don?t want.?

?Coy why didn?t you tell me?? He asked me hurt. ?I mean, we have connected so much. I?ve opened up to you but you been keeping secrets from me??

?I don?t like thinking or talking about it,? I said with a sigh. ?Look, tonight is a special night. It?s My one-month anniversary with matt. I don?t want to be stressed out.?

?What do you guys have planned for tonight?? Anthony asked even though he didn?t want to change the subject, especially to something about Anthony.

?Um?Well, I don?t know what he is planning but I know that I think tonight is the night that?um, we do it,? I said not able to look at him for some reason. I felt bad for telling him this, like it was wrong but it wasn?t wrong. Or was it.

?You?re gonna have sex with him?? Anthony asked angrily. ?I can?t believe this shit.?

?He?s my boyfriend,? I said shocked at how angry he was getting. ?I have to do this for him??

?What is this? Some kinda ritual you have to do to as a boyfriend?? He asked sarcastically. ?You are suppose to have sex when you are ready for it not because he wants too. Are you ready for it??

?He?s ready for it and I love him so I will be ready to this tonight when we are together,? I said getting up. ?As my friend, I hope you can support that.?

?You of all people know I don?t want to just be your friend,? Anthony said to me with a soft tone. ?I want more.?

?You can?t have more because I love him,? I said a little harsher than I tended to. ?I spent my whole life coming to terms with being gay and finding somebody that I can be with and share that with. Matt asked me out and I feel like he is the one.?

?There is something seriously wrong with you if you think that Matt is the one you belong with,? He said with a laugh. ?There is so much you don?t know about Matt but it?s not my place to say.?

?You?re right, it?s not your place to say,? I said getting angry myself. ?Matt is a great guy and all you are is some jealous guy who is mad because he can?t get what he wants.?

I turned to leave but he grabbed my arm.

?Tell me, if he is the one, why didn?t you tell him you got raped?? He asked me no longer angry. Just concerned. ?If you really believed you loved him and that he was the one you would honestly have no secrets from him.?

?Leave me alone,? I said shrugging him off.



Josh sat out in the tree house of his old house thinking of how his life was slowly beginning to spiral. Sports were starting to become hard for him as Matt and Ky were getting more time on field than he was and Carmen was annoying the hell out of him always asking what is wrong with him. He had ignored all her phone calls for the past day. He just didn?t want to be bothered. She would never understand. She couldn?t help him. Nobody could. All he had was his weed?and himself.

He looked out of the window of the treehouse as he saw Nick walking down the street holding hands with Giselle and Anthony laying back on the grass looking at the sky. He heard some things about Nick and Anthony?s father. They could score some good drugs. The only situation was?.Josh couldn?t stand either of the two. He?d just have to make do with what he had now. It was the only way to numb his pain and cause him to temporarily forget.

?Fuck,? he said noticing a car pulling into the driveway. He realized his day was about to get a lot worse.



Ky looked at his watch. It was only 930 at night and he was sitting in the gay teen club called Paradise which was an hour away from home. He realized he was bored out of his mind. Most of the guys here were highly feminine and that just turned him off. The other guys were coupled off leaving him all by his lonesome self.

?This was a waste,? He said getting up to leave.

He noticed a group of guys looking at him as he walked out. Not paying too much attention to it, he walked outside the club, the warm September air hitting him in the face. He would get a cab to take him home because being here really didn?t do much except show him exactly how many people fit the stereotype of being gay. As he walked down the street, he saw a prostitute giving a guy a blow job and just laughed.

?I can?t believe I thought this shit was going to help me,? He said walking past the two who barely noticed him. He turned down a more darker alley trying to get back to the non-gay part of the area.

?Hey fag,? a voiced yelled out from behind him. Ky sighed and turned around to see the same group of five guys from the club standing there in front of him.

?You got some nerve to call me a fag when you were in the same club as I was,? He said with a laugh. ?Why don?t you go back in and go find some ass to fuck and get the fuck out of my face.?

The guys circled around Ky obviously intending on Jumping him. ?See. None of us are fucking homos,? The leader said to Ky as they shoved him around. ?We came to find a pathetic fag like yourself and beat the fucking shit out of him.?

Ky fell to the ground and looked his attackers in the e ye. While he was a slim dude, he was no pushover but there was no way he could take on five guys.

?Give it your best shot,? He said standing up. He closed his eyes and felt the first punch hit him in the face.

?I?m gonna make you wish you were normal,? One guy said kicking Ky on the ground.



Matt kissed me passionately as we laid in his bed in nothing but our underwear. ?God, Coy, I have been waiting for this so long,? He said licking me all over my body. ?I want you so bad.?

I tried to keep Tony out of my mind but I just kept picturing him on top of me.

?Matt?Stop,? I whisepered but he didn?t hear me. ?Matt?please stop.?

?Shhh!? He said kissing me softly.

?Matt, Stop it,? I said as I pushed him off the top of me. ?I Can?t do this.?

?You have got to be fuckin kidding me,? He said angrily. ?I had a nice candle-lit dinner made for you and took you on a picnic and you are denying me this??

?Look, I?m not ready,? I said to him surprised at his outburst. ?I just want to wait. A little bit longer.?

?I don?t,? He said to me. ?I can?t keep waiting around for you to let me fuck you.?

I looked at him with a disgusted look and got up to get my clothes on. ?I will just go,? I said to him as I dressed.

He made no move to stop me and laid back on the bed as I walked out of the bedroom. As I got to his front door, I felt a pain from my side. Something was wrong.

?Ky,? I whispered.

He was in trouble.


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This is episode 3 of 8


Season 2

Angels & Monsters

Chapter 3: Dying to Live

?Oh my god,? I said to my mother as we sat in Ky?s room watching him as he slept. ?I can?t believe this happened to him.?

My mom sat at his bedside holding his hand. ?Why Ky though? I mean they found in the gay area of the city. Ky isn?t a queer so why would he be there??

I looked at her, a little hurt by the statement. She looked at me with an answer and I wasn?t sure what to say.

?Um?well, to be honest Ky has a new girlfriend is she is bisexual and he was meeting her at the club,? I lied. ?I guess they figured he was gay too and that?s why?this happened.?

Mom shook her head and grabbed my hand. ?I?m just so glad that my sons are not some abomination like that,? She said looking at Ky resting peacefully. ?I mean, if this happened to anybody else I could understand it but not Ky. Ky didn?t deserve something that one of them deserved.?

Clearing my throat, I dropped her hand and walked towards the door. ?I?m going to go to the cafeteria. I?m a little hungry,? I said walking outside into the lobby.

Truth was, I was just uncomfortable with that conversation. While we weren?t the most religious of people, My mom always viewed homosexuality the way that the extreme Christians viewed it. As being a sick sin or a thing that should be put down. I walked into the lobby to see Carmen, Anthony, Giselle, and Nick all sitting there.

?Hey guys,? I said smiling at them. ?I?m glad to see you here.?

?I got the voicemail and I called everybody,? Carmen said getting and giving me a hug. ?Josh?I?m sure he would want to be here but I don?t know??

?It?s okay,? I said as Giselle and Nick gave me a hug.

?Any Word?? Carmen asked concerned.

?Well, I thank god it wasn?t too bad,? I said with a sigh of relief. ?He has a fractured rib and a lot of bruising but the guys who jumped him hit like a girl.?

Carmen and Giselle flashed me a dark look and both punched me in the arm. I smiled and blew a kiss at them both and I looked over at Anthony who stood behind the three, almost as if he wasn?t sure if he should be here.

?Hey, want to go down to the Cafeteria and talk?? I asked him flashing him a smile. He nodded at me softly and we walked towards the Cafeteria.

?Well, I am going to go and try to find out where my boyfriend is,? Carmen said to Nick and Giselle.

?Probably somewhere drugged up,? Giselle muttered and Carmen flicked her off leaving Nick and Giselle there together.

?Wow, I can?t believe this shit happened to Ky,? Nick said angrily as he sat down. ?I just..wish I could fuck those guys up.?

?Why?? Giselle asked him curiously. ?You two hate each other from all the fighting.?

Ky shook his head. ?I don?t hate Ky?I could never hate him,? He explained. ?It?s just some complicated shit going on. It?s frustrating as hell.?

?Well, I know how to relieve frustration,? Giselle said biting her lip. ?Follow me.?

?Wha?? Nick began was pulled after her as she searched for a spare room.

Anthony and I sat across from each other in the Cafeteria. Had been there for ten minutes and not a single word was spoken. It was just?awkward.

?Look, I?m sorry,? We both said in unison and he blushed as I smiled sheepishly and we laughed.

?I really am sorry,? I said to him after a moment. ?I don?t want to fight with you. You?re different and very special too me.?

?I feel the same way,? Anthony said grabbing my hand. ?Coy?you mean a whole lot to me. I?d be okay losing you to a better man but the truth is?Matt is not as good as you think he is.?

?I know he has some flaws,? I said softly. ?We all have our flaws?But I can change him.?

?No, you can?t,? Anthony said shaking his head. ?You can?t change something that doesn?t want to change. You can?t make him into a perfect guy.?

?I don?t know,? I said unsure of what exactly Anthony was talking about.

?Coy, Matt wasn?t exactly the saint you think he is back home at his old school,? Anthony said rubbing my hand softly with his thumb. ?He was a complete ass.?

?I can?t fucking believe this shit,? Matt said walking up to us out of nowhere. I pulled my hand out of Anthony?s hand.

?Matt?.? I began but he walked off from us. I looked at Anthony who shrugged and nodded to go after him. I sighed and ran after Matt.

?Maybe I should take Nick?s cue and just move on,? Anthony said to himself. He sighed and got up to leave the hospital. He?d just have to find out about Ky later on from Nick.

?MATT!? I yelled out as he stormed into the gift shop. I looked and saw Tony sitting in the lobby with Carmen. As if my night wasn?t bad enough already, he has to be here too.

?Is he the reason why you don?t want to sleep with me?? Matt asked me as we stood on the aisle of the shop. ?Because you fucking love him??

?What?? I asked him in shock. ?I don?t love Anthony. He is just a real good friend of mine.?

?He was fucking holding and rubbing your hand, Coy,? Matt said throwing his hands up. A clerk came up to us.

?I?m going to have to ask you to lower your voice or leave,? She warned us with a stern look.

?Or maybe you should fuck off,? He said to her and stormed past me knocking over a few figurines as he left.

?I?m sorry,? I said to her handing a $100. ?I hope that covers it.?

I ran after Matt as he paced around outside the store angrily.

?What the hell is your problem, Man?? I asked him angrily. ?You embarrassed me in the store by throwing a temper tantrum like a little baby.?

?One month, Coy,? He said to me. ?It?s been One month and you want to know what I discovered? I discovered that you are afraid of being affectionate with me. You barely like kissing me without backing out of it. You don?t want to sleep with me. You barely like to cuddle for longer than five minutes. It can?t be because I?m ugly or stink. You said it yourself, I?m your dream guy. So it has to be Anthony. I left a good looking girl to be with you because I felt something inside of you was what I wanted. I wanted to be apart of your life because I needed something pure like you.?

?Matt?? I began to say. He held his hand cutting me off.

?Let me finish,? He said. ?I am not rich like you. I can?t buy you all the things that you are used to buying. But all I want to do is show you how rich I am when it comes to the intimate stuff. Because that goes a long way. But you don?t want to get close to me. One month?and you still have all these walls up.?

?You know what,? I said ending this conversation. ?In a month, I discovered that you were an asshole with only himself in concern. If you loved me, then you wouldn?t guilt me into having sex with you. If you loved me, you would care about how I felt about my brother as he is upstairs after getting gay bashed by some idiots. I don?t want Anthony. I want you but now I am starting to reconsider that because you aren?t the person who I fell in love with. You are just an arrogant jerk. Immature prick?so why don?t you come find me when you grow up.?

?Are you breaking up with me?? He asked me. I looked at him in the eye.

?I?I don?t know,? I said unsure of what exactly what I was doing. I never had a boyfriend so I really didn?t know how to break up with somebody. ?I just want us to work.?

?No, you want Anthony,? Matt said as he left me standing there. I sighed in frustration and turned to see Tony walking towards me.

?What do you want?? I asked him as he handed me a card.

?For ky,? He said simply. ?Give it to him for me, please.?

?Shove it up your ass,? I said ripping it in half and handing it to him.

?How about I shove my cock up yours?? He countered. I looked at him with pure hatred.

?I?m not afraid of you,? I said even though we both knew I was lying. I feared him a great deal.

?Keep telling yourself that,? He said with a laugh as he walked out to find Matt.



Nick zipped his pants up. He felt weird. He had just had sex with Giselle in a storage room of the hospital. He was only going to make out with her, maybe do a lot more but he hadn?t meant to have sex with her. He kept telling himself he wished it was Ky. The more he kept thinking about him he began to get Angry.

?God, you were probably the best I been with Giselle said as she put her bra back on. ?Such aggression?Who are you mad at, Mr. Pagan??

Nick just shook his head. ?Nobody babe,? He said kissing her on the cheek. ?You?re just so hot. It?s hard not too lose control.?

?I would do round two but I probably should go check on Carmen and see if Ky is awake yet,? She said buttoning her blouse up. She kissed him on the lips and they made out for a few more seconds. ?But trust me, I can?t wait to do this again.?

?Same here, Ky,? Nick said off hand. He covered his mouth when he realized what he had said.

Giselle backed away slightly from him. He looked at her unsure of what to say to her.


?I should go,? Giselle said grabbing her purse and leaving out the room.

Nick stood there still unsure of what he just said.



Anthony climbed out of his car and was walking up his sidewalk to the porch of his house when he saw a body laying there.

?God, one of dad?s associates dropping dead bodies off in the middle of the night,? He said with a chuckle as he nudged the body with his foot. ?Hey, you still alive.?

The person rolled around and he was shocked to see it was Josh. He was crying to himself.

?Josh?? He asked in shocked. ?What are you doing here??

?M?Matt, Coy, and Ky weren?t home,? He said sniffling. ?You were my last resort. Trust me.?

?What?s wrong?? Anthony asked as he unlocked his front door and helped Josh into his house.

?Nothing,? Josh said and Anthony flashed him a yeah right look.

?Right,? Anthony said sarcastically. ?Because you always show up on the porch of people you can?t stand.?

?Tell you the truth, I don?t know why I hate you,? Josh said plopping on his couch. ?Other than the fact that your brother tried hitting on me and you talk a lot of shit.?

?Nick was just being an idiot,? Anthony yelled from the kitchen. ?As far as talking shit, that?s just my personality. What do you want to drink??

?Got an good liquor,? Josh joked. Anthony returned and handed him a bottle of Pepsi.

?Pretend,? he said sitting across from Josh. ?You might want to get off of that couch. Nick and Giselle were making out pretty heavily on that.?

Josh jumped up and took a seat beside Anthony on the couch.

?So you want to explain why I found you on my doorstep crying? Why you?re girlfriend is worried sick about you not returning her calls? Are you cheating or are you gay?? Anthony asked him. ?Because that?s the only excuse I have for you being so dark lately.?

?It?s complicated,? Josh said with a sigh, sipping his soda.

?Uncomplicate it for me then,? Anthony said pointedly. ?Because even I am kind of worried about you and your well-being.?

Josh stood up and stood in front of Anthony. ?I can?t exactly put into words and give you the full effect,? He said and he pulled his shirt off.

?Oh my god,? Anthony said as he saw what looked like purple marks on Josh?s perfectly olive body. ?Can I??

?Just don?t try to get a cheap feel,? Josh laughed but winced in pain from it. Anthony traced some of the bruises with his finger and looked at Josh with a concerned look.

?Explain?Now,? He demanded. Josh sat back on the couch.

?I?m not gay and I?m not cheating,? Josh said with a deep sigh. ?My dad?s been hitting me. A lot.?

?Are you for real?? Anthony asked in shock. ?Wha..Why??

?Because My mom?s been having an affair with a younger guy,? Josh explained. ?She left my dad and now we can barely afford the mortgage and bills of our house. He?s been drinking a lot and when I started tanking at Football from all the stuff with Coy and Ky and My mom, he hit me one night a few weeks back. Now it?s become a daily thing. I just had to go away tonight because I wanted a break from it.?

Anthony sat there in shock. He wasn?t sure what he should do about the whole situation.

?We should call the police,? He said suddenly grabbing the phone but Josh snatched it from him.

?No way,? Josh said to him. ?I can deal with it. I don?t want anybody knowing about this beside you. I told you because you aren?t biased to me like they are. I felt like I can trust you because if I asked you not to do anything, I?m positive you wouldn?t.?

?Well, what can I do?? Anthony asked concerned. ?You need money? A place to stay the night??

?How about you hook me up with the best drugs your dad has,? Josh said with an empty look on his face. ?The drugs help me forget the pain.?



Carmen stood at her locker listening to Giselle go on and on about Nick and his slipup from the night before.

?He?s gay,? Giselle said shaking her head in disgust. ?I had sex with a gay guy.?

Carmen laughed at the situation thinking Nick wasn?t the only gay guy Giselle had messed with. But she didn?t want to directly out either Nick or Matt. ?Look, maybe he isn?t gay,? She offered her friend.

Giselle rolled her eyes. ?He called me somebody else?s name. A guy?s name at that. That screams Fudge-packer to me.?

Carmen shook her head at the ignorance she was hearing. ?I?m saying that Ky was in the hospital last night,? She explained. ?Perhaps, he had the whole situation on his mind and he just said it by mistake.?

?Maybe,? Giselle said thinking it over. ?Yeah, that?s it. Giselle Santos does not have sex with Gay men. How is Ky doing anyway? I was so mad last night, I left last night after the whole situation.?

?Coy told me that Ky woke up last night after we all had left and that he seemed to be okay considering,? Carmen replied. ?Coy should be here at school today so we can find out more.?

?Good,? Giselle said as they headed to their classes. ?Is that?Anthony?and Josh??

?Together?? Carmen said confused at the scene. She was shocked to see them both walking and laughing together. As far as she knew, Josh hated Anthony and she thought the feeling was mutual.

?Hey guys,? Anthony said to two girls hugging them both.

?Walk with me,? Giselle said pulling Anthony?s arm. ?We should let these two love-birds talk.? She bent over to talk in carmen?s ear. ?Remember the drugs. If he is happy, he is probably on E or something.?

?Bye guys,? Anthony said as Giselle pulled him along after her.

?You look?good,? Carmen said to Josh. ?I haven?t seen much of you lately. But for the times I have seen you, you have been looking rather dark and angry. Whatever brought this version of my boyfriend back, I like it. I just want to know why you been avoiding me??

?I don?t have an excuse,? Josh said kissing her softly on the lips. ?But I want to make it up to you.?

?How?? Carmen asked him.

?Skip the rest of the day with me?? Josh asked her. ?I want to spend sometime with you. Just having fun.?

?I don?t know,? Carmen said unsure.

She wasn?t the type to skip. Josh flashed her a pouty look and it was his cuteness that she was a sucker for.

?Fine,? She said to him taking his head in her hand.. ?If I get Detention I swear??

?I know, I know,? Josh said kissing her softly. ?You will kill me.?



The two walked towards the exit of the school and to the parking lot.

Ky looked up from his door way to see a man standing there. It was a priest.

?Um?Hello,? Ky said confused as to why he was here. ?Can I help you with something??

?I?m actually hoping to help you out,? The man said walking into Ky?s room. ?Reverend Taylor.?

?Ky james,? Ky said shaking the man?s hand. ?What exactly do you plan on helping me out with??

?Well, I am the priest for the hospital,? Reverend Taylor began. ?I heard about your?incident from last night and the circumstances surrounding it.?

Ky flashed him a nervous look. ?What do you mean??

?I know why you were attacked,? Reverend Taylor replied. ?I?m here to help you.?

