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It is highly highly recommended that you go back and read

Halo Book One-Beginnings


as well as go back and read

Halo Book Two-Angels & Monsters


If you have not read these seasons, then you will be kind of lost...

SPoilers for Season 3 Below


In Halo Book 3: Marco,

It picks up months after the end of Season 2. Coy looks the same as before but he is different. He is more violent, harsh and blunt then before.

He is also hiding a deadly secret from his friends.

This season follows the intro of Coy & Marco and is about revenge.

It also shows the fragile friendships between Anthony & Nick, Carmen's attempt at dating again, Matt's Broken heart,

Giselle's popularity and status has been revoked and we are introduced to a new character who has a thing for Coy.

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This is Episode 1 of 9


Episode One: Marco Polo

Main Cast

Coy ?Marco? James

Ky James

Matt Gleisner

Nate Soto

Anthony Pagan

Nick Pagan

Josh Jackson

Carmen Gianni

Giselle Santos

Darek Bouzakis


Scene A

I sighed as I walked out of the front of the door of the psychologist office I had my weekly counseling in. The people who I learned not to long ago were my parents followed behind me.


?For the last time please stop calling me that woman,? I yelled at my mom. ?Look, I know I look like the son that you put in this institution but that boy is dead. My name is Marco.?

?I still can?t believe that we let this happen,? My dad said as we piled into the car. ?My son has changed into a whole entire different person.?

Mom turned and looked at me in the back seat of the car. ?Coy?Marco?I know that you hate us??

?I don?t know you very well to hate you,? I said to her with a sideways glance. ?Look, can we just cut the family talk and head to somewhere to get some dinner? I am craving some Mcdonalds.?

Mom looked at dad and sighed. ?Right,? She said with a small smile. ?Mcdonald?s it is then.?


Scene B

One month earlier?

Matt sat outside of the waiting room as Carmen, Nick, and Anthony all sat beside him.

?His parents finally took him out of there,? Matt said with a small smile. ?He has been trapped in there for literally five months?I?I have been writing to him like every week since we left him there. At first, I would get replies from him but for the last month, I have got nothing. I thought he?But his mom and dad called me last night and said that he was here at this hospital. The same hospital that??

Matt stopped and looked at Nick who was in the same clothes as he had been in for the past two days. ?How is Ky??

Nick smiled weakly. ?Well?No change?Luckily, he is breathing and alive,? he said sadly. ?Just stuck in that coma.?

Matt grabbed his hand and pressed it lightly. ?I know how it feels to not know what the future holds for the on you love. Keep faith?.That?s all you can do is keep faith.?

Nick smiled softly and begin to tear up. Anthony rolled his eyes. It had been almost 5 months but he still hadn?t forgiven his brother.

?Well, perhaps Ky prefers to stay unconscious as to escape the backstabbing you put people through,? He said to his brother. ?Or do you sell your own twin out and do something so reckless as help the guy he hates get with the guy you bro loves??

Nick rolled his eyes and noticed Giselle walking towards them. Carmen and Matt tensed up.

?What is she doing here?? Carmen asked shooting daggers at her former friend.

?I invited her here,? Nick said with a determine look. ?I know Giselle did some shady shit but I realized that she is hurt. Matt, you broke her heart and left her for a boy. She depended on you to be the one she could love. Then I come along and pretty much do the same. I don?t think she really means harm. She makes mistakes?just like the rest of us.?

?Except our mistakes have never put somebody?s life in danger,? Carmen said and Giselle sighed.

?Maybe I should go,? She said looking at Nick with a disappointed look.

?Maybe you should,? Anthony said with a dark look on his face. ?If you would have spoke up, Coy might not be in this situation. Fuck Ky.?

?Watch it,? Nick said to his brother. ?And she stays. If you don?t want her here, fine. But I Want her here and you have to deal.?

Matt was about to say something but noticed the doctor walking out with my parents. He jumped up and headed towards the 3.

Anthony made a move to get up but Carmen grabbed his arm.

?Let matt go,? She said with a firm but sweet tone. ?Then we will found out from Matt.?

Anthony sighed and sat back down in his seat. He still couldn?t believe that he lost the one person he loved to the one person he hated.

?Mr. and Mrs. James?Can I please see him?? Matt asked and they had a disturbed look on their face. ?What?What?s wrong??

Mom looked down trying to hold her tears back. ?We had no idea??

?We just wanted to help them,? Dad said remorsefully. ?When Ky was stabbed, they released them to us. We asked to have Coy released as well but we had signed a contract that said that they had utter control over Coy for at least 4 months. We couldn?t go to the police because we would incriminate ourselves.?

?I want to see him,? Matt said starting to get worried.

?Matthew, I understand that you are his partner,? the doctor said. ?I am Dr. Felix Monroe. I am the head Doctor on Coy?s case. Apparently, he has been through some intense stuff at this institution. He had been raped repeatedly by another male and?he has suffered a psychotic break. It seems that somehow to gain strength and block out his pain, he somehow created a whole different personality. By the name of Marco??

?Wha?What?? Matt asked confused. ?Let me see him??

?Matthew, I don?t know if that is such a good idea,? Dad said but Matt pushed past him and into the room I was in.

?Coy,? Matt said as he saw me laying on the bed with my arm?s folded up with a frown.

?Are you the hospital staff bringing me my French fries?? I asked looking at him with an annoyed look. ?I asked for those fucking fries an hour ago.?

?Coy?it?s me?Matt,? He said with a confused look. ?You?don?t know me??

?Should I?? I asked him with a sideways glance.

?I?m your boyfriend,? He said walking towards the bed.

I laughed hard at that. ?Boyfriend? You? Look, I really am not into the whole beefy muscular steroid look,? I said with a laugh. ?Of course, I know who you are. You?re Coy?s boyfriend.?

?But aren?t you??

?Coy? No, sorry to disappoint you I am not,? I said sticking my hand out. ?Marco. Nice to meet you.?

Matt shook my hand awkwardly. ?I don?t understand,? He said confused.

?Neither do I,? I Said with a sigh. ?Apparently, I am not who I think I am. My name is Marco but they are telling me I am Coy.?

?Marco?From the story,? Matt said to him. ?Oh my god! You are the same person from the story??

?What story?? I asked him with a confused look. ?Look, all I know is that I have these dreams of me hanging with people I don?t think I know and doing things with you. But this is my first time meeting you.?

?What kind of dreams?? Matt asked sitting on my bed. ?Like?sex dreams??

?Well, those too,? I Said with a small laugh. ?You can fuck like crazy.?

Matt looked at me with a sad look. ?You?re right. You aren?t Coy,? he said to me sadly. ?He doesn?t cuss like that.?

?You?re right,? I said to him. ?I am not. But I feel the emotions he feels. It?s like I am sharing my body with somebody else. I remember things he experienced. I remember pains he felt. But they aren?t mine. Dude, seems weak as hell. Highly sensitive and emotional. Too emotional for my tastes.?

Matt looked at me. The boy sitting in front of him looked like the boy he loved, talked like the boy he loved but wasn?t the boy he loved.

?Can I ask you a question?? He asked me.

I nodded. ?Make it quick,? I said to him. ?I started watching this show called Hannah Montana. I kinda like it.?

?Coy didn?t,? Matt said softly. ?You said you can feel emotions he feels? Does that mean you can feel if he still loves me??

I looked at him with a evil look on my face. ?No, he doesn?t,? I said to him. ?You were supposed to rescue him?us from that hell. You were suppose to save him and yet you coward out.?

?They had guns to our heads,? Matt said angrily. ?How the hell was I supposed to take on armed guards??

?Coy saw you through the window of his room,? I said with a sigh. ?He had just gotten raped by his worst nightmare. Yet?he didn?t see Armed guards. He saw your retreating back heading towards your car. He gave up on you. He stopped loving you. I don?t love you.?

Matt looked crushed and I smiled reveling in his pain that he was feeling.

?But doesn?t mean I cant learn to love you,? I Said reaching over and grabbing his arm and pulling him towards me. ?What do you say we recreate my dreams and make them a reality. I want to feel how Coy felt. All of the pleasure you gave him.?

I leaned in and kiss Matt with pure lust. Matt was kissing me back with love.

?This isn?t right,? Matt thought to himself. Kisses that were once full of passion and soft that matched the love in his heart were now purely sex driven.

He pulled away and got up and headed towards the door.

?Oh, come on, baby don?t leave,? I said to him with a smile. ?You gone kiss me like that and leave me like this??

Matt turned and looked sadly at me. ?You?re not Coy,? he said with a sigh.

?You?re right,? I said with a naughty smile. ?I?m better.?

Matt walked out into the hallway and headed down towards the group.

?How is he?? Carmen asked as she shot up from her chair. Matt looked down.

?He?s dead,? He said simply. ?That boy in there is not Coy. Our Coy is dead.?

Anthony noticed Matt buckling and for some reason reached out and grabbed him. Matt sobbed into his shoulder. It was true, they both shared an intense hatred for one another. But one thing they held in common was the love they felt for one boy. Anthony didn?t know what happened in that room but from the reaction of Matt sobbing?he knew that nothing good would soon be coming from this situation


Scene C

Present Day

Ky opened his eyes softly and blinked a few times as he saw me sitting across besides his bed.

?Coy?? He said with surprise. He shot up in bed but winced in pain and laid back down. ?Coy?.I knew you couldn?t be dead?Even in my dreams, I could sense you were still here.?

?No, he?s not,? I said. ?Coy is dead.?

Ky looked at me with a fierce look. It was almost as if he were looking deep into my soul.

?What am I thinking?? He asked me after being quiet for so long.

I shrugged. ?How the hell am I suppose to know what you are thinking?? I asked him with an annoyed sigh. ?What are we suppose to be twins? Oh?I knew that.?

Ky eased his way up on his bed. ?Coy would be able to guess what I was thinking,? He said as he finally got that the boy in front of him wasn?t the brother he knew. ?What?s your name??

?Marco,? I said to him. ?This is weird. We are twins and yet the only way I know you is via somebody else?s memories.?

?Coy is still in there?somewhere?? He asked curiously.

?I don?t know,? I said to him, ?I just know all the memories that I have are of me?well, Coy are?painful?regretful.?

?Some of which are directed toward me?? Ky asked looking away.

?Yep, you?re an ass from what I see,? I said standing up. ?Screwing us over like that for your own mental issues is fucked up, bruh. But hey, gotta say Coy and me are different. Tell you the truth, I think you and are very alike, Ky? We like pain and discord??

?I am not like that,? Ky said softly. ?Not anymore. I learned my lesson. Almost Dying does that to you.?

I got up and stood up. ?I had to put a face with a bad memory,? I said getting up. ?Gotta say, Coy and I are the better looking twins. Hospital looks really don?t do you much justice.?

?Thanks ass,? Ky said as he watched me walk out of the door.

?Hey weird white boy,? I Said to Nick as he sat with my parents in the lobby area. ?Ky is awake.?

?For real?? Nick asked me.

?Nah, for fake,? I said sarcastically. ?God, white people are so weird. I am going outside for a walk. Hit me up on the cell when it?s time to go.?

Mom, Dad, and Nick all rushed towards Ky?s room and I headed towards the elevator.


Scene D

Carmen ran on the treadmill as she watched her afternoon soap opera?s.

?God, I am so sick of this Kendall & Ryan on again and off again thing,? She said turning from All my children to Cartoon Network. ?OOH! Chowder.?

A Knock at her door surprised her. She leapt of the treadmill and headed towards the door.

?You got it, honey?? Her mom asked from upstairs.

?Yeah,? Carmen yelled back.

?If it?s Jehovah witness tell them to stop coming we aren?t trying to convert to another religion,? Her mom said. ?Not that we have a religion anyways.?

Carmen rolled her eyes and opened the door to see a face she hadn?t seen in what felt like forever. ?Josh??

?Hey, CG,? He said with a smile. ?Do I get a hug??

?Oh, you get more than a hug,? She said kissing him on the cheek. ?Oh! You are back??

?Yeah,? Josh said as he followed her inside. ?I am back.?

?So what happened to you?? She asked as they took a seat on the couch. ?We tried to find you at the hospital after we heard about what happened to you and they said you were no longer there. Tried to see your father but??

?Yeah, he doesn?t know what happened either,? Josh said with a dark look. ?Anyways, I was sent to the hospital and I got there and they did surgery on me. But they also discovered a lot of drugs in my system so they decided to send me to a rehab center in Phoenix/.?

?Wow,? Carmen said in awe. ?Really??

?Yep,? Josh said with a smile. ?They helped me out so much there, CG. I realized that I was using the drugs to block out the pain that my father caused and losing my mother. Once I dealt with that, I realized that I didn?t need the drugs anymore.?

?I?m proud of you, Joshie,? She said giving him a hug. ?So good to see you especially with every thing that is going on around here.?

?Like what?? Josh asked curiously. ?Trouble with Coy and Matt? As usual, haha. Or is he with Anthony now? Such a crazy love triangle those three are.?

?Coy is?well, Coy has changed,? Carmen said not sure how to go about it. ?How much time you got??

?Well, I want to go see Anthony & Nick but I Can do that later,? Josh replied. ?I want to spend some time with my favorite Girl for now. Maybe talk about possibly starting over. Because I am on the path of a new beginning.?

Carmen smiled softly at him. She had spend the last five months of her life trying to focus on school and not realize how lonely she felt without her best friend and the boy she had grown to love.

?I would like that,? She said blushing slightly. ?Here, watch some television. I am going to shower quickly and change.?

?Okay,? He said with a smile.

Josh watched as she ran up the stairs. He had not been completely honest with her. Truth was, the whole time he was in rehab. He still found ways to get drugs and also passed drug test. He wasn?t stupid. But he realized that he was wanting his old life back that included the drugs. The first step was?Getting Carmen back.


Scene E

I walked around a park near a hospital enjoying the sights and scenery. I didn?t even realize somebody had crept up on me.

?Yo, give me all your money, dog,? A voice said surprising me. I turned and faced the masked robber.

?You?re kidding right?? I asked him with a scoff.

?Does it look like I am kidding?? The robber asked me.

?Do you seriously think I am going to give you my money?? I asked him. ?Although, I will give you a few dollars for a breath mint cause you?re breath is hot, my dude.?

?You got a lot of mouth for a kid with a gun pointed at him,? He said growing impatient. ?Most people would be scared. Maybe when I pull this trigger, you will be scared.?

?I?m not most people,? I Said kicking the dude in the balls. I head butted him and elbowed him in the face. ?I don?t scare easily. Try again next year, little boy.?

I walked off leaving the dazed robber laying on the grass.

?HEY!? A voice yelled out from behind me.

?Oh, come on,? I said stopping. ?Did I not just whoop your ass?? I turned to see a guy walking towards me.

?Nah, man but I Saw you beat the hell out of that gu y,? He said to me with a laugh. ?I?m over there washing my lamboghini and next I know, I look up and see some skinny black dude beating the shit out of some guy. From the looks of it, a hot skinny black dude.?

?Are you hitting on me?? I asked with an amused look.

?Depends,? The guy said to me. ?Are you interested??

?In a boy trying to pick me up in a park?? I asled with a laugh. ?Should I be??

?You look like you might be the wild and trouble seeking type,? He said to me. ?If I am right, then you should be interested.?

?How much trouble we talking here?still don?t know you?re name,? I said folding my arms.

?Nate Soto,? He said with a mischevious grin. ?And I think I got enough trouble in mind that will blow your mind.?

?I?m marco,,,But most people call me Coy and trust me,? I said to him. ?Play your cards right, and I just might blow more than your mind.?

Nate flashed me a smile.

?Lead the way,? I said interested in seeing where this night would go from here.


Okay, I did a brief introduction to the Marco installment of Halo. This introduces Marco, Coy?s alter ego and as you can see he greatly differs from Coy. Of course, I can?t kill off Josh and Ky. Josh still is using?sadly. Ky is awake from a Coma he has been in for five months. Anthony is still harboring resentment to his brother while Matt is trying to figure out where to go from here after discovering Coy isn?t exactly Coy. Giselle seems to be hoping to get back into her inner circle.

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Episode 2: Marco Vs. Coy

Main Cast:

Coy ?Marco? James

Ky James

Matt Gleisner

Anthony Pagan

Nick Pagan

Carmen Gianni

Josh Jackson

Giselle Santos

Nate Soto

Darek Bouzakis


Scene A

?Coy?? A voice called out to me.

?Somebody help me,? I yelled out to the voice. It was dark and I was afraid of the dark. Bad things happened inside the dark. Bad people came from the darkness.

A door opened, light from outside shining inside the room I was in, and a boy stood there in front of me.

?You..You look just like me,? I said confused as he stood there in front of me.

?Of course, I do Coy,? He said with a chuckle as he walked towards me. I looked into his eyes. The same brown eyes, the same dark skinned tone I had, the way he smile?was exactly like me.

?Ky?? I asked confused.

?Please, let?s not compare me to that ass,? The boy said to me with a look of disgust.

?Who are you?? I asked him.

?Don?t you know me, Coy?? He asked me. ?You created me??

?Marco?? I asked as it slowly dawned on me. ?How is this possible??

?You created me to live out your fantasies,? Marco explained to me. ?To be the strong person you always want to be, but never could be.?

I looked at him unsure of what was happening here. How could the person from a story I written be here in front of me?

?Where am I?? I asked him.

?Trapped inside your own mind,? He said squatting in front of me. ?The mind is a powerful thing?and it traps memories?painful memories away when it doesn?t want to deal. You were dying mentally when Tony raped you over and over and over again. You needed to feel strong and the more he did it, the more something inside of you snapped and you began to die inside. In that weak point, you needed strength and you created me. I must say, Tony likes it rough?but then again so do I.?

I noticed the door was still opening. A white light shined from outside. The white versus the darkness inside the room. ?I have to get out of here,? I said getting up.

?Fine, I dare you to walk out of this room,? Marco said with a sneer. ?I am not going to stop you.

I walked towards the door. I was standing right there. One more step and I could be free.

?You can?t do it, can you?? Marco asked walking towards me. He placed his hand on my back.

I looked back and noticed something. This was the same place Tony raped me all those times. This is where this part of me died at. The part that couldn?t leave.

?You need me, Coy,? He said in my ear. ?Because without me, you would have not only mentally died in here?You would have died completely.?

?No,? I said not wanting to accept this. ?This can?t be true.?

?Nobody is stopping you from breaking free, Coy,? he said with a laugh. ?You are free to heal and break free of the hold he has on you.?

I stood there unable to move. I couldn?t take the step. I was afraid to confront my fears. I closed my eyes as the tears streamed down my face.?

?You need me, Coy,? He repeated to me. ?That?s why I am in control.?

?No,? I said softly. I was thinking of Matt?Ky?All our friends?.Even my parents. I?m sure they would want me to fight.

I was about to take the step out of the room when a glass window blocked me. Marco stood there in front of me.

?Let me out,? I said pounding on the glass. ?I can face Tony. I am strong enough to handle him.?

?Tony?? Marco asked with a laugh. ?I am going to kill Tony. But you have to handle me. Let?s face it?You can?t beat me. Because you can?t confront yourself. You are not strong enough.?

The white light disappeared and I realized that I was trapped here. Trapped inside my own mind.


Scene B

?First day of Junior year,? Nick said as he ran down the stairs. ?That means after this year, only one more year of hell till we graduate.?

Josh laughed at his friend?s excitement. ?Well, sadly I am still technically a sophomore,? He said with a sense of bitterness. ?I Can?t be as excited as you and the rest of the gang.?

Anthony walked out of the kitchen and tossed Josh an apple. ?Mr. Richmond said that once you finish first semester you will be a junior at the end and then begin your junior year second semester,? He said grabbing his backpack off the couch. ?Then you can do summer school and catch up with us. By all means, I am going to make sure you are graduating with us nigga.?

Josh sighed.?Gee, thanks mom,? He said sarcastically. ?Well, I guess we should get going. I call shot gun.?

Anthony grabbed his keys and followed Josh out of the house. Nick, the last to leave, locked the door and headed towards Anthony?s car. Anthony locked the doors.

?Hey Ant, the door is locked,? Nick said tapping on the window.

Anthony rolled the windows slightly. ?What?s your point??

?Can you unlock em so I can get in,? Nick said with a nervous laugh.

?Yeah, see I only ride people in my car that I actually respect and trust,? Anthony said with a smug look. ?I neither respect nor trust you. So that marks you off.?

?Ant, come on man,? Nick said frustrated. ?My car is in the shop and the bus has already come. It?s about to rain.?

?Not my problem,? Anthony said as he rolled the window up and went to buckle his seatbelt up. He pulled the car in gear but Nick jumped in front of the car.

?Unlock the goddamn door, Anthony,? Nick yelled at his brother.

Josh looked uncomfortably at the tense situation unfolding before him. ?Anthony maybe you should??

?Maybe you should shut up,? Anthony snapped. ?Nick, I have no problem with being an only child. I suggest you move from the front of the car before I run you down and back the hell over you.?

Nick stared Anthony down intensely not wanting to back down.

?Some people just don?t want to listen,? Anthony said as he lightly hit the gas. He lightly tapped Nick with the car as he hit the roof of the car.

?Oh my god,? Josh said as Nick rolled of the hood of the car. ?You hit your own brother.?

?He should have moved,? Anthony said with a blank look on his face. Nick got up and had a look of surprise on his face.

?Fuck you, man,? Nick said as he limped towards the road. It had begun raining hard by now.

Anthony cleared his throat and pulled out of the driveway. ?So you excited about seeing all your friends when you get to school?? He asked Josh, as if nothing happened.

Josh looked at Anthony astonished by his emotionless face.


Scene C

Carmen stood in the Gym with Brianna and the rest of the cheerleads discussing the upcoming game and brainstorming possible cheers.

?So, Carmen,? Brianna asked her. ?How are you and Josh doing??

Carmen laughed. ?Um?Carmen is fine?Josh is fine. There is no Carmen and Josh, though,? She said with a blush.

?Maybe not now but you want it to be,? She joked. ?Trust me, he has been back here in AC for the past two weeks. I have seen you together non-stop. Details, girl, Details.?

Carmen shrugged. ?I mean do I miss Josh?Yeah, I do,? She said witth a nostalgic look on her face. ?But I mean, so much has happened and I am not sure if I can forget it or let it go that easily to go back out with him.?

?You don?t have to go back out with him,? One of the cheerleaders said elbowing Carmen slightly. ?Save a horse and ride the boy like a cowboy.?

The girls laughed hard at that one and Carmen blushed hard.

?Okay, enough about Carmen and Josh ignoring the love and passion,? Brianna said noticing Giselle walking towards them. ?Oh, look here. If it isn?t the wannabe Jennifer Lopez.?

Giselle sighed and forced a smile. ?I was just coming to say hello, guys,? she said with a faux cheerful voice. ?Hey Carmen.?

Carmen smiled a small smile but looked away when Brianna flashed her a dirty look.

?You know, I am never one to be a big bitch or anything,? Brianna said to Giselle. ?But honestly, I think you should know better than to talk to us. We don?t like you. We hate you. Including Carmen.?

Giselle?s smile faltered slowly. ?I just don?t see why we can?t let bygones be bygones and move on,? She said softly. ?People change.?

?People also have emotions and guilt,? Carmen spoke up shocking both Brianna and Giselle. ?You lack both of those traits because you aren?t a person. Not a good one anyways, I don?t believe you changed. So stay the hell away from me.?

Carmen stared Giselle down with a furious look on her face. Carmen was hurt. She had always been popular but she trusted very few girls. Even Brianna and the rest of the cheerleaders were merely just associates. But Carmen valued her friendship with Giselle because she thought Giselle was different from most of the petty, bitchy girls in her life. At least that?s what she initially believed.

?I guess I will see you at cheer practice, guys,? She said softly.

Brianna scoffed. ?You actually think you are welcomed on my squad??

?Well, funny, I thought it was Coach Meadows? squad, Bri Bri,? Giselle said with her trademark smile. ?That?s one thing you can?t control. You can?t kick me off the squad.?

Giselle walked off leaving Brianna fuming with anger. She turned and faced Carmen and the squad.

?We might not be able to kick her off,? She said with a dark look on her face. ?But we will make you want to leave. I say we destroy the bitch. You in girls??

The squad cheered their agreements and looked at Carmen who was unsure of what was going on in their minds.

?You down, Miss Gianni?? Brianna asked. She eyed Carmen fiercely. Carmen never was one to follow along with what everybody else was doing just because it was the popular thing. She was popular because she was her own person and wasn?t fake.

Carmen nodded and smiled. ?Let?s bring the bitch down,? She said with a smile and the rest of the girls all cheered.


Scene D

I walked into my first period class for Chemistry hoping that it wasn?t remotely boring. Looking around, I saw people that I didn?t know but they obviously knew me very well.

?Hey Coy,? A boy said walking towards me.

?Actually It?s??

?Oh, yeah, Marco,? The boy said using quotes over Marco. ?I forgot you went crazy in some hospital and now have like mental issues with two personalities.?

I smiled tightly at him. ?Look, do you got a point of talking to me or are you just trying to release the hot air inside your massively big head??

The guy laughed sharing a laugh with his friends. I looked him in the face. He was familiar to me but I wasn?t sure of who he was.

?Say are you still gay, dude?? He asked me causing his friends to laugh wildly at that one.

?Drop your pants and I will suck you off right here,? I said smartly. His smile faded and was quickly replaced with anger. He grabbed me by the collar of my shirt.

?Don?t fucking say shit like that to me, fucking faggot,? he said angrily. I was about to punch this dude in the face but froze.

I had a flashback to when I was in the hospital.I remembered this dark haired boy. He would come into my room and mock me after Tony raped me.

?Darek,? A voice said from behind me. ?Let him go. NOW!?

That?s who he was. I shoved Darek off of me and I turned to see Matt walk inside of the classroom.

?Aw, look his boyfriends here,? Darek mocked. ?Here to protect him from big bad old Darek? Tell me, where were you when he was getting his brains forcibly fucked out at freedom??

Matt made a move to attack him but I blocked him.

?I don?t need you to fight my fights for me,? I said with a stern look. ?I am not weak.?

I wasn?t sure how I was going to handle Darek and I didn?t want to be in this class near Matt so I decided to walk out.

Matt turned back and look at Darek. ?I didn?t get to do what I wanted to do last year to you,? He said getting into his face. ?But you touch or hurt him again and I swear this time I will kill you.?

?You can try,? Darek said with a laugh. ?But more than likely you won?t succeed.?

Matt growled in frustration and headed towards the door in hot pursuit of me. But was stopped by the teacher.

?Skipping class already on the first day, Matthew?? Mr. Pompeo asked him. ?Take a seat, please sir.?

Matt sighed in frustration and headed to a desk. He noticed Darek look back at him with a smug look on his face.

?He is a problem that needs to be solved fast,? Matt thought to himself. He pulled his cell out and began to send a text.


Scene E

Josh was pretty happy. Homeroom and First period went by quickly and problem-free. Nobody was trying to joke on him for drugs and now second period was here and he had a free period.

He knocked on Coach Taylor?s office door. He looked up and beckoned him inside.

?Josh,? Coach Taylor said with a confused look. ?What brings you by??

?Um?I was hoping to talk to you if you got a few minutes,? He said nervously.

?Um?sure, yeah, take a seat,? He said. ?How are things??

?Um?good,? Josh said. ?I have been back for almost two weeks. So I am ready to get back here and get into the groove of things.?

?I bet,? Coach Taylor said. ?Anything that I can do to help you??

?I was actually hoping to maybe talk to you about football and lacrosse,? Josh replied. ?I know that last year was?well, complicated but I want you to know that I am better and that I would love to be on the team again and??

?Josh, let me stop you there,? Coach Taylor said holding his hand up. ?Josh you are?were?one of the best players Atlantic City High has seen in a long, long time. Probably Ever. But do you realize that what made you one of the best was not just your athleticism. It was your character and your heart. Your heart last year was black and your character turned bitter. You cost your school?your team many games. They relied on you and looked up to you as a leader even though, you weren?t even the captain. You let them?and me down.?

?I know that, Coach, but I am not going to let you guys down again,? Josh said passionately. ?I?m here. I?m back. Full force.?

?Josh?I don?t know??

?Please coach,? Josh said trying to hold back the tears. ?Please don?t make me use the daddy abused me and turned me to drugs and shot me card. All I need is a chance.?

Coach Taylor looked hard at Josh and sighed.

?I want you on the team but it?s not up to me, Josh,? He said to him. ?Come to practice today. We will put it to a vote.?

Josh got up and shook his hand. ?Oh, it?s pretty much a given then,? he said excitedly as he walked out of the office. He popped back in. ?Thanks Coach.?

Coach Taylor nodded and watrched Josh walk down the hallway. In his heart he knew that Josh was in for disappointment. He just hoped he learned his lesson and would positively allow things to effect him this time.


Scene F

Ky and Nick sat at a lunch table in the Cafeteria sharing a tray of fries.

?It feels so good to be out of that damn hospital,? Ky said happily.

Nick smiled at his boyfriend. ?It feels so good to be here with you,? He said equally happily. ?Can you believe it? We are here?Actually, together. Out..With no restrictions. No hiding. Just?together.?

?That?s the way that I like it,? Ky said as he leaned across the table and Kissed him on the lips.

Nick blushed slightly as he saw they were being watched. Ky said sitting back in his seat.

?I love making you blush,? He said and laughed as Nick threw a fry at him.

?Hey, has anybody seen Coy?? Matt asked plopping beside Nick in a seat.

?You mean Marco, don?t you,? Ky said with a sigh. ?Haven?t seen my asshole brother since this morning when he hit me in my still sore stomach for drinking his orange juice.?

?At least your brother didn?t try to run you down with a car this morning,? Nick said smugly.

?Twins,? They said in unison. Matt looked at the two and missed the cuteness of his relationship.

?Did you know Darek is back?? He asked them and they looked at him with a shocked look on their face.

?What the fuck? What is he doing here?? Ky asked annoyed.

Matt shrugged. ?I guess to try and cause more trouble.?

?Please don?t join anymore cults, babe,? Nick said jokingly trying to make Ky smile a little but no effect.

?Relax man,? Matt said grabbing Ky?s hand. ?If he hurts you or Coy?.I swear he will experience pain he never felt before.?

Ky smiled softly. ?Thanks.?

Carmen, Josh and Anthony walked over and took their seats at the table.

?Do we seriously have to eat here?? Anthony asked as he glared at Nick who glared back. ?Here are three people I can?t stand sitting here in front of me.?

?Anthony, quit complaining,? Carmen said taking a fry of Ky and Nick?s tray. ?If I have to stomach seeing Giselle?s face daily, you have to handle them.?

?Yeah, quit being a bitch man,? Josh joked but Anthony rolled his eyes.

?Hey losers,? I said walking to the table followed closely behind Nate and Giselle.

?Coy,? Anthony and Matt said in unison.

?I thought your name was Marco?? Nate asked confused.

?It?s Coy,? Anthony and Matt said in unison again, aggravated. ?Who?s he??

?He is my new buddy, Nate soto,? I said introducing them to Nate. ?You all know Giselle.?

?Unfortunately,? Carmen muttered.

?What happened to stomaching Giselle?? Anthony joked. She pinched him in the neck.

?I gotta go,? Carmen said getting up. ?If she is here, I don?t want to be.?

?Right behind you,? Anthony said getting up and following her.

?I don?t know who is more dramatic, gays or girls.? Josh said getting up to follow after them.

?Good, more room for us,? I said as the three of us sat down at the table.

?Gee, this isn?t awkward,? Nick said sarcastically. ?Ex-gf, new boyfriend making me feel kind of awkward. Brothers turned enemy turned Brothers turned to whatever this is right here. Boyfriend develops a new personality and is avoiding boyfriend and hanging with new guy. Everybody caught up??

I ignored him. ?What?s new, with you two love birds??

?Just enjoying every second we can spend together,? Ky said grabbing Nick?s hand.

I rolled my eyes in disgust as Daniel walked towards us. ?Ky?Coy??

?You know what,? I said annoyed. ?I have been telling you people to stop calling me that. But Whatever?Coy?Marco. I am tired of trying to teach you guys.?

?Ignore him,? Ky said shaking his head. ?What?s up Daniel??

?Well, you know the next half-hour is dedicated towards to clubs and the rainbow soldiers are meeting and I wanted you guys to be there,? He said to us.

?Do I really have to?? I asked.

?Please for me,? Daniel pleaded. ?Coy, you were one of our biggest members?before??

?Before what?? Nate asked curiously.

?Nothing,? I said getting up. ?You will be okay here with Giselle and the boys.?

?Actually, I am about to go check out the meeting for cheerleading,? Giselle said getting up. ?Nick?s right. Both my ex-boyfriends are sitting here?with their boyfriends. It kind of is awkward.?

?Yeah, I want to get to know your boyfriend and brother?s boyfriend,? Nate said looking at Nick and Matt.

?I don?t know if...? I began but stopped. I wasn?t sure what I wanted to call Matt.

Nick and Ky shared a small kiss and we both followed after Daniel towards the meeting.

Nate stared at both Nick and Matt curiously. ?So Nick?you are twin dating a twin. That?s kind of cool.?

?I guess,? Nick said shortly.

Things got quiet again. Matt looked directly into Nate?s eyes.

?What?s the deal with you and my boyfriend?? Matt asked him.

?We are just friends, dude,? Nate said with a laugh. ?Threatened??

?Actually, seeing how he has been through a lot in the past few months, I kind of am,? Matt said honestly. ?But if you are just friends??

?For now anyway,? Nate said with a laugh. ?Come on, I?m sure the two of you agree. Coy is a hot ass dude. Those lips drive me wild. But relax, I just want to be friends. You can have him for all that mushy love shit. I just want to fuck him.?

?Dude, I am not really in the mood for some dude trying to move into my territory,? Matt said getting annoyed.

?Dude?he?s a person not an object and for the past few days, he really doesn?t say much shit about you,? Nate said getting up. ?Nothing good anyway. But hey?.I am not going to take your boyfriend from you. He will come to me willingly. They always do in the end.?

Matt watched as Nate walked off and towards a group of guys.

?I really don?t like that dude,? Nick said to Matt who was fuming with Anger.

Matt got up and kicked over a nearby chair. ?We got a football meeting.?

Scene G

?I got something that I need to say to you two,? Josh said as he stood with Anthony and Carmen outside the school gym. ?What the hell is wrong with you two??

?That?s not saying anything,? Carmen joked. ?It?s more of a question.?

?Carmen Gianni, I?m fucking serious,? Josh said in a serious tone. ?Look, I have known you for years and we are more than friends. The girl I have known wouldn?t be acting like a complete bitch to somebody.?

Carmen looked at him shocked. ?But she??

?But nothing Carmen,? Josh said. ?Look, Giselle was a huge ass bitch last year. She did some fucked up stuff. But she makes mistakes. So do I. You forgave me. Forgive me. Coy has.?

?Well, if you haven?t realized it or not, Coy isn?t exactly stable right now,? She said to him.

?All I am saying is that Giselle seems to have changed and deserves a second chance,? He said to her. ?She isn?t being the bitch now. It?s you.?

Carmen looked and saw Giselle sitting by herself on a bench. After Ky and I were trapped in the hospital and Josh left, she had been an advocate in pretty much destroying Giselle?s personal life. Now she felt bad and realized that she wasn?t being a good person by treating her like shit. She watched Giselle walk into the gym.

?Fine, I will go talk to her,? Carmen said following Giselle into the gym.

?And you?? Josh said looking at Anthony. ?What the fuck man? You hit your brother with a car??

?Oh, come on let?s not exaggerate,? Anthony said. ?He got back up.?

?Dude I am shocked and ashamed of you,? Josh said to him shaking his head. ?I don?t have any family right now. You and Nick are the closest things I have. My fucking best friend has a personality disorder and Carmen and I are trying to act like there is no black cloud looming over us. But when I see shit like this morning, I don?t want to call you my family. My dad hurts people and I don?t want people like that in my family. He is your brother. Yes, I will admit he did a fucked up grimey thing but you lost Coy way before Nick helped Matt. Coy and Ky are brothers and almost lost each other and they are both surviving. Now Ky is stuck with a brother who really could careless if he were dead or alive. Would you want that for you and Nick??

Anthony shook his head. ?Look, it?s not that easy man,? he said to Josh. ?Until you came along, Nick was the only person who hadn?t stabbed me in the back. People here are fake as hell and fear me because I was an ass and they used us to get themselves far along and when they didn?t need us, they dropped us. Ratted us out. I trusted him and he betrayed me. I can?t forgive that. Not right now.?

Josh looked at him sadly. ?I hope you can let go of that hatred in your heart,? he said. ?I would hate for it to fester into something like my father has and you kill Nick because you wouldn?t let it go.?

Josh walked off and left Anthony with his thoughts.



Scene H

Carmen sat in the center of the gym watching some girls practice cheers for the upcoming football game. Giselle sat off to the side from the rest of the girls watching. She looked nervous. She expected the Coach to be here, that way she knew that no one would try anything if an adult was here.

Carmen noticed that a few girls were missing. Brianna, being the captain wasn?t here and she had a feeling they were up to something.

?Hey,? She said walking over and sitting beside her former best friend.

?What happened to me staying away from you?? Giselle asked Carmen who laughed slightly at that.

?Look, I really hate the person you turned into last year,? Carmen said to her. ?You hurt people. Me especially. I needed you for support when Tony and Ryan kidnapped Coy. You left me when I need you the most. You weren?t there when I broke up with Josh. You weren?t there when Coy and Ky were in that awful place. When josh was shot and I didn?t know if he was dead or alive for the longest.?

Giselle opened her mouth to speak but Carmen stopped her. ?Let me finish,? she said to her. ?You weren?t a good friend to me because I felt alone even when I had my friends. You were my homegirl. My best girl friend. But I realized I wasn?t being a good friend to you for these past few months. I became the same bitter person you were being and I don?t like it. I don?t like hurting people I care about because a lot of people I cared about got hurt. So I want to start over?just letting the past stay in the past and be friend again. I want my Giselle back. The one I talked about boys with, talked about those loser cheerleaders I hang with?God, you left me with Brianna and her clones.?

?I?m sorry,? Giselle said hugging Carmen tightly. They sat like that for a moment and stood up.

?God, I miss these hugs,? Carmen said as she saw Brianna walk up behind Giselle with a bucket of what she knew was red Gatorade they were going to use to stain Giselle?s all white outfit. ?Oh my god!?

She pushed Giselle out of the way as Brianna threw the Gatorade and got it all over her brand new outfit.

Giselle looked shocked while Brianna and the girls fumed with anger.

?Carmen, what the hell?? She asked angrily.

?Oh, come on Brianna this whole bitch act really isn?t becoming of you,? Carmen said as she stood proudly. ?It kind of makes you look fat.?

Brianna growled. ?I thought we were friends.?

?That girl right there,? Carmen said pointing at Giselle. ?That?s my friend. I don?t even like you guys. If you think they are your friends, Brianna, then you are as dumb as I think you are. They only like you because you?re popular. Without popularity, you wouldn?t have the Bri-clones. You would just be alone as we have made Giselle feel for the past five months.?

?You are going to regret this,? Brianna threatened. ?You both are.?

?No, you will regret it if you try some shady shit like this again,? Carmen said to her. ?I am not somebody you want to make an enemy. So let?s do what we have been doing for the past year and a half and be frenemies.?

Carmen walked off with Giselle following behind her.

?Thanks for that, Carmen,? Giselle said gratefully.

?What are friends for?? Carmen said, glad that she finally was able to forgive Giselle and fix their friendship.


Scene I

Matt said outside with the rest of his football team with Nick beside him still annoyed.

?Okay, can you really drop the rabid wolf look?? Nick asked him. ?You look like you are ready to rip somebody?s head off.?

?I see two people?s heads that I want to rip off headed this way now,? Matt growled pointing towards Nate and Darek walking towards the bleachers followed by Coach Taylor and Josh. ?What are they doing here??

?What is Josh doing here?? Nick asked curiously.

?Guess we will find out,? Matt said as Coach Taylor waited for the rowdy boys to get quiet.

?Alright, I am glad to see all my boys here on the first day of the new school year,? Coach Taylor began. ?Do I need to do attendance or can anybody tell me if anybody is missing??

?Ky is at another club meeting but I can pass on whatever info I need to,? Nick said and coach taylor smiled at him.

?Thanks pagan,? He said. ?Now before we talk about my plans for the game coming up Friday night, I want to discuss a few things I need to address. First?given that a few of our members from last season are not here, I have two people here that I have reviewed their tapes from their previous schools and decided to bring them on as wildcards.?

?Please god tell me they are mascots,? Matt said as he knew what was coming.

?Boys, welcome you two newest team mates,? Coach Taylor said. ?Nate Soto an Darek Bouzakis.?

The team all cheered and welcomed the two boys while Nick and Matt both looked shocked.

?Please tell I am dreaming and not playing with the guy who tried to have my boyfriend killed,? Nick said to Matt.

?Please tell I am dreaming and not playing with the guy who tried to have my boyfriend killed,? Matt said to Nick. ?And the guy who is trying to steal my boyfriend from me.?

Darek and Nate both flashed smug looks at Matt and Nick as they walked onto the bleachers to take a seat.

?Now I have Josh here and as you know, he was one of our best players from last year for both Football and Lacrosse,? Coach Taylor continued. ?But certain circumstances prevented him from completeing the seasons with us.?

?Yeah, he turned into a druggie,? A boy yelled out from the stands.

?That?s enough,? Coach Taylor yelled. ?Miller see me after. Now he asked could come back to the team and I decided to leave it to you guys excluding Nate and Darek to vote. All for him returning to the team, please raise your hands.?

Anthony, Nick, and Matt were the only three to raise their hands. Josh couldn?t believe it. He just knew he had more friends than the 3 of them.

?Come on guys,? Josh said looking around at them.

?All against, please raise your hands,? Coach Taylor said with a grave look on his face.

The remaining members raised their hands and Josh heart was crushed. He looked at Matt and Nick for support but they looked helplessly at him.

?Please don?t do this,? Josh said sadly. ?Football is all I know. Please don?t do this, Coach.?

?I am not doing anything, Josh,? Coach Taylor said sadly.

A boy stood up. ?Look, Josh. You are cool as hell but whatever shit you were going through you should?ve let us know what was going on,? he said. ?We needed you and you let us down. We lost games because we depended on you to be there and you weren?t. You were dazed out to remember games and you eventually got kicked off. We learned how to play without you and we don?t need you.?

?Try again in lacrosse, Junkie,? another dude yelled out.

?Fuck all of you,? Josh growled before he stormed off angrily.

?Well, looks like somebody is hitting the coke hard tonight,? Nick said sadly. Matt nodded his head in agreement.


Scene J

?Okay, so we called this meeting because we wanted to talk about the future of this chapter of rainbow soldiers,? Daniel said as he begun the meeting. ?We had a devastating attack last year on a member and one of our newest members and we lost a lot of our other members out of fear of the same happening to them. But I am glad that we have the same faces as well as new faces. I would like to open the floor for ideas and proposals for future rallies and volunteer projects.?

?Gag me, please,? I said loudly. Everybody looked at me shocked.

?Coy, don?t,? Ky warned.

?Did?Did you have something to say, Coy?? Daniel asked me.

?As a matter of a fact, I do have a lot to say,? I said standing up and walking up to the podium and pushing Daniel out of the way. ?I hope you don?t mind me hi-jacking your meeting. Look, my name is..Coy?Coy James. I am sure you all knew that though. What I have to say Is that this organization is weak and everything it stands for its pathetic. Freedom by peace? Equal rights by doing rallies, protest, and sit-ins. Martin Luther King and civil rights leaders did it and no offense, I don?t plan on being in high school for a decade trying to get equal rights and respect here. If you want respect, you don?t give it. You take it.?

?What are you saying?? Daniel asked me confused.

?I?m saying if the Christian soldiers want to fight and play dirty then we shit all over them and play the same game they play only play it better,? I said with a evil grin.

?Violence plus Violence equals more Violence, Coy,? Ky said to me. ?I learned firsthand what violence can do to you.?

?And I learned first hand what being weak can do to you,? I countered. ?Has anybody had a cock, or dick if you prefer that term, shoved forcefully inside of them. To be humiliated. To be raped over and over again and have so much pain. Does anybody know the feeling to know that sick pervert is still out there? No? No, you don?t do you. People like the Christian Soldiers are smart because to get what you want you have to fight. We are in a war. Rainbow soldiers vs. Christian Soldiers. I say we fight.?

?I say we fight too,? Ky said standing up. ?With Peace and Love in our hearts. I almost lost my life with so much hate consuming me.?

?That?s because you didn?t know how to channel your hate in the right way,? I said to him.

?I?m sorry, Coy but we don?t believe in violence,? Daniel said to me. ?Maybe you should go.?

I scoffed and laughed at this turn of events. ?Looks like my own brother couldn?t be a brother and stand up for me?with me like a brother should.?

?Coy, it?s not like that,? Ky said sadly. ?But this isn?t right.?

?You don?t believe in violence?? I asked looking around at the group of people. ?Fine. Don?t believe in Violence. But watch. They will kill you?Eventually.?

?You sound Just like Darek and Reverend Taylor,? Ky said to me as I walked past him to the door and I froze in my steps.

?Looks like they had the right idea of getting what they want,? I said without turning around.

?Coy, this isn?t you,? Ky said placing his hand on my shoulder. ?This isn?t the brother I know.?

?That?s because the brother you know is dead,? I said shrugging him off. ?Coy?s not here anymore. It?s Marco Bitches.?

I walked out of the room and out of the school building. I saw Josh sitting on the hood of his car lost in thought.

?Hey Jackson,? I said walking over to him.

?Coy?Marco?I?m sorry which do you want to be called,? He said confused.

?Doesn?t matter,? I said with a sigh. ?What?s with the sad pathetic look on your face.?

?You ever feel like you are alone and nobody wants you around and will protect you?? He asked me. ?Feel like you are in a cold, dark place with no sense of light.?

?Everyday,? I said to him. ?Everyday. But you know what I realized??

?What?s that?? He asked me curiously.

?I crave the light but honestly, the dark can have it?s strengths as well,? I said to him. ?Why don?t you hang with me and I can show you how good it feels to embrace hate and darkness.?

I walked closer to him and stood in between his legs biting my lip slightly.

?Um..Coy?What are you doing?? He asked me nervously.

?Helping you,? I said kissing him softly on the lips. ?Now I know how alone you feel. I feel so empty and all I have is hate?I want to help you.?

?Coy?I?m not gay,? Josh said unsure of what to do.

?Shh!? I said kissing him softly. ?You know how good those drugs of yours felt when you took them??

?Yeah,? he said still unsure of what to do.

?Then trust me, you?re best friend,? I said with a seductive grin. ?I will give you a new, healthier addiction. A new kind of drug.?

Josh looked at me with a sad look in his eyes. He knew this was wrong but everything else he tried that felt wrong so maybe the wrong thing was the right.

?Bring it on,? He said kissing me.

I smiled at him. I was tired of being the victim and being used. This time I was going to be the person using somebody and I was going to use Josh. I wanted to feel how I feel to hurt people and use people.

?Fuck the nice boy act,? I said to myself.


Author?s Note:

Marco Episode 2 Is completed. I got kind of excited so I felt as if I should write a little more for you guys to enjoy.

Well, there was a lot of good and bad to this chapter. Giselle and Carmen rekindled their friendship while Matt discovered Darek?s return and Nate?s intentions, although now with Coy/Marco manipulating Josh that might be null & void?although, it could be a hot threesome ;)

I say the happiest two people right now are Nick and Ky while Anthony and Nick are still on the odds.


Hope you enjoyed it?.Marco episode 3 is coming soon

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This is episode 3 of 9

Episode Three: Things We Lost In the Fire

Main Cast:

Coy ?Marco? James

Ky James

Matthew Gleisner

Anthony Pagan

Nick Pagan

Carmen Gianni

Josh Jackson

Giselle Santos

Nate Soto

Darek Bouzakis


Scene A

Josh walked towards his locker and noticed Nate and I talking and standing together rather closely.

?Hey man,? Matt said walking up behind him. Josh jumped at the surprise arrival of Matt.

?Oh?hey,? he said half-heartedly as he began to get his stuff ready for class.

?Haven?t seen much of you since the other day at practice,? Matt said with a concerned look on his face. ?Are you okay, man??

Josh slammed his locker and I looked at Matt with an annoyed face. ?I am good. I will be great when I don?t have to be annoyed with you and the rest of the football bitches who sold me out.?

?Look, what?s with the tude towards Anthony, Nick, and I?? Matt asked him. ?We actually voted for your ass.?

?Guilty by association,? Josh said with a shrug. ?Look, just leave me alone and have a good season and stay away from me.?

?Josh wait,? Matt said grabbing his backpack to stop him from walking off. A bag of white powder fell out of his backpack and onto the ground.

Josh quickly reached down to get the Ziploc bag.

?You?re still using?? Matt asked him. Josh looked down at the ground. ?Josh? What the fuck.?

?Like I said, stay away from me,? Josh said walking off from Matt.

?Gee, junior year will be full of drama, I can tell,? He said to himself as I walked past him.

?I thought I was the one who was supposed to be crazy and you?re over here talking to yourself,? I said passing by. He followed after me. ?That wasn?t an invitation to follow me.?

Matt sighed. ?Coy?Marco?Whatever?I want to talk to you,? He said to me. ?About us.?

?What us?? I asked him as we headed towards our first period class. ?There is no us.?

?Yes there is,? Matt said frustrated and grabbed me and turned me around to look him in the eye.

We stood face to face?looking one another in the eye.

?The Coy I know is in there. The one that I love,? He said his eyes tearing up. ?I love you, Coy.?

I clutched my head as I could feel that side of me trying to break through. The part that Matt wanted?I could feel myself losing control.

?Matt,? I said softly. He looked in my eyes.

?Coy?? He asked nervously. He wasn?t sure of who he was talking to.

I nodded my head and kissed him softly. I don?t know where Marco went to but I had to kiss him because I could feel him fighting for control.

?Baby, it?s you,? He said kissing me more aggressively. He didn?t care who was watching. He had his boyfriend back.

Josh, out of nowhere, tackled Matt to the ground and punched him hard.

?Shit, man, what the fuck is your problem?? Matt asked as he tried to get up but Josh kept attacking him.

I clutched my head as a crowd formed around us watching the fight between the two boys.

Carmen and Giselle pushed through the crowd towards me. ?Coy, what happened??

I ignored them because this pounding in my head was killing me. Anthony and Nick both pushed through the crowd.

Anthony didn?t know why but from seeing the two fighting and his brother he tackled Nick to the ground and began punching him.

?What the hell is going on?? Carmen asked confused.

?Overload of testosterone,? Giselle quipped.

I looked up to see Darek and Nate standing by watching. Darek was recording the fight.

?Smile for the camera, Coy,? he said with a smile. It was then that I could feel my control slipping away.

?No..? I said softly before I fainted.

Carmen caught me just as teachers scrambled to break the boys up.


Scene B

I opened my eyes and I realized that I was back in the same room as the last time I met Marco, who was sitting on the steps in front of me.

?You?re stronger than I thought, little man,? He teased. ?A lot stronger. Tell me, where was that strength when Tony fucked your brains out?.painfully and raw.?

I got up and dashed for the exit but Marco grabbed my arm and slammed me into the wall.

?I said you?re stronger than I thought,? He said with a laugh. ?But still not stronger than me. Don?t try that again.?

He walked towards the door and turned and look back at me.

?You should make yourself comfortable here, Coy,? He sneered. ?You are going to be stuck here for a long time.?

He walked out just as I ran towards the door and It slammed shut on me, trapping me inside.


Scene C

Ky walked towards Nick as he sat on the bench outside the principal?s office.

?I got your text,? He said taking a seat beside him. ?What?s up??

?Well, I am suspended till next Tuesday,? He said with a sigh. ?Which means Ant, Matt, and I are also suspended from this game Friday and the one next week because of the fight.?

?Why were you guys fighting anyway?? He asked his boyfriend confused.

?I don?t know,? Nick said throwing his bag of eyes for his eye at the wall. ?I don?t fucking know! He just tackled me and started wailing on me out of nowhere and I am suspended for trying to defend myself.?

?I?m sorry babe,? Ky said resting his head on Nick?s shoulder. ?We will do our best without you guys. We got Darek and Nate. They are a powerhouse duo, those two.?

?Is this supposed to make me feel better?? Nick asked Ky. ?Nate is a jerk and Darek was the boy who helped try and kill my boyfriend less than six months ago, after all. How can you forgive him so easily??

?I never said I forgave him,? Ky explained. ?But I am not going to hate the guy because I am alive and I am right here with you, babe. Look at Matt and Coy. Compared to them, we are blessed because they are over.?

?True,? Nick said kissing him softly on the lips. ?I love you, Ky Jelly.?

?God, I been hearing that for like all my life,? Ky laughed. ?I am going to give you a black eye to match the one you already have if you call me that again, punk.?

?Oh, you know you love this black eye,? Nick joked. ?I think it makes me look hard.?

?I can do a lot more than punch you in the face to make you look hard,? Ky said as they kissed again.

Principal Turned cleared his throat as he walked out of his office. ?Kyle, please make your way to class before I have to suspend another football player?this time for skipping.?

Kyle rolled his eyes and kissed Nick on the cheek. ?Text me later babe,? he said getting up. ?Principal turner, try loosening up. You might have better luck with Miss Monroe in guidance.?

Principal Turner shook his head and looked at Nick. ?You?re father will be here shortly to deal with you and your brother.?

?My father? As in John Pagan?? Nick asked shocked. ?Why did you call him??

?You been suspended plenty of times before?you know calling parents is apart of due process,? Principal Turner said. ?Head to Detention in Mr. Albright?s class. I have to separate you and your brother.?

Nick sighed annoyed. If his father was called for this he knew somehow he would get blamed for this. John pagan tended to take Anthony?s side and ideas for most things, even when Anthony was dead wrong.


Scene D

I walked out of the nurses office to see Josh walking towards the exit out of the school.

?So how many days off from this hell hole you get?? I asked him as I walked towards him.

?Till next Tuesday,? Josh said annoyed. ?No thanks to you.?

?What?s that suppose to mean, Curly Sue?? I asked playing with his hair. He batted my hand away.

?What?s with you flirting with Nate this morning?? He asked me. ?Then you kissing Matt this morning??

I laughed loudly. ?That?s what that was about? All this because you are jealous of other guys??

?I thought we had something,? Josh said looking at me with a hurt look on his face.

?Yes, we do have something,? I said to him. ?Hot sex. Why ruin that with a relationship??

Josh sighed and turned to leave. I followed him out of the doors.

?Stop following me, Marco,? He said without looking behind him.

I grabbed his arm. ?Josh?.?

?What?? he asked me. ?What now??

I kissed him on the lips. ?That?s what now.?

?What are you doing?? Josh asked looking around to see if anybody saw. ?I thought we were going to jeep it D.L.?

?If you want me, you have to realize Marco James is nobody?s secret,? I said to him as I kissed him again. He pushed me away.

?Stop,? He said to me.

?Josh, I am the only one who understands the darkness you feel in your heart,? I said to him as he took a step back away from me down the stairs. He lost his balance and almost fell back but I grabbed his hand. ?I am the only one who will ever let you be yourself and allow you to delve into the darkness you feel. All I ask for is no secrets. If you want me, then everybody has to know.?

Josh looked down at my hand in his hand and was confused. He wasn?t gay, he knew that. But?he was tired of not being understood?tired of being labeled as somebody he was not. Tired of being let down. I was the only one willing to give him a chance.

?Okay,? He said to me as he kissed me on the lips. ?But I gotta go?can?t be on school grounds since I am suspended.?

?Alright, well, I will see you later on after school,? I said as he kissed my cheek and walked off to the parking lot.

I began to feel guilt. Guilt for using Josh. Guilt for encouraging his dark motives.

?Shut up, Coy,? I said to myself. ?You wont get control again.?


Scene E

Giselle sat the typical lunch table eating her food. She was sitting alone because Carmen wanted to get some work done in the library but she was hoping Ky would come sit here so she could talk to him. Without Anthony, Josh, and Nick there, she hoped she could find him and talk.

?Why are you sitting at my table?? Ky asked walking up to the table sitting across from her. ?A table I share with my friends and you, my dear, aren?t my friend.?

?I wanted to talk,? Giselle said with a nervous sigh.

?Why would I want to talk to you, Giselle?? Ky asked her. ?I hate you.?

Giselle looked at him with a hurt look on her face. He scoffed.