?How? With what?? Ky asked him confused. ?I?m safe now.?

Reverend Taylor smiled a small smile. ?You might be safe but you aren?t saved. Ky, this?demon that you have inside of you caused you to get hurt.?

Ky was speechless. He was shocked that the Reverend knew that he was gay but even more shocked that it almost seemed like he could read his mind. Ky did blame his being gay on his attack because of his curiousity to want to know more led him to the club.

?I?m here to offer you a chance to kill that part of yourself and to be reborn,? Reverend Taylor explained. ?You can change that part of yourself and become a brand new person without that sickness.?

Ky looked down. That?s what he wanted. A chance to be happy without being gay. He didn?t think it was possible to do so but sitting here was a reverend who was giving him an option to get rid of it. Rid of the very thing he didn?t want in the first place.

?What do I have to do??

?Accept God in your heart,? Reverend Taylor Explained. ?Accept him as your savior and he will protect you from these demonic persuasion of Satan. Satan is trying to possess you but God?God has sent me here to try and save you from this evil. Do you want to be saved, Ky??

Ky nodded softly. ?Yes.?

Reverend Taylor smiled at him with a happy smile. ?I am so happy to hear you say that,? he said opening his bible. ?I?m going to help you to help yourself and maybe somebody else.?

Ky sighed nervously. This was what he wanted. A way not to be gay and if it meant accepting God as a way into his heart then he would do it and he could finally get rid of all the torture inside of his heart.

?I?m ready,? Ky said.

Nick, however, stood at the door. He had come to apologize to Ky for hurting him and looking for a peace offering. But hearing this whole conversation he felt angry?betrayed.

?What the hell is going on?? He asked barging into the room. Ky and Reverend Taylor were startled to see him.

?What are you doing here?? Ky asked him nervously.

?I was here because I wanted to talk and I knew this was the only time you weren?t going to fight back,? Nick said putting the teddy bear he had got for Ky from the gift shop and balloons on the table. ?What the hell is this man telling you about offering you a way to get rid of demons??

?He is sick,? Reverend Taylor explained. ?I am here to make him better and healthy as a solider for the lord.?

?There is nothing wrong with him,? Nick said angrily. ?The only sick person here is you preying on a doped up boy who is confused.?

?Maybe he isn?t the one preying on me,? Ky began. ?Ever since I came to you that night you have been trying to have a relationship with me because you like me. This isn?t natural to be this way. He is offering me a chance to be normal.?

?Who the hell is he to decide what is normal?? Nick asked hurt by that statement. ?What?s normal for him doesn?t have to be what?s normal for you. I know in my heart that I want you and that you want me.?

?I don?t want to be this way,? Ky said shaking his head. ?I want to become normal. So either you are going to support that or I?m gonna have to have to ask you to leave.?

Nick looked at Ky and then at Reverend Taylor.

?You?re pathetic,? He said disgusted. ?Go to hell.?

?You first,? Ky countered. ?Excuse yourself please.?

Nick walked out of the room trying to hold back his tears. He had never let himself get as Vulnerable as he had with Ky but he vowed to never get close like that again.

?Where were we?? Ky asked the reverend.



Anthony walked out of the classroom. He had to deliver something for his teacher to the office and he wanted to get out and clear his head. Anthony hated to admit it but he was falling in love?with a guy that he knew he would never had. He was no angel but he knew he was better than Matt. He looked up when he saw giggling and saw Matt walk out of a Janitor?s closet.

?Now I got see them flaunt this shit in my face,? He said to himself but gasped when he saw a girl walk out behind Matt with her skirt twisted. Fixing it, she kissed Matt on the lips and walked off down the stairs.

Matt looked down to see Anthony walking towards him. ?What can I help you with? Besides my boyfriend??

?You?re boyfriend?? Anthony asked angrily. ?Was your boyfriend on your mind when you were in the closet with that girl??

?Look, I am not trying to ruin what you and coy have together,? Matt said with a chuckle. ?Coy isn?t ready to have sex yet. I get that. But I have needs too and I need them satisfied.?

?You?re an idiot,? Anthony said shaking his head. ?A jealous idiot. There is nothing going on with Coy and I. We are friends. As his friend, I am going to tell him about this.?

?He won?t believe you,? Matt challenged. ?He will just think you are jealous and making up rumors. So why don?t you keep your mouth shut and we are all happy? You get to keep longing for something you will never get. I get what I want and keep Coy because even with what I am doing, I love him. But until I get all of him, I am going to find that missing part I need in other people.?

?You?re a fucking asshole,? Anthony said in shock of what to say. ?You don?t love Coy. If you did, you wouldn?t be cheating on him.?

?Of course I do,? Matt said to him. ?But if Coy loved me like he said, he would trust me and let me be with him completely. If you excuse me, I got to go see my boyfriend in class.?

Matt left a speechless and stunned Anthony standing there unsure of what to do about the situation.



Giselle sighed angrily to herself. Carmen had stood her up at lunch leaving her with Tony and Matt who were talking about what girls they wanted to fuck. She couldn?t find her best friend when she needed her. Annoyed, she walked outside to her car to see Nick sitting there with a tear stained face.

?What?s wrong?? Giselle asked him.

He shook his head and grabbed her in a kiss. ?I realized just how great you are,? He said after breaking the kiss. ?I didn?t mean to say Ky?I?m not gay or anything.?

?I know that,? She said looking at her boyfriend and happy that he was here. ?I just overreacted. I?m sorry.?

?It?s okay,? He said as she messed with his hair. ?Come on, I got a great date planned for us tonight.?

?Really now?? Giselle asked with a gleeful smile. She walked over to the driver?s side. ?I?m driving?Wherever your taking me, I?m driving.?

?Fine,? He said with a smile. He realized that as he may not ever love Giselle she was the closest thing he would get to being happy. If Ky could ignore his homosexuality, so could he



I walked down the hall to where Ky?s room was. I had wanted to see Matt to try and talk things out but he made plans with Tony and Anthony seemed like he was avoiding me. I figured seeing how there was nothing to do tonight, I?d come hang with my brother. I walked into my room to see My Mom, Dad, and Ky sitting there.

?Mom?Dad?Here together?? I asked with a shocked look. ?I don?t know what surprises me the most. The fact that the man who lives way on the other side of the world is here or the fact he is here with my mother.?

?Coy close the door,? Mom said to me in a strange voice. ?We need to talk.?

I looked at Dad who looked at me oddly and Ky who didn?t make eye contact with me.

Closing the door, I turned to face the three. ?What?s up??

Mom looked at Ky with an expectant look. He looked up at me finally.

?I told them about us,? He said and I looked at him confused.

?About us??

?Being gay,? Ky said and I felt my heart drop into my stomach.


Authors Note:

Wow?This is where Angels & Monsters began to take it?s turn from the initial beginning of Halo. We are soon going to learn who are the Angels & Monsters. Ky is heading on a path to change himself while Matt?s jealousy is slowly starting to escalate. Carmen and Josh are okay for now but Josh still hasn?t told her why he has been acting weird. Nick and Anthony are at odds with their heart but Nick is taking a more direct route by moving on while Anthony is put in an awkward situation. Tony wasn?t a prime focus in this chapter.

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Season 2

Angels & Monsters

Chapter 4: The Taking Of The Crows(Part One)


?FAG!? A boy called out at me as I walked down the halls of my school. I looked around to see people pointing and laughing at me and I wasn?t sure why.

?What the hell is your problem?? I asked this dude as he was just making some ignorant humping gesture with his friends.

?I don?t like fags,? He said with a sneer. I looked around for my friends. I saw Matt standing there. He looked at me as if he didn?t want to even acknowledge me and truth was I didn?t want to acknowledge him.

?COY!? Carmen said rushing towards me. Josh stood back with Matt and they both looked at me with a look of confusion and worry.

?What is going on?? I asked her looking around at the people.

She pulled me aside and down the hall away from the crowds of people. She looked down at the ground.


?Everybody knows you?re secret,? She said with a sigh. I looked at her as, eyes watering up from just the thought of it.

?What? How?? I asked confused. Everything was happening so fast.

?Ky,? She said simply and that was when I lost it and blacked out.



One Day Earlier?

?Coy, please talk to me,? Ky said to me as we both stood in the kitchen. It had been a week since he had forcefully pulled me out of the closet with my parents. Since then, my mom barely paid much attention to me and my dad decided to move in with us again. Ky had finally been released from the hospital the day before and today was going to be his first day back.

?I seriously have nothing to say to you,? I said pushing past him to take my breakfast in the living room.

?It?s been a week and you have been ignoring me,? He said following behind me. ?I miss our crazy conversations.?

I rolled my eyes. ?That was before you became a backstabbing asshole,? I said to him. ?You seriously can?t believe that things would ever be the same after what you did, can you??

?I just want to get us both the help we need, Coy,? Ky said to me with a sigh ?We don?t have to be like this.?

?I want to be like this, Ky,? I said angry. ?I am fine with who I am and I don?t want to change it because there is nothing wrong with me.?

?Coy, you?re sick,? He said to me with a sad look. ?You have an illness and you can get rid of it if you trust me.?

?Trust you? Ha, that?s funny,? I said laughing loudly at his dumb remark. ?Tell me, dear brother who is the sickest one of the two of us? Did you tell Mommy and Daddy how you have went further then I ever have? You fucked Nick. More than once and still want to.?

?That?s not true,? Ky said. I soon regretted saying it as our parents both came walking downstairs.

?What did you just say, Coy?? Dad asked me with a stern look on his face.

?I didn?t say anything,? I said going back to eating my cereal. My mom sat down across from Ky and I on the couch.

?Nick? Who is this Nick?? She asked Ky who looked down at the carpet.

?Somebody Coy just made up out of spite,? He lied and I just laughed and shook my head.

?Didn?t sound like it was made up, son,? Dad said looking at Ky and I with a curious look. ?Somebody is lying.?

?I?m not the liar,? I said getting up from the environment. ?Check Ky. All he does is lie about himself and his idenity.?

?You keep secrets from us which is just as bad,? Mom countered back and I scoffed at the gall of that comment.

?Look at why, though,? I said turning to face the three of them. ?My mother is so dense to understand that she is trying to be a mother and she is never here to mother anybody. My brother decides its okay to betray my trust and tell my parents that I am gay when he has slept with a boy more than once. Let?s not forget that a father I rarely see and only drops off loads of money to try and make-up for the fact that he sucks as a father.?

?We are still your parents,? Dad said stepping towards me.

?By genetics only,? I retorted. ?Neither of you know how to be a parent. You don?t how to be there for your kids.?

?We are here for you now,? Mom said walking towards me and rubbing my cheek. ?I am here to get you the help that you need and deserve to get over this.?

I was really getting frustrated. ?You?re some fucking idiots,? I said with a laugh. She struck me across the face shocking us all.

?Mom?? Ky said nervously not knowing what was going on.

?Hush, Kyle,? She said without taking her eyes off of me. ?I understand that your father and I have made mistakes when it has come to you boys. But you do not get the right to talk to me or him or your brother like that. We are trying and going to help you.?

?What happens if I refuse?? I asked her and my dad walked up beside my mom.

?Coy?Please don?t make this harder than it has to be,? He said with a dark look. ?Now Ky, I believe what you?re brother says and I am disappointed to hear that. But I am proud to know you are working with Reverend Taylor to better yourself. Speaking of Reverend Taylor, Coy you need to come straight home after school.?

?For what?? I asked getting frustrated by this situation.

?Reverend Taylor is coming over for dinner to discuss our options for a fix out of this mess,? Mom said. ?I still can?t believe it?Both of our sons are??

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I took it out to see it was Anthony calling me. I looked up at them and smiled a fake smile.

?Whatever, I gotta get to school.? I said and pushed past them. ?Ky, please stop following me.?

Ky sighed as he watched me walk outside the door and slam it behind me.

?You did the right thing,? Mom said hugging him tightly. ?It?s a good thing you opened up to us when you did. Now we can do our best to fix this problem.?

Ky just stood there as his parents hugged him unsure of what his next move was.



?Hey,? I said jumping into Anthony?s car. ?You are a life saver. I needed to get out of there and head to school. A place that is so much better than home.?

?We aren?t going to school today,? He said as we drove off.

I looked at him with a sidewasy glance. ?Um?Ant?I don?t skip really.?

?Well you are today,? He said to me with a determined look on his face. I sighed and look over at him.

?Where are we going?? I asked him as I took out my cell and began to text Carmen, Josh, and Matt I wouldn?t be there.

?Ocean City,? He said cryptically.

I looked over at him again with a curious look.

?Matt?s from Ocean City,? I said and he nodded to himself.

?Trust me when I say, that today will change everything,? He said and we headed to the expressway on our way to Atlantic City.

Ky headed down the hallway to the Christian Circle meeting area. As it was club day, after talking to the reverend, this was a new step in his change of his illness. Reaching Room 218 He Sighed as he stood at the door. Before all this, he was a Jock who partied like crazy and got drunk all the time with no consequences as to what happened. But he was tired of being the bad boy?tired of being trouble?tired of being gay. He was about to do something drastic. Something nobody would expect.

?Ky?? Carmen asked as she walked down the hall. He turned to face her as she stopped to talk. ?What are you of all people doing here??

?I?m minding my business,? He said rudely shocking Carmen. ?You know, you should try it.?

?I understand that you and Coy are having problems and while I think it was messed up what you did, you don?t have to take it out on me,? She said to him. While she wasn?t as close to him as she was with me, Ky was still a close friend of hers.

?My family and My business is none of yours, Carmen,? Ky said firmly. ?Instead of worrying about what I?m doing and how I screwed Coy over, worry about your boyfriend. I saw him talking to some known dealers at the school. If you would excuse me, I have matters to attend too.?

Carmen?s face cracked as she thought about what Ky had said about Josh. He smiled realizing he had gotten to her and turned and entered the classroom. Forgoing, the urge to go to Dance club, Carmen decided to try and find Josh who was in Sports Fanatics club.

Ky felt nervous as about 16 pairs of eyes stared back at him as he stood in the classroom. He recognized Reverend Taylor and felt a little better as he saw a familiar face.

?What are you doing here?? a boy asked Ky. Ky wasn?t sure of who the guy was but he flashed back to eighth grade when he had beat the dude up for telling Ky that he was not only gay but had a crush on him.


?Kyle here is our latest member for Christian Circle,? Reverend Taylor explained.

?He?s far from a Christian,? The boy Ky remembered name was Shane. ?He drinks and engages in pre-marital sex with slutty girls.?

?And guys,? Ky said finally getting his confidence. ?Look, I understand that I have a reputation at this school at not being the most religious person.. Hell, I make fun of you guys a lot. But something happened to me a little over a week ago and I realized not knowing God might be my downfall. You as Christians always welcome new members with open arms and I?m here asking for help. So are you guys going to help me or not??

The other members nodded there approval and walked over to shake his hand and pat him on the back.

?Well, that was a nice intro Kyle,? reverend taylor said with a beaming smile. ?Now let me get my papers ready to began the meeting. Mingle amongst yourselves.?

Ky took a seat beside Shane who looked at him with a confused look.

?I know what you?re thinking,? Ky said to him. ?But I am sorry for all that I did to you. It wasn?t right. I just?didn?t know how to deal with it back then and now I see I don?t have to deal with it. I can get help. So I hope you forgive me and we can move on.?

Shane nodded still in shock at Ky?s admission. Reverend Taylor cleared his throat.

?Well to begin the meeting, I thought it would be fair to begin talking about the school?s newest club,? He said as the group quieted down. ?The GSA or Gay straight alliance group.?

The people around Ky and Shane shoutrd their disapproval against this new group.

?They can?t do this,? A girl screamed out.

?It goes against our club and what we believe in,? Another girl yelled out. ?It goes against the bible by trying to make it seem okay by mixing Gays and Straights together. Probably an attempt for them to convert the few good men we have at this school.?

Ky shifted uncomfortably and everybody looked at him to see what he had to say. This is what he was afraid of happening and why he was at the club. He didn?t want to be gay anymore. Maybe God had a cure for him.

?They can?t do this, can they?? He asked Reverend Taylor. He ignored the questioning eyes who were still slightly skeptical of his dedication.

?Sadly, yes they can,? Reverend Taylor said. ?School and Board policy allows any sort of club that has a positive image and while we all here realize it?s not positive, there are a lot of liberal views who don?t agree with us.?

?Do you agree with us?? A boy asked Ky. He had a challenging look on his face as he waited for an answer.

Shane and the others also wanted an answer as did Reverend Taylor. Ky nodded to himself.

?Prove it,? The boy challenged.

?What do I have to prove?? Ky asked getting annoyed. ?You all are welcoming me into the club.?

?Welcoming you, yes,? The Boy said walking to the front of the group. ?Reverend Taylor, may I??

?Feel Free, Darek,? Reverend Taylor said proudly.

?I have spoken with Reverend Taylor about your?situation?And he seems to think that you are a good member for our group,? Darek said and Ky shifted nervously. ?But it doesn?t matter what he says.?

?He?s in charge of the club,? Ky said confused and Darek shook his head.

?He?s the faculty advisor, Ky,? Shane explained to the confused Ky. ?All clubs and social organizations at the school need some type of faculty member to oversee it but Darek runs this.?

?Exactly,? Darek said proudly. ?Now I have no problem with you joining this aspect of the club but in reality we are so much more than some Christian bible reading group. We are a Christian Soldiers for God. We right all wrongs and ungodly things we see in the community.?

Ky looked at Reverend Taylor who was busying himself with papers. The tone of the meeting had gotten a little darker but he wanted a way out of his situation so he would agree to whatever they said.

?You?re brother is the smarter one of you two,? Darek began walking towards Ky. ?Am I right??

Ky did his best to control his anger. ?What are you saying??

?Apparently, he isn?t to bright if he trusted you with such a secret for you to blab to family,? Darek said with a laugh. ?But I respect you enough for doing that. I like to know everything ungodly so we can?fix?it. Get rid of it. Tell me, Ky?Kyle?Do you want our help? Do you want to find God??

?Yes,? Ky said meekly. ?I do want your help. To find god and to fix myself. So what exactly do I have to do??

?All you have to do is sell your brother out again,? Darek said with a smile.



?Anthony, it?s almost 11 and as much as I love eating, we could?ve did this after school,? I said as we sat in the Outback restaurant.

?I didn?t bring you here just to eat Coy,? He said as he looked around.

?You been looking around like crazy,? I said sipping on my soda. ?Are you expecting somebody??

?Actually, yes,? He said as a guy walked into the restaurant. He smiled as he recognized Anthony.

?New Boyfriend?? I asked him and Anthony scoffed.

?One guy has my attention and it?s not him,? He said getting to give the guy a hug. ?Gee, can you be anymore later??

?Sorry man, I was getting laid and I didn?t want to rush the process,? The guy said and looked over at me. ?Is this the guy you were telling me about??

?Yep,? Anthony said with a smile. I flashed both of the skeptical look.

?It?s funny, that you heard of me, yet I never heard of you,? I said sarcastically. ?I?m Coy and you are??

?Devin,? The guy said shaking my hand. ?Anthony here wanted us to talk about Matt.?

?What about Matt?? I asked looking at both of them confused. ?How does he know Matt??

?Because I am his boyfriend,? Devin said and I literally choked on my tounge.

?I?m sorry, what?? I asked not sure if I heard him correctly.

?Well, ex-boyfriend,? He corrected himself. ?I haven?t seen him since the early part of July and it?s now October. He never officially broke it off with me but hey, it?s been 3 months without a visit or phone call so I took it like that.?

?I?m sorry, I am still not understanding,? I said not able to wrap my head around this conversation. ?Matt told me I was his first guy.?

?He told me the same thing,? Devin said with a laugh. ?Actually, you?re his third. Turns out he had a thing for older kids and was messing with a Senior last year.?