?Why so surprised?? He asked taking a fry off her tray. ?I expected evilness from Darek and that group. Giselle, I actually thought you were a decent person. You knew what he had planned and you said nothing.?

?I know that,? She said to him. ?I know that and I am sorry. I am not that vindictive bitch that I was last year.?

?But see, that?s just it, Gi,? He said to her. ?No matter how much you think you changed, and no matter how much you convince Carmen and Nick and all the rest you have changed, I see the same vindictive bitch and that will never change, my dear.?

He got up and grabbed his tray and left her sitting there ashamed and hurt.

?Hey Sexy,? Darek said taking a seat beside her at the table. Giselle scoffed and made a move to leave but he grabbed her hand.

?Don?t touch me,? She said to him before she sat back down. ?What do you want besides to cause more drama??

?I wanted to see how my girl was doing,? He said rubbing her leg softly.

She grabbed his hand tightly. ?One, stop touching me,? She said sternly. ?Two, I am not your girl.?

Darek sighed. ?Come on, Gisellionare,? He said to her. ?I know I made that deal with you last year but I really do like and care about you.?

?You cost me my friends,? She said to him. ?I can?t believe I trusted you. I can?t believe I thought dating you could save Nick and Matt when in reality you manipulated me because who you really wanted was Coy and Ky.?

?You cost yourself your friends,? He said. ?I was just the push you needed to destroy two people who hurt you.?

?They didn?t hurt me,? Giselle said shaking her head. ?You are right. I cost myself my friends.?

Darek looked her in the eye. ?Then come back to me, Giselle,? he said playing in her hair. ?Come back to me, and lets start over.?

Giselle got up and grabbed her tray. ?I have sunk that low yet to give you a second chance,? She said to him before she left.

Darek watched as she walked off. ?No, but you will,? He said with a smile.


Scene F

Carmen sighed as she rubbed her temples. She was trying to figure out her homework due next period but the fact that Josh was fighting really bothered her. Fighting Anthony at that. They were supposed to be best friends, next to Josh and herself and I.

?Thinking hard?? Nate asked her as he walked up next to her. ?Is this seat taken??

Carmen looked at him confused. Nate pointed to the chair beside her and she moved her purse. ?No, take a seat,? She said before going back to her homework.

?You look too pretty to be stressed,? Nate said to her and Carmen rolled her eyes.

?Okay, look guy, I know how boys here at this school work,? She said to him. ?I?m a senior. I know you?re new, but I am not the type of girl who falls for bullshit lines from a guy just trying to fuck.?

Nate laughed softly. ?Actually, I am trying to get to know you?re name and trying to get to know you and put a smile on that pretty face that is frowning? he said standing up. ?But I will leave you alone. Sorry to bother you.?

Carmen watched as he walked off and realized that she was being overly hostile to a boy who didn?t do anything to her. She got up and ran after him.

?Carmen Gianni,? She said sticking her hand out. ?That?s my name. You?re friends with Coy and Giselle right??

Nate thought about the closeness in our friendship yet the distance. ?You could say that. I heard a lot about you from those two. I see you are more beautiful than either of them let on.?

Carmen blushed slightly and smiled at him. ?Are you good with Trig??

Nate nodded. ?Need some help??

?Yep,? She said to him. ?I got fifteen minutes to do 40 problems.?

?Lucky for you, I only need ten of those fifteen minutes,? He said with a smile. ?The other five I am going to use to get to know you.?

Carmen smiled and led the way back to her table.

Nate laughed. ?Oh, Carmen, you pegged me very well,? He thought to himself. ?But you will be a special fuck. I am going to make you my girl.?


Scene F

Nick and Anthony sat in their father?s limo glaring at one another with annoyed looks on their faces.

?So can you tell me why you two were fighting?? John pagan asked his two sons.

Nick pointed at Anthony. ?Ask your golden boy,? He spat.

Anthony realized that if he told his father the real reason he fought Nick, he would first have to out himself?.Nick realized this as well.

?I stole Anthony?s girlfriend,? Nick lied. ?I been putting moves on her for awhile and she started going out with me this morning and Anthony got mad and we fought. End of story.?

John Pagan looked at both of his sons and laughed. ?Fighting over a girl? What have I told you boys about fighting anybody over a girl?? He asked them. ?I raised you two to be realize you are handsome young men, and Pagan?s never fight over anything there is an overabundance of, especially women.?

The limo parked and John pagan climbed out. Anthony looked over at Nick.

?Thanks,? He muttered with a blush.

?Consider it an apology,? Nick said blushing too. He stuck his fist out. ?Brothers??

?Best,? Anthony said knocking his fist against his brothers before they hugged and got out of the limo.

?Oh my god?Dad will find about Josh,? Nick said rushing towards the front door as his dad opened the door.

?Who are you?? John asked Josh who laid on the couch. ?Who is he??

?Um?? Josh stammered unsure of what to say.

?Um?? Anthony stammered out.

?Um?It?s a long story,? Nick said to his dad.

?Cliff note it for me,? John said looking at his sons. Anthony and Nick sighed and told the story of Josh and how he came to start living with them.

After about fifteen minutes, John pagan looked at Josh with a stern look on his face.

?I can leave if you want,? Josh said getting up off the couch.

?Sit down, son,? John said and looked at Anthony and Nick. ?Boys, I have never been more proud of you then I am at this very moment. That is what a Pagan does. No matter how much bad we do. We still are good people. Josh, as far as I am concerned, you are apart of this family.?

?Thank you,? Josh said appreciatively. ?I really didn?t know where I would stay if you kicked me out.?

John hugged Anthony and Nick tightly. ?What do you boys say I order us some hot strippers for you guys to have your way with??

Anthony, Josh, and Nick looked at each other with uncomfortable glances.

?Josh, do you like blondes? Brunettes? Redheads?? John asked him as he skimmed through his phone.


Scene G

Matt opened his front door to see me standing there. ?Coy??

?Marco,? I corrected. ?I need to talk to you.?

?I was coming to see you and talk to you about this morning,? Matt said walking out on the front porch.

?That?s what I am here for,? I said. ?Don?t ever do what you did this morning.?

?Look, I saw my Coy come out,? He said angrily. ?My coy is still in there. No matter how much control you have over him, he is still there.?

?You caught me off guard and I lost control temporarily, Matt,? I said to him. ?Never again. I am not Coy. So stop chasing after something that will never return.?

?Regardless of what is happening now,? Matt said grabbing my hand. ?I love Coy and when I declared my love to him. I swore that I will always be there. I am not giving up.?

I pulled away from him and turned to leave. ?It?s dumb determination like that will get you hurt,? I said walking down the steps. ?Kiss me?Touch me again?I will destroy you.?

Matt watched as I walked down the steps and towards my car. He sighed to himself.

?Is he really not coming back to me?? He though to himself.


Scene H

Giselle walked towards Carmen who was laughing with Nate at her locker.

?Didn?t know you two were friends,? She said to the pair with a smile.

?We met today in the library,? Carmen said elbowing Nate in the side. ?He is a loser.?

?A cute loser, though,? Nate said throwing his arm around her. ?You can?t resist this cute loser.?

Carmen laughed and Giselle smiled softly.

?I was going to ask you did you want to go to the mall and do some shopping,? Giselle said hopefully.

Carmen?s smile faltered. ?Well?Nate, did kind of ask me to go get some ice cream with him,? She said. ?Then I was going to check on the boys and??

?It?s okay,? Giselle forcing a smile. ?I understand. Call me, tonight, though. I want to here about everything and you better behave your self Nathan Soto.?

Nate laughed and Carmen hugged Giselle and walked off with him.

?That could be us,? Darek said walking up behind Giselle. ?Even when you get your friends back, things aren?t the same. You are still lonely. But I am here for you. What do you say, Giselle??

Giselle watched as she saw how happy Carmen was and she missed being that happy. She missed having a boyfriend on her arm.

?Yes.? She said without looking at him. ?My answer is yes.?

Stay tuned for Marco 4?.FEEDBACK GUYS!!!!!!

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This is Episode 4 of 9



Episode 4: West End Boys

Main Cast:

Coy ?Marco? James

Ky James

Matthew Gleisner

Anthony Pagan

Nick Pagan

Carmen Gianni

Joshua Jackson

Giselle Santos

Nate Soto

Darek Bouzakis


Scene A

Josh grunted heavily as he thrusted deep inside me. I was moaning in ecstacy as Josh took me to a whole level of pleasure.

?Oh god,? I moaned softly as I slipped away to a place of pure pleasure.

?You like that?? He asked me as he thrusted harder.

I was about to scream his name out but I couldn?t. It was like I couldn?t control my vocals. I couldn?t even move my mouth. My eyes closed and I could feel myself slipping away.

?Fuck,? I thought to myself. My other half was fighting for control.


Scene B

?COY!? Marco screamed out as he stormed into the room I was in.

I stood with a smirk on my face. ?Did I interrupt time with your boyfriend??

Marco growled loudly. ?What the hell is wrong with you??

?Me? You are controlling my body,? I exclaimed bitterly.

?Because you love me,? He said to me angrily. ?I was having some mind-blowing sex and you interrupt me.?

?You are converting my best friend,? I said throwing my hands in the air.

?He didn?t complain when I?or should I say we gave him head,? Marco countered with a smirk. ?I could feel you. I know what emotions you feel.?

?Pure lust because Josh is a good looking guy but the best sex I had was with??

?Matt,? Marco finished for me. ?Yeah, I want to know how he is. I might have to try him out.?

?Don?t you dare,? I said to him. ?Soon I am going to be strong enough to stop you.?

Marco scoffed and laughed. ?Yeah, we?ll see,? He said turning to leave.

?Yeah, we will,? I said tackling Marco to the ground. He hit the ground hard and I went out the same way he came in.

?COY!? Marco yelled out.

He looked up as the door shut trapping him inside the same prison I had been in.

?Well, isn?t this dandy,? He said annoyed. ?Little Coy grew some balls.?


Scene C

I opened my eyes and could feel Josh thrusting hard inside me. I had to admit it was good but this was Josh.

?Josh, get the hell off of me,? I said pushing him off of me.

?What? Marco, what the fuck is your deal?? He asked annoyed.

?I don?t know what Marco?s deal is but I am not Marco,? I said to him. ?It?s me Coy.?

He looked at me with a confused look on his face and got close to my face.

?What are you doing?? I asked him confused.

?Checking,? He said to me. ?If this is Coy your eyes would be Blue but since you?Well, Marco came along, your eyes have turned Grey.?

?What do you see?? I asked him.

?That you?re coy,? he said sadly.

?Disappointed much? I thought you would be happy to know I am back,? I said folding my arms.

?You thought wrong,? He said with an angry look. ?I want Marco back.?

?What? I?Josh?You?re not even Gay,? I said to him but then looked at him sideways. ?Are you??

?I don?t know,? Josh said getting up. It was hard not to look at the naked Adonis standing in front of me. ?I mean, when I think about you?I don?t know it grosses me out because?We are like bros but Marco?Is different.?

?Marco is trying to exploit your drug and social problems,? I said getting up and walking towards him. ?I am your friend. I want to help you. This is not the way.?

Josh looked at me with a blank look on his face. ?Do you know what triggered Marco?s release and your return??

?I don?t know,? I said shaking my head. ?I think whenever I get scared or nervous, Marco comes out as a side to protect me and whenever Marco is actually in a extremely happy state, such as orgasmic or when he feels overwhelmed by multiple emotions, I can break free.?

?So you are saying that if Marco comes out when you feel scared or threatened?? He asked curiously.

I nodded. ?Yeah, pretty much.?

He cracked his knuckles. ?Guess we got to scare the shit out of you.? He tackled me hard and pinned me to the ground and raised his fist.

?Josh no?? I said to him as I struggled to break free.


I could feel myself losing control slowly. Marco was fighting to break free and I was struggling to maintain control.

?4?I lose count??

The pounding in my head was unbearable and so painful.


It was over. I lost control.


My face formed into a smile as he hit me in the face. ?Hit me again baby.?

?Marco?? He asked looking at me unsure.

?The one and only,? I replied as I kissed him softly on the lips and led him to my bed.


Scene D

Giselle sat with Darek in the Ice Cream Parlor sharing a sundae.

?Don?t take my cherry,? She said with a giggle as she watched her boyfriend eat her cherry.

?I would say I can pop that cherry but..well, we know that has already been popped,? Darek joked and then cringed with Giselle smacked him. ?OW! BABE!?

?Pussy,? She said with a sly smile.

?Got to love that Pussy,? He said and they shared a laugh. ?They don?t call me Mr. Knock-The-Pussy Out for no reason.?

Giselle rolled her eyes. ?Anyway, I like how we been spending the past two days together?Non-stop?I am surprised that I am not sick of you, yet.?

?What makes you think that I?m not sick of you, GiGi?? He asked with a serious look on his face.

Giselle shrugged. ?You weren?t saying that when you were begging me to let you get a quickie in the Janitor?s closet this morning.?

?I love tight spaces,? He said as he leaned in and kissed her.

?You have got to be kidding,? Matt said with disgust as Nick and He walked in to the parlor.

Giselle broke away from Darek quickly, who flashed Matt and Nick heated looks.

?Can we help you?? He asked them coolly.

?You can?t but Giselle sure can,? Nick said grabbing Giselle?s arm and pulling her outside the parlor.

Darek made a move to get up but Matt shoved him down in the seat. ?Dar?Come on?We barely talk.?

?I don?t like you,? Darek said to him.

?Mutual here as well,? Matt said taking a seat across Darek. ?Look I am going to make this quick because I really despise you. Giselle seems to have made a pretty decent rebirth and I actually like her now. So what the hell is going on here?

Darek rolled his eyes and looked out the window at Giselle and Nick.

?Please tell me that you are having a Coy moment and that you got another Idenity that was kissing Darek Bouzakis,? Nick said disgusted. ?Giselle??

?What Nick?? She asked annoyed. ?I am seventeen years old. I can make my own decisions.?

?Did you have that decision?? Nick said pointing at Darek, who was fussing with Matt.

?I am just tired of being in this funk,? Giselle said leaning against the window. ?I mean last year was changes for me. I lost my boyfriend at the beginning of the year to a guy. Then my next boyfriend to another guy who happened to be the twin bro of the guy that I lost my boyfriend to.?

?I feel responsible,? Nick said sadly as he leaned beside her. ?I shouldn?t have led you on.?

?Don?t feel responsible,? She said nudging his elbow. ?I don?t regret the time we spent together as a couple, Nick. I had a lot of fun. Unlike Matt, it wasn?t about sex. It was about all our fun conversations and time we spent together.?

Nick smiled as he reminisced about his time with Giselle.

?Can I ask you a question?? She asked him and he nodded. ?How do you feel about Ky??

?How do I feel about Ky?I love him,? Nick said as he smiled as he thought of his boyfriend. ?Like when we first got together, it was strictly about sex. He couldn?t commit. Then he joined that religious group and was trying to de-gay himself?I was hurt because by doing that he refusing not himself but refusing the love I wanted to give and feel with him. Then he finally came back to me and I almost lost him. But he is back. He is mine?Nothing can take him away from me. I love him. I found my soulmate.?

?That?s what I want,? Giselle said to him with a sad look on her face. ?I spent 16 of my 17 years trying to avoid love and convincing myself that I had true love when I didn?t. But I don?t want to run away from it or force myself to believe I have love.?

?And you think Darek can offer you love?? Nick asked with a shudder.

?I don?t know,? She said shrugging. ?But I want to find out. I want to see if he really can be who I want and need him to be.?

Nick grabbed Giselle in a hug and kissed her forehead. ?You might not have somebody to be in love with at this present moment,? He said with a smile. ?But you got a best friend who loves you because you are a special person.?

?Thanks Nicky,? She said as they broke apart.

Darek walked out of the Ice Cream parlor followed by Matt.

?Too bad you two can?t come see me tonight at school when I carry the team to victory with Nate?s help,? He said before grabbing Giselle?s hand and walking away with her.

?I really don?t like that guy,? Matt said as the two of them watched the couple walk away.


Scene E

I looked at Dr. Ramriez with a blank look on my face as she sat waiting on me to talk.

?Marco, are you okay?? She asked me with the same emotionless look on her face.

I sighed. ?God, I have been here so long.?

?It?s been five minutes since you walked into my office, Marco,? She said, clearing her throat. ?We should talk about you, Marco, or better yet?Who you were as Coy??

?I am not that ass,? I said annoyed. ?I was fucking my boyfriend last night. Do you know that he tried to break through??

Dr. Ramirez?s eyes grew wide. ?Are you serious? You telling me that Coy is actually trying to break free inside your head??

?It?s not like he can,? I said folding my arms. ?Coy should stop trying to get control of my body.?

?His body,? Dr. Ramirez Corrected. ?Do you honestly believe that you are a real person??

I laughed at that one. ?I am sitting here looking at you?So yeah, it looks like I am a real person.?

?Marco, you do realize that Coy created from apart of a figment of your imagination,? She said to me. ?You are not real.?

I looked down, getting uncomfortable with this conversation.

?May I speak to Coy?? She asked me and I looked up at her and forced a fake pained look.

?Dr. Ramirez?Help me,? I said in a low whisper. She rushed over and grabbed my arm.

?Coy?? She asked me and I nodded softly at her.

?I am so sorry about Marco,? I said, trying to hold my laugh back. She actually was buying this.

?Don?t be honey,? She said eyes tearing up. ?You suffered a very traumatic event and your mind is trying to protect you, which is why you created Marco. But you are strong enough where you don?t need Marco, anymore.?

?He is so strong,? I said forcing myself to cry to make it more believable. ?I don?t think I can continue fighting him off.?

?Oh, but you must, Coy,? She said grabbing me into a hug. ?You must.?

I smiled an evil grin. If everybody wanted Coy back?Fine I could be Coy. But I was going to be Coy I wanted to be. I

I could feel Coy trying to break free and it took a lot of energy to resist letting him out.

She broke apart from me and her faced cringed in worry.

?Coy?Your nose is bleeding,? She said giving me a tissue from her counter.

?The bastard is trying to fight to get control,? I said annoyed as I pinched my nose.

?Don?t let him, Coy,? She said holding my free hand. ?Fight Coy! Fight!?

?Trust me, Dr. R,? I said nasally. ?I am in complete control.?


Scene F

Anthony sat with Matt and Nick in the ice cream parlor. They had been here for a few hours and figured the team would come back here after the game.

?I still can?t believe I am actually sitting here across from you willingly outside of school,? Anthony said to Matt and then smiled when he saw Matt?s annoyed face. ?Joking, man, Joking.?

?You two have been beefing for like a year now,? Nick said to the two of them. ?Matt?s not that bad Anthony?and Anthony?s not?Well, Anthony is Anthony but you get used to it.?

Matt and Anthony eyed each other suspiciously, not wanting to make the first move. Finally Matt, relenting, stuck his hand out.

?Hey, I?m matt,? He said with a smile.

Anthony looked at him with a shocked look but then realized what was happening.

?I am in Donnie Klang,? He said and the three shared a laugh. ?Yeah, Spending so long hating somebody really?really isn?t good. Especially over something so dumb over a boy.?

?Yeah,? Matt said sadly. Anthony looked at him and cocked his head to the side.

?As friends, can I give you a word of advice?? He asked and Matt nodded. ?I spent a greater part of a year trying to get your boyfriend to notice me and love me the way he did for you?But I lost a greater part of a year just being his friend, waiting for him to be ready and ready for him to be in love with me like I loved him. Matt?move on?Because you are not going to do anything but harm yourself by waiting for something that may not come back to you.?

?I might waste my time waiting but I might waste that chance of him coming back to me,? Matt said confident. ?At least, he isn?t interested in another dude.?

?True,? Anthony said as crowds of people rushed inside the parlor, apparently happy. ?Guess they won the game.?

?Hell yeah,? One of the football players said to Anthony as he bumped fist with Nick and Matt. ?Nate and Darek are like the dynamic duo.?

?Great,? Nick said unenthusiastically. ?And Dating Giselle.?

?Damn, that?s a wifey type right there,? The guy said before moving on to his friends as they all cheered loudly.

?Speak of one of the devils,? Anthony said as Carmen walked in beside Nate who looked exhausted but excited.

?You missed a good game, guys,? Nate said pulling a chair up beside Matt and letting Carmen sit on his lap.

?Wow, Giselle is dating Darek and I am guessing you are dating Nate,? Nick said shaking his head. ?Twilight zone here.?

Carmen pinched his shoulder. ?Look, I don?t really like the idea of them dating but Darek and Nate are nothing alike,? She said pinching his cheek.

?Nate?s an ass,? Anthony muttered where only Nick heard him.

?I am going to order us some shakes, babe,? She said getting up and joining Giselle in the cheerleaders.

Matt eyed Nate suspicouisly. ?I thought you were gay and after Coy,:

?I am,? Nate said to him. Matt looked at Anthony and Nick.

?Not that I want this?But how do you expect to date Carmen and Date Coy?? Matt asked amused out of curiousity.

Nate shrugged as Carmen walked over followed by Darek and Giselle. ?Hey Guys?I found Giselle,? She said taking a seat on Nate?s lap again. ?Oh, and Son of Satan?I mean, Darek.?

?Here is my football player,? Nick said getting up and hugging Ky. ?You?re all sweaty, baby.?

?Just like you like me,? Ky said kissing his boyfriend on the lips.

?Enough already for the single people here,? Matt said fake gagging. Anthony laughed.

?You two should hook up,? Carmen offered and the two of them blushed dark read.

?Although they are both such tough guys who would take the dick?? Giselle asked and they laughed.

Ky looked over at Darek standing beside Giselle. ?Am I hallucinating or are we mingling with Darek outside of practice??

Nick sighed. ?Giselle is dating Darek now,? He said shaking his head in disbelief.

?So now I guess I better double up my dose of pepto to help the nausea I feel when I am around Giselle now that he is around,? He muttered and Darek flashed him a dirty look.

?Hey peoples,? I said walking up to the table. ?What?s goodie, with you bitches? And by bitches, I mean the boys.?

?Just hanging out, babe?Coy,? Matt said and looked down at the table. ?What the hell did you bring him for??

I looked back to see Josh standing behind me. ?Because we have something to tell you,? I said to them all.

?Two things actually,? Josh corrected. Matt?s narrowed his eyes at Josh.

?You are planning to overdose on the drugs I found in your bag and Coy is back?? He asked sarcastically.

?Wait, you are still using?? Ky asked Josh who sighed angrily. They all looked at him angrily.

?Wow, maybe Nate and I should leave,? Darek said, sensing a lot of tension around the table.

?Yes maybe you should,? I said annoyed at his constant hanging around my friends.

?Coy?Marco?Whoever you are?.They are dating,? Nick said to me. ?It still does not do well for my stomach every time I say that.?

?Same here, Babe,? Ky said to his boyfriend.

?Okay, as disturbing as that is, I forgot Giselle was on a desperation kick?I could have sworn I had news for you guys,? I said to them all. ?I?m back. No Marco.?

All eyes widened and mouths dropped. Matt got up and grabbed me into a hug.

?I knew you would come back to me,? He said hugging me tightly.

?Get off of him,? Josh growled at Matt who eyed him with a look of confusion and annoyance.

?Dude, I am talking to my boyfriend?Fall back,? He said eyeing Josh.

?That?s my second news,? I said with a sigh. I knew what my plan was after counseling. I just hoped I could pull it off. But I didn?t know how to say it.

Josh had been eying Carmen sitting on Nate?s lap for the past few minutes we had been standing there. He sighed to himself as he realized that he needed to release all the doubt in his mind. Carmen was truly not good for him because she had moved on.

?Coy and I are a couple,? Josh said grabbing me in a kiss, that caught me off guard.

?What?? Carmen and Matt yelled out in unison.

Josh broke the kiss leaving me speechless for so many reasons.

?Coy is this true?? Matt asked with a hurt look on his face.

I looked at Matt and I could feel the real Coy struggling to break free. I don?t know why but Matt was the one weakness that gave Coy strength to fight harder for control. I looked at Josh and grabbed his hand.

?Yes,? I said confidence in my voice.

Matt looked at us with a hurt look. ?My best friend?My boyfriend? Wow??

Matt grabbed his keys and walked out. Ky and Nick ran after him.

Carmen looked at me with disgust in her eyes. She just walked out leaving Giselle, Darek, and Nate looking at us. I just realized most of our grade level was in the parlor. All eyes we on us.

?Wait a second, I thought you were straight?? Nate asked Josh, confused and not sure what to say.

?With these group of boys you can never be to sure,? Giselle said grabbing his arm. ?We got to find Carmen.?

Darek eyed us with a blank look on his face. ?This is funny.?

?Why?s that?? Josh asked him. Darek looked at me straight in the eye.

?Because you two are lying,? Darek said simply. ?I was there the whole time Coy was in Freedom?He didn?t beg out for Josh. He begged out for Matt to come and save him?You are still Marco?And Well, you are just a fucking Junkie, Josh.?

I stepped closer to him and whispered in his ear. ?You?re right, Darek,? I said to him. ?I am still Marco.?

Darek laughed and pushed past me to walk out after Giselle.

?Hey,? I said grabbing his arm.

?What do you want queer bait?? He asked me with a smile on his face.

?Just wanted to tell you that you better enjoy what time you have left walking around like the big shot you aren?t,? I said to him. ?Because your judgement day is coming and I am going to make sure that you feel all the pain that I felt all that time. And all the hatred in my heart??

Darek eyed me and realized I was serious and it made him nervous. He shrugged me off and walked out after his girlfriend.

?You sure about this?? Josh asked me. ?I don?t want you to break up with me because?I love you, Marco?.?

?You got to stop calling me that,? I said kissing him softly. ?You and I both want them to believe I am dead but we want them to not believe in Coy either which is why we are doing this. We are Destroying Coy?s relationships with all of them.?

?Phase one complete,? Josh said as he grabbed my hand and walked outside of the restaurant. ?Just promise me you will never leave me.?

?I promise,? I said to him as we walked down the street arm-in-arm. ?Oh, and Josh?I love you too.?



Author?s Notes:

Okay, Marco 4 is now complete. This brings my story writing to an end for the weekend lol.

I finally have discovered where I want the Marco installment to go. I don?t want it to just be about Coy?s pyshcological break. I want other characters to be affected as well. Halo was kind of a sweet love story for the most part, Angels & Monsters found Coy, Josh, and Ky in dangerous waters and Marco now shows how One person can destroy his friends. We are going to find out a whole lot more about Marco as the season progresses as well as Josh?s dependence on Marco.

Is Coy really gone for good? Who knows?

Stay tuned for Marco 5?

Nate grows bothered by Carmen?s incessant complaints over Josh and Marco. Matt tries to be strong and decides to change his life. Ky and Nick both decide to broadcast their relationship to Nick?s father. Anthony and Darek clash due to co-football captain responsibilities. Josh picks up a dangerous new hobby while Marco continues to further distance himself from the others and puts his next plan into action.

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This is episode 5 of 9



Episode 5: Devil?s Advocate

Main Cast:

Coy Marco James

Ky James

Matt Gleisner

Josh Jackson

Anthony Pagan

Nick Pagan

Carmen Gianni

Darek Bouzakis

Nate Soto



Scene A

Carmen sat tapping her pencil loudly on her notebook as Nate and Her sat in the library before homeroom working on homework

Nate raised his eyebrows. ?You know I let you talk me into coming in here and doing work instead of making out and now when I try to do work, you want to distract me.?

Carmen looked over at him and sighed. ?I am sorry. I just got a lot on my mind right now.?

?Yeah, you been really?distant for the past few days,? He said to her with a concerned look on his face. ?What?s wrong, babe??

Carmen shook her head.

?Come on, I know that something is wrong,? He said closing his math book and looking up at his girlfriend. ?You been weird since?Since the drama at the Ice cream parlor Friday.?

?Nate?? Carmen began but Nate shook his head and looked at her with a straight face.

?He is your ex-boyfriend, Carmie and your best friend is dating him,? He said trying to show the fact that he was bothered show on his face. ?It?s natural for you to be jealous.?

?Jealous?? Carmen asked with a scoff. ?I am not Jealous of Josh and Coy?s relationship. I just?I just??

?You just what?? Nate asked her. ?Carmen, if you are jealous, you are jealous. Don?t trip.?

Carmen sighed and placed her head in her head. ?So if?And that is a big if?If I was Jealous?How do you feel? Mad? Jealous? Threatened??