?But he was dating Giselle,? I said in shock.

?What?s your point?? Devin asked me as he pulled out his cigarette.

I looked at Anthony who had an uneasy expression on his face. ?You brought me here for this?? I asked him. ?Because you?re jealous and don?t want me with Matt??

?It?s not entirely because I am jealous, Coy,? Anthony said clearing his throat. ?He isn?t the guy you think he is. He is a player. A liar.?

?What he said,? Devin said taking a drag on his cigarette.

?You think I am going to go on the word of some random stranger that my boyfriend is lying to me?? I asked Anthony who looked over at Devin.

?Pictures never lie,? He said pulling a photo out of his pants pocket. I gasped as I saw Matt being Kissed by a slightly younger looking Devin. ?Dude, you need to get the hell away from Matt fast. From what I hear about you from Ant here, you are a smart guy. Matt is nothing but trouble. He is not the person you would want to settle down with. Ask yourself this question. Why do you think Giselle and he broke up? Rumors were going around about Matt at our old school. Most of them fake but some true. She couldn?t take it and broke up with him but somehow he convinced her he was full-on straight. There is a lot more about those two you don?t know and you never want to know so I advise you?to get out before you become another victim of Matt Gleisner.?

I looked down at the photo my eyes tearing up. Was this true? Could Matt really not be the angel I thought he was?

? I want to know,? I said softly. Anthony shook his head.

?Coy, maybe we should just go,? He said suddenly regretting his decision. He wanted to air out at Anthony?s lies but now that he was witnessing the effect he wasn?t so sure.

?Tell me,? I Said wiping my eyes. ?Tell me every last detail. Don?t leave anything out.?



Matt zipped up his pants and walked out of the closet. It was lunch period and he hadn?t seen any sign of Anthony or I. He had promised himself he was going to stop hooking up with Miranda but he couldn?t help but let his jealousy get the best of him.

?God, Matt, you fuck like a porn star,? She said as she followed behind him.

?Thanks,? He said uninterested in carrying on a conversation with her. Truthfully, all it was to him was just sex. Nothing more. Usually, when he satisfied his urges with her, he was a lot less annoyed by Anthony.

?So when do you think we will hang out after school?? She asked as the lunch bell signaling the end of lunch rang.

?We already hang out outside of school,? He said waiting for Tony or Josh to show up to get him away from her. She was growing clingier by the moment.

?I meant on a date, silly,? She said with a laugh. ?I mean it be nice to do something besides fuck. Not that I am complaining.?

?Look, Miranda, you?re a cool girl and all,? Matt said finally getting annoyed after a week?s worth of frustration build up inside of him. ?But I don?t think we should do this anymore.?

?Why not?? She asked with a hurt look. Matt sighed and looked at her with a faux apologetic face.

?I have a girlfriend and I really should try to work things out with her,? he said hoping that would get her off his back.

?Girlfriend? I never see you walking with any girls except for Giselle and Carmen,? She said folding her arms. ?They are both taken. The main person you are always around is?Coy.?

Matt looked at her as her expression changed to a thoughtful expression. ?What are you saying??

?I?m saying that I agree with you, completely,? She said kissing him on the cheek. Matt was about to say something when Tony and Josh walked up to him and he was pulled along with them.

Miranda smiled to herself as the gears in her head started churning around.



Carmen sat in her last class unsure of what was going on. Josh had been acting a lot more normal over the past week, even this morning, yet the josh she was looking at was like the one she had grown to hate. With ten minutes to spare before the day was over she was still unsure of what had caused the regression. An apparently high josh sat laughing at the dumbest things in their Foods class with some guys who were pot heads. Stuff he normally wouldn?t find funny. People he normally wouldn?t talk to.

?So Nick is taking me out on a date to this really nice restaurant in Seaside Heights,? Giselle said to Carmen as they cleaned themselves up. ?I might actually do it for him tonight??

?Do what?? What is it?? Carmen asked still worried about her boyfriend. Giselle laughed and leaned into Carmen.

?I might actually give him head,? She said with a giggle.

?You don?t do that?? Carmen asked momentarily shocked enough to actually give Giselle her full attention. ? I mean, you know I don?t but I?m shocked you don?t.?

?Of course not,? Giselle replied looking offended. ?I might have had a lot of partners but I don?t put nothing in my mouth but food, drink., and the occasional tounge.?

Carmen noticed the classroom television flickered.

?What?s that?? Giselle asked her.

Ordinarily, the morning time was the time for the announcements but whatever this was must be a special announcement as the usual royal blue blackground that came before the news started was replaced with a red & black background with a cross on it.

Josh walked over to where Carmen and Giselle were standing and they began watching the news when a familiar voice came on.

?Hello my fellow Vikings??

?Is that Coy?? Giselle asked but Carmen shushed her.

The whole entire class got quiet to see what was up with this special announcement.

?For those of you, who don?t know me my name is Coy James, a sophomore here at the school??

?Wow, Coy looks real professional on Camera,? Josh muttered to himself. Carmen however felt something is weird.

??And If you don?t know me, trust me after this announcement, you definitely will??

?That?s not Coy,? Carmen said and Giselle looked at her.

?Of course it is,? She said slapping Carmen over the back of the head. ?And I?m the dumb one??

?Wait a second, She?s right,? Josh said noticing it. Even while being high, he realized something wasn?t up.

?My announcement is??

?That?s Ky,? Carmen and Josh said in unison.

?I?m gay.?

Everybody in the classroom gasped at the shock of the statement.

?That is Coy,? Giselle said in shock. ?Ky wears the urban clothes and Coy where?s the preppy clothes. That?s the only way I can tell them apart.?

Josh and Carmen knew differently. Although, Ky and I were identical twins we were ambidextrous. However, I usually used my right hand for things while Ky used his left for everything. Obviously, it was Ky as he held the microphone in his left hand.

?I felt it was my place to let you guys know and to tell you that this Gay straight alliance is a bad idea for me and my boyfriends??

?Boyfriends?? Giselle asked pleased. ?Little Coy is a lil pimp I see. You better do it, Coy.?

?I?ve been dating Matt Gleisner for a little over a month,? Ky continued. ?But before that, I have been messing around with the Pagan brothers Anthony and Nick. And I??

Before he could continue, the screen went blank and the class was left in silence. Carmen looked over at Giselle.

?Giselle?? She asked her friend who had a blank look on her face.

?So they were true,? She said to herself. ?It happened to me again??

?What is she talking about?? Josh asked her and Carmen shrugged. The bell rung signaling the day was over.

Giselle grabbed her purse and stormed out of the classroom as people began laughing at her. Carmen turned to Josh unsure of what to do.

?I should go after her,? She said to her boyfriend. ?See if you can find Ky. I haven?t seen Coy all day but find out why Ky did what he did.?

?I can?t,? Josh said to her giving her a kiss. ?Meeting up with the skaters from class and going skateboarding.?

?Skaeteboarding? Since When do you skateboard?? She asked confused.

?Find out, I had a lot of common interest with the boys,? He said kissing her again on the cheek. ?I will text you later on tonight.?

Carmen stood there unsure of what to do about all of this.



My Blackberry storm vibrated and I picked it up and noticed it was Nick. Anthony probably tried to use him to talk to me after I had completely stopped talking to him. He knew Matt was cheating and yet never said anything to a week later. Even before the cheating, he knew all this about Matt but never said anything. I can?t believe this. My cell phone vibrated and it was a text from matt.

We gotta talk?.ASAP!

?Got that right,? I muttered to myself.

?Coy, the reverend is here,? Ky said standing in the door way of my room. I rolled my eyes and got up and walked past him. ?Hey.?

?What?? I asked him. ?What do you want??

?I just want you to know?everything I did, I did for you,? Ky said to me. ?I want to help you. Help us.?

?Keep telling yourself that,? I said as we walked downstairs.

Mom and dad sat talking with a man who I took to be the reverend. He looked up at me and smiled.

?Coy, It?s so nice to meet you,? He said extending his hand for me to shake. I shook my head.

?Let?s keep the familiarities at a low,? I said taking a seat at the table. Ky sat beside me. ?So what?s up with this meeting??

?Well, we just wanted you to meet the Reverend,? Mom explained. ?He was telling us all the great things he has planned for you boys and even convinced us to go church this Sunday.?

?Church on a day that?s not a holiday? Wow, this family really is changing,? I said sarcastically.

Dad flashed me a quieting look which I ignored. ?While Ky is usually our trouble-maker, Coy is a little rebellious for the past week or so.?

?Okay, so I met the guy so can I go to my room?? I asked my prents.

?Not yet,? Mom replied. ?We are going to leave you three alone and allow you to do some prayer and some talking.?

?Prayer?? I asked not sure if it was a joke. Looking at theirs, the reverend and Ky?s face, I realized it was far from it. ?Dear God?Sorry rev.?

?It?s quite okay,? He said with a smile that make me sick to my stomach.

?We will leave you three to it,? She said getting up with my dad following behind.

?Oh, and Ky we will talk about pressing charges against that Nick boy for raping you,? Dad said to Ky and I looked at him.

?He didn?t rape you,? I hissed. ?You went to him.?

Ky shrugged his shoulders and grabbed my hand. ?Shall we pray??



I walked up the stairs of my school with a headache. After 2 hours of hell with the reverend, I had to listen as my dad planned to press charges on Nick. Apparently, Ky told him that Nick was blackmailing him into having sex and that after he fulfilled his ?obligations?, ky was raped by him. This is why I could never tell them about Tony raping me because this would cause way to much of a circus that I wasn?t ready for. Speaking of Tony, He stood at the door of the school playing with his phone.

?You actually showing your face?? He asked me. Rolling my eyes, I walked inside the school.

I noticed all eyes seemed to be on me and I was a little shocked. While I was popular to an extent, I didn?t expect as much attention on me.

?Hey Giselle,? I said to her as I past her and some of the cheerleading girl. She flicked me off.

?Fuck you,? She said to me and that shocked me. Over the past month, we had actually grown to the point where I was actually beginning to like her more than before. She was kind of funny.

?Um?Okay,? I said confused by that harsh remark.

?Coy, Maybe we should leave,? Anthony said walking up to me with Nick following behind him. I rolled my eyes.

?Why? This time you going to tell me something bad about Josh and Carmen that you been keeping from me?? I asked sarcastically.

?He?s serious,? Nick said to me. I could see people watching us closely. Anthony and Nick both starting blushing.

?Look, you guys are being a little weird for me,? I said with a sigh. ?Anthony, I have nothing and I mean nothing to say to you. Nick, we are still school but if you will excuse me, I got to get my stuff from my locker.?

?Coy?? Anthony began but Nick stopped him and let me walk on past them. ?What are you doing??

?He is going to have to deal with it eventually,? Nick replied. ?We both already got ours this morning.?

?But it wasn?t him,? Anthony said not sure of how he should react. ?He was with me.?

?We all know that but the rest of the school doesn?t, Ant,? Nick said as some dude bumped roughly into him. ?You got a problem??

?Yea, I can?t stand fags,? the guy said and Nick was about to fight him but Anthony stopped him.

?We can?t fight the whole school,? Anthony said to him. Nick calm down still upset at the situation while the guy laughed.

?That?s what I thought,? He said walking off. Anthony and Nick both noticed Ky walking in the school and rushed towards him.

?What the fuck is your problem?? Anthony asked him. ?You fucked your brother over twice in a week and now you want to pull others into your deal??

?I have half a mind to beat your ass right now,? Nick said angrily. ?What do you think you?re doing? I never slept with Coy. Neither did Anthony and Matt. So what?s the deal with that??

?Responsibilities,? Ky said cryptically.

?People will start thinking you are gay too,? Anthony said. ?Guilty by association.?

?My track record speaks for itself,? Ky said with a tight smile. ?I don?t have to worry about that. But you boys?Better get ready for the storm because it?s going to rain hell when I am done here. I hate gays and I no longer have to be gay.?

Ky was about to walk off when Anthony and Nick both grabbed him and started jumping him.

?HEY!? A guy said noticing the three fighting. The lacrosse team began to jump into the fight.



?FAG!? A boy called out at me as I walked down the halls of my school. I looked around to see people pointing and laughing at me and I wasn?t sure why.

?What the hell is your problem?? I asked this dude as he was just making some ignorant humping gesture with his friends.

?I don?t like homos,? He said with a sneer. I looked around for my friends. I saw Matt standing there. He looked at me as if he didn?t want to even acknowledge me and truth was I didn?t want to acknowledge him.

?COY!? Carmen said rushing towards me. Josh stood back with Matt and they both looked at me with a look of confusion and worry.

?What is going on?? I asked her looking around at the people.

She pulled me aside and down the hall away from the crowds of people. She looked down at the ground.


?Everybody knows you?re secret,? She said with a sigh. I looked at her as, eyes watering up from just the thought of it.

?What? How?? I asked confused. Everything was happening so fast.

?Ky,? She said simply and that was when I lost it and blacked out.

?OH MY GOD! SOMEBODY HELP!? She yelled out.



Okay that is the ending of this chapter. I changed my initial chapter preview because I actually know now where I want to take the Angels & Monsters installment for Halo as well as setting up for the last installment entitled Halo: Marco.

This is actually where Angels & Monsters takes it turn from Halo because you will get to see the characters dark side. For those of you wondering about Tony, just because he wasn?t in this chapeter doesn?t mean he isn?t remembered. This chapter was more of a Ky and Coy centric episode just because we will get to see who the ?Angel and Monster? are of those two. As well, I wanted to began to cause more turbulence for Matt and Coy as well as Nick and Giselle.

In chapter 5, the taking of the crows pt. 2, Coy deals with the aftermath of his forceful coming out but has to contend with Matt when Matt?s reputation is on the line. Giselle questions Nick on his actions while Josh?s temper gets the best of him and puts Carmen in a dangerous situation. Ky continues down his path.

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This is episode 5 of 8


Angels and Monsters

Episode 5: Superhuman(pt.2)

I opened my eyes to see an angry Matt standing over me. ?Where am I??

?Nurses office,? he replied gruffly. ?Look, Coy, we got to talk.?

?It was ky,? I said quickly as I sat up on the cot I was laying on. ?He?.he pretended to be and??

?Coy, I have known you for awhile now and I think I can tell my own boyfriend from his brother,? he replied. ?I swear I am going to kick his ass.?

?No, you will not touch him,? I shouted. ?Ky, regardless of how much an ass he is, is still my brother and I got to talk to him.?

?You?re brother may have very well destroyed my reputation, Coy,? He spat. Trust me??

?Trust you? You want me to trust you?? I asked as I began remembering the conversation that I had learned yesterday about him.

?Of course I want you to trust me,? he said with a scoff. ?Why shouldn?t you??

Before I could answer, the nurse walked in and gave us a warm smile. ?I?m so sorry to interrupt a lover?s quarrel but I am going to have to ask you to leave so I can check my patient out.?

Matt rolled his eyes and walked out of the office while she sat down on the cot. She still smiled at me. I looked at her with a sideways grin.


?You two are so adorable,? She said happily. ?I love the gays. Is it true love??

I looked down at my hands. I wasn?t entirely sure anymore.

Matt walked outside in the hall to see Miranda standing there. He sighed to himself.

?Not right now,? He said pushing past her. She smiled and clapped her hands.

?Great job,? She said laughing. ?I swear, you had me and the whole school convinced you were straight.?

Matt froze in his steps. His heart was beating fast. He didn?t know what to do. When I doubt though?deny.

?I am straight,? he said turning around slowly. ?I fucked you didn?t, I.?

?What a good job you did too,? She said walking towards him. ?But the thing about you fucking me is that it was no connection there. See, you could fuck the hell out of me day in and day night. But it was the type of fuck that made my knees weak then but not at the thought of it. There was no feeling there. You were just doing it because you weren?t getting any.?

?What are you trying to get at?? He asked her with a confused look on his face.

?I?m getting there,? She said putting a finger on his lips. ?Yesterday when we were together, I had a suspicion it was Coy that you were truly in love with. I see how you two are always together. But it was a suspicion. Then I wondered why you?re face always seems to Darken when Anthony comes around. I see you watch him as he walks down the hall. I heard you two in the nurse?s office. I got all the proof I need.?

Matt wasn?t sure if he could believe what he was hearing. It was happening all over again.

?But then I thought if you and Coy were together why aren?t the two of you humping constantly?? She continued. ?But I remembered something about last year. It was something I heard my dad talking about towards the end of the year. Something happened to Coy and I realized that?s why you came to me. Because Coy wasn?t giving it to you and you needed to fulfill that void with me.?


She kissed his lips softly. ?I don?t blame you,? She said to him softly. ?Coy is a very hot guy. Nice lips and nice slim frame. But the mistake you made was underestimating me to be some stupid chick. I?m far from stupid. In fact, I?m smart enough to help you help me.?

?What do you want?? Matt asked weakly.

?I want you and all of you not just you?re dick,? She said to him simply. ?Now I know that after yesterday, everybody is going to want to ask are you gay. So I offer you the choice. Be my boyfriend and I can help you get rid of the rumors of being gay or I will be one of the metaphoric village people burning you at the stake.?

Matt stood looking speechless. He wasn?t sure of what to think or believe. Was this really happening to him?? He kept asking himself that very same question.

?Let me know by tomorrow,? She said kissing him on the cheek. She left a stunned Matt standing there in the hall way.



Ky, Anthony, and Nick sat in the lobby of the principal?s office waiting to be seen by him.

?I can?t believe you, Ky,? Nick said to him. ?Why are you doing this??

?Because I am getting help for this problem,? He replied simply. Anthony scoffed.

?What problem? The only problem I see is some dumb boy who refuses to deal with the realities that he likes dudes. He likes fucking guys in the ass,? Anthony said annoyed. ?All this is, is an overblown temper tantrum that somebody needs to beat the hell out of you.?

?Anthony, calm down,? Nick said to him. ?We are already in enough trouble as it is now.?

?Why should I calm down? I mean it?s bad enough that he outted the two of us,? Anthony said heated. ?Even that asshole Matt he outted and I don?t even like him but still that wasn?t right. But your own brother? Your own twin??

?My brother and Me are none of your concern,? Ky said softly.

?Correction, you are not my Concern,? Anthony said standing up. ?You?re brother is however my concerned.?

?Don?t you think it?s sad that you are still chasing after something you will never have?? Ky asked him not even bothered by Anthony. ?Coy is stuck on Matt and as long as Matt is all he sees then you will never, I repeat never have a chance. Take a cue from your brother here. He never had a chance with me and he moved on. Although, I did mess that up for him but I say a good start for you, Nicky.?

Nick sighed and grabbed Anthony and forced him to sit down. He looked at Ky hard. Was this the same guy he was falling in love with? Was this the same guy he wanted to be with?

?What happened to you, Ky?? He asked concerned. He grabbed Ky?s face and forced him to look in his eyes.

Ky looked Nick deep in his eyes. Was it really so bad to just allow himself to be happy with Nick? To allow himself to be the way he was with no fight?

He looked past Nick to see Reverend Taylor standing there with a skeptical look on his face.

?Looks like our get of jail free card is here,? Ky said getting up and standing away from Nick.

Reverend taylor smiled at the Pagan brothers and headed into the principal?s office.

?Want to know why this is all happening?? Ky asked the two of them. ?Because if I was to give in to my feelings for you Nick, I would have to constantly worry about people who want to beat my ass because I am gay. It already happened once. If I am straight, the main thing I have to worry about is people hating me for being black. Something I knew I didn?t choose. But being gay?I feel like that was a choice. Somewhere, Sometime I made that choice to be gay but now I get the choice to be straight. I?m trying to save me and my brother. So before you judge me?.know the whole story before you do.?

?But are you sure Coy wants Saving?? Anthony asked realizing this all stemmed from Ky?s bashing. It was almost as if he understood why Ky was doing this?but it still wasn?t right. ?Isn?t that Coy?s decision to know what he wants.?

?Coy was raped,? Ky said to them both. Shocking bout Nick and Anthony.

?What? When? Did you know this?? Nick asked Anthony who looked down at the floor. ?When did this happened??

?Sometime last year,? Ky replied to him. ?He used to scream a lot in his sleep and didn?t want to be touched. I didn?t know why for the longest?Figured he was being weird. But I was in his room one day when I was looking for some Notebook paper in his room and I saw this pamphlet for a rape victim?s meeting hidden in a stack of papers. So I put two and two together. I don?t know the details entirely of what happened but something happened to my brother and I couldn?t save him. I am saving him now before anything else bad happens. Because something will happen. Anthony?Nick?I know you two can relate. You can sense when something is wrong with the other. Coy sensed it when I was bashed that night. I sense something is going to happen. I want to prevent it and this is the only way I know how.?

Nick and Anthony were both speechless. While they didn?t agree with Ky?s entire thought-process, they could agree to wanting to protect a brother. No matter what?

Reverend Taylor walked out of the office after the three had been sitting in silence for a few moments.

?Boys, you can call go back to class,? He said to the three of them. ?I was able to get you guys off without getting in any trouble. Kyle, be sure to stop by my office at the end of the day.?

He waved to the three of them and took off down towards his office. Ky sighed and headed off towards his class.

?Ky?wait?? Nick said going after him. ?You don?t have to do it this way. You can let us help. Just let me help.?

?I?m sorry but I just can?t do that,? Ky said without turning around. ?Nick?.Before all this goes down, I want to say this. You weren?t just some fuck to me.?

?It doesn?t have to be this way, Ky,? Nick pleaded trying to get through to him.

?Just remember, that when all is done and the dust clears, remember the Ky you both known and love,? he said continuing down the hall.



Giselle sat filling her nails in class. She really was frustrated. Matt was the first guy she ever allowed herself to fall for completely. But he wasn?t the perfect boyfriend by any means. He rarely knew how to be romantic unless coaxed by her and then it was how he was always flirting with the other girls. Then?the gay thing appeared out of nowhere. She didn?t want to believe it?Hell she didn?t at first. But when a good friend of hers, Devin had accused Matt of being gay, she started being suspicious. He would disappear at school, skipping classes and sometimes be seen hanging around questionable people. But she just couldn?t allow herself to fully doubt him so she chose to believe him.

She came to Atlantic City hoping for a new beginning with Matt, from the rumors as most of the people from her old school chose to go to another school, but things still weren?t perfect. He didn?t seem to want her really. She thought it was maybe because of all the new flocks of girls here at the school but now she discovers it was because of a boy.

?Coy,? She muttered angrily to herself. She looked over at Carmen and Josh who were all hugged up working together on a project.

Not wanting to admit it, she was jealous of Carmen as well. Because somehow, everybody else was happy except Giselle. She thought she could be happy with Nick but that seemed further from the truth. She just wanted to be fully happy like before. But the difference between that Giselle she was before and the one she was now. She was way too nice now. She didn?t fight Carmen as hard as she wanted to over the cheerleading. She allowed her boyfriend to be taken by a Guy. She allowed her ex to turn gay. Because she was too nice.

Watching Carmen, She realized that she was sick of being nice. Sick of being the sidekick. She wanted to be back in the limelight. The bell rung signaling the end of the class.

Josh and Carmen packed their things up while Giselle smiled a devious smile and cleared her throat.

?Did you guys get a lot of work done?? She asked with a fake cheerful voice. ?I saw the two of you doing those little cutesy faces. It was kind of sickening.?

?Jealous much?? Josh joked.

?Of what?? Giselle countered. ?You, the junkie? Ha, no I think I am good.?

?Giselle?? Carmen warned.

?Oh, come on, Baby C,? She said getting out of the chair. She grabbed her bag? You still haven?t told Josh that we followed him to the Park that day and saw him mixed up in that drug deal??

?What?? Josh asked his girlfriend. ?You were following me??

?I think I will let you two chew on that for awhile,? Giselle said getting up and walking out of the classroom.

?Josh before you??

?I can?t believe you, Carmen,? He said storming out of the classroom.



I stood while a bunch of eyes sat staring at me in the Cafeteria. I felt like I had three heads. I walked over to my table with Anthony, Nick, and Carmen.

?Where is Josh?? I asked sitting down. ?Not wanting to be seen with a bunch of homos??

?No, it?s not like that,? Carmen said to me with a sigh. ?Giselle felt it okay to reveal some secrets this morning in class.?

?Seems like everybody is wanting to reveal secrets,? I said angrily. ?How did you two guys fair??

?Okay,? Anthony said with a sigh. ?Seems like you are getting the brunt of it.?

I shrugged. "Nothing I can do."

?What?s up people?? He asked with a cheerful grin. Anthony caught the uncomfortable look I had on my face.

?Hey, Tone,? Nick said reaching over to give him a high five.

?Hey tony,? Carmen said with a warm smile. ?How are you??

?I should ask these three the same thing,? He replied taking some food off my tray.

?You know if you can?t afford lunch, the school does have a free lunch program,? I quipped. He chuckled to himself.

?Good one, CJ,? He said and looked Carmen in the eye. ?What?s going on with Josh? I saw him hanging with the stoners. Not the first people I would imagine him being friends with.?

?Well, it?s a long story,? She replied with a sigh. I felt it was more to it than she was telling us. ?Where is he??

?Outside on the soccer field,? He replied. ?Tell him, he still needs to pay me back the 20 bucks he owes me.?

Carmen got up and excused herself from the table. Anthony looked at Tony pointedly.

?Shouldn?t you like be somewhere else? The table is for friends only,? He said to him.

?Relax man,? Nick said to his brother. ?Tony here is my friend. Probably the only real friend, I have outside of you guys.?

?Aw, shucks,? Tony said with a mock embarrassed look. I rolled my eyes. ?Even though you guys are homos, I still got mad love for you. Especially Coy here. But Ant is right. I probably should go and see what?s going on with Matt. I heard that some of the Jocks are not to happy with the news about him. We might have another brawl on our hands by the end of the day.?

?Good,? I replied. ?A good ass kicking is what he deserves.?

Tony chuckled and got up and left the three of us sitting by ourselves.

?What?s your deal with Tony?? Nick asked Anthony who in turn looked at me.

?You wanna tell him or should I?? Anthony asked.



Matt sat by himself at lunch. Never had he done this before. He was always the most popular guy and used to having flocks of people around him. Now sitting by humself he felt as if all eyes were on him. Thinking about it, he was almost positive that all eyes were on him.

?YO, Matty G,? A voice said from behind him. He turned to see the Lacrosse team walking towards his table.

?Um?what?s up?? Matt asked with a surprised look on his face. They all took a spot around the table.

Ryan Kelly looked at the others and finally at Matt. ?We gotta know?is it true? Are you really a fag??

Matt swallowed painfully as he was never called that word before so it stung a little bit. Now he knew how the kids he called fags felt when he said it.

?Well?? A guy asked from the table. Matt sighed to himself. He couldn?t let this happen to himself.

?Hell no,? He replied firmly. ?I fucked Giselle and so many other girls. Hell, I go with Miranda, the freshman girl.?

?Damn, she bad,? A guy said with a pleased look on his face. ?Anytime you wanna flip that, let me know.?

The team gave Matt their approvals before Ryan cleared his throat. They quieted down still smiling at Matt.

?We never believed Coy in the first place,? Ryan stated. ?We just wanted to hear the words come from your mouth. However, there is a problem. We can?t have Coy James walking around the school spreading bullshit like this.?

?What?what do you mean?? Matt asked nervously.

?I mean we should teach him how to keep his mouth shut,? Ryan replied.

Matt looked at the guys and was fearing what they had in mind. ?You guys know that was his brother Ky right? He was posing as Coy when he made that announcement.?

?Even if that is true, the whole school thinks it?s Coy,? Ryan said. ?Which means we have to deal with Coy.?

?Deal with him how?? Matt asked growing more nervous as the conversation went along.

?Beat his ass,? Ryan said simply and the rest of the team agreed with him. ?We can?t risk him developing a crush on us and trying to ruin us like he is trying to do to you.?

?It wasn?t him,? Matt said trying to get them to understand.

?You seem awfully against this, man,? Ryan said to him with a sideways look. ?Sure there is nothing you want to tell us.?

?I?m sure,? Matt replied.

?So are you in or out?? Ryan asked him.

Matt realized this was wrong. But his reputation meant everything to him. So many people respected him?looked up to him. He was an amazing athelete in lacrosse, football, and baseball. He couldn?t lose it all. Not over this. He glanced over and Saw Anthony and I laughing. That gave him all the ammo he needed.

?I?m in,? He replied with a dark look on his face.



Carmen walked outside to see Josh blazing with some of the skater kids from their Culinary class.

?JOSHUA JACKSON!? She yelled out as she stormed across the field. ?Put that blunt out.?

Josh and the boys laughed in their stupor. She snatched it out of his hands and stomped it out of the grass.

?Hey, man, that was some expensive shit,? One of the boys said but he fell back laughing.

?Hey, babe, you mad that I didn?t invite you?? Josh asked her. ?Here there is plenty for all of us.?

?Josh, what the hell is wrong with you?? She asked him. ?Doing this shit on school grounds??

?It?s fun,? he said laughing stupidly. ?Sure you don?t want some??

She pulled him away from the group of boys. ?Josh, what are you doing to yourself??

?Trying to forget my problems, babe,? he said to his girlfriend. ?Hey, you know what? I forgive you for following me. I shouldn?t hide this from you, should I? I should help you get into it with me.?

?I am not a drug user,? Carmen said to him slapping him across the face. ?And last I checked, neither are you J. Jax. You are going to get yourself in trouble.?

?I?m already in trouble as it is,? He said with a shrug. ?Just let me do me for right now. If you don?t like what I am doing, you can walk.?

?Wha..? Carmen was about to say something but Josh turned and walked back towards the group.

Carmen sensed her boyfriend was slipping away from her and she didn?t know why. Was it her?

?Is it me?? She asked herself as she watched the group light up a blunt and head towards the parking lot obviously ready to skip.



Giselle stood watching Nick, Anthony, and I as we walked out of our last period class. She was livid but she wanted to know could she possibly work things out with Nick.

?Nick,? She said with a hopeful look on her face. ?Can we talk??

Nick looked back at Anthony and I with an unsure look on his face. ?I?Um?sure.?

?Want us to wait?? Anthony asked him. He shook his head. ?Okay, I guess I will see you at home.?

Nick walked down the hall with Giselle while Anthony and I continued walking the opposite direction.

?You ever going to confront Tony?? He asked me. ?I mean, I know it?s hard but you know I?m here for you.?

?I don?t know,? I said to him as we sat on the bench outside. ?I am just no read to confront it. When I actually do, I guess, I?m afraid it?s going to become real again. I don?t know. Maybe I?m just crazy.?

?No, you aren?t crazy,? He said to me. ?You?re just hurting. It?s okay.?

?Thanks,? I said looking in his eyes. Anthony was an amazing person. Always Knew what to do to make me feel better. Always knew exactly what I was thinking.

Out of nowhere, he leaned into kiss me?..

Matt was walking around looking for me. He had gotten cold feet and realized he wasn?t able to go through with what the lacrosse team had in mind. He knew he had to find me before the lacrosse team did. However, he didn?t intend to find me kissing Anthony.

?What the hell?? He shouted and the two of us jumped and broke apart.

?Matt,? I said shocked by his being there. ?OH my god?It?s not what it looks like.?

?Really? Because from where I?m standing I see my boyfriend kissing another guy,? He said hurt. ?Coy, how could you??

?How could I? How could you lie to me and tell me I was you?re first guy?? I asked him. ?How could you cheat on me with Miranda??

?I don?t have time for this,? Matt said angrily as he stormed off. I growled in frustration.

?Why did you do that?? I asked him. ?Why??

?I am tired of trying to hide my feelings for you, Coy,? He said to me. ?You chose the wrong guy. You deserve somebody who is going to be your everything and not pressure you to be and do something you?re not ready for.?

?You shouldn?t have done that,? I said to him with a sad look. ?I need to find Matt.?

Anthony sighed as he watched me run after Matt.



?I Can?t believe you,? Giselle said to Nick as she cried. They sat in her car.

?Look, GiGi, I am sorry,? He said to her. ?It?s complicated.?

?Yeah, it?s so hard to tell a girl that you?re gay,? She said to him. ?You just used me.?

?No, I didn?t,? He said to her. ?I really do like you, Giselle.?

?But not in that way,? She said to him. ?Not the way that you like Coy.?

?That wasn?t Coy on television,? Nick said wiping her eyes. ?That was Ky. Ky was pretending to be Coy because he?s?.trying to save them from some non-existent threat.?

?Ky wouldn?t do that,? Giselle shaking her head. ?Ky is one of the good guys. He wouldn?t do that. Especially not to his own brother.?

?He would if he thought he was helping his brother somehow,? Nick said to her. ?You have got to believe me this isn?t Coy?s fault.?

?Why should I believe you when you have been lying from the start?? She asked him. ?Just get out of the Car and stay the hell away from me.?


?Get out of my car,? She said trying to stay calm. Nick hesitated and she leaned over and opened his door and pushed him out of the car.

Nick watched as she drove off out of the park. He realized he was stranded 15 minutes from his house.

?Fuck,? he said dialing his brother?s number.



I walked around the woods behind the school hoping Matt went here to think. I had tried calling him but it kept going straight to voicemail. I heard a twig snap behind me and I turned to see some of Matt?s lacrosse team standing behind me.

?Oh,? I said a little startled. ?Um?hi.?

?Hello, Coy,? Ryan said to me. I smiled at him as I recognized him as Matt and Josh?s friend.

?Hey Ryan,? I said walking towards him. ?I?m looking for Matt have you seen him??

?No,? Ryan said shaking his head. ?But we were looking for you.?

?You were looking for me?? I asked them. ?What?s up??

?I think we should have a little talk,? He said cracking his knuckles. ?About you and Matt.?

I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach which was soon replaced by a punch to my stomach.



Ky clutched his stomach as he sat in his meeting with the Christian Soliders in the school auditorium.

?Something wrong?? Shane asked him. Ky began to feel an intensified pain all over his body. Almost the exact pain he felt when he was attacked.

?My brother?Something is wrong with him,? Ky stammered out.

Shane laughed. ?You mean besides him being gay,? he joked. Ky pushed past him and stumbled towards the door.

?Where are you going, KY?? Reverend Taylor asked him but Ky ignored him and stumbled out of the door.

Ky had to find me. He had sensed something was going to happen for awhile and now this was it. He had to save me?

He saw Josh walking out of the lacrosse coach?s office. ?Hey man, I need your help,? Ky said to him. Josh shoved him back.

?After what you did to Coy?? Josh asked him with a scoff. ?You?re lucky I don?t kick your ass right now for him and the guys. I?m pissed off enough as it is. Coach thinks I?m using steroids thanks to Carmen running to blab on me. God as this day couldn?t get any worse. He is making me go to some freaking steroids anonymous bullshit class.?

Ky just pushed past Josh and kept looking for me.

?I swear?you think you know somebody,? Josh muttered to himself. ?Brother turning on Brother?Girlfriend turning on boyfriend?Ha, maybe I should go gay?.Nah?too much trouble and I hate the smell of ass.?



Matt laid in Miranda?s bed. He realized that he was almost willing to give it all up for a boy but he couldn?t do it. He couldn?t allow himself to be gay because he would become an outcast. She kissed him softly.

?I knew you would come around,? She said with a smile as she unzipped his jeans.

Matt knew he wasn?t a bad person. He was a lost soul. He wasn?t entirely sure of what love was when he was with Giselle?and Devin. It was a word he used to get what he wanted even if he didn?t feel the emotion.

?But Coy,? He thought to himself. ?Whenever I am around him, it feels right. I feel completed. I feel like I found the one.?

It was in that very second that Matt realized it wasn?t that he was in love. He was in love. It was the fact that he was afraid of letting down somebody that he truly cared about.and admitting that he needed somebody other than himself to get him through his life. He f

?I can?t do this,? He said jumping up and startling Miranda. ?I can?t believe I hurt him.?

?Where are you going?? She demanded.

?I love Coy Matthews,? He said. ?I love Coy Matthews. I love Coy Matthews.? He kept repeating it. He could actually say it and not be afraid.

?I will ruin you,? She said to him bitterly. Matt blew her a kiss.

?As long as I got him, try you?re best,? He said to her with a smile and took off hoping to stop what was already going down.



Anthony walked up his driveway with Nick entail. It was a long day for him. Surprisingly, he didn?t get as much grief as he expected to get but he might have lost the one boy he truly cared about the most.

?You hear that?? Nick asked Anthony as they walked up the stairs of their porch.

The twins froze in their tracks as they could hear what sounded like shouting coming from inside Josh?s house.

?Um?Nick?go inside?I gotta check on Josh,? Anthony said to his brother. Nick shook his head.

?Nope sounds like some trouble and I am not letting you go by yourself,? He said firmly. Anthony sighed and the two made their way towards Josh house.

They heard what sounded like glass breaking inside of it and heard Josh scream out in pain.

?What the hell is going on in there?? Nick asked his brother.

Anthony couldn?t stand by any longer and allow this to go on. He walked up to the door and was about to open it when an Angry man with the same curly hair Josh had stood in front of him.

?Ant,? Nick said nervously as he stood watching the burly man tower over his brother.

?Yo, you?re one of the faggots my son hangs out with, aren?t you?? The man asked Anthony. He shoved a bruised Josh out of the house and into Anthony. ?Then he can go stay with you. I don?t raise faggots in my house.? With that, he shut the door.

?What the hell is going on?? Nick asked as he saw Josh standing their looking brusied and had a cut on the side of his face.

?My dad heard about what happened to you guys at school and he knows I?m friends with you guys and Coy and he just automatically assumed I was gay,? Josh replied. ?Guilty by association.?

?You have got to be kidding me,? Anthony said in disbelief.

?Doesn?t look like he is,? Nick said as they made their way across the street. ?Look till we get this figured out, you are staying with us.?

?What about your dad?? Josh asked them.

?Dad is never here,? Anthony said to him with a sigh. ?He hates child abuse. He might try to??

Nick knew what his brother was going to say. There father was a powerful man.

?Might try to what?? Josh asked.

Anthony feigned a smile. ?Might try to help that?s all. Nick, why don?t you take him inside the house and get him cleaned up.?

?Come on, a child called it,? Nick joked trying to make light of the situation. Josh playfully shoved him.

?Those two would make a cute couple,? Anthony thought to himself. He took his cell out of his pocket and dialed my phone number.

It rung a few times before?.

?Hello,? Tony said shocking Anthony.

Anthony looked at the phone to make sure he dialed the right number. It said Coy so he was confused.

?Tony, what are you doing with Coy?s phone?? He asked him.

?Well, coy was in some trouble when I found him and I helped him out,? Tony explained. ?He was getting jumped by Ryan and some kids from the lacrosse team.?

?What the fuck?? Anthony asked angrily. ?Is he okay??

?Oh, yeah, he is fine,? Tony said. ?He?s here with Ryan and I.?

?But you just said Ryan??

?I know what I said, Anthony,? He said.

Anthony began getting an uncomfortable feeling in his gut. Something wasn?t right.

?Where are you guys?? He asked Tony. ?I will come pick him up and take him home.?

?Like I said, He?s fine,? Tony said disconnecting the line.

Anthony rushed inside the house in a panic. ?Guys, Coy?s in serious trouble,? He said dialing Matt?s phone.



Matt knocked on my front door. He noticed his phone was vibrating and checked to see it was Anthony.