?Do I have anything to be jealous of??

Nate looked at Carmen anxiously awaiting a reply. Carmen looked him in the eye. True, she wasn?t over Josh but with the drug use and his surprise relationship?She would have to get over it.

?Of course not,? She lied with a smile on her face.


Scene B

Matt walked inside the gym dreading the day. Today was his first day back after the suspension and the pass four days had been some of the worst of his life. He got his heart ripped out when he found out that the boy he loved and would die for was taken from him by his best friend.

Nick walked up to his locker and rested against it. ?How you feeling man??

Anthony shrugged as he shut the locker door. ?I see how Anthony feels now when Coy and I started dating. How could Josh do that??

?It?s obvious that Coy and Josh aren?t exactly themselves right now,? Nick said to him. ?So maybe we can?t fault them for that. What are you going to do??

Anthony sighed in frustration. ?I gave up my life of being straight for Coy because I felt like he was the one and then I fucked things up again when I cheated on him but when I got my second chance, I was willing to do whatever it took?Even come out to the whole entire schhool?And you know what I realized? That I am done with Coy.?

?Really?? Nick asked not sure if this was the best decision.

?Really,? Matt said determined as he saw Josh and I walking inside the school. His face contorted in anger.

?Matt?Don?t Do Anything stupid,? Nick said with a worried look on his face. ?We just got back.?

Matt walked over towards us leaving a worried Nick.

?What?s going on? ? Ky asked walking up to Nick,

?We might need to referee Smackdown?Matt Vs. Josh part two,? Nick said as he walked after Matt.

?Hey Matt,? I said with a cheery face. ?What?s up??

Matt stared Josh down with an Angry look on his face.

?Matt,? Ky said nervously. ?We do need you for the team??

?Yeah, because some of us around here aren?t wanted,? Anthony said as he made his way over.

Josh looked at Matt, Nick, Ky, and Anthony. It hurt him to see his four best friends standing there with there arms folded.

?Come on?Baby,? I added the last part and shot a dark look at Matt and Anthony as I walked off.

?I can?t believe this,? Matt said annoyed. ?I lost my boyfriend?to a straight guy??

?You keep saying he is straight,? Ky said confused. ?He is fucking your boyfriend.?

?I know that but there is just something that doesn?t look right or feel right about those two,? Matt said watching us walk off.

?Yeah, my gay dar screams Straight boy,? Nick said to his friends.

?It?s not just that,? Matt said turning to face them. ?There is something not right about Coy.?

?That?s just you wanting to believe your Coy is still in there,? Anthony said hitting on the back of the head. ?Wake Up! You?re coy is dead.?

Nick patted Matt on the back. ?Like you said?forget about Coy,? He said. ?Move on.?

Matt sighed. It was true he said he was going to move on. But was he ready?

?Let?s get to class,? He said breaking away from the group of boys.

Nick looked at Ky with a serious look. ?There are a lot of similarities between twins that go just beyond looks,? He said to his boyfriend. ?Please promise me that you wont have an episode like Coy/Marco. The religious zealots were enough.?

?I promise,? Ky said as the three of them walked off towards their classes.


Scene C

Ky closed the door to his Math class behind him as he made his way to the bathroom.

?Hey Ky,? Daniel said as he passed by him.

Ky waved back at him and headed into the bathroom and frowned as soon as he walked in.

?Hello Ky,? Darek said with a smile.

?Gee, I really wish people would flush after they take shits,? Ky said to Darek.

?Ha, that?s funny,? Darek said with a fake laugh.

?Shouldn?t you be ruining somebody else?s life?? Ky asked him. ?You already ruined mine enough. I am sure there are some other people that you can annoy and destroy their lives.?

?Come on, Ky, we used to be?something almost like friends,? Darek said flushing the urinal and moving to wash his hands.

?Please don?t remind me,? Ky said as he relieved himself. ?Darek, last year was a mistake and it almost cost me Nick. I was weak then. This year I am strong and I realize that as long as I got Nick in my life, I am always going to be strong. So I don?t have time to deal with you and your bullshit this year. So stay away from me.?

Ky flushed and washed his hands and headed towards the door.

?You aren?t safe you know,? Darek said suddenly, Ky freezing at the door. ?Just because I am not with the Christian soldiers anymore doesn?t mean that you are safe. You or Nick, or for that matter Coy. Especially You and Coy.?

Ky turned around. ?What do you mean especially Coy and Me??

Darek shook his head and walked towards Ky. ?Let?s say that I had my reasons for what I did last year but?There are people that are just far more dangerous and sadistic than I could ever be. Don?t forget?Reverend Taylor and Tony are still out there.?

Ky sighed as Darek walked out and left him standing there thinking.

?Does this shit ever end?? He thought to himself.


Scene D

Carmen and Giselle ran along the track for Gym class. ?God, I swear, my make-up is running because of all this damn sweat,? Giselle said rubbing her eyebrow.

?Who puts on all that lipstick and eyeliner and crap to run two miles for gym?? Carmen asked her friend as they neared their fourth lap.

?Girls who want to look sexy no matter what,? Giselle said with a breathless laugh.

?Right now you just look?horrible,? Carmen countered.

?Keep up ladies,? Darek said as he and Nate ran past them.

Carmen scoffed. ?I still don?t get what you see in him.?

?He is hot,? Giselle said with a huge smile.

?True but when you add in the fact that he was apart of a illegal faction that attacked and murdered gays, it kind of makes him seem like he is?ugly,? Carmen offered.

?Even us hot people make mistakes too,? Giselle said.

Carmen stopped and looked at her with a stern look.

?Look, Carmen, I am not as smart as you and I have a reputation that attracts a certain type of guy,? Giselle said sadly. ?I am tired of getting guys that just want to fuck because there is so much to me than fucking. Darek isn?t just looking for that.?

Carmen noticed the look on Giselle?s face and realized that be that as it may how she hated Darek, Giselle was happy. That?s all she wanted was for her to be happy.

?Just be careful, okay,? Carmen said hugging her tightly.

?I will,? Giselle said, noticing Josh and I. ?Uh-oh. Former boyfriend now fucking Former best friend is headed this way?with said best friend he?s fucking.?

Josh kissed me with a deep kiss, our tongues battling each other and walked past Carmen without even acknowledging her.

?Carmen, my best friend,? I said walking over to her and Giselle. ?Giselle, my best friend?s best friend and my fashionista, how are you two doing??

Carmen looked at me with a heated look. Giselle noticed her friend growing mad and looked at me.

?Coy, maybe this isn?t a good time,? She said not wanting conflict to go on.

?No, it?s a perfectly good time,? Carmen said stepping into my face. ?How could you Coy? How could you date Josh??

Darek and Nate made their way over to us.

?How could you not tell me he could fuck so damn good?? I asked her. ?Best friends don?t have secrets.?

?Best friends don?t date best friends exes,? Carmen said to me.

?I second that,? Giselle said and I looked at her with an annoyed look.

?Don?t be jealous because Josh told me he never loved anybody the way he loves me and that you were part of the reason he turned to drugs,? I said to her and she made a move to slap me but I caught her hand. ?I will hit a woman.?

I dropped her hand and made my way over to my class leaving Darek, Nate, Carmen and Giselle standing there.

?Wow, Coy is sure different, huh?? Darek asked, playing dumb.

?I need to go talk to him.? Carmen said making a move to go but Nate stepped in front of her.

?No, I will,? He said.

?No, Nate??

?No, Carmen, I sat there and believed you when you said you were over Josh and now I witness you arguring with your friend over Josh?? Nate asked her.


?But nothing, Carmen,? Nate said adamantly. ?Yeah, Coy did something fucked up but you don?t OWN josh after the fact you break up with him?so get the fuck over it.?

Nate walked off and Darek followed after him.

?Wow,? Giselle said to Carmen, shocked.

?I know?.So hot,? She said, forgetting about Josh.

Darek and Nate sat on the bleachers, with Nate fuming.

?I find love affairs funny,? Darek said with a laugh.


?Does Carmen know that you are In love with her but attracted to Coy??

?Wha?How did you??

?I am not just a pretty face,? Darek said flashing him a smile. ?Well?Mostly, a pretty face but I do have my moments of smartness.

Nate looked up to see Carmen walking towards him.

?Hey baby,? She said nervously. ?I just wanted to say I am sorry.?

?It?s okay,? Nate said as he hugged and kissed her. He noticed across the field that I was with my swim class and walking around in my speedo and shirtless.

?Don?t pop a boner,? Darek said with a laugh, earning dark looks from both Nate and Carmen.

Scene E

?Hey, Coy,? Daniel said running up to me as I posted flyers around the school.

I looked down from the stepladder that I was on and rolled my eyes. ?What is it, David??

Daniel sighed. ?You know my name, Coy,? He said taking a paper out of his hand. ?What is this??

?Well, most modern people call that paper or papel in spanish,? I said sarcastically. ?The decorations and words make that paper into something called an announcement or flyer.?

?I meant, what is this you are announcing?? He asked me. ?The Brotherhood??

?Yeah, I know it?s sexist but lesbos really creep me out,? I said to him. ?Especially Ms. Monroe from World History. She has a moustache and I have seen dick imprints in her shorts she wears.?

?Please tell me this isn?t your new group that you were talking about at the rainbow soldiers meeting,? He said.

I shrugged. ?Okay, I won?t tell you,? I said to him. ?Now excuse me, I have more flyers to post up.?

?Coy?What exactly is the brotherhood about?? He asked me concerned.

?About stepping up and fighting for what we want since pussy ass faggots want to just sit around and protest it out,? I said grabbing the step ladder. ?I told you what I wanted and I am sorry but I have no need to talk to you.?


?Daniel?Please,? I said turning around to face him. ?I am in a pretty good mood and I don?t want to make you one of my targets.?

?Targets?? He asked confused. ?What do you mean Targets??

?I guess you are going to have to wait and see,? I said walking off.

Scene F

Matt stood in line trying to get his food for lunch. He was really confused. Everybody was going around and telling him that he was dumb for coming out for a guy who had turned into an ass. But he loved that ass?that ass still is the same guy he fell in love with.

?Think to hard, you might bust a vein,? A girl said as he paid for lunch.

?Huh?? He asked as they begin walking towards the tables.

?You were doing some heavy duty thinking back there,? She said to him. ?I wanted to see how far gone you were so I snuck three of those chocolate chip cookies on your plate. By the way, those are mine.?

Matt looked down at the three cookies on his tray and back at the pretty girl.

?Actually, since I paid for them, they are mine,? He joked. ?But you might be lucky enough and I will share them with you at my table??

The girl raised an eyebrow. ?What makes you think your lucky enough for me to sit with you??

She grabbed a cookie and bit it before smiling and walking off.

?She?s hot,? Anthony said in his ear as Matt sat down at the usual table.

?Good, to know I still got it,? Matt said with a smile. He looked up and met eyes with her. She smiled at him.

?Well, technically you don?t got it,? Darek said earning a look of disgust from Matt and Anthony.

?I might not be able to stop you from sitting with us,? Anthony said to him. ?But please don?t depress us enough by talking to us.?

Darek ignored Anthony and looked back at Matt. ?You don?t got it because you didn?t seal the deal.?

Nate looked at Darek, trying to see where he was going with this.

?Who says I want to seal the deal?? Matt asked him.

?So you want to pine after Coy all year long while he is with Josh?? Darek asked.

Matt looked up and noticed Josh and I sitting at a table by ourselves.

?I didn?t even get her name,? Matt said to them. ?I should have asked for it then but I wasn?t thinking??

?Emily Ashby,? Carmen said stealing some fries off Darek?s plate, who flashed her a look. ?Oh! Shut up, punk.?

?Yeah, she is a cheerleader here who transferred from Philly and she will be playing volleyball,? Giselle said to her ex-boyfriend. ?She is really nice.?

?And really cute,? Nick offered.

?But she?s not Coy,? Anthony said noticing the look on Matt?s face. ?Dude, I said we could squash our beef and be friends but I am not friends with lame dudes. Forget Coy and move on. To Emily Ashby. Because if you don?t?I will.?

Matt sighed and nodded his head in agreement.

?Thanks Darek,? Nate said realizing what Darek had been doing the whole time.

Darek smiled at his best friend and stole a fry off Carmen?s plate.

?Oh shut up, Punk,? He said to her.


Scene G

Josh noticed Carmen walking towards Cheerleading and decided to talk to her.

?Hey,? He said walking up to her. She looked at him and flashed a smile.

?Hey, you,? She said looking at him.

Neither knew what to say to each other.


?So you are gay now?? Carmen asked him but felt bad not meaning it to sound bad. ?I didn?t mean it like that. It?s cool, if you are.?

?It is?? Josh asked her, surprised.

She nodded at him. ?Josh, I want you to be happy,? She said to him. ?You are a good person and you deserve hapiness in your life and if he makes you happy, I am okay with it.?

?I don?t think I am gay,? Josh said to her. ?It?s just Coy??

?I get it,? Carmen said to him, not wanting details. She noticed Nate walking towards practice. She smiled to herself when she realized what she had to do. ?Josh?what we had?.it was special to me?always will be. But before you were my boyfriend?You were my best friend. I want my best friend back. Coy included. I know that I reacted badly to everything with you and coy but, I want you both back. Because I am finally happy and I think I am falling in love.?

Friday when Josh saw Nate and Carmen, he was jealous but since then?He realized he to was falling in love with somebody he didn?t mean to.

?Me too,? Josh said surprised about it. ?I love Coy.?

Carmen was shocked but she smiled at him. ?Then you be the best you can be for him,? She said to him.

?Josh,? I said walking up to the two of them. ?The meeting??

Carmen walked over to me and hugged me.

?What is this?? I asked confused as what is going on.

Josh walked over and hugged me to.

?The trio is back,? Carmen said as we stood and hugged each other.

I could feel the real coy wanting to break free.

?One minute,? I thought to myself as I let him take control for the time being. Sentimental moments like these weren?t my forte so I let Coy break through.

Josh saw the change in my eye color.

?Carmen, I am so sorry,? I said to her. ?For everything.?

?Don?t be,? Carmen said to me. ?Friends make mistakes. Friends Forgive. I love you guys.?

She hugged us both again and kissed on the cheek.

?I got to get to practice,? She said to us before turning and walking into the gym.

Josh looked at me unsure of what to say.

?Go to the meeting?I will be there in a sec,? I said to him.

I watched as Josh walked off to the brotherhood meeting and was heading towards the bathroom when I saw Matt talking to some girl. They were awfully close and she grabbed his cell and put what I assumed was her number in his contacts.

I realized something that Matt was moving on. Maybe Marco had the right idea after all. I would be seventeen in four days and how had my life been? I was always the nerd?Then I became the rape victim?The tortured rape victim. Because I was always to nice. Maybe?Maybe Marco wasn?t such a bad thing.

Matt looked up and noticed me watching him. He looked at me and I looked at him. I think we both could realize it was truly over. I walked over towards him and kissed him softly on the lips.

?Coy?? Matt said wanting to break free but he wanted that as well.

?One last time,? I said to him as I kissed him deep and passionate. My face grew wet, from his tears or mine. I couldn?t tell but it didn?t matter. I needed to do this. I needed closure if I was going to go through with this.

We broke away and looked each other in the eye. It was that silent understanding that with us, we were each others firsts for a lot of things. Aside from Tony, he was my first time. He was my first love. I was his first TRUE love and we were each other?s first TRUE heartbreak.

He sighed and headed of to practice. This is what he needed. He needed closure before he could move on with anybody else. Freedom Hospital didn?t only change me?it changed us and for now. This was the end of our chapter. As far as the story? I didn?t know. But for now, a new chapter in our lives was starting. His with that girl and mine?.

I walked into the bathroom and looked under the stalls to see if I was alone. I closed my eyes and I allowed myself to drift away to the part where Marco was.

He stood there in front of me with the same body?.same face?same mannerism?.Same everything.

?You sure about this?? He asked me. There was no malice in his voice.

?I do have my doubts,? I said to him. ?You can be incredibly ruthless.?

?True,? He said to me. ?But you have control and I am willing to walk away and disappear.?

?I don?t want you to,? I said to him. ?Truth be told, I am tired of being weak. I am tired of being the victim. I want to be??

?Me?? He asked me and I nodded.

Marco smiled at me. He had me right where he wanted me. Get me at a weak state and he could have complete control over me.

?Promise me, you won?t hurt any of them,? I said to him.

?I don?t make promises because I always break them,? He said shoving me into a wall and I hit my head.

I could feel my head bleeding and I was slowly slipping away to darkness.

?Why?? I asked him.

?Because, it?s simple,? Marco said to me. ?To do what I have planned, I can?t have a conscience. I can?t have you.?

He walked out of the room and the door shut. This time I felt that was the last that I would ever broke free.

I trusted him. He was like the devil.

?I?m dying,? I said as I slipped out of consciousness.


Scene H

?Marco?? Josh asked me as I walked inside the meeting room where the club meeting was held at.

?The one and only,? I said to him as I kissed him on the lips.

I looked around at about 50 or 60 boys and one girl sat looking around at me, expecting.

?Sorry hon, no dykes,? I said to her.

She sighed and walked out of the room.

?What about Coy?? Josh asked me. ?Why did you let him have control??

?He had to say good bye,? I said darkly as I made my way to the front.

Josh took a seat beside a boy as everyone turned to see what I had to say.

?Are you tired of be the Joke of every jock out here?? I asked them. ?Are you tired of being denied the same rights that your heterosexual counterparts are and will be awarded? The same respect? My name is?Marco James. No Coy. Coy represented a weak state of being. Today, I introduce to you all Marco. Who am I? I am the person who is going to bring hell to these bitches. Starting right here at school. Now you can either walk or stay? Anybody not interested??

I looked around and saw eager faces wanting to get work started and change the way things worked and the hiearchy of the school.

?Good,? I said with a big smile. ?Let?s get to work. First step, Introductions.?


Scene I

Ky and Nick laid in bed happily together as they had just finished hours and hours of love making.

?I love you baby do you know that?? Nick asked him.

Ky played with his boyfriends hair. ?I know babe,? Ky said kissing him on the cheek. ?Do you know I love you??

?I know babe,? Nick repeated back to him.

?I have been thinking,? Ky said sitting up in the bed.

?Did it hurt?? Nick joked.

?I?m serious Nick,? Ky said looking him dead in the eye. ?I want to meet your dad.?

?What? Ky?No??

?Look, you met my parents before Freedom and after Freedom and they love you,? Ky said to him. ?Why can?t I meet your dad??

?My dad is not like your parents,? Nick said to him. ?He is a bad man.?

Ky looked at him with a serious look. ?I love you and I want to be with you forever and ever,? He said voice breaking. ?But I can?t do that if you are going to hide in the closet.?

Nick looked down. ?I am sorry, Ky.?

?Me too,? Ky said angrily as he grabbed his jeans and thew them on.

Nick watched his shirtless boyfriend grab his shirt and storm out of the room.

?Wait, he said forever and ever,? Nick said to himself. ?Wait! Ky!?

Nick rushed out after Ky and out the house as Ky had made his way to his car.

?Ky, don?t go,? Nick said to him.?I love you. I want to do this.?

Ky looked back, his face soaked with tears. ?You sure??

?I?m sure,? Nick said with a nod before walking over and kissing him. He didn?t care who saw. Anthony convinced his dad they should have some bonding time and bonding time with their father meant strip clubs and escorts so they wouldn?t be back till early morn probably.

?I can meet your dad?? Ky asked him.

?You can meet my dad,? Nick said kissing him again.

?What the hell is going on?? A voice said as a car pulled into the driveway.

?Oh my god,? Ky said as he realized who it was.

?You can meet my dad,? Nick said knees beginning to buckle.


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This is episode 6 of 9



Episode 6: Nobody?s Angel

Main Cast:

Coy Marco James

Ky James

Josh Jackson

Matthew Gleisner

Emily Ashby

Anthony Pagan

Nick Pagan

Carmen Gianni

Giselle Santos

Darek Bouzakis

Nate Soto

Scene A

?Dad,? Nick said nervously as John Pagan climbed out of his car. Anthony rushed out of the car and stood behind his father, unsure of what was about to happen.

Ky was scared. John was staring at him with a deadly glare in his eyes. He reached into his back pocket.

?Dad no,? Nick yelled out.

John pulled out his wallet and handed Nick $200. ?I was coming back home because I realized that I hadn?t given you money for dinner tonight if you wanted to go out,? He said still eyeing Ky. He turned and climbed back in his car and drove out just as Josh and I drove up towards the house.

?I tried to stop him but he was so dead set on coming back,? Anthony said to Nick, who looked scared.

?Who died?? I asked them as Josh and I climbed out of the car.

?Nobody yet,? Ky said. ?But you and Anthony might be only children pretty soon.?


Scene B

Carmen and Giselle watched as their boyfriends got popcorn for the movie they were going to go see.

?So did I tell you I talked to Josh and Coy today after school?? Carmen asked her.

Giselle gave her a hurt look. ?No, you didn?t tell me that,? She said pouting.

?Oh, shut it, I am telling you now,? Carmen said. ?I just really wanted them to know that before any of us dated each other we used to be best friends. I wanted my friends back.?

?Carmen, please tell me you didn?t tell them that,? Giselle said shaking her head.

Carmen looked confused. ?What? Why? What?s wrong with that??

?Because by accepting their relationship you accept the basis of their relationship as right,? Giselle replied. ?Coy and Josh did a grimey thing by dating. God, and they say you are smarter than me.?

?It doesn?t even matter because I have Nate now and Josh is just to complicated for me to try and date? Carmen said with a sigh. ?Besides, truth be told, they make a hot couple. They almost look better than when Coy was with Matt.?

?Speak of the devil, is that Matt on a date with Emily?? Giselle asked as Matt and Emily walked into the theater. ?MATT! EM!?

Matt and emily walked over to Carmen and Giselle. He gave them both hugs. ?I see enough of you guys at school,? He joked. ?You following me??

?Yeah, you wish,? Giselle said. ?Did he beg you to come with him to the movies Emily??

Emily grabbed Matt?s arm. ?Yeah, he kind of did. But he is so hot, it was so hard to resist him so I had to say yes.?

?I got that effect on women,? Matt said with a laugh. ?You remember right, Giselle??

Giselle flicked him off and laughed as Nate and Darek walked over with the popcorn and candy and drinks.

?Dude, we are going to see a romantic comedy not a horror movie,? Darek said to Matt. ?Please bounce, dude.?

?Yeah, I should do that because I got a date,? Matt said throwing his arm around Emily.

Nate smiled. ?Wow?So you actually went on and switched teams.?

Matt?s heart skipped a beat while Emily gave Nate a confused look.

?What do you mean? Switched teams?? She asked him.

Nate and Darek laughed. ?Oh, Matt here used to be a Colt?s fan now he likes the steelers,? Nate lied.

?Oh, same her,? Emily said with a smile. ?Well, I am going to use the bathroom. Matt, I want something gummy if possible.?

?Okay,? He said watching her walk off before he wheeled on the boys. ?What the hell man? I don?t want her to find out about Coy right now.?

Darek rolled his eys. ?Oh, come on. She will find out eventually.?

?Yeah and if I can help it on my terms,? Matt said leaving the couples standing there.

?You boys always want to instigate something with him,? Giselle said grabbing her boyfriend?s arm.

?Yeah, he is our friend which means like it or not he is both of your friends,? Carmen said to Nate.

Darek and Nate looked at each other with a grimace. ?Fine, we?ll go easy on him,? Darek said to the girls.

?But doesn?t mean we are friends,? Nate added as the foursome headed towards the theater the movie was being watched in.


Scene C

Ky and Nick sat across from each other in the living room.

?So why exactly are you afraid of you?re father?? Ky asked his boyfriend.

Nick looked down not sure where to begin. Anthony walked inside the living room and took a seat beside Ky.

?I think I can explain that,? He said throwing his legs on Ky?s lap. ?You don?t mind if I make myself comfy do you??

?Actually, I do,? Ky said knocking his legs off of him. ?Now tell me.?

Anthony looked over at Nick who shrugged and nodded. ?Okay, well daddy dearest has a lot of connections that are tied into things illegal,? He began. ?He works for a major company that deals with government money and his endeavors stem from his work at his office.?

?How illegal are we talking?? Ky asked, uneasy about this conversation.

?Let?s just say he is a step above your average illegal trafficer and a step below a drug lord,? Nick said with a sigh. ?I just don?t want him to go ballistic and doing anything drastic."

?Like shoot Ky?? Anthony asked but cringed from the dark look Nick gave him. ?Sorry that isn?t helping is it??

?Not really, no,? Nick said shaking his head at his brother before turning his head to Ky. ?What?s that look for??

?I don?t know?it?s just?? Ky began but got up and headed towards the door.

?Ky?Where are you going?? Nick as he frantically rushed after his boyfriend.

Ky shook his head and walked out of the house. Nick turned and looked at his brother, who shrugged back at him.

?Great, just great,? Nick said as he banged his head repeatedly on the wall.


Scene D

?Coy,? A voice said from behind me. It was Carmen who was walking up to me with her arm around Nate.

I swallowed the urge to roll my eyes and forced a smile on my face.

?Hey best friend, Hey best friend?s boyfriend,? I said in a mock cheerful mood. ?What?s up?

?The talk of this gay group you and Josh are starrting up?what?s the truth?? She asked me.

?That me and Josh are starting our gay group up,? I said to her as I turned and headed towards my locker.

She looked at Nate before they followed after me. ?Coy!! Wait.?

?Carmen, what is it?? I asked her annoyed. ?I am kind of busy.?

?You?re lying,? She said folding her arms. ?This is your free period. Coy, we already have the rainbow soldiers. What do you think your group can do that they aren?t doing??

?How about fight?? I asked sarcastically.

?You mean violently? They are fighting, hon,? She said with a look of concern on her face. ?Violence and bloodshed doesn?t make peace, it just brings in more trouble.?

?Peace and Serenity is just a weak man?s attempt at trying to hide the fact that he is not strong enough to fight,? I said to her. ?I am no martin luther king because I don?t do the whole peace thing and marching. Personally, I hate marching because I hate walking long distances and im not to big on having people mock me and view me as weak. Violence is the answer because if they are not going to give us our respect, we have to take it from them and make them fear us.?


?Look, Carmen, I don?t have to explain myself or what I do to you,? I said adjusting my backpack. ?Stay my friend and let?s compare all the cute boys we would do if we didn?t have boyfriends and stop trying to be my mom.?

I turned and walked off leaving a speechless Carmen standing looking at me. ?There is just something strange about him,? She said to her boyfriend.

?Aye, I got to head to a meeting with Coach, babe,? He said kissing her on the cheek. ?I will catch you at lunch.?

They kissed briefly before Nate took off running in hopes of finding me. Carmen sighed and turned to head towards the library.

?Coy,? He called out as I headed down the steps.

I pretended as if I didn?t hear him and kept walking on ahead where I was headed.

?I hate being ignored,? He said as he ran to catch up with me and stood in front of me.

?What nate?? I asked him folding my arms. ?What can I help you with??

?Haven?t? seen much of you since around here,? He said to me and I rolled my eyes.

?What?s your point?? I asked him. He sighed and looked down at his feet.

?I miss you,? he said to me. He pulled me by man and took me to an abandoned classroom.

?Look, nate, I got stuff to do for?? I began but he stopped me by kissing me on the lips.

I pushed him off of me. ?What the hell? Josh will kill you if he found out you killed me.?

?That dude aint going to do shit but snort some coke,? Nate said with a scoff. ?You know you want it Coy.?

?What about Carmen?? I asked, trying to appear to be a good friend when in reality I wanted to fuck nate right here in this room.

?What about her?? He asked as he kissed me softly and pushed me up against the wall. He was a lot shorter than I was, therefore he was standing on his tip-toe kissing me hard and passionately.

?No,? I said shoving him off of me. ?Look, I am nobody?s piece of ass. I met you first and you already dating my friend after 2 weeks??

?And you?re dating your best friend?s ex and your ex-boyfriend?s ex best friend,? He countered which made me smile.

?How do you feel about Carmen?? I asked him. ?Do you love her??

?Look, I do love Carmen,? He said to me. ?Do you love Josh??

I nodded. ?I love him with all my heart.?

?But I feel this connection with you?purely sexual energy when I see you,? He said to me. ?With her, I connect with her mind and soul but you??

?Purely Body,? I finished for him. ?I feel the same way.?

?I want to do you right here, right now,? He said as he grabbed me and pinned me to the wall as he ripped my shirt off.

?Gee Nate?My?Shirt,? I said as he kissed all over my body.

?Dude, you like muscle shirts?.I?m shorter than you so my shirts will look like muscle shirts,? He said as he pulled a condom out of his bag and some vaseline. But then turned and looked at the door. ?What about teachers??

?You chicken?? I asked him with a smile.

?Nah, I just don?t want your screams to alert them when I fuck the hell out of you,? He said as he unbuttoned his pants.


Scene E

Darek sat inside the new guidance counselor trying to figure out what exactly he was doing here. It wasn?t like he got into trouble very much in school, outside of school was different, and he actually had pretty decent grades. So he couldn?t understand why he was here.

?Hello, Darek,? A familiar voice said from behind him. He turned around to see Reverend Taylor standing behind him.

?Oh god,? Darek said with a sigh. ?Well, what do you know? I guess the rumors are true. You are still around Jersey.?

?Of course, I am,? Reverend Taylor said as he smiled and shut the door behind him. ?After one of my star recruits just ups and leaves Christian soliders, I had to return.?

?Well, things change?People change,? Darek said with no emotion. He was still shocked to see a man that he spent the last few months trying to avoid.

?Yes they do, Darek, yes they do but People like you?you don?t change,? Reverend Taylor said to him. ?Last year, you were so dead set on wiping out the homosexuals and you even demanded that you lead up the Atlantic city chapter and now this year??

?This year, I like a girl and I really don?t want to mess it up like I did last year,? Darek finished for him. ?Like I said, people change.?

?Giselle Santos,? Reverend Taylor said looking back at him. ?Yes, she is a remarkably attracftive young lady. It be ashame if something were to happen to her.?

?How did you?You been following me?? Darek asked him angrily.

Reverend Taylor chuckled to himself. ?Look, I get the fact that you are wanting to start over and be a saint but do you actually think I would allow you to walk away from us that easily. I run the Atlantic City chapter. I can?t have my investments all spread out willy nilly. Hanging with these demonic people, if you can even call them people.?

?They really aren?t that bad, a little dramatic but that?s expected,? Darek said to him. ?But they really aren?t that bad.?

?Funny, I seem to remember two years ago you?re parents divorcing because your brother was fucking around with your middle school teammates and your father bringing you into my office,? Reverend Taylor said with a grin. ?You?re mother said it was nothing to make fun and tried to help you out and understanding but your father??

?My father brainwashed me,? Darek said to him. ?Look, I still find it nasty but I really don?t care what goes on in their bedrooms and how they like do it up the butt but I really don?t care anymore. My brother seems happy.?

?But I am not happy, Darek,? Reverend Taylor said. ?Two of my investments, you and coy are rogue and you two were supposed to be lifelong members. We are trying to get god into these people?s head and hearts or we are going to have to do god?s work and destroy them.?

?You think this is what god wants? Another holocsaust?? Darek asked him. ?This is not what god wants. God gives people the right to choose if they want to follow his word or not. I?m done with this.?

?Like I said, it would be ashame that something happened to that beautiful girlfriend of yours,? Reverend Taylor said as Darek froze as the door.

Darek turned and looked at him with a dark look on his face. ?I swear if you touch Giselle??

?We won?t have to touch Giselle,? Reverend Taylor said with a smile. ?Just?we need your allegiance.?

Darek looked him into the eye. He really did care for Giselle. But he didn?t want to do this anymore either.

?What do you need from me?? He asked him with a sigh.

Reverend Taylor smiled at him as Darek took a seat back in front of him.


Scene F

Ky grabbed Giselle?s arm and pulled her outside to the courtyard.

?Ky, what the hell are you doing?? She asked him annoyed and massaging her arm.

?I got to talk to you,? He said to her with a sigh. She gave him an amused look. ?Yeah, I know, shocking. It?s about Nick.?

?Oh my god, is he okay?? She asked getting worried. Ky sighed annoyed.

?Yes, giselle he is fine?he is fine,? he said to her. ?I just need to ask you a few questions.?

?Okay, shoot,? She said.

Ky looked down at the ground. He can?t believe he was here talking to his ex-boyfriend?s girlfriend, the same girl who knew he was in danger and yet did nothing to prevent it, the same girl that he really hated. Yet, here he was.

?Ky? You there?? She asked softly snapping him out of his thoughts.

Ky looked up and just swallowed all those thoughts and smiled softly.

?What do you know about Anthony and Nick?s family?? He asked her. She looked down and blushed slightly.

?You know about to porn?? She asked him embarrased.

?What? What do you mean, porn?? He asked her shocked.

?You know, on top of all the illegal activities he does, their father has his porn studio and company?? Giselle began but noticed the disgusted look on Ky?s face.?You didn?t know.?

Ky grabbed his bag and walked off and bumped into Nick who was on his way out.

?We have been together for almost a year now and you couldn?t tell me your father was a porn mogul and freaking drug lord?? Ky asked him angrily.

?How did you?Look, Ky??

?Nick, what other secrets are you hiding from me?? He asked his boyfriend. ?Do you star in the porn movies too??

?Wha?KY, now you are being freaking ridiculous,? Nick said getting annoyed. ?I don?t star in any of the movies my dad makes. He doesn?t even film them in this country.?

?I have known you for a few years, started fucking you last year and fell in love with you shortly after that and I never knew this stuff,? Ky said shaking his head. ?I just?I can?t deal with this right now.?

?Ky?Wait?? Nick began but Ky walked off leaving him confused for the second time in a matter of twelve hours.

Giselle walked over to him and patted him on the back. ?You okay, hon??

Nick shook his head sadly. ?No, I?m not,? He said sadly. ?I don?t know how to fix this and make my boyfriend trust me.?

?Why didn?t you tell him way before now?? She asked him.

?Shame?Fear?Now I am fearing losing him,? He said depressed.


Scene G

Matt headed towards the lockers rooms as he had been jogging during his lunch period and wanted to get a quick shower and change before his next class.

?Matt,? Emily called out to him as she saw him jogging past her, towards the locker rooms.

He jogged over to her and smiled and gave her a hug. ?Sorry, I am sweaty.?

?Just the way I like my men,? She said with a laugh. ?I wanted to know could I talk to you for a minute.?

Matt looked down at his watch but noticed how she looked like she had something she had something important to say.

?Sure,? he said as they headed towards the bleachers for a seat. ?What?s on your mind??

?I was thinking about the two boys from last night,? She said to him and his heart skipped a beat. ?What did they mean by you switched teams??

Matt laughed uncomfortably. ?Um?they explained it to you last night, Em. I used to be a panthers fan and now I am a steelers.?

?It was colts,? She said with a small sigh, ?It was the colts you used to like and then you becane a steeler fan.?

Matt looked down uncomfortable as he realized he was caught. Emily placed her hand on his and held it in hers.

?Tell me about Coy,? She said softly to him.

He looked at her face. Searching for disgust?Searching for anger?She knew his secret and he wanted to see the very emotions he expected to see coming from her. But there was nothing. She had a warm smile on her face and it was like she wanted to hear about him, genuinely wanted to hear about him.

?Um?Ahem, well this is kind of awkward,? He said with a nervous chuckle. ?I don?t know where to begin.?

?Try the beginning,? She said with a small laugh.

Matt sighed to himself and prepared himself to tell the story. ?Coy and I met last year at the beginning of our junior year. He had gotten into a fight with the guy he is dating now. Well, I was going out with giselle and I wasn?t sure of how I was going to break it off with her but of course, I eventually broke it off and me and Coy became an item. Well, I was a dick head and I didn?t know that Coy had suffered a rape and I was hurt that he wouldn?t get too intimate with me and I was jealous of his friendship with Anthony, and I cheated on him with this annoying girl from last year??

?Let me stop you there,? She said holding her hand up. ?You cheated on Coy? I heard he is a sweetheart?and he is really hot.?

?Yeah he is,? Matt said blushing. ?But I was a dickhead back then.?

?Do I have to worry about you cheating on me?? She asked him seriously.

He looked at her. ?You?Does that mean you want to keep on dating??

?Of course, silly,? She said with a smile. ?You think because you have sex with guys, that will turn me away from you. I have dealt with worse. Besides, I have been kind of bi-curious myself.?

?Really?? Matt asked her intrigued.

Emily rolled her eyes. ?Continue with your story about Coy.?

?Well?I eventually stopped cheating when I realized I was in love and Coy got kidnapped by the guy who raped him?But anthony and I saved him, but we broke up,? Matt said frowning at the thoughts of last year. "?Well, about a few weeks later I was searching for a way to win Coy back and I enlisted the help of Anthony?s twin bro Nick and he convinced me to come out to the whole school declaring my love for him.?

?Aww, that?s so romantic,? She said with a smile on her face.

?Well, the romance didn?t last much longer because after we finally got to make love?His parents sent him and Ky away to this twisted hospital where they almost killed Ky and tortured Coy to the point that?That??

?That what?? Emily asked, noticing Matt?s pained look. ?Matt??

?That Coy wasn?t Coy anymore,? Matt said as the tears streamed down his face. ?Coy changed?into a darker and colder and crueler person. He changed into Marco. Some kind of psychotic break inside of his head caused him to create Marco so he started dating Josh without even giving us a proper ending and then Coy came back, no more Marco?But it still was over. He didn?t want me. He wanted Josh?I loved him?Still do?But He doesn?t want me?.Nobody wants me.?

?I want you, Matthew Gleisner,? She said laying her head on his shoulder. ?Matt, some things aren?t meant to be. We want them so bad and sometimes?Sometimes what we want isn?t what we really need. If Coy has changed from the person that you fell in love with, that isn?t what you need. What you need is??

?You,? Matt said suddenly. ?I need you.?

Emily lifted her head up and looked him in the eye. ?What are you saying??

Matt was confused and sure at the same time. He knew he could never forget the love he had in his heart because he felt like the boy he loved was still waiting for him out there, somewhere. Somehow his true love would come back to him.

?But before Coy?I wasn?t some emotional wuss,? He thought to himself. ?I was a badass dude?But Coy?Coy made me?Sensitive?Vulnerable?It?s his fault that I am hurting this bad. Because he makes me feel these emotions.?

?Matt?? Emily asked unsure of what was going through the boy?s head.

?I?m saying that I want us to really make it official and become a couple?Not this little friends who go on dates and friends who flirt?I want you to be my girl,? Matt said and then shocked her by kissing her.

Matt was tired of feeling alone, tired of feeling not wanted. He wanted to be touched. He wanted to be loved. He wanted to be wanted.

Unbeknownst to the two, I walked past the two as I saw them passionately kissing. I felt a strange feeling in my heart.


But I wasn?t attracted or even intetrested in Matt to get jealous. Then that?s when it hit me.

?Coy,? I whispered to myself.

Somehow, my other half was still struggling to hold on and I could still feel him inside of there?I could feel the jealousy coursing through his veins?through our veins.


Scene H

Ky drove inside our subdivision and headed towards our street. He was tired?upset?confused?.There was so much about Nick he didn?t know and he wondered if it really was true love that he didn?t know everything about his boyfriend.

He turned onto Santiago Ct. heading towards the house when he saw a familiar SUV sitting in front of his house.

?Here comes, Drama? Ky said as he turned into his driveway and climbed out of the car. ?Nick, what the hell do you want??

?I want to talk to you, Ky,? Nick said walking towards his boyfriend. He tried to grab his hand but Ky dropped it.

?I don?t want to talk because you had a long, long, long time to talk about you and your family,? Ky said bitterly. ?I feel like I don?t know you.?

?Listen this is some bullshit,? Nick said angrily. ?Last year, you sold your own brother out by outting him to your parents and even impersonated him and outted me, my brother and his ex-boyfriend to the school and on top of that you were apart of the same organization that made your brother into what he is now and somehow I forgave you and looked past it and you can?t do the same for me??

?Because those are two totally different things,? Ky said folding his arms. ?Because at least I was upfront with my shit and not hiding stuff.?

Nick shook his head at his boyfriend. ?I swear, you are the biggest idiot in the whole world.?

?Oh, fuck you, Nick,? Ky said getting frustrated.

?No, fuck you, Ky,? Nick said angrily. ?I have always stood by you since I known you, accepting your lame ass shit and fuck ups and I make one fuck-up, one?And you treat me like an ass. You want to know my biggest fuck up? Was ever believing you?re the one for me.?

?What are you saying?? Ky asked him, hoping it wasn?t what he was thinking.

?That since you want to be a hypocrite and that you don?t want to talk?Fine, don?t worry about talking because I don?t want to talk anymore,? Nick said angrily. ?Because I am done with you and I?m done with us.?

Nick really didn?t mean that but he was hoping from some kind of response from Ky and instead he was met with a shrug.

?Whatever,? Nick said turning to head back towards his car.

Ky couldn?t bring himself to man up and tell Nick he didn?t want to break up. His pride was in the way and it was that pride that might cost him the one person he loved and trusted the most. He watched as Nick drove off?Wondering if this would be the last boyfriend type convo they would ever have.

?Fuck,? Ky said punching the side of his car out of anger before walking inside the house.


Scene I

Josh watched as I sat talking with the group members.

?So Coy?when are we going to start getting down to business and getting the respect we deserve?? A boy asked me as we sat in my living room.

?Yeah, I?m ready to run the school?We just sititng around doing nothing is getting boring,? Another said and I rolled my eyes.

?Okay, couple of things,? I said with a tight smile. ?We have been doing nothing because its only been one day since the last meeting idiots. Second of all, We are just trying to make a stand against the christian soldiers and not trying to run the school. It?s not like we are terrorist.?

Josh snorted trying to hide his laughter. ?So what exactly do you have planned for everybody? You seemed so eager today at school.?

?Well, I have some really good news guys,? I said with a smile. ?Ryan Kelley?You guys may know who I am talking about? Sadly, he is a hottie with an ugly personality and he disapppeared and he returned back to Atlantic City this morning.?

Josh looked closely at me, I tried to ignore his glance because I knew what he was thinking. He looked down at my cell and saw it?s vibrating.

?Coy?You?re phone,? He said holding it up for me to see it.

?It?s probably Max saying he can?t make it,? I said waving him off and turning back towards the group. Josh opened up the phone and saw it was from Nate. His face grew dark as he read the message.

?Okay, so what?s special about this guy?? Christian chambers asked me as we discussed Ryan Kelly.

?Well, we are trying to take down a lot of the Christian soldiers top dogs and he is a high up in their Atlantic City chapter,? I lied. While Ryan did participate with Tony in that perverted kidnapping, he technically wasn?t involved in the christian soliders. But they didn?t know that and they didn?t need to know.

?So what are we going to do?? One of the boys asked me.

?We are going to beat the shit out of him till he wishes he were dead,? I said with a dark smile on my face. ?Well, I think that concludes our meeting for the night. I will text you all the details and plans later tonight. See you guys at school in the morning.?

We all said our good-byes and I watched as they all left. Ky walked downstairs and stood in front of me.

?Coy, don?t do this,? Ky said to me. ?Revenge is a painful thing. For all people involved.?

?Ky, shut up,? I said grabbing Josh?s hand. ?Don?t forget, you were apart of Christian Soldiers for awhile. Be glad you are my brother because you would be one of my first people I destroy.?

Ky sighed annoyed as he watched Josh and I head upstairs to my room.

?So?I can?t wait to get things started and make a name for ourselves,? I said to Josh, shutting the door behind me. ?Since I am so excited, I am going to ride the hell out of you.?

?Why not ride the hell out of Nate?? He asked me angrily as I sat on top of him. ?Like you did this morning.?

?Wha?? I began but he flipped me on top of my back and got up angrily. He threw my cell at me hard and I read the text messages from Nate. ?Josh??

?You fucking told me you loved me,? He said to me, pissed. ?How the fuck do you love me and you fucked Nate at school this morning.?

?Josh, it?s just sex baby,? I said making a move to touch his arm. He grabbed it and slammed me into the door hard, causing me to wince in pain.

?Listen to me and listen to me clearly,? He said to me. ?You are fucking mine. You belong to me. I better not here you ever touching a man and fucking somebody else, or there is going to be a prom.?

?Josh?let go of my arm, please,? I said to him as I tried to move. ?You?re hurting me.?

He slammed me hard into the door and I winced in pain. ?Do you understand??

?Coy?you alright?? Ky asked me knocking on the door. ?I heard yelling and banging.?

I looked at Josh in the face, his grip on my arm was like a vice grip.


?I?m fine, Ky,? I said noticing that Josh looked completely different. He had this empty look on his face. Like nothing else mattered.

?Okay then,? He said walking away from the door and heading towards the stairs.

?You?re mine, Coy,? He said to me. ?Understand that?I love you?You?re mine.?

He hugged me tightly, as if afraid to let me go. I can hear him sobbing into my shoulder.

I wasn?t sure if it was me or the real Coy?maybe a mixture of both but I was getting a bad feeling about this.

For the first time, I was feeling?Fear. I was afraid of Josh.


Scene J

Anthony watched his father and brother as they walked into the kitchen not acknowledging one another. Nick grabbed a muffin and took a seat at the table across from him eating it and texting. Their father took his usual seat at the head of the table and read his paper. It was too quiet?He was used to some kind of crude joke from his father or Nick farting and being dumb and making himlaugh.


Nick and John looked at one another and then Anthony with confused looks on their faces.

?It?s too fucking quiet in here,? Anthony said to them both. ?Where is the noise? Let?s be like Jennifer Lopez and Let?s get loud. Somebody just talk.?

?There is nothing to talk about, son,? John said returning to his paper.

?What he said,? Nick said getting up to leave the table.

?No, Nick, sit your ass down and Dad pay fucking attention and listen,? Anthony said annoyed. ?Nick, you shouldn?t be afraid of telling Dad about your sex life, even if it is with a boy. Dad you shouldn?t hate your son because he is gay.?

John pagan laughed to himself. ?I don?t hate him because he is gay. I don?t hate him all.?

Nick looked at Anthony who motioned for him to talk to his dad.

?You don?t hate me for being gay?? Nick asked his father, with a happy smile.

?Son, I love you both and if you want to sleep with men?.i prefer you didn?t but I will never stop loving you for that,? John said to his son.

Nick smiled at his father before turning to Anthony and giving him a knowing stare.

?Okay, fine,? anthony said annoyed. ?I am??

?I already figured that out when I learned about Nick here,? John said to his son.

Anthony was shocked. He tried to move his mouth but couldn?t speak. Nick laughed at his brother?s shocked glance on his face.

?But why were you so upset last night when you saw me with Ky?? Nick asked after the laughter stopped.

Anthony figured it out before his father had a chance to respond. ?Um?Nick, maybe we should just cool it and not worry about that.?

?No, I wont to lmow,? Nick said looking directly at his father. ?Tell me, what?s wrong Ky and i.?

?It?s because he?s black,? John said shocking Nick and Anthony shook his head when he realized this conversation was only getting worse.

?What?? Nick asked not want to believe this. ?Dad, you don?t approve because of his race??

?Nick, I can find you a very handsome italian male?hell, I rather it be irish, polish?something other than black,? John said to his son.

?Well, I am sorry to say this but I am going to keep dating Ky,? Nick said defiantly.

Anthony was shocked at his brother. Nick had always been the more reserved twin out of the two. While anthony was more vocal with his beliefs and opinion, Nick was more shy and tended to rely on Anthony for the strength. But now?Now Nick was his own person and standing up for what he believed in.

?Not living under this roof you won?t,? John said to his son.

Nick turned and looked at Anthony, expecting him to stand up for him but Anthony sat their with an apologetic look on his face.

?Well, fine, you don?t have to worry about me staying under this roof and dating Ky,? Nick said jumping up from the table. ?Because I no longer plan on living here.?

Nick left a stunned Anthony and John sitting there at the table, surprised at his sudden aggresivness.

?Got to say?I didn?t see that coming,? Anthony said, not sure if his brother was serious or not.


Scene K

Darek watched Giselle as she interacted with Matt, Emily, Carmen and Nate. She looked so happy and he loved seeing her smile.

It was true?He had been brainwashed into believing that being gay was wrong and even though he didn?t quite understand it, he didn?t really care about it. He promised Giselle that he was going to be different?Going to be the man she deserved, she had been let down so much but now he was going to have to break the promise. To save her life?.

?Hello, anybody inside that pretty head of yours?? Giselle aked waving her hand in front of her boyfriend?s face.

?Sorry, I was lost in thought,? Darek said with a small chuckle. ?What are we talking about??

?Just talking about how crazy life has changed for all of us in a years time,? Emily said gripping his arm. ?Somehow, I have you to thank for causing Matt and Coy to break up. I don?t know exactly what you did??

?Yeah, I don?t know exactly what happened there, either,? Nate said to his best friend.

?You don?t want to know,? Giselle, Darek, Matt, and Carmen said in unison. Emily and Nate looked at each other and shrugged.

The bell rung signaling that we needed to head to homeroom. Carmen kissed Nate on the lips and said her good-byes while Matt and Emily did the same.

?Well?? Giselle asked looking at her boyfriend expectantly. Darek kissed her on the lips.

?Are you okay?? She asked him softly. ?You know you can tell me anything, right??

He touched her cheek and realized he was in love with her. ?Yeah, I know baby.?

They shared another kiss before breaking apart. Giselle grabbed Nate and drug him towards their homeroom but Josh stood in front of them.

?Hey?Josh,? Giselle said taking a step back surprised to see him. ?Um?can?t talk..Bell, you know??

?Giselle?Shut up,? Josh said eyeing Nate dangerously. ?I need you to go away now. I got to talk to Nate.?


Josh?s glare silenced Giselle, who looked at Nate unsure of what to do.

?Go ahead, bud,? He said realizing what this was about. ?Be there in a sec.?

Giselle flicked Josh off and walked off towards homeroom.

?Let?s see, you?re mad because I fucked your boyfriend?Right?? Nate asked Josh with a challenging glare.

Josh sighed heavily and chuckled. He didn?t come here to fight Nate because Josh nearly a foot on Nate although they were built the same.

?Stay the hell away from Coy,? Josh said to him. ?He is mine.?

?He isn?t an object, Josh,? Nate said amused. ?You don?t own him. All you own is the title of his pathetic boyfriend.?

Josh grabbed Nate by the shirt and lifted him off the ground. Nate wasn?t afraid, he was used to being the shortest dude in his grade?But he was known for fighting and winning against guys Josh?s size and bigger.

?I will let you get in a freebie during the season, dude,? Nate said to josh. ?But after the season, karma comes right back around and I will beat your ass.?

Josh threw Nate down on the ground. ?Stay the hell off of him?I protect what?s mine.?

Nate watched as Josh walked down the hall.

?That is one psychotic boy,? Nate said getting up off the ground and heading towards his homeroom.


Scene L

Carmen and I walked out of homeroom together. She had been acting really weird all period long. Quizzing me on questions about our friendship and past experiences.

?Carmen, why are you asking me all these questions?? I asked her as I headed towards my locker, ?It?s really annoying.?

Carmen had been sensing something wasn?t right with me. She didn?t recognize me even though I had the same face she had seen for years.

?It?s just so good to have my bestie back,? She said with a smile. ?I have missed our connection and conversations.?

?Yeah, so have I,? I lied as I shut my locker door.

She pulled out a pack of skittles. ?Here have some,? She said opening the pack up.

?Ew, no, I hate skittles,? I said as we began walking down the hall.

She stopped suddenly behind me.

?Um?you sure you hate skittles?? She asked me with a confused look on her face.

I remembered Coy loved Skittles?Skittles and French Fries.

?Um?sorry, I am so absent-minded,? I said with a nervous laugh. ?Sure, gimmie some.?

She poured a bunch in my hand and watched me as I tossed them in my mouth and started walking down the hall.

?That?s not Coy,? She said to herself. ?Oh my god! He is still Marco.?

I turned to face her. ?Are you coming??

?Nah, I got to get something from Giselle,? She said turning and walking off.

?Weirdo,? I muttered as I headed towards the gym for class. My cell vibrated for a text message and I checked it to see it was from Christian.

He is alone at his house. Parents are gone. I checked and verified that they wouldn?t be back till after 3. No neighbors?No witnesses

?Showtime,? I said with a smile as I headed towards the parking lot towards my car.


Scene M

Carmen grabebd Matt and pulled him into a Corner. ?We got to talk.?

?Well, Carmen I kind gotta get to class,? he said to her. ?Big test??

?It?s important,? She said to him. ?It?s about Coy.?

?What about Coy?? Matt asked her.

?What is Coy?s favorite Candy?? She asked him.

Matt looked at her bewildered. ?Um?Idk?Skittles??

?Right and what is the one OCD thing Coy does when he is eating them?? She asked him/

?Sorts through them all and picks out the yellow ones and the deformed looking ones because he hates them both. Why are you asking me this??

?Because?Because I gave Coy, or whoever we call Coy some skittles,? She said to him. ?At first he denied them when I offered him?Since when does Coy turn skittles down and then when I gave them to him, he didn?t sort through them. He just ate them. Point Blank.?

?What are you saying?? Matt asked her unsure of what was happening here.

?I?m sayin that I don?t think that is Coy,? She said to him. ?I think he is still Marco. That would explain this secret organization thing and the fact that he is still with Josh. Matt, Coy is still trapped inside of Marco. We have go to do something.?

?No, we don?t,? Matt said to her. ?Because I don?t care.?

Carmen was confused. ?What? What do you mean you don?t care??

?Just what I said,? He said with a sigh. ?I spent a greater part of a year devoting myself to Coy and trying to become the best thing for him and look at where it got me in the end. Alone and hurt?.I got emily now. Coy is no longer my problem.?


?No, Carmen, he is not my problem anymore,? He said to her. ?I got to get to class.?

He left her standing there feeling alone and powerless, not sure of what to do at the precise moment.

?Maybe I am reading too much into it,? Carmen said trying to reason with herself. ?Maybe he changed after the incident. Maybe Marco is gone?For good.?



Scene N

I knocked on Ryan?s front door. I can?t believe I was doing this. It was what I wanted. Revenge. I wanted to cause destruction. I wanted him destroyed.

?Coming, I?m Coming,? Ryan yelled out as he walked towards the door and opened it. His face was a mixture of surprise and worry. ?Coy??

?In the flesh,? I said with a seductive smile. ?Are you going to let me in??

He seemed unsure, but he allowed me inside his house. I made my way inside of his living room and looked around at the pictures around the house.

?What are you doing here?? He asked me nervously. ?I don?t want any trouble.?

?I am not here for trouble, Ry,? I said as I pulled my shirt off.

?Coy, what are you doing?? He asked me.

I walked over to him and grabbed his crotch. ?Ha, Ha, you seem afraid but your dick is telling you that you want this,? I said to him. ?Let?s skip all the questions of what?s going and why?let?s fuck.?

Ryan looked at me still unsure but I could sense that animalistic lust coming from him.

?I promise I wont bite this time,? I said kissing him softly on the lips. ?Does it still work the same??

?Hell Yeah,? He said picking me up and tossing me onto his couch.

?Wait a second,? I said as he unbuckled his belt. ?Condoms? We do it safe here.?

?Shit, they are upstairs,? He said. ?Will you wait right here??

I nodded at him and waited as he rushed up stairs. Then I ran towards the door and unlocked it. I grabbed my cell and texted Christian.

Fifteen minutes?Door unlocked.

Ryan rushed back towards me and I closed my cell and began to strip for him. His eyes watched as my hips gyrated and I dopped my pants.

?Coy?you know I?m not gay, right?? He asked me unsure of this. ?It?s just pussy isnt as tight as an asshole and most girls don?t??

?Ryan?Shut up and fuck me,? I said as we began making out.

After some heavy duty oral and kissing he began fucking me. I had to admit?This dude knew exactly what he was doing.

I moaned as he thrusted deep inside of me, he was hitting it hard?hard and fast and rough. Just the way I liked it.

I could here Coy screaming in pain. It?s funny my pleasure?his pain.

The door busted open and Josh ran inside.

?What the?? Ryan began but didn?t have a chance to finish as Josh picked him up and slung him into a wall and began beating the shit out of him.

?That was longer than fifteen minutes,? I Said to christian as him and four members walked inside the house, shutting the door behind them.

?Hey, I understand that you meant a little bit longer than fifteen minutes,? He said with a laugh. ? You look good naked.?

?Don?t try hitting on me,? I said pushing him playfully. ?Go have your fun. Josh, baby, share the fun.?