?Yeah right,? He scoffed sending it to voicemail.

Ky opened the front door relieved to see Matt standing there. ?I called Coy?s cell it went straight to voicemail,? he said happily. ?I take it he was busy with you.?

?No, I called his cell and got the voicemail,? Matt said to him. ?I figured he might be ignoring me. So I stopped by to see if he is here. You know Ky, if you weren?t his brother I would??

?Hold on,? Ky said answering his cell phone. ?It?s Coy. Hey bro.?

?Ky, I need your help,? I said softly into the phone. ?I am in trouble.?

?What?s wrong?? Matt asked Ky noticing his dark look.

?Where are you?? Ky asked me.

?Tony has me,? I said then I felt some strong arms grab me and grab the cell phone. ?Let go of me.?

?Coy! What?s going on?? Ky yelled into the phone. He heard the line disconnect. ?He is in danger. We got to call the police.?

?No, I think I know what?s going on,? Matt said and the two rushed towards his car.



Tony slung me onto the bed while Ryan tied my hands up behind my back.

?You see I was trying to make you comfortable as possible, Coy,? He said to me. ?But you had to be a busybody and call somebody.?

?Please, why are you doing this?? I asked Ryan. ?You already did enough to me when you jumped me? Why are you helping him??

?Because I want a piece of you too,? He said with a dark look in his eye. I could see lust inside of his eyes.


?Scream all you want to, Coy,? Tony said with a laugh. ?You know I like it like that, anyway. Trust me, you wont make it out of here. Not alive anyway.?


Author's Note

Angels & Monsters is almost over. I felt like Tony?s character was kind of lingering around so I decided to go ahead and give him a fore runner. One of the mysteries is out in the open. Matt?s past?which came out in the last chapter. Matt?s character was a favorite in the beginning by some readers who like Matt and Coy(MATOY my friend called them lol) together. I realized his character was becoming a lot more of a villain than I wanted him to be. I never meant for people to dislike Matt or even any of my characters(because fiction or not, they all are human or should I say personify qualities of humans we all know). Matt is probably everybody?s high school fantasy of a hot jock who is being gay but he has his reputation to worry about. Matt?s character is so afraid of disappointing Coy that he does just that. Josh is like so many teens who are being abused who cope with this on a daily basis. His outlet(negative as it may be) is drugs. Carmen is the person who is trying so hard to make her relationship work when she feels it slipping away and blames herself. Giselle is the wild person we wish we all were at some point. Seemingly confident, seems like she may have it all but in reality she is just a regular person trying to find her way. Ky represents so many homosexual and lesbian people who are afraid of who they are because of what society tells them is right and is trying to find his way. Anthony is probably the guy we all wish we had. The heroic type who worries about those he cares about versus himself. Nick the boy who is tough on the outside but incredibly sensitive on the inside. Coy?we share a name. We share certain character traits. The story is mostly fictional except there has been times when I had a troublesome relationship like Coy has and when I tried to get people to understand me. While I don?t have quite as bad as Coy has it, I can relate. Coy & Ky both are my favorite two characters because Coy is more of my natural personality but I feel like Ky is the dark side of my personality. A dark personality that I think we all. HAHA BEYONCE has sasha fierce and I got KY lol. Like I said, Angels & Monsters is almost over. It doesn?t end with Tony though.

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This is episode 6 of 8


Angels & Monsters

Episode 6: Disturbia

Main Cast:

Coy James

Ky James

Matt ?Matty? Gleisner

Anthony Pagan

Nick Pagan

Carmen Gianni

Joshua Jackson

Giselle Santos

Tony D?amato

Author?s Note:

This episode marks the first time that it is told in 1st person threw Matt instead of Coy.

Also Be warned, this episode is very graphic....

Scene A

My Name is Matthew Gleisner but my friends call Me Matt or Matty G. I?m 16 years old and I am a good athlete. I play football, lacrosse, and I dabble with basketball and baseball every other year. I am not that bad when it comes to academics either. I have a good family. I love them. Good friends?and then. There is somebody who means more to me than anything to me than I could ever imagine.

?You okay?? Ky asked me as he drove his car over to Anthony and Nick?s house.

I sighed and looked at him frustrated. ?My boyfriend is in danger who is also your brother,? I said sarcastically. ?How do you think I am feeling??

Ky looked over at me with a sad look. ?I know what you?re thinking,? He said to me. ?You think what I am doing is wrong? That I am potentially hurting my brother.?

?Potentially?? I asked with a scoff. ?No there is no potential. I am sure you are destroying your brother?s reputation and taking us down with you in this quest to de-homonize Coy.?

?I don?t think that?s a word,? Ky challenged.

I slammed on the breaks. ?You seriously don?t want to mess with me right now,? I said to him. ?I would never in my right mind hurt you because you are his brother but I can definitely say I am not in my right mind if he is in trouble.?

Ky just shrugged and begin listening to his Ipod touch. He wasn?t too worried. He figured Coy had slipped into a study problem with some Jocks and got roughed up. But I felt like something serious was wrong.

Like I said?.

My Name is Matthew Gleisner but my friends call Me Matt or Matty G. I?m 16 years old and I am a good athlete. I play football, lacrosse, and I dabble with basketball and baseball every other year. I am not that bad when it comes to academics either. I have a good family. I love them. Good friends?and then. There is somebody who means more to me than anything to me than I could ever imagine.

Because I was in love with Coy James.

Scene B

Tony sat watching Coy as Ryan sat watching Television. Coy had tried escaping and Ryan used to much force and knocked him unconscious. Now an unconscious Coy laid there out cold.

?Man, did you have to hit him that hard?? Tony asked Ryan who shrugged and continued watching television.

?The little bitch tried running out on us,? Ryan said. ?I don?t see why we don?t fuck him now. Trust me, when I get started he will wake up from the pleasure or pain.?

Tony punched the wall causing Ryan to jump. ?Look, when I asked you for help I only did it so I could get Coy away from you and your goons,? He said to him. ?Matt told me what you were planning to do. I wanted to stop it.?

?Why would you want to stop us from Jumping him?? Ryan asked curiously. ?I thought you hated Coy.?

Tony looked down. ?I?I don?t hate Coy,? Tony said softly. ?I?I??

Ryan?s eyes widened. ?Oh fuck,? He said with a half-gasp, half-laugh. ?You are in love with him. Aren?t you??

?Why are you here?? Tony asked him. ?Oh never mind. You are one of those repressed faggots who don?t mind fucking a guy but will never actually admit they like Cock.?

?Don?t fucking call me that,? Ryan said jumping up. ?I?m not fucking gay. I?m not like him.?

?You?re right, you?re not,? Tony said to him. ?He is better than you. He is an angel??

?We?re the monsters,? Ryan said to him with a laugh. ?It?s kind of poetic don?t you think??

Tony looked at his watch. ?Shit,? He said pissed. ?It?s 5 o?clock.?

?Good you can tell time,? Ryan said walking past him to get something from the fridge. ?What?s the deal??

?I forgot, I have to meet Coach for some revisions for lacrosse,? he said with a frustrated growl. ?He took Josh out for awhile, maybe the whole season and I completely forgot he wants to meet with me so we can work out a strategy.?

?Dude, we got plans,? Ryan said motioning to Coy.

Tony sighed. ?Look, I will be back in an hour tops,? he said grabbing his keys. ?Help yourself to whatever you want. Except Coy. Do not touch him till I get back.?

?Relax, I just wanted to bust and you can make love to him all night long,? Ryan said with a laugh.

Tony was beginning to wonder was it a mistake involving Ryan in his plans. He didn?t have any other choice at the time.

?Touch him, and you?re dead,? Tony said with a stern look. With one more concerned look for Coy, he walked out of the house.

Ryan laughed and stood watching Coy. ?I will try my best not to touch him.? He said to himself. ?But one thing people said is I never have any self-control.?



Scene C

Nick opened the door to see Carmen and Giselle. Carmen rushed in while Giselle flashed Nick a dirty look.

?Don?t speak to me,? She said to him. ?I don?t even want to be here. I?m just supporting Carmen.?

Nick sighed and allowed her inside shutting the door behind him.

?What?s wrong with your face?? Carmen asked worried when she saw Josh walking down the stairs.

?Dude, you told me that you weren?t going to call her,? Josh said to Anthony who glared at Nick.

?Look, we need all the help we can to find Coy,? Nick said defending his actions. ?Beat me up later.?

?Trust me, I want to,? Giselle muttered to herself.

?Answer the question, Joshua,? Carmen said with a stern look on her face.

Josh looked away from Carmen while Anthony, Nick, and Giselle stood unsure of what to do about the impending argument.

?Josh, don?t you fucking shut me out,? She said to him. ?You have been using drugs. You been acting out in school and doing stupid shit. This isn?t you.?

?And ratting me out isn?t you,? Josh said to her angrily. ?Thanks to you I got fucking suspended from the team.?

?I?m sorry but it?s the only way to get your attention when you aren?t in a drunken stupor,? Carmen said to her boyfriend. ?You won?t talk to me. You avoid me. You are changing. I just want to know what happen.?

?Carmen, maybe this isn?t the best thing to do?? Anthony said trying to stop Josh from exploding. He could see his friend getting angry by the second.

?Look, Anthony I don?t necessarily have a problem with you,? Giselle said to him. ?Except that you are related to Fag one and best friends with Fag two. But let these two air it out. He has been friggin? high or doped up for weeks now. She deserves answers. Oh, maybe he is gay too Carmen.?

?Look, you don?t have to be here,? Nick said to her. ?Get the fuck out of my house if you want to leave. But don?t disrespect Coy and Damn sure don?t disrespect Anthony. Coy is in trouble and you guys are sitting here talking bout shit that can wait.?

?No, I want to know,? Carmen said determined. ?I Want to know so I can give Coy all my attention. What are you hiding, Josh??

Josh pulled his shirt off revealing to them all his bruises and Cuts. ?You want to know what?s wrong with me?? My fucking father has been drinking and beating the shit out of me. He almost kicked my ass because of his ignorance to Coy and I tried defending Coy which pissed him off. Now you know?Now you fucking know.?

Carmen stood speechless while for once Giselle was shut up by this revelation. Anthony and Nick looked Sadly at Josh who had begun tearing up.

?We?re here,? Ky said bursting into the house. I walked in behind me.

?Great, now all we need is Coy and we can have ourselves a real rainbow party,? Giselle said to nobody in particular.

?What happened to you?? I asked Josh but Nick flashed me a look that meant shut up. ?Well, does anybody know what?s up with Coy.?

?I do,? Anthony spoke up. ?He?s been kidnapped.?

?Kidnapped?? Ky asked getting nervous. ?What do you mean? For ransom??

?Not necessarily,? Anthony said with a sigh. ?Let me explain to you what happened 10 months ago?.Ky and Carmen will have to fill in the missing holes that I don?t know about.?


Scene D

10 months before?

?Why am I here?? Coy asked Ky as they walked into one of the hottest parties for the new year.

?Coy, come on,? Ky said to his brother. ?It?s 2009 now. We have seriously got to get you into a new scene other than books. All you have been doing is homework since Winter break started. It?s new years. Let?s make this a happy new years and get you drunk and laid.?

Coy rolled his eyes and sighed as he allowed himself to be pulled by Ky into the party center.

Meanwhile, a drunk Carmen sat with her crush ,Rick Allen, engaging in some heavy petting and kissing.

?God, Carmen, you?re so fucking hot,? He whispered in her ear. It didn?t bother him that there was almost a four year age difference between the two of them. Hormones only matter and right that second they were telling his senior mind that he needed to seal the deal with the hot freshman.

?I know right,? She said in a drunken laugh. ?I am having so much fun with you, Rick. I never thought this would happen.?

?Well dreams do come true,? He said to her with a devilish smile and gave her a kiss. ?So Carmen?what do you say we heat this up for a bit??

?What do you mean?? She asked him kissing on his neck.

?I mean, I think you and I should get to know each other in a more personal way,? He said flashing his pearly white teeth. ?Without all these people around.?

Carmen might have been drunk but she wasn?t stupid. She knew exactly what Rick was getting at. This wasn?t her scene really. She was popular and did parties but wasn?t exactly a drunk like she was now. She was just so nervous around him that she began drinking a lot more than she usually did.

?Um?I don?t know,? Carmen said nervously. ?I mean?I am meeting my friends here as well and I came with Jessica. I don?t want to ditch her.?

?Oh, come on, beautiful,? He said laying it on thick. ?You don?t want me to go home by my lonesome do you. I thought you liked me like I like you.?

?I do,? Carmen said with a reassuring Kiss. ?But?.I?I mean, I am still a?you know?a Virgin.?

Rick smiled at her. Even better for him. He had a reputation for taking virginities. ?I promise to take it slow.?

Carmen was still unsure. But she knew this may be an opportunity that she may never get.

?Okay,? She said and he smiled and kissed her.

?Come on,? He said taking her hand and leading her to a bedroom.

Coy noticed Carmen and Rick meandering through the crowds of people. He was hoping she wasn?t about to do what she was about to do.

?What are you doing?? He mouthed to her and she smiled and blew him a kiss.

?I?m okay,? She mouthed back. Coy sighed to himself. Parties weren?t his scene. He hated them. He didn?t see the point of them and felt like people who drunk to have fun must?ve been really lame and boring sober.

?Hey man,? A guy said walking up behind him shocking him. Coy turned to face the guy.

?Um?hi,? Coy said confused as to why the guy was talking to him. ?You must be looking for Ky, my twin brother.?

?I don?t know him,? The guy said to him with a shrug. ?I just noticed that you were here looking as lost as I feel. I?m kind of new here.?

?Really?? Coy asked him. He was pretty cute. ?Well, it?s a good area to move to. School is real nice. Beaches are beautiful. Lot of fun stuff to do.?

?I see you got some hot guys here as well,? The guy added and Coy flashed him a curious look. The guy was flirting with him.

?Um?Coy James,? he replied sticking his hand out for a handshake.

?Tony D?amato,? He said shaking his hand. ?I?m hella bored here. What do you say we bounce. I got PS3 and Xbox 360 at my house.?

?Um?? Coy looked over to see 3 girls all over Ky. Ky noticed him and smiled a wide grin. ?Halo 3??

?Of course,? Tony said to him with a smile.

?Lead the way then,? Coy said to what he thought was a new friend.



Scene E


?Oh my god,? Carmen said covering her mouth.

After hearing Anthony recounting the events and Carmen and Ky?s adding their parts the group sat in silence.

Josh already knew but he never heard the whole story in detail. Even then, he knew it would be just as bad if not worse hearing from Coy himself.

Nick looked over at Ky who looked like he was about to Cry. He couldn?t imagine something like that happening to his brother.

?Coy?? I said to myself. I could feel the tears streaming down my face.

Carmen rushed over and hugged me as I began sobbing uncontrollably. I couldn?t help it. I just hit me so hard.

Giselle looked at me with a sad look on her face. She always figured we always would get back together. But once we transferred to Atlantic, we realized it was different. Now she knew what changed.

?Coy,? She thought to herself. ?

He changed her life without her knowing it. He took away something special from her. Then she tried to start new with Nick but somehow coy or ky ruined that. She just chose to blame Coy.

?I have to go? She said grabbing her purse and heading to the door.

?Giselle, we need your help,? Carmen said to her friend. ?We have to go find Coy.?

?I can?t be here,? She said to them all. ?I?m sorry that happened to Coy but he ruined my life. He took Matt away from me. He ruined Nick and I. I could care less what happens to him.?

Carmen walked over and slapped her across the face. ?You are a self-centered bitch,? she said to somebody she wanted to believe was a friend. ?Coy didn?t take Matt away from you. Even when you were together, I?m sure you knew he was never really yours. Not completely anyways. As far as Nick, he never was yours either. He was Ky?s.?

Nick and Ky shared a look before looking away.

?Please, Giselle,? I pleaded still crying. ?We need your help. You know I never cry like this.?

?That?s what makes me hate you even more,? She said to somebody she once loved. ?Here is where I help you. Turn your tears into fuel. Kill Tony.?

With that, she walked out of the house leaving the six of them standing there in shock.

?We cant sit here crying,? Nick spoke to his friends. ?Look, Coy is probably the nicest person I know. You can sit here like a group of little pussies are we can find him.?

Ky looked at Nick in awe. He made him feel strong even when he felt weak.

?He?s right,? Carmen said. ?Coy needs us. We are his true friends. We all love him.?

?What do you guys got in mind?? Josh asked. His best friend needed him?He left him alone and wasn?t there for him when he should?ve been there.

?Split up,? Carmen said to the boys. ?Josh and I will take Ocean City and snoop around and see what we can find. Ky and Nick you two head to Margate. I heard Tony say he had a lot of friends there. Anthony and Matt??

?Atlantic City,? We both said in unison. I met his eyes. He met my eyes.

It was like there was an understanding. We had to save him.

?Good, everybody knows exactly what there jobs are,? She said. ?Cell phones stay on. Whoever finds him?.Make sure you give Tony hell.?

With that, the three pairs of us walked out of the house in search of Coy.



10 months ago?

?Want something to drink?? Tony asked Coy who sat playing on the WII playing tennis.

?By drink you mean??

?Something Alcoholic,? Tony said with a laugh. ?Don?t tell me you aren?t a drinker.?

?I?m not though,? Coy said with a laugh. ?I don?t know. Most of the shit I tasted, tastes nasty as fuck.?

?That?s because you haven?t tasted my specialty,? Tony said with a grin. ?Just one drink. For me?:

Coy sighed to himself. ?Fine, one drink,? he said heading back to the game ?That?s it.?


Chuckling to himself, he pulled out a drug he had got while in Tokyo. It was a severe enhancer that lowers the mind to reason and enhances sex drives.

?That?s all it will take,? Tony said stirring the pill into the drink. He put two more in there. ?Never said anything was wrong with a lil overdose. Let?s coke or something.?

?Where is my drink?? Coy yelled out playing Tennis. ?I?m thirsty.?

?Ready to serve you,? Tony said walking into the kitchen handing Coy the drink. He eyed the drink unsure. Noticing Tony giving him a curious look, he chuckled.

?You wouldn?t be trying to get me drunk to sleep with me, would you?? Coy joked to him.

?Me? Never?? Tony said with a smile. ?Drink up.?

Coy drunk half the drink and smiled. ?It wasn?t bad. What?s in it??

?It?s a secret,? Tony said to him. ?But trust me. We will have a great night.?

Coy smiled at him and continued drinking the drink.




?Nick,? Ky said to him as they drove around the city of Margate. It had been 30 mins and they hadn?t found out much details as where to Tony lived. Apparently, neither had the others either.

?Ky, I don?t want to do this right now,? Nick said turning down into a Diner where they were meeting the others.

?Do what?? Ky asked playing dumb. ?Look, Carmen was right. You are mine.?

Nick looked over at Ky. Yes, it was true that Ky had complete control over Ky?s heart. But he also had heart that very same heart.

?No, I?m not,? He denied as he looked away from Ky. ?You don?t own me.?

?But I own your heart,? Ky said softly. ?Nick?I?m sorry. I?m just so confused. I feel so alone.?

?That?s because you are, Ky,? Nick said exasperated. ?You have alienated your friends even your own brother. What do you expect? Things to be as a peachy as they were before? It doesn?t work that way. You burned bridges. You broke my heart.?

?But I want to fix it,? Ky said grabbing his hand. Nick pulled away from him. ?Please don?t close me out.?

?Why not? You?ve closed me out for months maybe you should see how it feels,? Nick said stubbornly. ?I??

He was about to say he hated Ky but Ky pulled him into a passionate kiss. Their tounges fought with one another. Nick could feel all his anger start to susbside. He felt his face getting wet but he wasn?t crying. It was Ky.

?Goddamn it,? Ky said punching the door. He started crying to himself. He tried to tell himself what he was feeling was wrong but with Nick he felt right. He felt like he?

?Ky, what?s wrong?? Nick asked concerned. Ky met his eyes. He could see the pain in the boy who had caused him so much heartache. He could feel it radiating off of him.

?I?m afraid,? Ky said looking down.

Nick grabbed his hands. ?Ky, what are you afraid of??

?Loving you,? He said simply. He looked Nick straight in his eye. No excuse fighting it because with his brother missing and his emotions out of sync he didn?t have the energy to fight it. ?I love you, Nick.?

Nick was speechless. He didn?t know what to say. How to express what he was thinking in his head. Feeling in his heart. So he kissed Ky to let him know the feeling was mutual. They began to kiss passionately yet again.

Anthony jumped out of his car and rushed over to Nick?s car. He yanked the door open and pulled nick out of the car.

?Anthony!? Nick said shocked and Nervous. He saw his brother was angry as hell.

?Get the fuck out of the car,? Anthony growled at Ky. Ky sighed and got out of the car expecting an impending fight.

Ant, man, don?t do this,? I said realizing that even though he hated Anthony this was his brother and Ky was bad news. I wish I could split Coy and Ky up to protect him.

Nick tried to pull his brother back from hitting Ky but Anthony shoved him back.

?What?s going on?? Carmen asked as she and Josh jumped out of the car.

Anthony balled his fists up and slammed hard into the side of Ky?s face. Ky didn?t put up a fight and allowed Anthony to beat his ass. He realized it was true what Nick had said. He had alienated his best friends. No matter how much he had been through with them, he realized that he caused this. He could see Nick?s sadness in his eyes but knew that Nick thought the same as he was right now. As the other four were thinking. He was getting what he deserved.

After a few moments, Anthony picked a dishelved Ky up by his collar and spat in his face. ?You seriously don?t want to find out why I got the reputation I got for being an ass,? He said to Ky looking him straight in the eye. ?You ruin things. You destroy. You are highly destructive and I swear if I ever see you touch my brother, I will kill you.?

?You?re going to have to kill me then because I am not staying away from him,? Ky said weakly. ?I?love him.?

?Love?Doesn?t hurt,? Anthony said slinging him into side of Nick?s car. Nick wanted to rush to Ky?s aid but even if he had forgiven him, he knew things were going to be even harder now.

Anthony looked down at his phone to see a text message. He turned and Looked at me.

?You, let?s go,? He said walking past me. ?I know where Coy is.?

?Where?? Carmen asked anxiously.

Anthony shook his head. ?We need to go alone,? he said to her. ?We?ll call you when we get him. Can you and Josh take Ky home. Nick?stay away from him.?

While it was obvious both boys could handle themselves, Mentally, Anthony was the more mature of the two twins. Nick viewed Anthony as his older brother.

With a sad look at Ky, Nick got back into his car and watched as they pulled off out of the parking lot.

?I love you too,? He said to the air.



Coy could feel something heavy on top of him. A wetness was on his neck and he was trying to figure out what was going on.

Barely opening his eyes, he couldn?t recognize where he was at first. He remembered the events that happened after school. The fight. Blacking out?Tony?

??Fuck,? He yelled out as he tried to get up but the object on him was a person. ?Tony get off of me.?

The person sat up to reveal he wasn?t Tony. It was Ryan.

?Aww, you miss your Daddy Tony,? Ryan sneered at me. ?Come on, let?s do what we have to do and I will let him have you for the rest of the night. Till he decides to kill you anyway.?

?Why are you doing this?? I asked him. ?Why are you trying to hurt me??

?See from hearing what Tony told me, you can suck a mean dick,? Ryan explained. ?Kisisng you while you were out, you got some soft lips. ?You haven?t had sex since Tony so I assume so if you put two and two together?You will get a hot ass dude with an extremely tight hole and a good mouth. I cant pass that up.?

?NO!? Coy yelled out as he felt himself being flipped over on his stomach. ?NO! STOP!?

?Come on stop trying to fight it,? Ryan said ripping his boxers off. ?I would?ve?.drugged you but I prefer them to be sober?I like to read facial expressions when I fuck the shit out of a bitch.?

Ryan begin rimming Coy trying to get him lubricated as possible. Coy began flashing back to when Tony was doing this the first time. He was remembering how dirty he felt afterwards. How weak?how dumb he felt. He was going to get out of this?alive?and not raped.

?No,? Coy said softly to Ryan. ?I don?t want to do it this way. I want to give it to you. I wanna give you head first. But I need my hands. I promise I wont do anything sneaky. Trust me, I will make you feel something you never felt before.?

Ryan thought it over. ?Hmm, I do like some good head,? He said with a devilish laugh. ?Fine, but I will snap your neck if you try and run.?

?Deal,? Coy said as he was untied. Coy smiled at Ryan who smiled back at him excited for what he was hoping to get.

He kissed Ryan softly on the lips and made his way down to Ryan?s endowed dick. Teasing it with his tounge, he looked at Ryan in the eyes.

?God, you?re an idiot,? Coy said taking the dick in his mouth and biting down on it hard. Ryan screamed out in pain and kicked Coy off him.

?You fucking bitch?I?m?OH fuck,? Ryan said as he howled in pain. Coy wiped the blood from his mouth.

?You should never attack a person who will fight back,? Coy said picking up a lamp. He smashed it in the side of Ryan?s head knocking him out.

Grabbing his pants, he pulled them on and grabbed his cell phone and headed towards the door and opened it up to see Tony standing there.

?What the fuck?? Tony asked surprised. Coy took a step back as he realized he was far from escaped.

?Please just let me go,? Coy pleaded to Tony. ?Please.?

?I?m sorry but I cant do that,? Tony said shutting the door behind him.


Scene I

Carmen watched as Ky walked up the steps to his house. ?Wow, Anthony really did a number on him,? She said to Josh as they began driving off.

?Look I don?t want to talk to you,? Josh said to her. ?Just let?s go back to Anthony and Nicks and wait till we hear about Coy.?

?Josh, please?? She began but Josh cut her off.

?Carmen, we are done,? He said to her simply. ?This relationship wasn?t going anywhere really and I got other shit to worry about besides you and your bullshit. I don?t trust you and quite frankly since you cost me lacrosse, I hate you.?

?I was trying to help you,? She said as she began to cry. Josh shook his head at her sadly. He really didn?t want to do this. But she hurt him. So he had to hurt here twice as bad.

?In the next lifetime, make sure you come to me before you try and ruin my life,? He said softly. ?As soon as this is over with Coy, stay away from me and I wil stay away from you.?

Carmen cried silently to herself as they continued driving towards Anthony?s house.


Scene J

Anthony and I jumped out of the car as we got to the apartment complex Tony stayed in. He pulled a gun out of his pocket.

?Whoa, what the fuck man,? I Said to him. ?What the hell are you doing??

?I?m doing what needs to be done,? Anthony replied. ?One of us has to be a man. Seeing how you can?t stand faithful and keep your shit in your pants and protect the one you love, guess it has to be me.?

?He didn?t open up to me,? I yelled. ?How was I supposed to know??

?Why do you think he opened up to me?? Anthony asked angrily. ?He didn?t trust you. With good reason, I might add.?

?You are like a bird waiting to swoop in and take what you can get,? I said angrily. ?You had your chance before you tried to kill him.?

?That was an accident,? Anthony hissed. ?I made a mistake.?

?So do I,? I retorted. He shook his head.

?But which one hurts him the most?? Anthony asked me. ?Trust me, I don?t have to wait around for Coy to come to me. Because he will be mine and I will show him exactly what a good man he deserves.?

?You wish,? I said leading the way to Tony?s apartment. There was no way I was going to lose Coy to this bitch ass dude.

Walking up to the door, Anthony looked at me with that smug look on his face. Pissing me off, I kicked the door down.

?MATT!? Coy screamed out as I saw he was tied up with his legs spread in the air. A dazed Ryan stood over him and it looked like he was about to try and rape Coy.

Anthony was about to raise his gun but I snapped and tackled Ryan to the ground and started punching the shit out of him.

Anthony rushed over and began untying Coy. ?Are you okay? Did they hurt you??

?I?m fine,?Coy said as they hugged tightly.

?SHIT!? I yelled out as I felt a gun being placed to my head.

?You made a bad move by sneaking in here,? Tony said cocking the gun. ?Coy, I will kill your boyfriend and friend then I will fuck you.?

?Fuck this,? Coy said grabbing the gun from Anthony and firing it at Tony three times. ?It?s finally over.? He looked at me directly. ?Matt??

I looked at Coy who looked at me with a sad look in his eyes.

?You knew they were coming for me,? He said to me. ?You knew they were going to jump me.?

?I am sorry, baby,? I said grabbing his hand. ?Can you please forgive me??

?I don?t think so,? Coy said sadly. ?We?re?over.?

I sat back crushed as I realized I had put the final nail in my coffin with Coy. We were truly over. Anthony had won.

?Matt, take him home,? Anthony said to me. ?I will have some people clean this mess up. Don?t worry about it.?

Coy put his clothes on and walked past me out of the apartment.

?Looks like I win,? Anthony said to him. ?You really didn?t deserve him. He is better than you.?

The sad thing was?.he was probably right.


Authors Note:

But I hope you guys like this?3-5 more episodes before Angels and Monsters is over.

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Angels & Monsters

Episode 7: If This Isn?t Love

Main Cast:

Coy James

Ky James

Matthew Gleisner

Anthony Pagan

Nick Pagan

Carmen Gianni

Josh Jackson

Giselle Santos

Author's Note:

This episode follows the regular format found in older episodes in being in 1st point of view with Coy.

Scene A

?Early this morning police uncovered two bodies behind a local pizzeria??

?God, just what I want to hear before I eat cereal,? I said to myself as Ky walked down the stairs.

??They appear to be under 18 and the bizarre thing was they had homophobic remarks carved into their bodies,? The report continued.

Ky grabbed the remote off the table and turned the television.

?I was watching that,? I said to him and he shrugged his shoulder.

?I really don?t think we should be getting depressed before school,? He said taking a seat across from me.

I rolled my eyes and text Anthony to let him know I was meeting him at my locker in 15 minutes.

?How you feeling?? He asked me and I sighed frustrated.

?Between Carmen, Anthony, Josh and Nick asking me how I am doing, you guys are driving me crazy,? I said getting annoyed. ?It?s been two weeks and I went on that spiritual thingie during winter break. I am fine. Tony is gone. My fear is gone. I want to think about other things.?

?Well?how are Josh and Carmen?? He asked me. ?I have been in Aspen for the past two weeks with some kids from my group.?

That was partially true. He did spend part of winter break with his friends but the other half of it, he spent with Nick in a hotel. But that was just their secret?.

?As you know, I was cut off from television and limited internet privileges, so from the email?I?m guessing the same as we left them,? I said taking my bowl to the sink and rinsing it out. ?Broken up.?

?That sucks major ass,? Ky said shaking his head. ?They were cute together. Perfect even.?

I shook my head. ?Cute?Yes. Perfect?no. Carmen and Josh in my opinion are a couple of convenience. Two people who base their relationship primarily on looks. Josh needs somebody like??

?Like you,? Ky offered with a sly grin. I flashed him a dark look. ?I?m just saying. Josh and you have been friends for years now. The whole time, Josh protected you when he got you in his crazy antics and you always thought of ways to execute his plans and get him and yourself out of trouble. You are close friends.?

?Me thinking of josh is almost as Inbred of me thinking of you,? I said. ?Josh is and always will be just a friend. The only type of relationship we will have. Not to mention?he is STRAIGHT!?

?Well, how is your relationship or lack thereof going?? He asked curiously.

I raised my brow in amusement. ?This is where the interview ends, sir,? I said to him. ?I love you but I don?t agree with some of the stuff you did and are doing now. We aren?t the same as before Ky. But you are my brother and I will always love you.?

Ky looked down at his bowl. ?Coy, I am doing this for us,? He said to me sadly. ?Don?t sometimes you wish you could be straight??

I shook my head and kissed my brother on the cheek. ?Never?Vaginas scare the crap out of me,? I said pinching his cheek. ?I like being this way because if you take away my gay part of me?.you take away a part of what makes coy?well, coy.?

Ky thought about it for awhile. ?You?re saying I should embrace it and just deal with it??

?I?m saying that life is full of weirdos and freaks and ignorant people,? I said to him. ?Look at Ryan and Tony. However, you let them do their worst and you survive. I am living proof of that. Ky?your sexuality doesn?t define you. You define it.?

Ky looked at me with a smile. I knew that smile. I think I was breaking away at the hard exterior.

?Now, come on, we are car pooling,? I said to him. ?You?re driving.?

?Well, once we told Mom and Dad about your rape they couldn?t stop trying to make up for not being there so you could?ve told them before the kidnapping?Now we got two free Cars out of it,? He said to me.

?I guess we can thank tony for that,? I said sarcastically. ?Oh?and I do want to advise you of something.?

?What?? He asked as we walked towards his car.

?Next time you have Nick over and you?re having mind blowing sex?Make sure you try to keep it down,? I said with a sly grin. ?I have to get my sleep to look this beautiful.?

?You know?? Ky asked me incredously. I laughed as we climbed inside.

?Well, I didn?t know it was Nick till now,? I said still laughing. ?I was just reaching and you just gave me the answer.?

Ky sighed to himself. ?Look?you can?t tell anybody,? he said to me. ?Especially Anthony because he would freak if he knew. I know you don?t owe me this but please?you can?t tell anyone.?

?Relax,? I said to him with a small smile. ?I?m sure Anthony will warm up to it eventually.?

Ky shook his head and looked at me with a serious look. ?Coy?I realized I made a mistake with Reverend Taylor and the group?.?

?Then let it go and get out of it,? I said looking down to see I had received a call from Matt. I hit ignore.

?It?s not that easy,? He said to me sadly. ?I made a mistake because I was trying to help us. But I cant just up and leave the group. It will have serious repercussions.?

I looked up from my phone and at my brother with a serious look. ?Ky?is there something you need to tell me??

?Just remember I love you,? He said starting the car and pulling it out of the driveway. I looked at him trying to figure out what was wrong.

We may be working on our differences but something told me that things were far from being completely fixed.

?Are you in trouble, Ky?? I asked after a few moments.

When he didn?t answer?I got my answer. Reverend Taylor and the new group he was hanging around weren?t all they seemed to be.

?Ky?what can I do?? I asked him trying to get answers from him. He didn?t say anything. ?Ky?answer me.?

?Let it go, Coy,? He said not wanting to discuss this situation any further.

?Ky?what can I do?? I asked him again as we pulled into the school parking lot.

He looked over at me with a sad look in his eyes. ?No matter what I might do in the future?No matter what is said about me,? He said trying not to cry. ?Remember what you said in the kitchen. I am your brother and you will always love me.?

We climbed out and he took off without me. I looked at my brother?s retreating back. It was funny how a semi-decent morning took a drastic turn.

?What have you gotten yourself into, Ky?? I thought to myself.


Scene B

?MATT!? A voice yelled out. He was so busy thinking about his problems and losing the love of his life, he didn?t even realize a baseball was coming straight towards him.

The ball hit him in his eye, snapping him out of his thoughts.

?Fuck,? He said clutching his eye. ?GODDAMN IT!?

?You didn?t even swing,? Nick said to him as he followed Matt to the fence.

?I wasn?t paying attention,? Matt said grabbing his bag and heading to the nurses office.

?Dude, let me help you,? Nick said trying to take the bag from him but Matt pushed him away. ?What the fuck man? I?m trying to help.?

?I don?t want your help, Anthony,? Matt said annoyed. Realizing he called Nick the wrong name he growled in frustration. ?Look, just go away man.?

?I know Coy and you broke up and you are worried that Anthony is going to take him away but that doesn?t mean you should lash out at me,? Nick said to him. ?We are friends?at least I thought we were.?

?It?s just hard to differentiate especially when you and him look alike,? Matt said annoyed. ?I?m sorry man. We are friends. He doesn?t belong with Coy.?

?I agree,? Nick said shocking Matt. ?Look, you were Coy?s first boyfriend. I?ve known him bout as long as you have. I have seen him smile and laugh a lot while you dated. I think Anthony is?easy for him. I know this is probably treason but I don?t think Coy could ever look at him the way he sees and connects with you. Anthony doesn?t get Coy the way you do. I?ve seen you over the past few months. You two belong together and I will help you.?

?Gee, what?s with brothers turning on brothers in this school?? Matt joked making Nick laugh.

?I?m a sucker for true love,? Nick said thinking Of Ky. ?Anthony wants Coy to be happy and you make Coy happy. But you have to promise not to let him down.?

?I promise,? Matt said realizing that with love you have to go the distance and try harder.

?I am going to hold you to that,? Nick said as they walked into the nurses office.


Scene C

?Do you see us being together for a long time?? I asked Matt as we cuddled up on his couch watching a movie.

?A very, long, long time,? He replied giving me an angel kiss.

?How long?? I asked him. It felt so right being in his arms. Smelling his manly scent?His strong arms protecting me from whatever dangers may come.

?Forever,? He answered me. ?But it will feel like day one every day. Because I feel the same way as I did when I asked you out two months ago. Content. Happy. Complete.?

?I feel the same way,? I said to him with a smile.

He completed me?

A sharp blow to my head snapped me out of my day dream. I looked to See Carmen looking at me with a sideways glance.

?What?what?s wrong?? I Asked her not sure exactly where I was at the present moment.

?Nothing is wrong,? She said pointing at the clock. ?But class is over. It?s time for lunch.?

I sighed to myself. I hadn?t seen Matt all day and I was wondering where he was even though it had been two weeks since we last talked.

?You?re thinking of him, aren?t you?? She asked me as we made our way to the cafeteria.

I nodded my head. ?Carmen, I don?t want to because he hurt me so much,? I said to her. ?Lies?Cheating?he almost got me raped and killed??

?You don?t need that, Coy,? She said wrapping her arms in my arm. ?You have hail for the past year or so. More so now with your parents and Ky acting queer and by queer I mean weird. You deserve something less complicated than Matt.?

?Like Anthony?? I asked as we noticed him standing by the cafeteria door talking to some people.

?I will admit that Matt has him beat in the looks and body department but Anthony is still an 8 and his personality and loyalty makes him a 10,? She said to me. ?He has been into you for a long time. Ever since the beginning of the first semester and you did told me you kissed him and you loved it.?

?I did?but?that was hormones talking,? I said to her. ?With matt?it was?like fireworks and seeing stars. He can kiss me like with a lot of sexual energy and love right at the same time.?

?I say give Anthony a chance,? She said and I sighed as I thought about it. ?I am kind of glad that Josh broke up with me. I thought about it for the past two weeks. It was obvious he wasn?t as into me as I originally thought and he had no problems breaking up with me and being an ass. So I am completely over him.?

I noticed Josh standing and talking to Giselle. ?So it doesn?t bother you at all that he is talking to AC High?s number bitch??

Carmen gasped. ?I can?t believe he is talking to that slut,? She said angrily. ?She is such?ooh?I cant stand Giselle.?

?I thought you were over him?? I asked amused.

She looked at me with a crazy look. ?Of course I am over Josh,? she said to me. ?Doesn?t mean I want his next girl to be her.?

She stomred off as Anthony made his way over towards me/

?Hey Coy,? He said giving me a hug. ?I see you?re looking good as ever.?

?Thanks Ant,? I said as we walked into the cafeteria. ?I see you are looking good. Ooh, look we are both wearing Abercrombie. We are twins.?

He laughed as we made our way to the lunch line. ?So you get settled into your new classes pretty good??

?Yeah, they are pretty decent,? I replied. ?Ky is in my first two periods.?

Anthony rolled his eyes. ?That ass,? He said which kind of angered me.