I dressed myself and watched as they took turns beating the shit out of Ryan for about ten minutes. Funny, with six guys attacking him he still was managing to fight back and was actually holding his own until Josh started welling on him.

?Alright that?s enough,? I said to them with a smile. ?I?m proud of you boys. You did very well. Now hold him down.?

Ryan barely had any energy in him to fight back as the six boys pinned him to the ground. ?C..Coy?You are the nice one?Why??

?Funny thing because the Coy you know is dead,? I said to him with a smile. ?You and Tony and all these other people that I will take down, you destroyed who I was. You helped kill me. Now?I am going to show you who you helped created.?

?You sure about this?? Josh asked not sure if he wanted to go this far. He was okay with beating somebody up?He was okay with torturing?But what I was about to do?

?Josh?remember, he fucked your boyfriend,? I said taking the mallet from Christian. ?Now Ryan?I would tell you this won?t hurt?But I would be lying. Christian?Music.?

Christian turned up the radio playing some loud rock song. I smashed the mallet into Ryan?s crotch and I saw him yell out in pain.

?Aw, looks like that hurt,? I said handing the mallet to christian.

I bent down to Ryan?s level and motioned for them to turn the music down. Ryan sat whimpering in pain, like a severly wounded animal.

?Are?Are you going to kill me?? Ryan asked me.

I laughed and looked at everyone else who looked nervous. ?Are we going to kill him? Of course not, Ry. I don?t want to kill you. But I promise you, that this is going to be a long over-due lesson. When they asked who taught you this lesson?Lie?Tell them Mexicans?Some gang..What the fuck ever?Lie?Because if you don?t?Well, let?s just say you better tell them to kill you if you cant lie.?

I got up and headed towards the door and grabbed my keys.

?Break his legs,? I said to them as I walked out of the door. I heard the music turn back up and I climbed in the car.

My head begin hurting and I noticed my nose was bleeding.

?Sorry Coy, I know you?re tricks,? I said with a laugh. ?You can?t beat me. You don?t have it in you.?

I wiped my nose and put the car in park and drove back towards school with a huge smile on my face.

Scene O

?What do you want?? Nick asked Ky as he walked towards his car and saw him sitting on the hood of his car.

?Can we talk?? Ky asked him scared.

?Oh, now you want to talk?? Nick asked, pissed.?Sorry, I don?t got time right now.?

Ky got off the car. ?I deserve that. But please just listen to me. We been through a lot Nick and I don?t know it scares me because I love you so much. Like more than life itself. You are all I need and all I ever think about. Without you, I feel?half?not completed. You make me better. It?s just that with all the bad that we experienced in our relationship, things start going good for a change ever since I awoke from the coma and it?s like I?m waiting for the next bomb to hit and attack us and cause drama and put our relationship in danger and I??

?Ky, shut up,? Nick said cutting him off. ?I know what you are talking about and I know what you are going to say. Look, I?m sorry I didn?t tell you about my dad?about my family?it?s just, people fear Anthony and I because of our reputations?because of a name and I didn?t want you to find out about the negative side of my family and the negative side of me?So i??

?Nick, shut up,? Ky said with a smile. He grabbed his boyfriend?s hand. ?Can we just say that we both screwed up royally keeping secrets and being a little too mad over something smile and just forget it and tell each other we love each other.?

?I love you,? Nick said with a huge smile.

?I love you too,? Ky said and they shared a kiss.

?Get a room, why don?t you,? Daniel joked as he passed by the couple.

Ky stared at Nick with a naughty grin. ?So it?s been forever since we?you know??

?It?s been like two days, loser,? Nick said to his boyfriend with a laugh. ?By the way while we are trying to figure out whether we are going to screw like rabbits or not, we got to find a new place for me to stay.?

?Your dad?? Ky asked sadly and Nick nodded.

?Yeah, but you are worth it,? Nick said kissing his boyfriend. ?Come on, let?s go. I will drive us to the field for practice.?

?Oh shit, wait a sec?I left my cell in my locker, I got to go get it,? Ky said to Nick. ?Wait for me.?

?Hey, get me a pepsi from the machine,? Nick called out to his boyfriend who ran back towards the school.

Ky rushed inside and said hey to a few people and rushed towards his locker. After turning his code, he opened and grabbed his locker and shut the door. He walked over to the vending machine and got a can soda for Nick. He had to use the bathroom so he texted Nick and told him that he would meet him at the field. He rushed towards the bathroom but stopped suddenly.

?Fuck,? He said dropping the can of soda on the ground, causing it to spray all over his pants.

?Hello Ky,? Reverend Taylor said with a dark smile on his face.


Author?s Note:

Okay this bring the end of Marco 6?I plan to have this installment ended between the next 3 chapters. As far as my Halo Series installment, I am not entirely sure if I want the story to end after Marco series is over or not. I have so much fun writing it but honestly I want the story to end on a good note where I can still make it interesting and creative.

This was a pretty long chapter to write. Took me almost a week, although I procrastinated for most of the week(blame it on the alcohol haha). A lot happened in this chapter.

As of right now, our strongest couple to date is Nick and Ky. They hit a rough patch when Ky found out some info about Nick?s family. But they pulled through. Now Ky is face to face with the guy who almost killed him and destroyed his brother?s life.

Matt is desperately trying to close his feelings off for Coy and looks like he is succeeding and he is embarking on a relationship with emily.

We learn more about Darek?s character as well and see how he truly feels about Giselle, who is still the usual Giselle.

Josh grows highly possessive of Coy/Marco while Marco takes his darkness to a whole new level?and remnants of Coy are still there.

Will he be able to defeat Marco? What Else does Marco have in store?

In episode 7, Nick and Ky decide to move out on their own while Ky struggles with seeing Reverend Taylor at the school and is forced to go to meetings with him. Carmen and Nate hit a snag when Carmen thinks Nate is cheating with another woman when in fact it is Marco. Marco, acting on Coy?s jealousy, begins to taunt Emily causing Matt to make a choice. Josh?s possessiveness gets out of hand when he endangers somebody close to him. Darek tries to stop Marco?s next plan of action while working for Reverend Taylor which may place him in grave danger.

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Episode 7: Marco Vs. Coy Pt. 2

Main Cast:

Coy Marco James

Ky James

Josh Jackson

Nick Pagan

Matthew Gleisner

Anthony Pagan

Carmen Gianni

Giselle Santos

Darek Bouzakis

Nate Soto


Scene A

I limped inside my house. I could feel blood trickling down my leg as I walked inside the kitchen trying not to make any noise.

"Hey bro," Ky said as he and Nick walked into the kitchen,

I forced a smile at them. "Hey?guys."

Ky noticed a grimace on face and flashed a concerned look. "Coy? You okay?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, I?m fine," I said with a smile trying to hide my pain..

"You sure?" Nick asked me. He could tell something was wrong.

"Yeah, Yeah, I?m fine," I said as every breath hurt as I inhaled. "What are you doing here, Ky? You don?t live here."

"God, I know and it feels so good to be on my own with the love of my life," Ky said kissing nick passionately on the lips. "You miss me?"

Ha, not even," I said with a fake laugh, knowing that I was in pain. "I get your closest space since your ass is gone."

"Ass," Ky said punching me lightly in the stomach but I winced in pain.

"Thanks," I said to him with a weak smile.

"Coy? Are you sure, you?re okay?" Ky asked concerned.

I nodded softly and tried to find a lie. "Yeah, I was playing football with some kids from the group and I guess I got hit harder than I thought. I just need to go lay down."

"Well, Ky and I were headed to the movies but we can stay here if you need somebody to take care of you," Nick offered.

I shook my head. "No, go on and have a good time. I am fine."

Ky looked at me for a moment then smiled. "Pussy."

He and Nick walked out of the house and as soon as they shut the door, I rushed to the bathroom and vomited.

"Oh my god," I said after vomiting for a good five minutes straight.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I grabbed some tissue and wiped my mouth and looked to see it was Josh.

Josh. He was the reason I was in the state I was in now. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had spent so much time pretending to be Coy that I honestly forgot who I was.

"Marco," I whispered softly to myself.

I was strong. I was confident. But why now was I scared. I felt?like?Coy.

A victim. A used product.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled off my underwear and saw that it was blood stained.

"Oh my god," I said as I got nauseous and bent over the toilet seat as I released it from my stomach.

I sat there with my head in the toilet, flushing away and looking at it go down the toilet.

"Oh my god," I whispered as I could feel the tears rolling down my eyes.

I couldn?t believe that me?Marco?Marco, the strong one felt weak. My tears, sadness, and pain?I could feel it growing into pure hatred.

"He raped me," I whispered softly to myself.

I heard the front door open and close.

"Ky?" I called out. "Nick."

I put my jeans on and headed out of the bathroom towards the kitchen.

"Who?s there?"

My parents were away on some cruise so it couldn?t be them. Looking at the my phone it had been fifteen minutes since Ky and Nick left so it couldn?t be them.

I walked into the kitchen and dropped my phone at the sight standing in front of me.

"Hello Coy," Tony said to me as he looked me in the eye.


I could hear Coy screaming inside my head. Or was that me screaming as Tony took a step towards me. I ran towards the stairs but Tony was fast and tackled me on the staircase and bashed my headed into a step.

"Don?t run, baby," He said to me as he ground his crotch into my butt.

I struggled to fight with his heavy body pinning me down to the ground.

"Marco?Please don?t let him violate us anymore," Coy whispered to me.

It was the first time we were both on the same side. I needed Coy and Coy needed me.

"Fight back," Coy said, in my head. "Fight."

I headbutted Tony and he released his grip slightly on me and I pushed him off. I got up and began running up the staircase but he grabbed me foot, trying to trip me.

"Get the fuck off!" I yelled out as I kicked him down the staircase.

He fell to the bottom, moving slowly. I ran upstairs to my bedroom and locked the door. I grabbed my house phone and dialed the 9 and the 1 but stopped.

"Marco, what the hell are you doing?" Coy yelled out. "Call the police. Get out"

"No," I said shaking my head. "No."

I hung the phone up.

"MARCO!" Coy yelled to me. He was struggling for control.

"No," I said realizing that I was the victim for far to long. "I am going to kill him."

"MARCO! NO!" Coy yelled out to me.

"And after I kill him, I am going to kill Josh," I said as I heard Tony bang on the door trying to break it in.

I ready myself as he busted through the door. "Aw, look what we have here. Coy is actually going to fight back."

I chuckled softly at that. "That?s the funny thing. I?m not Coy?."



Scene B

My name is Marco James. But if you ask my friends, my family?they will tell you that my name is Coy James. You see Coy is a part of me but he broke in two when he was forcibly raped by this psycho that was obsessed with him and somehow I was created.

Five months he was trapped inside this hospital that was an attempt to de-gay him or to slowly kill him. Without realizing it, he was begging for somebody to save him. Somebody to make him feel strong Thus came me.

At first, he fought for control a lot when I began to destroy his life. See Coy was a good guy. The kind of guy you always want to have in your group of friends. He was loyal. Honest. Intelligent and Nice. Things I am not. Well, I am intelligent.

I first destroyed his relationship with the love of his life Matt by taking control and breaking the two of them up. Now Coy, inside of me, must suffer watching Matt be straight again with some girl. But I am not completely heartless. Later I began to do some things to destroy Matt?s life.

Next, I began to alienate Coy from his friends and family and people that wanted his best interest at heart. I organized my own gay vigilante group called the brotherhood that pretty much destroyed any people who did us wrong. At first it was this guy Ryan and we pretty much crippled him for life. But I am not a killer. I don?t want to kill anybody because death is the easy way out. It?s the suffering as you?re living that hearts the worse.

See, I don?t hate Coy. In fact, I love Coy. I want to protect him?us?From threats that may come our way. He wants to forgive. He wants to forget. He wants to be nice. I want to destroy. He doesn?t see it now but he will come to learn that he really does need me because nice people always get broken in two. He should know from experience.

But perhaps the one thing I did to use and manipulate somebody was the cause of everything backfiring in my face. I had manipulated Coy?s best friend, Josh into pretty much fucking me and being my boyfriend and used him for any activities of The Brotherhood that required his brawn. He was also Carmen?s ex-boyfriend and true first love and doped on drugs and I gave him access to drugs and he became attached to me. Perhaps to attached.

But I wasn?t through with Carmen and her men. I was sleeping with her boyfriend behind her back.

It had been going on for almost four months now. Coy was finally letting me be in contol with minor objections and The brotherhood was really making a name for ourselves. The homophobic people didn?t mess with any gay person because there was no telling who was a member and what would happen if you fucked with and pissed a member off, so they treated all gays like royalty. I had so much freedom. So much leeway to do whatever I wanted.

Four months of heaven?.and 12 hours ago was when all hell broke loose for everybody


Scene C

16 hours earlier?

Matt sat at his computer looking at the black screen. He had been there for nearly an hour. Came in early and everything?just to watch a blank screen.

"Dude, do you have one of those super powers where you can make things appear on the screen," Anthony said, snapping Matt out of his thoughts, as he took a seat beside him at the next computer. "What the hell is up? I walked past here earlier like fifteen minutes ago and you were doing the same thing."

"I go a lot on my mind," Matt said with a sigh as he put his head on his arms and layed his head on the table.

"Problems with Emily?" Anthony asked him.

"Nope," Matt said. "Emily and I are perfect."

"I don?t know how though and you two aren?t even fucking," Anthony said and Matt snapped up.

"How did you know that?" He asked him and Anthony shrugged,

"I never reveal my sources?But you know how giselle is with gossip," Anthony said with a laugh. "Tell her something and she tells the whole school."

Matt sighed and went back to laying on the table.

"I just don?t see how any couple could be happy without sex," Anthony said to his friend. "I mean, you are a good guy for staying with somebody who hasn?t even sucked or let you eat."

Matt laughed softly to himself. "It?s not like she doesn?t want to do that stuff," He said softly. "Believe it?s been four months and she is more than willing."

"Hold on, so you are telling me that it isnt her that is holding out on you," Anthony said in shock. "But it?s you holding out on her. Four months, Matt?.Four months and you aren?t hitting that? She is willing but you aren?t hitting that? I can tell you why she is so happy with you not hitting it because somebody else is tapping it."

Matt laughed to himself. "Nah, I doubt that. She isn?t like that. If she were anything like Giselle, then I?d have something to worry about>"

"True," Anthony agreed. "But why aren?t you hitting it? I can?t get over it."

"I don?t know, Ant," Matt said with a heavy sigh. "It just doesn?t feel?right."

"What do you mean it doesn?t feel right?" Anthony asked confused. "Dude, I?m bi and pussy feels good. Not as good as ass but it?s still something good."

Matt looked down and the light bulb went off in Anthony?s head.

"Oh my god?Coy?"

Matt nodded ashamed at even thinking the thought of his ex-boyfriend.

"It?s been four months and you are still hung up on that dude?" Anthony asked in disbelief. "He is happy with Josh and he rarely talks to any of us except for those psycho boys in that circle of friends he hangs with."

"You and I both know had he not went to freedom, we would still be fighting over him," Matt said with a sigh. "How can you forget about your feelings for him."

Anthony was speechless. He really had nothing to say to that.

"You know in 3 days its our anniversary," Matt said full of nostalgia. "Well..Would have been a year to the day that Coy and I were official without any games and bullshit. But our relationship didn?t make it that far."

"Matt, wake up," Anthony said shaking him roughly. "This is Coy. The same boy who broke your heart?our heart by going out with your best friend without breaking up with you?"

"That wasn?t him?.That was Marco," Matt said sadly.

"I am still not entirely convinced that is the real Coy," Anthony said annoyed. "But I refuse to spend another year another day, another hour, another minute or second wondering what if, with Coy. I Can honestly tell you that is not Coy. I?ve known since Day 1 that isnt him."

Matt thought about a conversation he and Carmen had four months ago about skittles. "I think I always knew too."

He had always knew. He had this feeling. Everytime we saw each other, he didn?t see the boy he used to love, still was in love with. He saw a completely different person.

"Exact;y and that is why I cant chase after something that is dead," Anthony said after a moment of silence. "Neither can you. You have a beautiful girlfriend who you love so focus on her."

"But I am not in love with her," Matt said as tears started streaming down his face as he began crying. "No Matter who I date ,No matter who I kiss?.No matter anything, my heart belongs to Coy. I am in love with Coy. I can?t keep living a lie."

"What are you saying?" Anthony asked.

"I?m saying that I am going do the very thing I should have done four months ago," Matt said with a clear smile. "I am going to fight for my heart and love back. I am going to fight for Coy."

Anthony looked at Matt in amazement.

"So?Does that mean Emily will be single by the end of the day?"


Scene D

"You got a twig in your hood," Nate said to me as he pulled it out.

"I had a twig in booty just a few moments ago," I joked with a smile as we headed towards school after sneaking off to the woods that so many students frequent throughout the day.

"Hey, I may be short in height but I like to think that my dick is a lot bigger than a twig," Nate said defensively. I pushed him and smiled.

"Keep thinking that," I said giving him a kiss.

He pulled me into a deep kiss not wanting to release me but I pulled away.

"Look, we said it was just sex," I said clearing my throat. "I don?t know why I kissed you."

"Because we both want this to be more then sex," Nate said to me. "Four months we be fucking each other. I want to make love to you. Passionately and not sneaking around in the woods."

"You are in love with Carmen though," I said to him as we sat on the steps of the school. The school day was soon going to be ending soon.

"I love Carmen but I am not sure if I am in love with her," Nate said to me. "She is definitely wifey material but I mean with you it?s different. I want to have a lot more than sex with you. I want you to be my boyfriend."

"I have a boyfriend," I said with a small laugh. "How can you have a wifey and a boyfriend?"

"Because I am willing to leave Carmen for you," He said to me looking me in the eye.

I could sense the seriousness in his voice. The urgency. The need.

"I don?t know," I said, still unsure. "Josh is?"

"A fucking junkie," Nate finished, "He doesn?t fuck you except with lust and frustration. When we do it?s?"

"Amazing," I finished for him. "It?s so amazing."

It grew quiet for a moment but I looked at him.

"Let me have some time to think about it," I said to him softly.

Nate smiled and grabbed my hand. "Take all the time you need."

I closed my eyes and laid back on the step and closed my eyes and begin to reminisce back to when Josh started to change. It was 4 months ago, shortly after we had dealt with Ryan?.

"Josh you are fucking hurting me," I said as he had me pinned down on the bed on my stomach and was hurting me as he thrusted deep in me.

He grunted hard and heavy in my ear. I could feel his breath on me and smell the alchohol on his breath.

"Josh! Stop!" I yelled out as I finally was able to push him off of me.

"Babe?What the fuck?" He asked me annoyed.

"Exactly what the fuck?" I asked equally annoyed. "I told you that you were hurting me. That meant stop."

"You always say I am hurting you and it usually means that I;m hitting right," Josh said as he tried to kiss me.

I pushed him away. "Yeah because when my moans turned into painful groans that wasn?t sign for you to stop? Get dressed. I?m taking you home."

I got up and dressed as Josh sat there staring at me with a blank look on my face.

"Hello!" I said waving my hands, "GET DRESSED! NOW!"

"When is the last time we had sex?" He asked me. "I mean before just now."

I shrugged. "I don?t know. I don?t write in my log about our mind blowing sex."

"You are still fucking around with Nate, aren?t you?" He asked angrily.

I looked at him in disbelief. "What?"

"I can usually tell when we go a few days without sex because you are a lot tighter but today it wasn?t as tight as usual, it?s only like that when you recently been fucked," He said to me. "My birthday was last week. You?re ass should be tighter."

"You are fucking ridiculous," I said shaking my head. "Get dressed so I can get away from you. You are giving me a headache."

I turned to leave but he grabbed my wrist tightly and slung me around.

"Let go of me!" I said to him.

"If I found out you are still fucking him, I will kill you both," he said to me, his vice grip hurting my arm.

"Let go of me," I said snatching my arm away. "Get the hell out. You can walk."

"Look what we have here," A voice said snapping me out of my flashback.

I opened my eyes and saw Josh?s angry face standing over me and Nate who had been sitting their texting.

"Relax dude, we are just talking," Nate said getting up. With Josh on higher step, it made him a lot taller than he usually was. I chuckled as I thought of Nate standing up to Josh.

"Josh let?s just go," I said as I got up and walked up the steps behind Josh. I turned around to see he was still staring Nate down. "Josh?"

Josh angrily shoved Nate down the concrete steps and I saw Nate hit his head on the steps.

"OH FUCK!" I said as I tried to go to his aid when I saw he wasn?t moving really. "Josh! He is hurt."

"Leave him," Josh said grabbing my arm and dragging me inside the school.

I Looked back to see Nate still wasn?t moving.


Scene E

Ky sat in Reverend Taylor?s office. It had been this way for four months. He would come every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for a meeting to talk about his feelings and emotions. Somehow Reverend Taylor had managed to convince the principal of the school that he needed it and even went as far and manipulated his parents into believing Ky actually needed counseling.

At first the meetings were often very tense. The first 2 months of meeting, Ky found every reason to curse and smack reverend Taylor.

By the third month, he reduced the hitting but continued to curse him off. By now, he was silent and texting away.

"So how are you, Ky?" He asked as he put his feet on his desk.

Ky snorted and continued texting. Reverend Taylor watched Ky and smiled and chuckled to himself.

"So looks like in a few days a special anniversary comes up," Reverend taylor said mystically.

Ky looked up from his phone. In four months he had come to this meetings in silence.

"What are you talking about?"

"Your brother and you?re trip to Freedom," Reverend Taylor said with a smile. "How you somehow managed to survive even though you were almost dead."

Ky shook his head and stood up. "I am going to find a way to expose you."

He walked towards the door and opened it but the next statement made him freeze.

"It?s not you two I am coming after," he said to Ky?s back. "I am coming after you?you?re brother?you?re boyfriend?"

Ky slammed the door and in one swift move was back in front of Reverend Taylor?s desk grabbing him by the collar.

"You touch Nick and I will Kill you," He said through gritted teeth.

Mr. Pavolic, the freshman guidance counselor walked in. "I heard a loud noise. Everything alright?"

"Everything is fine," Ky said letting go of Reverend Taylor and brushing past Mr. Pavolic.

"I swear you can?t do anything to help the youth of today," Reverend Taylor said with a shrug. "They know it all."


Scene F

I sat on the floor of the teacher?s bathroom with the door locked watching Josh do a line of coke. He snorted it in and looked at me with a dopey look.

"Oh come on, he?s fine," Josh said with a laugh. "He just hit his head."

"They took him the hospital to get stitches," I said to him in disgust. "You don?t care."

"You?re right I don?t," He said as he laughed harder. "I find it funny that you of all people have a heart."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? " I asked him folding my arm.

"You are the leader of a radical group that is attacking all the straight people in the world and you have the nerve to bitch at me because some dude hit his wee little head."

"Because at least what I am doing is helping people and you are hurting people," I said defensively. "We were just sitting there and you pushed him for no reason."

"Because I know you are still fucking him behind my back," He said angrily in my face. "I know you still like him."

"You?re right! I am fucking him. I have been fucking him since the last time and I even fucked him on our anniversary night last week and I do like him and I?"

Josh cut me off by a blow to my face. I touched my cheek and how tender it felt and the stinging pain.

"Oh?I?m?I?m sorry baby," He said reaching to touch my cheek. I knocked his hand away and got up and headed to the door. "Baby! Please don?t go."

I unlocked it and opened it to see a teacher standing there.

"What are you two doing in a teacher?s bathroom?" She asked me and noticed the drugs sitting on the floor.

"I never?I never did those drugs," I said to her as I realized how bad this looks.

"Come on, you two are going to the office," She said sternly as she grabbed me and grabbed Josh and drug us down to the office.


Scene G


Darek popped out from an aisle in the library that Giselle was on, looking for a book.

"Jesus fucking christ," She said grabbing her chest. "You scared the shit out of me."

Darek laughed as he handed his girlfriend a teddybear and a card. "This is for you."

"Really? What?s this for?" She asked him. "Valentine?s is like a week and a half away and our anniversary past and my birthday isn?t for another two months."

"Just because," Darek said to her. "Open it! Open it!"

Giselle opened her card and read it to herself. She smiled as she read the personal message Darek had wrote to her.

"I?m your Caramel fantasy?" She asked him with a crooked smile. "That sounds kinda dirty baby. I like it."

"Do you really?" He asked her and she nodded to herself.

"Yep and that makes you my French Vanilla Fantasy," She said kissing him softly on the lips.

Since they have been together Darek was always popping up surprise. Mondays were his day to have roses delivered to her classroom. Wednesday a limo brought her to school and took her and her friends around whatever places she wanted to go. Fridays were always romantic, candle lit dinner at his place that he always said he cooked but found out it was actually Nate who did but she never said anything.

"Why are you so amazing to me?" She asked him as she looked into his eyes.

"Because you?re perfect to me," He said to her with a smile before they kissed again.

"Oh get a room," Anthony said to the couple as he walked down the aisle. "I think you got the wrong class if you are trying to learn CPR, Giselleionare."

"Jealous much?" Darek asked Anthony who scoffed.

"Of you? Not even," Anthony said handing Giselle a paper. "You need to do you half of the scavenger hunt."

"You know I can handle Coy, Ky, Matt, Carmen, and even Nick even though he still doesn?t like me," Darek said watching Anthony walk off. "But I can?t stand Anthony,"

"He needs to get laid," Giselle said with a laugh. "But seriously, I really should get back to work. This is actually the only teacher I never refer to as that bitch from that class or just that bitch."

Darek pouted playfully. "I can?t get you to sneak away and skip the rest of the period?"

"I know, I?m sorry," She said kissing him softly on the lips. "But tonight is our night."

"What?s tonight for?" he asked her playfully.

She kissed him one last time. "Just because."

She pinched his cheek and walked off to finish her scavenger hunt for her english class.

Darek looked down at his phone to see a text message from Reverend Taylor. "Way to kill my mood, big guy."

He sighed and closed his phone. In just a few hours, all hell was about to break loose.


Scene G

I sat outside the principal?s office while Josh was talking with the teacher who found us, Mr. Pagan, and the principal.

"Well, Coy looks like we are getting expelled," I muttered to myself as the door opened up and Principal Monroe stepped out.

"Coy, I am still quite shocked to see you even related or involved with this situation," He said to me with a disappointing look.

"Haven?t been myself in the longest," I said with a small smile. "So are you expelling me?"

"No, we aren?t expelling you," He said with a sigh. "Joshua here admitted that you were trying to help him out and keep him from doing the drugs and that you weren?t involved. However, I am giving you 2 weeks worth of morning and afternoon detentions."

"Fair enough," I said glaring at Josh who stood with Mr. Pagan.

"And you have me to also thank, young man," Mr. Pagan said to me. "I was able to?convince your principal here of not suspending you and just giving you the detentions."

I glanced at Principal Monroe who had an uncomfortable look on his face and back at Mr. Pagan. Ky had told me that he was a bit of a racist with some illegal trafficking connects.

"Well, thank you sir," I said with a nod. "If that?s all, I think I will head off to class."

I walked past them and around the corner towards the staircase to head upstairs for class angry at Josh for this whole ordeal.

"Coy!" He yelled out running around the corner after me.

I sighed and turned around to look at his face. "What?"

"You seem angry," He said with a smile. "What?s wrong?"

"What?s wrong?" I asked him in disbelief. "What?s wrong? What the fuck do you think is wrong josh? Better yet, what the fuck is wrong with you Josh?"

"What do you mean?" He asked me confused.

"I mean since we have been together I have overlooked you?re drug use and ignored your fits of withdrawal when you aren?t able to get some and how dumb you act when you are fucked up because it never affected my life," I said to him. "Till today?Today you?re shit fucked with my life."

"It?s not even you?re life," he said with a laugh. "You are entirely different person pretending to be somebody who is trapped inside his own mind. You have the nerve to ask me what the fuck is wrong with me? What person does that? You?re not even a person. You?re a figment of Coy?s imagination."

I cleared my throat and stared him down. "Whatever, I don?t need this," I said walking up the stairs.

"If you walk away from me, I will tell everyone how you faked your way through all your counseling and how Marco really isn?t dead."

I looked back at him and laughed and walked back down the steps. "Do you think you are in control here? I?m marco. I run this fucking show. I don?t care. They probably figured it out by now. Six months and the real Coy is still somehow acting like Marco? I don?t care because they can?t do anything bout it. So tell them. Like I said, I don?t need this."

"What are you saying?" Josh asked me noticing the blank look on my face.

"I?m saying that I am done with you," I said, not caring anymore. "Go get fucked up and overdose. I don?t give a fuck. You?re not my problem anymore."

I turned to leave but he grabbed my arm tightly. "Let go of me, Josh."

"No we are going to talk about this, baby," He said to me, his tough guy persona fading and tearing up. "Please don?t leave me. I need you. You understand my pain."

"I said let go of me," I said breaking free of his grip. "Oh, and don?t be surprised if you see me with Nate either pretty soon. I?ve been fucking him for the past four months."

Josh collapsed to his knees on the ground as he realized his life was slowly beginning to unravel. And Unbeknownst to us both, Matt heard the entire argument.

As I walked down the hallway towards my class, I walked past Darek who I held my finger up in the mode of a gun and pretended to shoot him.

"You?re number?s up bud," I said to a confused Darek.

I was pissed off and I had waited four months to make another heavy move on anybody from Christian Soldiers. Well, today was that day.


Scene H

"See," Carmen said to the gang as they sat at the lunch table. "See. I tried to tell you and you didn?t want to listen."

Matt had explained the argument to everybody but hadn?t really gone into details about the rest of the argument.

Nick looked over at Ky who had a confused and distant look on his face. "Babe, you okay?"

"No, I?m not," Ky said shaking his head. He started sobbing and everybody looked at each other unsure of what?s going on.

Anthony looked at Nick and they both nodded to themselves and sat on both sides of Ky.

"Man, it?s okay," Anthony said rubbing his back. "Nobody blames you."

"He is my brother," He said through the tears. "My twin brother. How can I not have seen it? How could I not have known that the boy was not my brother?What kind of a brother am I?"

"You?re a human, Ky," Nick said to his boyfriend. "You are not superhuman and can?t read the mind of you?re brother."

Emily looked over at Matt with an uneasy feeling. She hoped that this revelation wouldn?t affect their relationship. She had always known the only reason she ever got Matt was because his ex-boyfriend who slipped into another personality. She was trying to put on a front as if everything was okay. He barely kissed her. He barely felt her up. He barely did anything that showed that he was her boyfriend. But being the good person she was, she tried her best not to let it show. But she was a woman with needs and they hadn?t been met in over four months.

"Well, he seems okay so maybe we shouldn?t worry about it," She offered to the group and was met with looks of annoyance.

"Em, hon, there can only be on airhead around here at a time," Anthony said to her. "That?s Giselle. So let?s keep the dumb suggestions to ourselves."

"I was just saying that maybe it?s okay because Coy is okay," She continued. "I mean he does well in school and from what I know about the old coy and the new coy, he is tremendously popular now. Even more popular than us."

Matt slammed down hard on the table with his hands and looked at his girlfriend. "Can?t you see that is not Coy."

Emily looked at him and saw the frustration and anger and annoyance in his face. She looked around at the group and saw that for the first time in four months, she felt out of place. She didn?t know the old Coy so she couldn?t miss something she never had or experienced. And the sad thing was her boyfriend was still in love?and not with her.

"Um?well, maybe I should let you guys talk about this," She said getting up from the table. "I got to head to the library to return a book."

She hesitated, hoping someone would stop her but when no one did she grabbed her purse and walked out of the cafeteria.

"What are we going to do?" Giselle asked after a moment of silence.

"What can we do?" Ky asked rhetorically. "Those rumors about Coy?I mean marco. That he was apart of a gang?I should?ve seen the signs."

"I blame myself Ky," Carmen said grabbing his hand. "I knew he was getting in with the wrong crowd and I could see that wasn?t Coy but I didn?t say anything. I guess I just wanted to be wrong."

"Well, we got to figure something out," Anthony said determined. "We can?t let Marco be in control of Coy any longer."

Nate headed over towards the table and kissed Carmen making Matt frown in pure disgust at the sight of the two.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" He asked Nate angrily.

Nate looked at Matt confused. "What?s the problem?"

"The problem is?The problem is?" Matt said but wasn?t able to get it out.

"Matt?" Carmen asked confused.

"I gotta go," He said getting up and leaving the table.

"Um..Okay? What did I miss?" Nate asked the group.

"The coy we have been calling Coy isn?t the real Coy," Giselle explained. "His other personality Marco was pretending to be Coy and fooling us all because it?s been him in control, completely."

Nate looked down at this tray. If that was true?Does that change the relationship he was hoping to soon establish?

"You okay?" Carmen asked him, noticing his worried look.

Nate looked up and smiled before kissing her. "I got you, baby. Of Course I am okay."

Carmen nestled softly on his shoulder and Nate floated away to his thoughts.


Scene I

Matt sat at his computer looking at the screen not really focusing on the question from his Principals of Business Class. He had a lot on his mind.

"Why couldn?t I tell her?" He though to himself. "I knew something about my friend?s boyfriend and I didn?t say anything."

Truth was, he didn?t want to hurt Carmen. She was probably his best girl who was a friend aside from Giselle and after Josh broke her heart twice, she seemed happy with Nate. Was it really wrong to not tell a secret.

"Be my partner?" A voice asked snapping him away from his thoughts.

Matt looked up to see Emily standing beside him looking at him expectantly. That was another one of his problems. He had a girlfriend but if possible he wanted his ex-boyfriend back.

"Well?" She asked nervously, afraid he was going to turn her down.

"Oh..sure," Matt said to her with a smile. "I didn?t even here the assignment. I was thinking about?"

"Coy?" She offered for him.

Matt looked away from her unable to meet her eyes. "Wh?What makes you say that?"

"Matt, it?s okay." She said to him with a smile. "I know?.I know that you still love him."

"I?but I never said?"

"You didn?t need to," She said to him with a sad smile. "I saw the pain, worry and the longing to rescue him today at lunch. I never stood a chance. I tried to convince myself it was alright and we were fine but just because we don?t argue and don?t fight, doesn?t mean any thing?We are a couple?A couple of people on two different paths. And you?re path leads you towards Coy."

Matt looked at her, unsure of what to say. She wasn?t looking at him but at the computer screen.

"Are you breaking up with me?" He asked her.

She looked at him and chuckled. "There was never anything to bring up. We were friends, We became friends with boyfriend/girlfriend attached to it and we still are friends."

Matt sighed heavily. "I?m sorry."

"For what?" She asked as she worked on a problem. "For loving somebody else? Please, if anything you restored my faith in true love."

Matt looked at Emily and smiled. Truly, she was a great person. And she would make some lucky guy happy.

"Friends?" He asked her licking his left hand.

"Best of," She said licking hers and shaking it.

"EWW!!" They said in unison as they both laughed.


Scene J

Carmen was leaving school rushing to see Nate. She was relieved to find out he was okay aside for a need of stitches. Her cell rung for a text from Giselle, and she clicked call on the screen and called her.

"Giselle, I told you to meet me at the hospital not at my house," She said as she walked through the parking lot of school towards her car.

"I know but I don?t have much gas and my dad revoked my credit card for the month because I went a little over my limit," She said to me.

"How much is a little?" Carmen asked with a chuckle.

"Like 2000," Giselle replied simply.

Carmen laughed loudly. "I guess for you that is a little seeing how you went 5000 dollars over the other month. Well, I didn?t have to go home but since you are there I guess?"

Carmen stopped talking when she noticed that somebody was sitting in the passenger seat of her car.

"Carmen?" Giselle asked wondering where her friend had disappeared to.

"I will call you back," Carmen said ending the call and walking towards the car when she noticed who it was. "Josh?"

"Hey, Carmie," he said to her with a weak smile. She could tell he was strung out on some drugs. She cleared her throat and looked at him sternly.

"Josh, I heard you got expelled for drugs and you are not suppose to be on school grounds," She said to him. "Better yet, how did you get in my car?"

"You gave me a spare key, remember?" He showed her the Key.

Carmen walked around to the driver?s side of the car and got in. "Where is Marco?"

"What do you mean? You mean Coy," He said laying his head back in the seat.

"No, I mean Marco," Carmen said looking at him directly. "We know Josh. We know that is not Coy. Please tell me you didn?t."

Josh looked down at his feet ashamed and sad.


"I didn?t want Coy to come back," Josh said as he begin to cry. "He didn?t understand the emptiness and loneliness that I have inside of me. But Marco did?Or at least I thought he did."

"Josh, what happened between you two?" Carmen asked him. She hated seeing him like this because she could tell something was wrong.

"We?We broke up," He choked out. "He is leaving me for Nate."

"Nate?" Carmen asked confused. "My Nate?"

"He isn?t your Nate," Josh said sadly. "They been fucking for the past four months."

Carmen thought about all the times in four months Nate had blew her off or Cancelled plans or forgot plans. How close her best friend and boyfriend were.

"Oh my god," She said covering her mouth. "Oh my god! Oh my god!"

Josh just sat in the seat sobbingn as Carmen was so speechless she didn?t know what to say or do.

Josh opened his door and slammed it behind him. Carmen stepped out of the car. "Josh, where are you going?"

"I want to be alone by myself," He said walking off down the street leaving a stunned and hurt Carmen by herself.

Carmen started sobbing unsure of what was going to happen now. She was worried about her relationship and was it over and how her best friend could betray her twice when it wasn?t really her best friend in control. But most of all she was worried about Josh.

She cranked her car up and drove down the street in the direction he had gone looking around for him but no sign of him. She dialed his number but it went straight to voicemail.

"Josh?Where are you?" She asked herself as she looked around.


Scene K

Darek sat on a Park bench with his a photo album in his lap flipping through pictures of his family. He reminisced through the old times when he was younger and his family was whole. Looking at the pictures of him and his brother, he smiled at the fun times they had at Six Flags, Busch Gardens and other various places.

"What do you want Darek?" Ky asked walking up towards him. "Better yet, how did you get my cell to text me to meet you here?"

Ky took a seat beside Darek awaiting a response to his questions. Darek handed him the photo album.

"You called me here to look at pictures?" Ky asked flipping through the album. He saw a different Darek in this album. Innocent, Care-free, and nice. "Wow, it?s surprising to see you smile and actually not suspect anything in that smile. You actually look?Normal."

"I called you here because I wanted to tell you sorry," He said with a sigh. " I wanted to explain my actions since we first met."

After a fifteen conversation about his family, Ky felt like he understood the very boy that he despised after all this time.

"Wow," Ky said taking it all in. "I guess we are more alike than I thought. Reverend Taylor manipulated us both."

"Ha, the funny thing is, I hate church and I?m not really that big into God," Darek said with a small laugh. "Not to the extent the Christian soldiers are."

"How do you feel about your brother and Gays now?" Ky asked him.

"I still don?t understand it really, Ha, I doubt I will ever pull a Josh and convert," Darek said making the two laugh.

"Trust me, that isn?t gay, that?s just messed up," Ky said making the two laugh again.

"But from seeing how good you and Nick are for each other?It made me realize that you are just like Giselle and Me," Darek said after their laughter died down. "You are just like us. So it?s kind of cool?Especially seeing how you and him had a rocky start. I respect you guys now because I realized it?s your personality not your sexuality that makes you the person you are. And you are a good person."

"So are you, Darek," Ky said to him. "Underneath it all, you are a good person."

Darek looked down at the ground and thought about that. "I hope so."

"Well, this was an enlightened meeting and I actually enjoyed our little talk but I have plans with Nick tonight," Ky said standing up.

"Ky, before you go?I just want to say?" Darek began but wasn?t sure of how he should say it, he didn?t want to be on Ky?s bad side.


"Just watch yourself and make sure you?re guard is up," Darek said to him. "Reverend Taylor is a slick mofo."

It was like there was a silent communication between the two boys.

"I got you," Ky said with a nod before he left Darek sitting there on the bench.

Darek looked down at his phone to see a Text from Giselle about meeting her at the hospital to see Nate.

"Oh shit, I forgot about that," He said jumping up and grabbing his photo album. He stopped, however when he felt a sharp pain in his side. Then another. He dropped his photo album and looked down at his white shirt to see it was turning red.

He turned to look behind him and saw me walking towards him.

"I would shoot you again but I want you to suffer," I said to him as I shot him in the knees, shattering both of his knee caps. "I doubt you will be able to play sports anytime soon. That is for fucking with me, my brother, and my friends."


"Actually, it?s Marco," I corrected to him. "But that was thanks for us both."

I pushed his already partially unconscious self to the ground and pressed my foot into his knee and listen to him cry out in pain.

"You fucked up his life but helped create me," I said to him. "I am not killer though. I don?t kill."

I couldn?t kill him. Because I would be just as bad as Darek was with being apart of the christian Soldiers. Just as bad as the very people I was attacking.

"I?m glad Ky forgives you but I don?t forget nor do I forgive," I continued. "You helped those people rape us."

"I?m sorry," he said to me, crying. "I?m sorry Coy. I?m sorry, Ky. I?m sorry Damien."

"Damien? Who is he?" I asked him confused.

"My brother?He.." He coughed out weakly. He was beginning to lose consciousness. "I joined?I joined reverend Taylor because I thought I was doing the right thing for my brother to?change him. But I wasn?t."

I thought about Ky and his actions and how he was used by Reverend Taylor as a tool. I looked down at a now unconscious Darek and realized he was just as weak as my brother was.

Sighing, I grabbed Darek?s cell and dialed 911 and placed the phone on his body. Hopefully, somebody would find him.


Scene L

Carmen sat in the hospital room as Nate slept. She had been here for an hour, had foregone getting Giselle and was watching him sleep. He looked peaceful. He looked like he could do no wrong.

"Miss gianni, I am sorry but visiting hours are almost over," A nurse said poking her head inside the room.

Carmen nodded at her and grabbed her purse and headed towards the door to leave. "Carmen?"

She looked back to see Nate groggily looking at her. "Hey, I was about to leave. Visiting hours are over in a few minutes."

"Fuck them, My parents are paying some good money for this room. I think the hospital will be fine" Nate said to her with a painful laugh. "God, my head hurts."

"I bet it does," She said to him.

"You?ve been crying," He said noticing her tear stained face. "I hope you didn?t think it was anything serious. Just a mild concussion and some stitches."

"It?s not that," She said to him with a sigh. "I know."

"Know what?" Nate asked her confused but the tears coming from her eyes and her pain stricken face told it all. "How?"

"Josh," She said to him.

"That bastard is the reason I am here," He said angrily as he tried to sit up but wince in pain.

"What are you talking about?" She asked him.

"That?s not important," He said to her. "We need to talk about this?about us."

He never wanted to hurt her. He never wanted this. He just didn?t know what he wanted at this very moment.

"Was there an us when you were with him or was there just a you?thinking of you?re needs?" Carmen asked him.

Before Nate could respond, the nurse popped back inside.

"I?m done here," She said walking out of the room leaving a stunned Nate.

"Fuck," He said frustrated as he didn?t know where to go from here.

Carmen walked down the hallways of the hall. No tears. No stress. She wiped her eyes and held her head high.

"Never let a man bring you down to your weakest point," She said as she waited for the elevator. "Not even if you are in love with him."



Scene M

I climbed out of my car and walked up the driveway to Anthony and Nick?s house. I got a text from Anthony stating he needed my help on some Algebra Homework. I decided to come offer my help albeit surprised seeing how I didn?t even like Anthony and I pretty much thought it was a mutual feeling.

I walked up to the door to see it was partially open so I pushed through and walked inside to see a house filled a filth. From Coy?s memories, I saw that the house was usually well kept and gorgeous inside but now it was trashed as Hurricane Katrina had swpet through.

"Anthony?" I called out as I walked through the house. "Nick?"

I heard the door close behind me and I saw that Josh was standing there.

"Oh, it?s you," I said to him folding my arms. "What the hell happened in here?"

"You happened," Josh said to me. "You cause all this. I don?t know how I am going to explain it to Mr. Pagan when they come home. That my boyfriend pissed me off and I got mad and trashed your house."

"I am not your boyfriend Josh," I said to him as I walked towards the door. "I am leaving."

"I can?t allow you to leave," he said to me. "Not until we fix this and prove our love for each other."

"What the hell? Get the hell out of the way," I said annoyed. "There is no love. I don?t love?"

Josh smacked me across the face and I fell to the ground clutching my cheek. I looked up and saw this empty look in his eyes. I crawled backwards and got up to run to the back door in the kitchen. Josh, cut through the living room to intercept and stop me from getting out. He yanked my hoodie by the hood and slung me over the counter. I slid across it and fell to the ground.

"Josh?stop," I said to him as I struggled to get to my feet.

"You don?t love me?" He said punching me hard in my stomach. "Tell me you love me."

"No," I said holding my ground.

"Tell me you love me, Marco," He said to me, hitting me again in the stomach.

"No," I said slightly weaker than before.

"Tell me!"

"N-No!" I Said weak from the blows he throwing to my fragile, slim frame.

He shoved me hard into the fridge. I fell back and clutched my head painfully.

"This is why I can?t love you anymore Josh," I said in pain. "I can?t love you because you don?t love yourself. You are turning into a fucking moron. You are too strung on the drugs to remember who the person I loved was in love with was. You are not him."

"You used to love me for the sex," He said voice soft but speaking an ominously as if I knew what was coming.

"Josh! No!" I screamed out as he grabbed me by my arms and drug me towards the spare bedroom, towards the place where hell was. I fought and screamed for him to stop but he didn?t listen. He picked me up and threw me on the bed. He ripped my clothes off and unzipped his pants.

It was 7:45 when I felt him forcibly penetrate me.

I could feel a rush of emotions, memories that I knew weren?t mine. Coy was trying to help me. He was trying to block out the pain that I felt. Memories of him and Ky. Memories of him at his academic events. Memories of him when he was in a happier and better place.

"Focus on me, Marco," Coy whispered softly. "Focus on me."

I closed my eyes and focused on all the good memories of Coy as Josh raped me for literally an hour and a half. It was 9: 15 when it was all over. There was blood all over the bed and somebody?s semen.

"Do you love me?" He asked me with a pleading look on his face. The painful look on my face, the tears said it all. "Marco?"

I grabbed my clothes and changed back into them as Josh stood looking at me his eyes tearing up as well.

"Marco?Please don?t leave me," He said to me. "I love you. I need you."

I didn?t say a word, I just left and walked to the front door and opened it to see Mr. Pagan and Anthony standing there.

"You look like hell? You okay?" Anthony asked me but I pushed past both and rushed to my car and sped out of the driveway. But five minutes down the road, I stopped my car and released the sickness in my stomach on side of the road.

I felt broken?Something wasn?t right. I wasn?t suppose to feel like this but I did?.

I could feel myself getting sick again and I released it from my stomach. Wiping my mouth, I closed the door and drove home.


Scene N

Ky and Nick sat on Ky?s laptop checking out the listings for movies. "I still can?t believe you cooked me some Italian dishes, baby," Nick said to his boyfriend as he rested his head on his shoulder.

"Did you like it?" Ky asked him curiously.

Nick thought about the slightly burnt noodles and not so taste worthy sauce and chicken.

"I loved it babe," he said to his boyfriend kissing him on the cheek. "Just like I love you."

Ky smiled happily and saw a movie he figured they both would like.

"One step ahead of you," Nick said to his boyfriend. "Push."

"See, I was so thinking that," Ky said with a laugh. "No wonder you are perfect for me. Push it is then."

"I love you, Kyle Donovan James," Nick said to him.

"I love you too, Nick-still-want-tell-me-your middle-name-Pagan," Ky said kissing him.

They kissed passionately for a few moments till they heard the door in the kitchen open.

I limped inside my house. I could feel blood trickling down my leg as I walked inside the kitchen trying not to make any noise.

"Hey bro," Ky said as he and Nick walked into the kitchen,

I forced a smile at them. "Hey?guys."

Ky noticed a grimace on face and flashed a concerned look. "Coy? You okay?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, I?m fine," I said with a smile trying to hide my pain..

"You sure?" Nick asked me. He could tell something was wrong.

"Yeah, Yeah, I?m fine," I said as every breath hurt as I inhaled. "What are you doing here, Ky? You don?t live here."

"God, I know and it feels so good to be on my own with the love of my life," Ky said kissing nick passionately on the lips. "You miss me?"

Ha, not even," I said with a fake laugh, knowing that I was in pain. "I get your closest space since your ass is gone."

"Ass," Ky said punching me lightly in the stomach but I winced in pain.

"Thanks," I said to him with a weak smile.

"Coy? Are you sure, you?re okay?" Ky asked concerned.

I nodded softly and tried to find a lie. "Yeah, I was playing football with some kids from the group and I guess I got hit harder than I thought. I just need to go lay down."

"Well, Ky and I were headed to the movies but we can stay here if you need somebody to take care of you," Nick offered.

I shook my head. "No, go on and have a good time. I am fine."

Ky looked at me for a moment then smiled. "Pussy."

He and Nick walked out of the house and as soon as they shut the door, I rushed to the bathroom and vomited.

"Oh my god," I said after vomiting for a good five minutes straight.

My phone vibrated in my pocket. I grabbed some tissue and wiped my mouth and looked to see it was Josh.

Josh. He was the reason I was in the state I was in now. I looked at myself in the mirror. I had spent so much time pretending to be Coy that I honestly forgot who I was.

"Marco," I whispered softly to myself.

I was strong. I was confident. But why now was I scared. I felt?like?Coy.

A victim. A used product.

I unzipped my jeans and pulled off my underwear and saw that it was blood stained.

"Oh my god," I said as I got nauseous and bent over the toilet seat as I released it from my stomach.

I sat there with my head in the toilet, flushing away and looking at it go down the toilet.

"Oh my god," I whispered as I could feel the tears rolling down my eyes.

I couldn?t believe that me?Marco?Marco, the strong one felt weak. My tears, sadness, and pain?I could feel it growing into pure hatred.

"He raped me," I whispered softly to myself.

I heard the front door open and close.

"Ky?" I called out. "Nick."

I put my jeans on and headed out of the bathroom towards the kitchen.

"Who?s there?"

My parents were away on some cruise so it couldn?t be them. Looking at the my phone it had been fifteen minutes since Ky and Nick left so it couldn?t be them.

I walked into the kitchen and dropped my phone at the sight standing in front of me.

"Hello Coy," Tony said to me as he looked me in the eye.


I could hear Coy screaming inside my head. Or was that me screaming as Tony took a step towards me. I ran towards the stairs but Tony was fast and tackled me on the staircase and bashed my headed into a step.

"Don?t run, baby," He said to me as he ground his crotch into my butt.

I struggled to fight with his heavy body pinning me down to the ground.

"Marco?Please don?t let him violate us anymore," Coy whispered to me.

It was the first time we were both on the same side. I needed Coy and Coy needed me.

"Fight back," Coy said, in my head. "Fight."

I headbutted Tony and he released his grip slightly on me and I pushed him off. I got up and began running up the staircase but he grabbed me foot, trying to trip me.

"Get the fuck off!" I yelled out as I kicked him down the staircase.

He fell to the bottom, moving slowly. I ran upstairs to my bedroom and locked the door. I grabbed my house phone and dialed the 9 and the 1 but stopped.

"Marco, what the hell are you doing?" Coy yelled out. "Call the police. Get out"

"No," I said shaking my head. "No."

I hung the phone up.

"MARCO!" Coy yelled to me. He was struggling for control.

"No," I said realizing that I was the victim for far to long. "I am going to kill him."

"MARCO! NO!" Coy yelled out to me.

"And after I kill him, I am going to after Josh," I said as I heard Tony bang on the door trying to break it in.

I ready myself as he busted through the door. "Aw, look what we have here. Coy is actually going to fight back."

I chuckled softly at that. "That?s the funny thing. I?m not Coy?."

Tony looked me in the eye and it was almost as if he could see that there was something different about me.

"You?re eyes aren?t the same color," he said hesitating slightly.

"Good observsation and they aren?t contacts," I said rushing towards him.

I punched Tony in the face and ducked a blow from him and hit him in the stomach.

"I?m tired of pain?I?m tired of feeling weak," I said to him as I kicked him across the face.

I didn?t know where this burst of energy came from but I had to do it. I had to make my stand. I was Marco. I was nobody?s victim. Nobody?s product. Nobody?s Bitch. Nobody?

I think that?s where that came in from. Without Coy, I was nobody. That is why I was not going to let go of my control over Coy. As long as I had him, had his body, I was fine. I was a person I was real. I was somebody.

I kicked Tony again. I could hear Coy screaming in my ear for me to stop.

"Shut up, Coy," I yelled out. "Stop being the passive one. Sometimes Agression?" I punched Tony in the face. "Is good."

I was about to hit him again but I was frozen when I felt a flashback of earlier with Josh hit me. I could feel my control slipping slightly.

"No," I said and I felt a blow knock me backwards. "No!"

I could feel Coy gaining control and then that was it. He was in control.

"You are going to get us killed," I screamed out but he ignored me.

"Tony stop?" Coy Said to him. "I am giving you a free pass just to walk out of here. Just go. My brother and his boyfriend will be back any moment."

"No they won?t," Tony said with a laugh. "Reverend Taylor will make sure of that. Hope you said goodbye to you?re precious twin."

"Wha?" Coy began but was knocked across the face by Tony and was being to a pummel.

"Fight back, Coy!" I yelled at him. I was trying to find a way to break through and gain control but Coy was holding on strong. He was using more energy to block me from being in control that he wasn?t fighting back.

Coy kicked Tony back and rushed out of the bedroom and to the staircase to run but Tony shoved him hard down the stairs.

I winced in pain as I could feel the pain coming from Coy. He was losing this battle and consciousness but he somehow was maintaining control.

"Coy, let me in," I yelled out to him. "Stop being Stubborn and let me in."

"No," He said as he rushed towards the kitchen.

Tony rushed after him towards the kitchen. The island was between the two. Coy wondered would he have a chance to get to the door.

He faked Tony out to make it seem as if he was heading towards the door but instead ran towards the entry way of the front hall and into the bathroom and locked the door behind him.


He was afraid. He was shaking out of fear. He didn?t know what to do. He jumped as he heard Tony bang on the door hard.

"Open the fucking door, faggot!" Tony yelled out ramming the door hard. "When I fucking get this door open, I am slitting your throat and fucking your dead body."

Tony kept ramming it but stopped for a moment and started laughing.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Coy heard Matt yell out. "COY?"

"Relax, I haven?t killed him?YET!" Tony said rushing Matt to the ground.

"Matt?" Coy called out pressing his ear to the door. He could hear a scuffle going on outside and stuff being broken.

"Coy, don?t open the fucking door till I say so," Matt yelled out as he wrestled a knife out of Matt?s hand.

Coy sat on the floor unsure of what to do. I growled in frustration as for the very moment I realized I was trapped.


Scene O

Nick made a move to change from the T.I. Ky had playing but Ky smacked his hand.

"OW!" Nick yelled out pouting. "That hurt, babe."

"Like Chris Tucker said from Rush Hour, Don?t mess with a black man?s radio," Ky said with a smile.

"If that black men wants me to keep giving him mind-blowing blow jobs I suggest he let me play some Circus by Britney Spears," Nick said changing the CD out.

Ky rolled his eyes and looked up in his rearview mirror. "Hmm."

"Hmm What?" Nick asked his boyfriend curiously. "Don?t like Circus?"

"Don?t like Britney period, I?m a beyonce fan thanks to Coy," Ky replied. "No that Car has been behind us every since we left the house."

Nick looked back to see the Car Ky was talking about. "Baby, I think you are being paranoid."

"I mean, what is the chances of somebody from my neighborhood leaving at the same exact time going the same exact route as me, turn by turn, mile by mile?" Ky asked his boyfriend. "Especially at like 9:30 at night."

He wasn?t trying to be paranoid but he was getting a bad vibe. He didn?t know what was going on but he just had a feeling something bad was happening and something bad was about to happen.

"You do got a point," Nick said after thinking about it. "That is kind of odd."

Nick turned back and looked at the Car again when a light was turned on in the Car. Nick and Ky both saw the face at the same time.

"Is that?"

"Reverend Taylor," Ky said as he sped up in his car.

"SHIT!" Nick Yelled out. "DRIVE FASTER!"

"I?m trying, I?m trying," Ky said nervously. His hands were shaking. He knew they were being followed. "Oh my?Oh Fuck. Oh Fuck."

Nick looked behind him to see the Car was gone. "He?s gone. Baby, He?s gone."

Ky wasn?t so convinced. "Gone? Where the hell did he?"