?He is my brother, you know,? I said defensively. ?In case you forgot.?

?And he hurt my brother,? He countered. ?In case you forgot that also.?

I sighed to myself. ?Anthony, I don?t want to fight with you,? I said to him. ?Especially not over Ky.?

?Same here,? He replied with a sheepish grin. ?I?m sorry. I just?I cant believe Nick of all people just became such a sap.?

?He is in love,? I answered. ?It happens to the best of us.? I noticed Matt was watching us as we looked for a place to sit.

Anthony also noticed it and was worried there might be something going on. ?So Coy?We should talk,? He said as we sat at a table.

?About what?? I asked meeting Matt?s eyes again. I smiled a small smile at him which he returned.

?About when we kissed,? He said which snapped me out of my thoughts completely.

?Oh,? I Said unsure of what to say.

?Look, you were with Matt for awhile so I didn?t want to make a move and then I did but we didn?t have much time to talk about it given the stuff that happened but I would like to talk about it now,? He said and I looked over at Matt who had a hurt look on his face.

?Um?sure?? I said to him with a small smile. ?What?s on your mind??

?You coy,? He said to me grabbing my hand. Given that we were both out, it was mostly okay seeing how the initial backlash died down. ?I really like you.?

?I like you too,? I Said as I casually pulled my hand away from his. I know Matt could see what was going on. Anthony had purposely chosen this table to sit at.

?I just?I want to like begin trying to take a step in the next direction,? He said to me. ?Taking our friendship to another level.?

?Like?date?? I Asked nervously.

He nodded. ?I mean?of course I want to date you but I know you just broke up with Matt so I want to take it slow and take you out tonight,? He said to me with a hopeful look.

I glanced over to see Matt hugging some girl. It was an innocent hug but for some reason I got jealous.

?Sounds like a plan,? I Said with a grin.


Scene D

Nick zipped his pants up as Ky finished getting dressed. ?I so love this new semester,? Ky said put his shoes on. ?I Love having this free period for study hall or to go work out. Trust me, we got a work out out here.?

The two had snuck off behind the school to get some alone time to be together for the past hour.

?As much as I like being with you, I really am not a fan of a big branch sticking me,? Nick said grabbing his jacket. Ky was about to say something but nick cut him off. ?Not that branch, perv.?

Ky laughed with a childish laugh as the two made their way back to the school. ?It feels good to be back together.?

?Not to me it doesn?t,? Nick said with a sad look at his boyfriend. ?I don?t like having to sneak around. It feels like we are doing something wrong.?

?What we did back there was anything but wrong,? Ky said to him. ?You?re the only guy I would ever let top me. That shit hurts like hell. I don?t know how you do it.?

?It doesn?t help when you have a well-endowed boyfriend,? Nick said with a laugh. ?But you get used to it. Trust me?We will practice it till you get it right, Mr. James.?

?Oh, gee,? Ky said with a laugh but noticed Darek was sitting on the steps outside the school. ?Oh shit.?

Nick realized something was wrong as they walked towards Darek who looked at him with pure hatred.

?Nick pagan?What?s up man?? Darek asked with a fake smile.

?The sky,? Nick replied Sarcastically. ?Can we help you with something??

?We?no, you two can?t,? Darek said to Nick. ?However, Kyle and I need to speak privately.?

?You?re going to have to wait till later because we are in the middle of something here,? Nick said to Darek, getting annoyed by his prescence.

?I think we all know what you two were up to out behind the school,? Darek challenged folding his arms. ?I followed you and got to say you two should make some porno movies. I?m sure you two could make a fortune with your ungodly stuff you do.?

Nick made a step forward but Ky stopped him. ?Look, Nick, I will just catch you later,? He said to his boyfriend.

Nick flashed Darek a dark look and walked inside the school.

?What the hell do you think you?re doing?? Darek asked as soon as Nick was gone. ?You were fucking a dude.?

?Look dude, I am starting to feel like what we are doing isn?t right,? Ky explained. ?I Saw the news this morning. I know what you guys did to those gay guys. I saw pictures of them on the internet.?

?We will do the same thing to you and your brother and your precious little boyfriend,? Darek said stepping directly in front of Ky. ?You gave us your promise you were down for whatever. We are trying to establish a new order here in Atlantic City. I am getting rid of those faggots. We are going to dispose of them. Now you have to make a choice. Your brother or your boyfriend??

?You expect me to choose?? Ky asked him with a shocked look. Darek smiled at him.

?Of course not,? He replied. ?We already made the choice for you.?

Ky realized that his hands were tied. He wanted out of the group but he had to stay in to protect Nick and I.

?Then I am down with whatever you chose,? He said with a determined look.

Darek patted him on the back and led him inside the school.


Scene E

Carmen walked straight towards Josh who was walking towards his last period class. ?Joshua Jackson,? She yelled at him.

?Yes, Carmen Gianni?? He asked with a angry look. He really meant it. He wanted nothing to do with Carmen.

?I understand that we are over and I guess I have to be okay with that,? She said to him. ?But my former best friend??

?What are you talking about?? Josh asked her.confused.

?I Saw Giselle throwing herself at you during lunch,? She replied folding her arms.

?Exactly, you saw her throwing herself at me,? Josh said with a scoff. ?I am not into Giselle. It?s like goin from a fine Beyonce to a cute Rihanna.?

?Really? You mean that?? Carmen asked smiling and blushing at his comment.

?Look, Carmen, We are done so don?t take that the wrong way,? He said firmly. ?I mean it when I say this. I don?t want to be a couple. We can try friends because we have mutual friends and I don?t want to make things more awkward.?

?We were done a long time before we broke up,? Carmen said sadly to herself. ?Are you okay? Have you seen your father??

Josh nodded. ?I?m okay,? He said with a sigh. ?I am staying with the twins for awhile until I figure out what I am going to do. I See My father every morning as I go get the newspaper. I try to talk to him but I don?t think he wants to fix this.?

?And the drugs?? She asked him. ?You still using??

?Yeah,? Josh said with a blank face.?I?m sober now but it?s the only way to cope without going completely insane.?

Carmen sighed and leaned into kiss him on the cheek. ?Look, I know we aren?t together. But you were my friend before you were my boyfriend. You will always be my friend. Just please be careful. Promise me.?

?I promise,? He said with a small smile. She touched him lightly on the face. With one more kiss on the cheek, she left him standing there.

?There is just so much you don?t know, Carmen,? He thought to himself.



I walked into the tutoring Center. I had received a mysterious text message from an unknown number to meet a person here in the center.

?Hello, Coy,? A boy said as he sat in the chair at the table. ?I was hoping you would come.?

?I take it you got my number from my school records?? I asked him and he nodded. ?So can you tell me who you are and what you want exactly.?

?Daniel Rodriguez,? He said shaking my hand. ?I need your help.?

?Oh, for tutoring?? I asked him and he shook his head. ?No?Not for tutoring. I am a pretty smart freshman. Top in my class actually.?

?Good for you,? I said sarcastically. ?Now can you tell me why I am here??

?It?s about your brother Ky,? Daniel explained and my ears peaked up at that little tidbit. ?He is in some serious deep shit.?

?What?s going on?? I asked him. Daniel opened his binder and showed me some pictures of dead boys who looked about our age. ?What is this? I don?t know what?s going on.?

?You?re brother is involved in a Religious zealot circle called the Christian soliders, ? Daniel explained. ?They are like a gang minus the whole stigma towards gangs.?

?Oh my god,? I said covering my mouth as I looked through the clippings. ?Hold on?Is this the story from this morning? About what happened to those two gay boys??

?Yes,? Daniel nodded. ?I think they gave Ky the premise that they could cure his homosexuality but in fact they are brainwashing him into a solider for them. They take advantage of young weak minds.?

I looked at the biography of the group. ?They?ve been around since the early 1900s? They have affiliations to Racial hate groups and religious hate groups against Jews and other religions,? I read aloud. ?Since the 1980s they have been a main suspect into the hate crimes against homosexuals?.Did Ky kill somebody? No, wait?he didn?t. He was in the house last night.?

?He hasn?t been a member long enough for them to give him a task like that,? Daniel answered me. ?But his time to choose is coming soon and they will use people he cares about will be in danger because they will use his closest friends and family as bait to rope him in.?

?I gotta find him?talk to him,? I said getting up from the table. He grabbed my arm.

?Coy?you want to help your brother?? He asked me and I nodded. ?Then I need you to trust me and join my group, We are a group of pacifist trying to spread the word about the organization to the world in hopes they will disband.?

?Fine,? I said to him. ?Please help me save my brother.?

Ky was in some serious shit from what I read and I realized that no matter how much he had hurt me, I had to save him from impending dangers coming his way.

Daniel and I sat in the tutoring center talking about his organization called Rainbow Soliders. They were about spreading peace and getting equality for young gay teens and to help troubled teens struggling with their identies.

The news flickered on and it was a strange broadcast color. It was a rainbow color. A picture of Matt and I flashed on the screen. The very first picture we ever took together as a couple. I saw the happiness in my smile.

?Please tell me Ky isn?t behind this,? I said as I saw Matt come onto the screen.

?You won?t talk to me so I figured this is the only way I can get you to understand me,? He said into the Camera. ?Coy?I know I screwed up royally and that you deserve somebody who would never let you down. I don?t want let you down anymore. I want to love you. Spend the rest of my life with you?I love you and I don?t care who knows. Because I am tired of hiding. I love you Coy James and I am asking you for a second chance??

The broadcast was cut off in mid sentence. I looked over at Daniel with a confused look.

?I think you should go find him,? He said to me as the bell rung signaling the end of the day was here.

?Text or call me tonight,? I said to him as I rushed out of the center.

I walked out to see eyes on me just like before. But people weren?t looking at me with Hatred. It was almost like they were truly accepting me.

?Go get him, Coy,? A girl yelled out and people cheered signaling their support. I smiled brightly until I saw Anthony standing at my locker.

It was the look in his eyes that told me. Told him there was no chance to start something with him because I hadn?t finished my story with Matt.

?I?m sorry,? I mouthed to him. He smiled back at me and pointed at me. I turned to see Matt standing there behind me.

?Hey,? He said nervously. ?I hope I didn?t embarrass you??

I grabbed him and kissed him. Something I had been dying to do for so long now. I didn?t care anymore. It was a new beginning. Tony was finally gone and I realized now that Matt was finally the boyfriend I needed him to be.

I heard cheers going off around us as we kissed. Even teachers were cheering. I noticed Ky looked happy but there was a look of fear on his face as he stood with Darek and the rest of those people. I was going to have to figure out how to help him.

?I got something to say to your face,? Matt said to me as we walked towards his car.

?Which is??

?I love you,? He said to me and I realized this was the first time he said it and actually meant it.

?I love you too,? I said with a smile.


Authors Note:

Season Finale coming up soon

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This is episode 8 of 8


Season 2

Angels and monsters

Episode 8: Angels and Monsters

Main Cast:

Coy James

Ky James

Matt Gleisner

Anthony Pagan

Nick Pagan

Carmen Gianni

Josh Jackson

Giselle Santos

Scene A

?You okay?? Matt asked me as he laid beside me in bed.

I looked at him and smiled. ?I just had sex with the guy that I love,? I said with a smile. ?I am more than okay. I am complete.?

Matt kissed me softly. ?Was it what you imagined??

?Considering my last sexual encounter was a lot more painful, it was a lot better than I imagined,? I Said with a half-laugh.

?I promise to never hurt you again,? He said as we cuddle. ?You know, a lot of things have changed in the month since we got back together.?

?Yeah, we are doing twice as good as before, I have done a lot of protest and awareness work with the Rainbow Soliders and I am finally happy in life,? I said to him. ?I owe most of the happiness to you, though. Without you, I couldn?t be as happy as I am now.?

?Aw, you are going make me get all mushy and cry,? Matt said and we both laughed. ?I am glad your parents aren?t here. We get to have the whole house to ourselves. Well, excluding the fact that Nick and Ky are here as well.?

?It?s a gay man?s paradise here,? I said getting out of bed and putting my boxers on. ?Come on, let?s go get the rest of the pizza and bring it up here before those two come back up for air.?

Matt accidentally knocked over a folder knocking my papers out of it. He picked them up and begin looking at them.

?What is Marco?? He asked curiously.

?Uh?it?s a story I just start writing a while back,? I explained as I finished dressing. ?About this gay bad boy kid and a group of friends that have tumultuous friendships and relationships and go through life dealing with?well, life.?

?Does he have a hot boyfriend?? He asked me placing the folder back on my desk. ?Preferably modeled after me.?

?If I modeled him after you, then he wouldn?t be hot,? I said with a laugh. ?Now come on, punk.?

Matt groaned and followed me downstairs. I was at the bottom of the stairs when I realized something was wrong. Nick and Ky both sat on the couch, fully clothed looking rather scared. I noticed noise coming from the kitchen and saw my parent?s car keys laying on the coffee table.

?Oh my god,? I hissed trying to force Matt upstairs but my mom walked out of the kitchen.

?Bring him down,? She said with an eerie look on her face. I looked at Matt who looked just as nervous as I felt.

Matt and I made our way down the stairs and I looked at Ky. ?Why didn?t you warn me?? I whispered sitting beside him.

?I sent you a text like 20 minutes ago when they came in,? He said to me. ?Nick and I are were doing it down here on the couch and they walked in on us.?

?They weren?t supposed to be back till tomorrow night,? I said as they both walked into the living room.

?Well, we decided to come back because your mother was worried about you boys,? Dad said sitting across from the four of us. ?With good reason, I see. Imagine my surprise to see me son being molested by another boy. My other son is upstairs being molested. Figured I would let you finish before we interrupted you.?

?I wasn?t being molested,? I said with a sigh. ?It?s called having sex. You and mom used to do it on a regular basis.?

Dad sighed. ?Coy, you used to be my pride and Joy. Compared to your brother, who has been a nightmare up until recently. Now, I am both equally ashamed of you both.?

?The feeling is mutual,? Ky said with a hiss. ?Look, I have bought into this bullshit that reverend Taylor has spewed out and even tried to please you guys. But I am happy being the way that I am.?

?We are both in love,? I said with a smile. ?I love Matt. He loves Nick.?

?I was afraid this would happen,? Mom said to him. ?You two are corrupted.?

?No, you two are fucking idiots,? Nick said and Matt issued his agreement. ?I swear, no wonder Ky felt like he had to betray his own brother in order to save himself. With parents like you, who can blame him??

?Coy has been hurt enough in his life,? Matt said getting up and stepping in front of my father. ?I refuse to let him be further hurt by idiots like yourselves.?

My father punched Matt in the face hard. I rushed to his aid but my father shoved me back. ?Nick, if you would so kindly guide this young man here out and please leave our house,? He said to him. ?Please say your good-byes because you will not be seeing our sons after tomorrow.?

?What the hell are you going to do to them?? Nick asked as he helped Matt up.

?We are going to help them,? Mom said and she pushed the two towards the door.

?This isn?t fucking right,? Matt said trying to get back in the house. ?I swear, I Will kill you if anything happens to either of them.?

?Please don?t male threats you can?t keep,? Mom said shutting the door and locking it before making her way back into the living room.

?What?s going to happen to us?? Ky asked. He didn?t care anymore. Honestly, it was not worth the hassle anymore to hate. He could never have a meaningful relationship with Nick because Anthony didn?t approve of it. His parents were crappy and his relationship with his twin brother was barely a brotherhood and merely associates.

?We are sending you two away,? Mom said to us. ?Reverend Taylor has told me about Coy?s protest and joining a cult that promotes this unhealthy lifestyle and that you have turned your back on the same people who tried to help you. You don?t bite the hand that feeds you, Ky.?

?Reverend Taylor promotes a group that is murdering gay teens and young adults,? I said in shock at them. ?Did you know that??

?Yes, we did,? Dad said to us. ?Which is why we are trying to save you boys?Before you suffer the same dire fate those poor boys faced. A painful death.?

?Where are you sending us?? I asked them.

?Tomorrow we are sending you to Freedom hospital in Delaware,? Mom replied. ?They are an institution that helps people with Mental disorders and they are going to reprogram you boys minds.?

?Reprogram?? Ky and I said in unison. We looked at each other.

Something bad was going to happen?.We knew it but what exactly, we didn?t know.

?You boys should get some sleep,? Dad said to us. ?It?s going to be an early morning.?


Scene B

I had fallen asleep after talking to Ky about what was going to happen in the morning. I was wrapped up in the pillow that Matt had rested on. I needed him here to protect me from the darkness that was about to come my way. I felt myself be shaken awake violently.

?Matt, come on, you don?t got to be so rough,? I said sleepily as I opened my eyes up. ?Ky??

?Get up,? He said to me with a hiss. ?Grab your cell. We need to go.?

?Go where?? I asked still asleep. ?What?s going on??

?I had to use the bathroom and I saw some armed guards talking to Mom and Dad down stairs,? He explained. ?They looked dangerous. We need to go now.?

?Fuck,? I growled as I climbed out of the bed. I threw a pair of jeans on and made my way over to the window. ?is this safe??

?Are they safe?? Ky asked as motioning downstairs. ?GO! NOW!?

I opened my window and made my way outside and crawled on the roof as the door to my bedroom busted open.

?KY!? I Yelled out as I tried to crawl back towards the window.

He slammed the window down and turned to face the guards. I lost my grip and slid to the edge of the roof.

?Crap,? I said as I let go of the edge and fell to the ground. The shcok stunned me for a second but I limped and made my way around the side of the house. A guard knocked me in the face with the butt of his gun He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and walked inside the house.

Scene C


Anthony stood watching Josh as he snorted a line of coke. He had been standing there for about five minutes, Josh oblivious to the boy behind him. Anthony cleared his throat scaring Josh.

?What the fuck man?? Josh asked annoyed.

?Exactly, what the fuck man,? Anthony said walking towards the couch Josh was sitting on. ?I told you I hate when you do that shit in my house.?

?You and nick score me the drugs but complain about where I do it?? Josh asked, raising his eye brow. ?Come on, that?s a double standard don?t you think.?

?Whatever,? Anthony said throwing his backpack over his shoulder. ?Besides, I only got you enough coke for a day. That was two weeks ago and Nick is barely home. So where did you get that supply from??

?I got resources,? Josh said with a goofy laugh.

?You also got powder on your nose, coke whore,? Anthony said shaking his head in disgust. ?Look, man, you know you my boy and all but you seriously need help.?

?Help with what? The drugs?? Josh asked as he prepared another line. ?Man, I can quit whenever I want to.?

?Then quit now,? Anthony said folding his arms.

Josh shook his head no. ?But I don?t? wanna. It relaxes me. Makes me feel good. Real good.?

?Fucking Junkie,? Anthony said shaking his head. ?What time did Nick come in last night? He wasn?t here when I went to bed.?

?A little after 12,? Josh said as he snorted another line of coke. ?HOT DAMN! GOOD SHIT!?

?I take it you aren?t coming to school today, huh?? Anthony asked Josh who was beginning to get dazed and not really paying attention. ?Nope, you?re not. NICK! COME ON!?

Nick walked down the stairs and out the door past his brother.

?Alrightty then,? Anthony said with a sigh and headed out the door.

?Whole house to myself,? Josh said looking around. ?I say, I should find a girl and fuck the hell out of her all over this fucking house.?

He pulled his phone out and randomly begin texting a list of girls in his phone.


Scene D

Matt paced outside my second period class hoping to see me as the bell rung. As the classroom emptied, he discovered that I wasn?t in the class

?FUCK!? He yelled punching a locker beside him. ?OH SHIT! THAT HURT!?

?Gee, Matty boo, you got some pent up anger don?t you?? Giselle asked walking up to him. ?Coy still not giving it up? Is that why you are beating up on defenseless lockers??

?Actually, I fucked the hell out of him last night,? Matt said trying to make her mad. ?Oh, word of advice?You might want to take some oral tips from Coy. He is better at it than you.?

Matt turned to leave Giselle fuming with Anger.

?You know, it would suck if your father found out about your sinful obsessions and activities with Coy,? She said with a sneer.

Matt stopped dead in his tracks and turned to face Giselle.

?There are a lot of beautiful and longing girls here in the school that what you, myself included and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get you, again myself included,? She said walking towards him. ?Don?t get me wrong, Coy is a hot dude but I?m?hotter.?

?You?re pathetic,? Matt said to her. ?Listen to me closely, we will never EVER be an item. Why do you think I was fucking boys behind your back to begin with? You could never satisfy me. So stop trying and stay the hell away from me.?

Matt walked off from an angry Giselle who stood with an evil grin upon her face.

?Too bad, I know what?s going to happen to your boyfriend,? She said to herself. Arms wrapped her from behind. ?This better be Darek.?

?Of course,? He said as she turned to face him. ?Who else would it be??

?Nobody,? She said giving him a kiss on his lips. ?I love these lips. I can?t get enough of these lips.?

?I Can?t get enough of you,? He said to her. ?Today, is the day that we can stop hanging around in secret and let our relationship be known.?

?Right,? She said with a half-smile. ?So you seem a little to excited just to have our relationship out in the open. What else has you so giddy??

?Our plan to destroy Ky, Coy, and those rainbow soldiers is in motion as of this morning,? Darek said as they headed to the student lounge center. Both had a free period and they usually spent them together, in Janitorial closets.

?Oh,? Giselle said as she saw Nick walked past her. He flashed her a dirty look seeing the couple and kept walking on pass. :?So what happens now??

?I don?t know, honestly,? Darek said with a shrug. ?But I do know that those two will be dead pretty soon. Along with the rest of those faggot rainbow soldiers.?

Giselle noticed Nick at his locker and he noticed her looking. She smiled softly at him. He wasn?t sure why she was looking his way but it couldn?t be anything good. He flicked her off and turned in the other direction. Giselle sighed softly to herself.

?You still keeping your promise right?? She asked him. ?Nick and Matt won?t get hurt. Will they??

While Giselle had a strong dislike for both boys, she had uncovered a secret about Darek after he invited her to his house and learned that he had it in for both Ky and I. She blamed us both for taking two boys she had fallen in love with away from her and she wanted to protect them as much as possible.

?Well, you?re my girl now and since you kept your promise?I gotta keep mine,? He said kissing her on the cheek.

?Good,? Giselle said with a false smile.

She hoped she could trust him but something told her, that she couldn?t. It was that voice that she was trying to quiet inside her head.


Scene E

I shot up from the cot that I laid on. Looking around, I was in some sort of room with beds containing three other boys, one being Ky. He was laying there unmoving but I Wasn?t sure if he was alive.

?Ky!? I said rushing over to him. He groggily stirred around and looked around to see where he was at.

?Where are we, coy?? He asked as the other ttwo boys sat up in their beds.

?Freedom Hospital,? One boy said with a yawn. ?Section 9 aka Hell.?

?What is section 9?? I asked sitting on Ky?s bed. His face was bruised pretty badly from an apparent beating.

?Section 9 is where they place all the queers like Trent and I at and reprogram them or terminate if the reprogramming doesn?t take,? The other boy said. ?I?m Terry. Trent?s my little brother. It?s nice to see they got some hot guys here, twins at that. We been having a drought of hotties here.?

?I?m Coy,? I said introducing myself. ?This is my brother Ky. How long have you two been here??

?What month is it?? Trent asked me. I looked at Ky before looking back at Trent and answering.

?It?s February,? I replied. ?February 13th.?

?What year?? Terry asked us.

?2009,? Ky answered.

?We have been here for almost 3 years,? Terry said with a sad look. Trent began to tear up.

My heart began racing fast and I looked at Ky who had the same look of fear on his face.

Before we could ask more questions, the door of the room opened and two guards and a man in a white Coat stood at the door.

?Hello, Trent?Terry,? He said to the two boys. ?Welcome, Coy and Ky to the Freedom Hospital.?

?Freedom, huh?? Ky asked with a scoff. ?Where is the freedom at keeping kids locked up in here like fucking animals for three years.?

?We are only trying to help,? The man in the whit e coat said. ?I?m Dr. Denton and I specialize in abnormal sexual personalities.?

?Personalities?? Abnormal Personalities?? I asked him. ?There is nothing abnormal about us. The only abnormal thing is we are here against our will.?

?You?re both munors,? Dr. Denton said. ?Your parents have complete control to send you to wherever they feel is best for you to get the help you need.?

?We don?t want help,? Ky said through gritted teeth. ?We just want to be left the hell alone and to go home.?

?I?m sorry but you will not be leaving here,? Dr. Denton said with an apologetic look. ?Trent and Terry here are half-way to their recovery. We would start you on the same routine they were on but?You two require a different routine.?

?Such as?? I asked him.

?Don?t worry about that, boys,? A voice said from behind the guards. They stepped to the side and revealed Reverend Taylor. ?You?re in good hands.?


Scene F

?So nobody has seen them?? Nick asked as he sat at that table with Carmen, Matt, and Anthony. ?Nobody has gotten a text message?phone call?im?something saying where they are or if they are okay??

?Nope,? Anthony said and Carmen shook her head no. ?What I cant get is that it?s been over a month since I forbid you to see Ky and you been doing it behind my back, Nick.?

?That?s the funny thing, you don?t get to forbid me on anything,? Nick said getting annoyed. ?We are the same age.?

?Yet, I am the mature one and know not to chase after boys that are trouble,? Anthony challeneged.

?No, you just chase after boys that you can never get,? Matt said taking Nick?s defense. He realized that Nick was the weaker twin and he refused to see Nick being bullied by his brother.

?Look, I am not talking to you,? Anthony said to Matt with a fire in his eyes. ?I sit at this table everyday since he chose you, I ignore you. I ignore you two as a couple. But he is not here right now and I have no problem whooping your ass right here and now.?

?Guys,? Carmen said with a nervous look at the two. ?Please don?t fight. Not today. We need to figure out where Coy and Ky are.?

?No, we aren?t going to fight, Carmen,? Matt said looking directly at Anthony. ?There is no reason to. He lost a fight that he lost before it even started. The funny thing is that even your own brother can see I belonged with Coy.?

?What are you talking about?? Anthony asked confused.

?Matt don?t,? Nick growled but Anthony began putting two and two together.

?You didn?t?? He asked his brother with a look of utter betrayal on his face. ?Oh, my god! You helped him.?

?Anthony, they are in love and it?s not right trying to keep the two apart,? Nick said to him. ?I?m sorry. But even if you got with Coy, he would never truly be yours. His heart always will belong to Matt.?

?Whatever,? Anthony said angrily. ?You have nothing to say to me.?

Nick was about to say something when he noticed a disruption outside in the hall. Somebody was screaming murderer in the halls.

The four of them rushed along with the other people to see Darek and Daniel fighting each other.

?Thank god, you are here,? Daniel said as he noticed Anthony, Matt and Nick. ?He knows where Coy and Ky are.?

?What? Where are they?? Matt asked jumping into Darek?s face.

?They are being disposed of,? Darek said with a sneer. Matt looked at Anthony with a worried look.

?What do you mean disposed of?? Anthony asked but Darek ran off into the crowd of people.

?After him,? Nick yelled as he took off after Darek followed behind by Matt, Anthony, Carmen, and Daniel.

Carmen looked around and saw Darek jumping in a car.

?He?s getting away,? She said exasperated. She looked at the boys with a nervous look on her face.

?Guys, what are we going to do?? Nick said trying to hold his tears back. ?Coy and Ky are in trouble and he is the only person who knows where they are.?

?So do I,? Giselle walking up from behind them. They turned to face her with skeptical looks on their face.

?Where are they?? Matt asked stepping up to her. ?Giselle, Please don?t let this be one of your games because I don?t hit girls but I might make an exception in this case.?

Giselle pushed past him and looked at Daniel. ?Ever heard of Freedom hospital??

He nodded his head slowly. ?In Delaware??

?Exactlly,? She replied. ?That weird Reverend Guy and Darek and the rest of those weird people he hangs with convinced the twin?s mother and father to send the boys there to help them. But if anything, it?s a modern day concentration camp.?

Matt growled in frustration. ?You knew what was going on and you wanted to say something now? You could?ve prevented this and saved two lives.?

?I did save two lives,? Giselle said bitterly. ?I couldn?t save the twins, not sure if I Wanted to. But they were going to kill you and Nick. I didn?t want that to happen. Shortly after you came out in school, I was approached by Darek to join his group because he knew that I wasn?t tight with you guys anymore. I learned what he had in store and needless to say, I still care about both of you and I agreed to date him in return he would make sure you two were spared.?

Matt rolled his eyes and turned to his friends. ?Anybody up for a road trip? I need to save my boyfriend?again.?

He walked towards the other parking lot towards his car with everybody grouping off except Nick. He turned to face Giselle.

?I hope that you let go of the hate in your heart, Gisellionare,? He said, calling her the name he had given her. ?You were an amazing person when we dated and I am sorry that I hurt you. But if you wanted to hurt me?then hurt me. Not Ky.?

?I?m sorry,? Giselle said with her eyes glistening.

?NICK!? Matt yelled out from his car. ?Come on.?

Nick flashed her a look of hope. He realized that he did use Giselle as a temporary fix for Ky but he couldn?t entirely fault her. Had he been honest with his feelings and not brought Giselle into the circle, he might not have to worry about his boyfriend being hurt.

?Thanks for your help,? He said before jogging towards Matt?s Car.


Scene G

Josh watched as the freshman girl he had just slept with walked towards her car.

?Will I see you again?? She asked as she stood at her bike.

?Probably not,? Josh said looking at his old house he shared with his father.

?Jackass,? the girl muttered before riding off down the street leaving Josh sanding there in thought.

He missed his father before the beatings.. He missed his bed. He missed the smell of his house. He missed himself before all the shit hit the ceiling.

?Fuck this,? He said shutting the door behind him. ?I am going to my house.?

He jogged across the street and noticed that his father?s car was in the driveway. He looked at his watch.

?It?s before 1, meaning the prick is asleep,? He muttered as he walked on to his front porch and got the hideaway key to open the door. ?I am getting my fucking pillow and ipod.?

He slowly crept into his house and saw that the downstairs was empty. Shutting the door behind him softly, he made his way up the stairs. A step creak and he hesitated before walking towards the top. He walked into his room and noticed it was exactly how he left it. It was still a mess with his clothes in the middle of the floor.

?How I like it,? He said with a nostalgic smile. He laid on his bed and admired the softness that he missed. Closing his eyes for a second, he fell asleep. But not for long.

?You have five seconds to get out of my house,? His father?s voice boomed causing him to Jump up off the bed. His father stood with a gun pointed right at Josh.



?I wanna talk??



?Fuck it,? Josh?s father said pulling the trigger and shooting Josh in the chest. Josh fell back on the bed in pain.

?You should?ve stayed away,? Mr. Jackson said as he walked out of the room. ?Should have stayed gone.?

Josh watched his father?s retreating footsteps as he walked down the hall. He was in so much pain.

?I wanted to say that I?forgive you,? he said before he lost consciousness.



?LET GO OF ME!? I screamed as armed Guards drug me out the room.

?Where are you taking him?? Ky asked as he watched me being drug down the hall kicking and screaming.

Reverend Taylor shook his head. ?He is going to be programmed,? he said with a blank look on his face. ?I am sorry that it had to come this far but these are extreme cases. Coy is causing a rebellion at school and promoting an unhealthy choice of sexual deviancy.?

?Coy is living his life the way he is supposed to live it,? Ky said angrily. ?I thought that you could help me. But I realized that listening to you just fucked me up even more.?

Ky tackled Reverend Taylor to the floor and begin strangling him. He saw the blood draining from the Reverend?s face and saw that he was succeeding at what he was hoping. However, two guards barged in.

?Let him go,? A guard demanded but Ky kept his tight grip on the Reverend?s Neck.

?Not until he is dead,? Ky said as he watched the life drain out of the man. He could see the cold look in Reverend Taylor?s eyes. The look of death was slowly creeping upon him. But, then he released his grip partially when he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. Looking down he noticed that he had been stabbed with a pair of scissors that had fallen to the floor when he tackled the Reverend.

?I am so sorry, Kyle,? Reverend Taylor as he watched him bleed. ?I didn?t want it to come this way. Those demons inside of your head are controlling you. Maybe there is hope for you yet.?

Ky closed his eyes and thought of Nick. If he was going to die, he wanted to remember the one good thing he had found in life.

?Dispose of him,? Reverend Taylor said walking out of the room and closing the door behind him.


Scene I

The elevator doors opened and the guards drug me out of the elevator towards a door. I didn?t know what was going to happen next.

?Please don?t do this,? I pleaded as I tried to stall as much as possible by dragging my feet along the floor. ?PLEASE!?

They opened the door and shoved me down some stairs into the dark room with only the light above shining down.

?NO!? I yelled as I tried to rush towards the door but they shut it. I started crying. I hated being in the dark.

Once, when Ky and I were in the 4th grade with Josh we were playing outside during the night. They thought it would be funny to lock me inside this old abandon building and I remember that it was full of rats and that homeless bums were there who were attacking me for money and clothes. Needless to say, ever since, I hated the dark.

I grabbed my stomach in pain. I don?t know but I had the sinking suspicion something was wrong with Ky. I heard a rustling noise in the darkness and jumped and looked around in the darkness.

?Who is there?? I asked still looking around trying to figure out what exactly was going on and who or what was around me.

I felt a pair of hands grab my body and slammed me into a wall, my head ringing from the blow. I tried to fight back but was too dazed. The hospital gown I was wearing was torn from my body and I was pinned up against the wall. The person, obviously, a man was bashing my head into the wall. I could feel the blood from my nose dripping.

?Who..who are you?? I asked half-conscious.

?Miss me?? A voice that sent chills through my body and caused me to tense up even more.

?Tony?? I asked unsure.

He kissed me on the necks softly and I felt him release me. He turned the lights on and I saw him plain as day.

?I must be drugged or something,? I said trying to laugh even though I knew t his was no cause of drugs.

?Nope, not drugged,? he said with a sneer. ?You don?t mind if I turn the light off, do you? I want to try it in the dark.?

He smiled at me and reached up to the turn the light off but stopped.

?You hate the dark don?t you, Coy?? He asked me. ?I forgot that you hated being alone in the dark. I remember that they told me that. Learned that secret from dear, Ky.?

He pulled the string and it went completely dark. I felt him pin me up against the wall.

?You?re supposed to be dead,? I said not able to push him off of me. ?You?re dead.?

?Well, the dead has risen,? He said tossing me to the ground. ?Let?s finish what we started.? It was then that I heard him unzip his pants although while holding me down with one arm on my back and I heard him spit. He roughy begin finger my hole.

?Stop!? I Yelled out. ?HELP! HELP!?

?Scream baby, I like it,? He said and that was when I felt him penetrate me.

He grunted as he thrusted painfully inside of me. ?Tight?just like I remembered it. I missed this.?

He began thrusting hard and deep inside of me. I tried pushing him out but it caused more pain the more I try to counter.

?Stop fighting and take it like a man,? He whispered in my ear. ?I?Shit, feel so good. I would take this?.because?oh fuck?.goddamn, you so tight?they are killing your brother as we speak?.betrayal?.and I get to have you. To reprogram you.?

It was in that very second I felt something inside my head snap. Almost like I was being possessed by something else. The pain from the rape and my head caused me to black out.

Something inside me...My brain felt like it was breaking....


Scene J

Matt rushed into the parking lot of the hospital and parked. He rushed out of the car and ran towards the entrance of the hospital.

?MATT! WAIT!? Carmen yelled out to him. Four armed cars had their guns pointed and ready to shoot at him.

Anthony tackled Matt to the ground. ?Dude, they got fucking guns. Calm the fuck down. We can?t save them if we are dead.?

?Where are they?? Daniel asked as he, Carmen, and Nick made their way towards the guards.

The guards were silent but Nick recognized a figure walking towards the group.

?Hello, young people,? Reverend Taylor said with a warm smile. Darek followed behind him. ?I am sorry to notify you but visiting hours are over.?

?Where are they?? Daniel demanded. ?They were not supposed to be hurt. I didn?t want this. Coy just wanted to help and Ky wanted to be rid of your evil shit.?

?Martyrs to your cause,? Darek said with a chuckle. Matt tried to make a go at him but Anthony held him back.

Nick noticed somebody being wheeled on a gurney and focused on a direction. ?Oh my god,? He said covering his mouth. ?Is one of them.?

Matt noticed the body and his face begin to pale. ?Is that Coy or Ky??

?Relax, it?s Ky,? Darek said with a laugh. ?He got a little rough with the Rev here and in self-defense, Rev Taylor stabbed him.?

?NO!? Nick yelled rushing towards Ky. Carmen and Daniel ran after him.

?Where is Coy?? Anthony asked Reverend Taylor.

Reverend Taylor looked at Darek who smiled and said nothing.

?He asked you a question,? Matt said stepping towards the two. ?Where the hell is Coy??

?Coy is suffering a fate worse than death,? Darek said and that was when Matt lost it and punched him in the face. Anthony joined in but both stopped when they felt the guns pressed towards their back.

?I Suggest you take your friends and leave,? Reverend Taylor. ?There is nothing left for you here.?

?If something happened to Coy, I am willing to die,? Matt thought to himself. He glanced as he saw Nick sobbing over Ky. He wasn?t sure if he was dead or alive.


Scene K

4 Months later?..

?Jesus, do you always have to be so rough with the boy?? She asked him. ?You have had him for four months now.?

?Yeah, Coy and I like it rough,? Tony said with a laugh. ?Besides he always has to fight back so I have to let him know who is the boss.?

The doctor rolled her eyes. ?I still don?t know why they decided to use as a way to reprogram him,? She said with a sigh. ?It?s been this long and he still wants to be gay. Maybe it was not a choice for him.?

?They want him to believe that if he stays gay, things like this will always happen to him,? Tony said with a shrug. ?The more he fights the longer it will happen. But I think I am breaking him, little by little. For these past four months, he doesn?t fight as much. But I didn?t mean for him to his head on that metal pipe.?

?Yeah, of course you didn?t. Here is one thing I don?t get. You were supposed to be dead,? She said to him. ?How did you fake that??

?Easy,? Tony said with a laugh, impressed with himself. ?Coy shoots worth shit and all I had to do was fake being dead and control my breathing and when Anthony left the house, I left.?

?You are a sadistic, smart boy,? She said also impressed with this revelation.

I shot up off the bed I was laying on, scaring them both.

?Shit,? Tony said taken aback by my sudden waking up.

I looked around trying to figure out what was going on. ?Where am I??

?Coy, you are in the operating room,? the doctor said. ?You suffered from a bad blow from being with Tony earlier and we wanted to make sure you were okay.?

?Yeah, we did it rough, Coy,? Tony said with a laugh.

?Why do you keep calling me Coy?? I asked them both looking at them with a confused look.

?Because that?s your name,? Tony said with a laugh.

?No it?s not,? I said confused. ?My name is Marco.?


Well, Angel & Monsters is officially over which brings into the new saga, Marco. Marco explores where A & M left off. It will introduce new story lines as well as new characters. As you can see Coy is?well, coy isn?t exactly Coy right now. Something triggered a break inside of his mind and as you can see, he has developed a second personality. You will see what happens with this new found personality and whether Coy will return, what happened with Josh and Ky, and where exactly the story goes in Marco.

I will say this?Leave everything you know about Halo & Angels and Monsters?Because Marco is entirely different.

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