Ky was cut off as he was hit hard on his side of the car. The car flipped over six times and hung off the side of a rail.

Nick cried out in pain as his leg was broken Ky realized his ribs were in bad shape.

"Ky?." Nick called out weakly. He reached his hand out and grabbed Coy?s hand.

Ky didn?t know if it was the end but if he had to die, he wanted to die right here with Nick.

"I still hate Britney spears," Ky said softly as they shared a painful laugh.

Reverend Taylor rammed his car into the back of Ky?s and both cars fell over the enbankment.


Scene P

I felt a pain, a very sharp pain but it wasn?t coming from me. Coy?It was Coy. He felt something.

"Ky," He said as he begin hyperventilating.

Something had happened. I could tell. Coy was freaking out. Something had happened to Ky.

"Coy, don?t open that door," I yelled out to him.

He wanted to call Ky to see if he was overreacting but what little control I had, I tried to stop him opening the door. He fought through it and opened it to see Tony on top of Matt with a gun in his mouth.

"No," Coy whispered softly to himself

I could feel my Coy growing angry. I could feel the anger welling inside of him.

"Now you wanna fight," I muttered.

Coy grabbed a hard figurine from the table and rushed over and knocked Tony across the head with. Tony slumped to the ground and Coy rushed to Matt.

"Matt?" Are you okay?" He asked hugging him tightly.

Matt pushed him away roughly and looked at him suspiciously.

"Get off me, Marco," He said angrily. "I know its still you inside of there."

Coy looked at him hurt. "Matt, baby it?s me. It?s Coy.

"How do I know that?" Matt asked him. "How do I know it?s really you?"

Matt backed away from Coy as he walked towards him.

"Kiss me," He said softly. "Kiss me and you will see."

Matt was unsure if he should but Coy instead grabbed him into a kiss. At first Matt fought the kiss but he stopped when he felt the love coming from Coy.

He broke the kiss. "Oh my god! You?re back. I thought I lost you forever."

"Nothing will take me away from you forever," Coy said to him. "Only Death and even then, I will always be with you."

They kissed again and Matt reversed roles and pinned Coy up against the wall. He missed those lips. He missed those kisses. He missed Coy. He had him back.

"Oh, gag me," I muttered as I could feel Coy gaining stronger by every second.

I had to get out of here.

Coy noticed movement coming from behind matt and saw Tony getting up and pointing the gun at unsuspecting Matt.

"Matt," Coy said shoving him off of him and jumping in front of him and taking the bullet.

Tony looked down shock as he didn?t mean to shoot Coy and Matt his hand grow warm as he realized he had Coy?s blood on him. Coy fell to the ground weakly.

Matt tackled Tony to the ground and one lighting fast movement and grabbed the gun and shot him point blank in the head and in the chest twice watching him fall to the ground. Once more, he pointed the gun and shot him directly in the heart and dropped the gun.

He turned and looked back at Coy laying there on the floor.

"No," I said as I could feel not only Coy getting weak but I was as well.

"No, this can?t be how it ends," Matt said grabbing the phone and grabbing Coy and carrying him out to his car.

911 took too long. He had to get him to the hospital.

"This can?t be how our story ends," Matt said as he placed Coy in the backseat and jumped into the car and sped towards the hospital.


Author?s Note:

Wow, this episode took me a little longer to plan out and write. It took me awhile to write it and I scrapped my initial Episode 7 to write this one because I didn?t want to keep dragging Marco on and though Marco is my favorite character to write as, I wanted to bring Coy back maybe briefly, maybe not. But I finished it right before I had to leave for school lol. Ha. Well, Coy finally gains and keeps control of himself only to have it end this way. Is Coy Dead? Is Ky or Nick Dead?

One of the main characters will die in the next episode. This episode brings an end to the Tony/Reverend Taylor Saga and serves as the first part of the season finale.

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THis is episode 8 of 9

Author's Note: If you were to read this story on my yahoo group, you will see this served as my original season finale

however, I moved the interlude over to this story and this is now episode 8 of 9



Episode 8: Shadow of Death

Main Cast:

Coy Marco James

Ky James

Nick Pagan

Josh Jackson

Matt Gleisner

Anthony Pagan

Carmen Gianni

Giselle Santos

Darek Bouzakis

Nate Soto


Scene A

Do you have the fear of dying and not accomplishing all you know you are meant to accomplish?

?Hold on, didn?t we just bring in a boy that looked like him,? An EMS worker said as they wheeled my body into the hospital.

I?m having the fear now.

?N-No, they are twins,? Matt stammered as he rushed into behind the EMS workers.

My name is Coy James. I?m sixteen years old and for the longest time I felt like I had died because my mind had split into two personalities causing a much more dangerous and deadly boy named Marco to appear and he had been in control of my body for almost 6 months of my life.

?How are you acquainted with the victim?? An EMS worker asked Matt.

Marco was so much stronger than me or so I believed. I felt weak and I allowed him to take control of my mind, body, and spirit and let him run the show.

?He?s my?He?s my boyfriend,? Matt said looking down at my body.

He destroyed my life. He destroyed my relationship with matt. He caused Drama with my friends. He hurt people.

?How did this happen?? The ems worker asked Matt.

Right now, I was in control. But I could feel him wanting to burst through for freedom. One way or another, one of us was going to be a 100% in control.

?Fucking stalker who raped him attacked us and Coy took the bullet for me,? Matt said as he realized he was crying.

I could feel my control waning but not because of Marco.

?Matt?I think I?m dying,? I whispered softly as I grabbed his hand.

My name is Coy James. I?m afraid of dying and not accomplishing all that I was meant to. But most of all, I was afraid of dying.


Scene B

Carmen sat in front of the Pagan residence. She don?t know why she was here, she didn?t mean to come here but she just found her way here.

?Josh,? She said softly to herself.

Her cell rung, starling her slightly. She reached down and saw it was a call from Giselle. She hit ignore because she knew that Giselle would talk her out of talking to him.

?Here goes nothing,? She said with a sigh as she climbed out of the car and walked towards the door. Nervously, she knocked on the front door and got no response. ?Josh??

She jimmied the knob and saw it was unlocked and pushed it open to see the house was in a mess.

?Wow, they really need to hire a maid,? She muttered to herself as she made her way through the mess.

Josh sat in the middle of the living room with a look that Carmen knew he was strung out something.

?Josh?? She said softly not sure of what to say or do.

Josh looked at Carmen confused as if he didn?t know who she was He grunted a statement at her.

?What did you say?? Carmen asked walking closer.

?Hey,? He said to her as she kneeled in front of him.

?Hey,? She said back to him, sad that he was all alone and strung out. ?Where are Anthony and Nick and their father??

?Anthony and John are at the hospital,? He said in a raspy voice. ?Ky and Nick had a terrible accident.?

?What?? Carmen asked in horror. ?Wha..Oh!:

She looked down at her cell and saw urgent texts from Giselle. She read them.

?Oh my god, Darek is in the hospital as well,? She said getting up. ?I got to go.?

?No, please don?t leave me alone,? Josh pleaded as he grabbed her leg desperately.

?Josh, our friends are in the hospital,? She said to him. ?I have to go.?

?I don?t know what I will do if you leave me alone too,? Josh said still hugging tightly on her legs. ?I think I might kill myself.?

Carmen laughed nervously as she was unsure if he was being serious or not. ?That?s not funny, don?t joke like that,? She scolded.

He looked her in the eye. She could sense something wasn?t right.

?Josh?? She asked nervously.

Josh started laughing maniacally and got up and headed to the bedroom where the scene from an hour ago had unfolded. Carmen followed him and placed her hand on his shoulders.

?He wanted to leave me?for Nate and I wanted to make him love me again,? He said in a soft voice. ?He loved all the things I would do to him?? His voice trailed off

Carmen looked in the room and saw blood on the sheets. Torn clothing fabrics and blood drops on the floor.

?Oh no Josh?You didn?t,? She said covering her mouth and taking a step back.

?I wanted him to love me,? He said to her. ?He is the only person who understands how I feel. You didn?t. You left me and moved on without me. Marco was all I had. He wanted to leave me too. Now I have nobody.?

?Josh, I haven?t went anywhere,? Carmen said sadly. ?I?m here. I didn?t realize that you were this torn up about everything. With your father and all.?

?It sucks,? He said punching the door, startling her. ?Now that my mom isn?t around anymore, he was all I had but he hurt me. Maybe he was right. Maybe I am not worthy to be loved.?

?Josh, yes you are,? Carmen said to him. ?We love you. We want was the best for you.?

?You love me?? Josh asked looking her in the eye. Carmen nodded. ?Prove it to me then. I need to feel the truth in your body. Prove it to me, Carmen.?

Josh made a move to try to kiss her but she pushed him away.

?Josh, I love you,? She said to him shocked. ?But not like that. Not anymore.?

?But you?I thought??

?You thought wrong,? Carmen said annoyed. ?We are done with that part of our lives. We are just friends and as you?re friend I want to help you.?

?I don?t need a fucking friend,? He said to her grabbing her and shaking her. ?I need Marco.?

?Josh, you are hurting me,? She said fearful of what he might do.

Josh stopped shaking her and released her. He had a blank look on his face.

?Go,? He said to her.

She looked at him. She was afraid to be here but was more afraid to leave him alone with himself.


?Just go,? He said walking into the room and closing the door behind him.

Carmen made a move to open it and it was locked. She banged in the door.

?Josh, open the door,? She yelled out.

?No, I didn?t mean to hurt you,? He said to her. ?I?m sorry. I don?t want to hurt you.?

?It?s okay,? She said to him. ?I?m not mad.?

?Just please leave,? He said as he sat on the other side of the door.

Carmen could hear him crying and she realized she was crying. She realized she lied to Josh and herself. She was still in love with him. No matter what had happened, No matter what words were said. She still loved Josh. He needed her. He needed somebody to stand by him.

?I?m not leaving,? Carmen said as she sat on the floor on the door and pressed her ear to the door. ?I?m not leaving you Josh. I?m going to stay right here till you open the door.?

Even though she could never forgive Josh for the hell he put her through and date him again, her heart would always love him and she was going to help him with his demons.



Scene C

I opened my eyes to see that I was no longer in the hospital room. I was in a pure white place. All white was around me.

?No?.No,? I said as I looked around and all I could see was white. ?No! I can?t be dead.?

?You?re not,? A voice said from behind me.

I wheeled around to see Marco walking towards me, a black light around him.

?Where are we?? I asked him.

He laughed at me and stood right in my face.

?We are inside your head, Coy,? He said to me. ?You are unconscious.?

?Why aren?t you in control? Why didn?t you use that as a chance to escape?? I asked him curiously. Something didn?t feel right.

?Because what is wrong with you is not mental, it?s physical,? He explained simply. ?If you die physically, I die as well.?

?Oh,? I said simply.

Something seriously felt wrong. I just got this vibe in my heart and chest something dreadful was about to happen.

?You know something, Coy?? He asked circling around me. ?You really should have just stayed in the bathroom.?

I circled around as he walked around me. He eyed me like a lion eyeing it?s prey.

?Why is that?? I asked him.

?Because if you would have stayed there, you wouldn?t be here?trapped with me,? He said to me with a smile that was seriously giving me the creeps.

How could a boy who virtually was me scare me so much?

?Tony was a danger and he was hurting Matt,? I said to him. ?I couldn?t allow him to kill him.?

?Well, I am going to have to kill you,? Marco said to me.

I took a step back.

?I don?t want to fight you,? I said to him nervously.

He was so much stronger than I was and I didn?t think I had the energy or fight in me to fight him.

?One way or another, only one of us will leave here,? He said as he headbutted me hard in the head.

I fell back on the ground and I could feel him kicking me hard in my side.

This night was far from over.



Scene D

?I can?t believe this,? Giselle said as she paced around on the waiting room of the hospital. ?Coy, Ky, Nick, Darek, and Nate all in the hospital on the same day? Four of them are in life and dead situations. My god. Who is next??

Matt sighed loudly. ?Giselle, will you sit down and shut up,? He said annoyed. ?Nobody is going to die.?

?How do you know that?? She asked him. ?You?re boyfriend was shot and so was mine. They found Darek unconscious in a park. Apparently, somebody tried to mug him. And Tony is back??

?Tony is dead,? Matt corrected. ?I took care of it and he is dead.?

John Pagan sighed loudly. ?Well, I blame that nigger he was with??

?Dad!? Anthony said shocked at his father?s outburst.

?I?m serious,? John said. ?Nothing but trouble comes along with fucking niggers and fucking illegal spicks and fucking wetback puerto ricans.?

?HEY!? Giselle getting offended.

?Not you honey, you are very beautiful,? He said to her. ?Very, Very beautiful.?

Giselle smiled at him and went back to pacing around the floor.

?It?s bad enough that he is a fag..? John continued but Matt jumped up.

?Look, Ant no disrespect,? He said angrily. ?But yo, dude you need to shut the fuck up.?

?Who are you talking to like that?? John asked standing up.

Anthony growled annoyed and stood up behind his dad.

?Dad, just sit down,? he said trying to grab his father but John pushed him back in the chair.

?Look, this is a fucking hospital,? Matt said to him. ?People I care about are in there fighting for their lives. People I hate are fighting for their lives but they don?t deserve to be in this situation and they don?t deserve this shit that you are saying. My boyfriend is black and his brother are black and none of us are fags. Ky cares a great deal for your son. It?s no wonder they moved out four months ago because you are an ignorant bigot.?

John seethed with an anger. ?I?m sure Ky probably somehow convinced Nick to choose??

?Dad, Nick didn?t choose to be gay,? Anthony said jumping up. ?And neither did i.?

Matt and Giselle glanced at each other and back at the father and son.

?Wha?What are you talking about, Anthony?? John asked his son.

Anthony folded his arms. ?You know exactly what I am talking about, Dad. I know you don?t have a major issue with gays but when it?s your own kids?.It?s hard for you to understand. But congratulations, you have two faggots.?

John looked at Anthony unsure of what to say. He was shocked that his other son admitted that he was gay as well. This was not what he wanted to hear and was not what he was hoping to accomplish. He wanted his sons to become rich just like he was and marry a gorgeous woman and have gorgeous kids.

?Congratulations again,? Anthony continued. ?Both of your son?s have things for a set of black twins. Wow, I?m glad that is out in the open.?

Matt, John, and Giselle looked at Anthony with a speechless look on their face.

?I can?t deal with this now,? John said shaking his head. ?I will be in the cafeteria. Giselle, find me if there is something different about Nick.?

He walked off leaving a very annoyed Anthony sitting there frowning.

?Miss Santos,? A doctor said walking up behind Giselle.

?Yes, doctor?? She asked him hopeful. ?How is he??

?I was just speaking with his parents??

?His parents? They are here?? She asked him confused.

?Yes, the bouzakis are over talking with the other doctor,? He said. ?I?m Dr. Whitman and I am handling Coy and Darek?s case. There is really nothing I can tell you except that Darek is stable but still unconscious but we were able to stop the bleeding and make sure that everything is fine there.?

?Oh, thank god,? Giselle said with a joyful sob.

?Would you like to talk to his parents?? Dr. Whitman asked her.

Giselle looked past him and at Darek?s family before shaking her head. ?Um maybe later.?

?You said you are handling Coy?s case?? Matt asked him hopeful for the same good news as Giselle.

Dr. Whitman?s face had a serious look on it. ?Um?Are you apart of his family??

?His parents are away on Vacation,? Matt explained. ?I tried to contact him. I?m his boyfriend though.?

Although nothing was certain, he refused to let go of his love this time around and he kicked himself for letting go.

?Well, maybe we should talk in private,? Dr. whitman said guiding Matt over to the side.

?We need to here something about Nick,? Anthony said annoyed. ?Everybody is hearing something except me. This can?t be good.?

?You can?t think like that,? Giselle said to him. ?Like Matt said, nobody is going to die. Look, Darek isn?t out of the woods quite yet. Anything can happen but I am going to think positively because negative thoughts bring negative things.?

Anthony looked down at his feet and nodded. ?Yeah, I guess you?re right,? He said to her. ?Wow, first time I actually said that to you.?

?I don?t get it very often either,? She said with a small laugh. ?Look, I know we kinda have this love-hate relationship but you know I?m here with you. Holding your hand because I love to hate you and hate to love you but you are my friend.?

Anthony looked up and smiled at her and grabbed her hand. ?Likewise,? He said to her. ?Likewise.?

?We should go see Nate and see how he is doing,? Giselle offered to him. ?I don?t know where Carmen is. I have been trying her cell for the longest.?

?I don?t even like Nate,? Anthony said.

Giselle grabbed his arm and pulled him up. ?It beats sitting here like basket cases worrying about everybody else. Besides, it?s times like these that show you all that petty bullshit is just that?.Petty bullshit.?

Anthony sighed and allowed himself to be pulled along by Giselle to Nate?s room.



Scene E

Matt stood with the doctor and looked at him expectantly. ?So how is he??

?Well, Coy is a special case,? Dr. Whitman unsure of how to say it.

?Special case? He?s a gun shot victim,? Matt said with a nervous chuckle. ?Nothing special about that.?

?Well, they are working on trying to stop the bleeding and everything along with that,? Dr. whitman continued. ?But there is a lot of activity inside of Coy?s brain. We are noticing it on the scanners and we are unsure what that means. His blood pressure is through the roof and while they were doing surgery on him, he begin experiencing a nose bleed.?

?What are you saying?? Matt asked as a growing feeling in his stomach begin to make him feel light-headed.

He took a seat in a chair and Dr. whitman took a seat beside him.

?I?m not quite sure what I am saying,? Dr. Whitman said honestly. ?True, gun shot victims are nothing special, I See those on a daily basis but there is something going on inside of Coy?s brain. Something psychological.?

?Marco,? Matt whispered to himself.



Scene F

I was curled up into the fetal position trying to shield my body from the painful blows Marco was ensuing into me.

?Oh, kicking you?re ass is going to be so fun,? He yelled as he kicked me in the stomach.

I cried out in pain and was waiting for the next blow to come but nothing happened. After a few moments of laying there, I opened my eyes to see Marco was nowhere around. In fact, it was pitch black and couldn?t see anything. For all I knew, he could be waiting to attack me from the darkness.

?Coy!? A voice called out from behind me.

I wheeled around because I knew that voice. I knew that voice very well.

?Coy!? Ky?s voice came from the darkness. Suddenly the darkness became light and I could see a familiar scene. A memory of something that had happened in my past. A memory of something I didn?t want to remember.

?Our 10th birthday,? I said to myself.

I saw 10 year old Ky running over to me and hitting me in the head. I touched the same spot on my head that 10 year old me rubbed and flashed Ky a painful look.

?Ow!? 10 year old me said. ?What did you do that for??

?You weren?t paying attention and you allowed Carmen?s team to get that point,? 10 year old Ky said annoyed. ?Stop dreaming of the cake. We?ll get some soon enough. You got to pay attention. For us to be twins, you really suck at sports.?

He was right I hadn?t been paying attention. This was the very moment that I think I realized I was gay although I didn?t know what it was called at that time. It was when I realized I liked josh more than a best friend or more than a brother.

10 year old me rolled his eyes at Ky and went to the base to prepare to kick the ball.

I remembered the very words that I had said as I stood at base awaiting the oncoming ball to be rolled to me.

?I can do this,? 10 year old me said as he stretched and readied to kick it. He glanced over and saw Josh talking to some pretty girl that he knew from school and that I knew he liked.

I saw that angry look on my younger self?s face and I knew what was about to happen.

?Coy don?t!? I yelled out to myself but I knew he couldn?t hear me. I knew what Marco was trying to do to me. He was going to weaken me even more by throwing every painful memory I had at me and then inevitably destroy me.

10 year old Coy kicked the ball hard but he kicked it directly at the girl Josh was talking to. The girl cried out in pain and started crying hard and all the parents and everybody rushed over to her aid to see what was wrong.

?UGH! COY!? Ky said annoyed as he rushed over to her.

My ten year old self started laughing loudly at that and Josh noticed it and that made him angry because he realized I did it on purpose.

He rushed over and tackled me hard and begin beating the shit out of me.

?Our first fight,? I said as I watched myself being beaten up. Nobody had noticed at the moment.

It was in that very moment not only did I realize I was gay but I realized I felt weaker than my brother?.weaker than my friends.

I closed my eyes as I remembered that painful memory but then I began feeling pain almost as if it was me, myself being hit.

Opening my eyes, Marco kicked me back onto the ground. Looking past him I could see that finally somebody noticed the fight going on and rushed to pull Josh off of me as the scene disappeared entirely.

?Wow, so you were a pussy even back then,? Marco said with a laugh. ?It?s ashame that you are so pathetic. You really give Ky and I a bad name by looking like us.?

I stood up nervously as I awaited his assault. He was right. I was pathetic. I was afraid to fight back because I really hated conflict. I?ve only initiated one fight and that was with Josh when he had first came to school a Atlantic city. I really didn?t want to fight him but I thought maybe if I did fight him, I wouldn?t feel as pathetic. But after it, I realized I still felt second rate.

?Do you?re worse,? I said to him. ?I don?t care anymore.?

I couldn?t fight Josh then. I couldn?t fight anybody. Especially Marco, he was too strong for me. I would just let him fight me and let him win.

?Trust me, I am going to do my worse,? Marco said with a sly grin. ?Times ten.?

He kicked me backwards and I fell to the ground and closed my eyes as I could feel the tears were falling down my face.

Back in the real world, outside of my mind, I could feel something was wrong with me. I was dying. Because here, I felt weaker than normal. I could barely move and I realized that with every passing second was one closer to me dying.

?Let?s see what else I can find in your memories,? Marco said and the darkness ensued around us again before he disappeared.

I laid there awaiting the next memory to attack me and hurt me.


Scene G

?Josh, you still there?? Carmen asked him, knocking on the door.

They had been making small talk for about 20 minutes and Josh got quiet for a few moments.

?Yeah?Yea, I?m here,? He said softly as he rested his head against the door. ?Why are you here though??

?Because you need me,? She said with a small sigh. ?I?m not leaving here till you get out here and come give me a hug. Are you ready to come out??

?No,? Josh said simply.

Carmen nodded to herself and cleared her throat. ?Well, that?s fine. We can sit out here and continue talking. It?s kind of cool doing it this way. I don?t have to worry about losing my appetite looking at your ugly face.?

She could hear Josh laughing softly at that and she smiled. At least she made him laugh.

?I heard somebody laugh,? Carmen said with a laugh of her own.

?Yeah, because we both know that I am not ugly,? Josh said back to her.

Carmen smiled at the thought of Josh?s face, the Josh she fell in love with before his downward spiral. He was always so handsome to her. Even now, with the drugs, he still had that handsome look.

?What are you thinking about?? Josh asked her.

?Nothing,? She said not wanting to discuss it.

?Carmen, I know when you are thinking about something,? He said to her. ?I can still feel our connection.?

?Me too,? She said to him. ?I try to ignore it.?

?Me too,? Josh agreed. ?It?s better this way that we aren?t together.?

Carmen looked up with a sigh as she was trying to block out her thoughts of her love for Josh but she couldn?t. ?Why is it better this way??

?Because at least now you are with a boyfriend who loves and cares for you the way you should be loved and cared for,? Josh said to her.

?Ex-boyfriend,? Carmen corrected. ?In case you don?t remember, he was sleeping with my best friend who happens to be your boyfriend.?

?Ex-boyfriend,? Josh corrected her.

They both laughed at that for a few moments.

?I miss that laugh,? She said to him after they got quite for a moment. ?You know you sound like a wounded seal right??

?Funny,? Josh said with a smile. ?Real Funny. You know what I miss??

?What?s that??

?This,? Josh said to her. ?This right here. This feeling of calmness. When I came in here I needed to get the drugs but for right now, I don?t want them. I just want to talk.?

?Live for the right now,? She said to him. ?You going to open the door??

?Not yet,? He said to her. ?Okay??

?It?s okay,? She replied. ?We can just sit here and talk.?


Scene H

Giselle cleared her throat, trying to make some type of noise as she and Anthony sat in Nate?s room. The tension was thick as she can see the two eyeing each other like they wanted to fight.

?Oh, for fuck?s sake,? She said throwing her hands up. ?This is fucking gay as hell. No offense to gay people. Except you Anthony.?

?I?m bi,? Anthony said not taking his eyes off of Nate.

It had been like this for awhile with the two staring each other down.

?Whatever,? Giselle said getting up and standing between the two. ?You know I hate you both.?

Giselle began to start crying as she took a seat beside Nate?s bed.

?Why?? Nate asked her, finally breaking the gaze with Anthtony.

?Because I came here hoping to take my mind off everything that is going on,? She said to him. ?But I can?t help but think that Coy, Darek, Ky, and Nick are all here in the hospital fighting for their lives.?

?What happened to them?? Nate asked concerned.

Anthony sighed. ?Well, somehow these stalkers that had it in with Coy & Ky shot Coy earlier this evening and they ran Ky?s car off the road with Nick in the passenger seat and they went over the railing into the enbankment. Darek was shot earlier in the park, we are thinking because of some robbery.?

?Yet you two are being childish and stupid,? Giselle said to the both of them. ?Grow up and realized we should be praying and thinking positively not hating each other.?

Anthony looked at Nate who looked at him with the same ashamed expression. Both nodded in a silent agreement, they would at least try to squash their rivalry for Giselle?s sake.

?So?What happened to you?? Anthony asked Nate.

?Josh happened,? Nate replied with an annoyed look.

?Josh?? Giselle and Anthony echoed with a confused look.

Nate nodded. ?Yep, the bastard saw Coy and I together and shoved me off the steps and I hit my head on the pavement.?

?Ouch,? Anthony said to him. ?Josh is seriously messed up on those damn drugs.?

?But why would he?? Giselle began but stopped for a moment.

?Giselle?? Anthony asked her, noticing her frowning face. ?What?s wrong??

Giselle got up in Nate?s face. ?Coy and you have a tendency to disappear at the same time a lot during school and I do remember Josh having an issue with you always being around him and Darek told me once that you had a thing for Coy but I always figured that was just a rumor of some sort but now..Carmen isnt here. You are fucking Coy.?

?You got that from all of that?? Anthony asked her, not sure if she was reaching a little too far with that one.

Giselle ignored him and eyed Nate strongly. ?If it isn?t true, deny it then,? She said to him with a serious look on her face. ?I want to hear you deny it.?

?It?s true,? He said to her sadly.

?Wow,? Anthony said not sure of what to say.

Giselle slapped Nate hard across the face.

?Ow, guy with concussion here in the hospital,? Nate said annoyed that she slapped him.

?No wonder she isn?t answering my calls,? Giselle said throwing her hands up in the air. ?Oh my god, Nate, you little dwarf. How could you do that to Carmen? She loves you.?

?I love her but I?I don?t know Coy just seems to entice me and??

?That?s not even the real Coy,? She said to him. ?The guy you have been having sex with may look like Coy but honestly that is not him.?

Nate looked confused. ?What do you mean??

Anthony took the next fifteen minutes to explain the whole past year and a half to Nate and Nate sat there speechless not knowing what to say.

?Um?wow?I don?t know what to say,? Nate said after a few moments. ?I?m confused.?

?What?s to be confused about? You threw your relationship away for a fuck with somebody who is having a Jean from the X-men moment,? Giselle said annoyed. ?Coy is like Jean. All nice and sweet but Marco his other personality is like phoenix and Coy can?t control him which is why Marco has been the one in control. Not Coy, who you think is the one you been with .?

Nate felt ashamed of himself. ?I?m sorry,? He said sadly.

?Yeah, you are,? Giselle said before she stormed out of the room.

Anthony sucked in some air. ?Well?you fucked yourself royally.?

Nate just looked at the wall unsure of exactly would be happening now.


Scene I

?Going in?? A woman asked startling Matt as he stood in the entrance of the hospital chapel.

?Um?Yea,? he said to her as they walked inside of the chapel.

The woman took a seat in the front pew while Matt still stood in the back. She looked back at him. ?You okay, hon??

Matt blushed slightly. ?Um, I don?t know how this works.?

?Why don?t you come up here and sit,? She said to him.

Uneasy, Matt walked towards her and took a seat beside her on the pew. ?So??

?What?s your name, hon?? She asked him with a warm smile.

?Matthew,? He said nervously. ?What?s yours??

?Julie,? She replied. ?Why are you nervous??

?Because I am not exactly the most religious person,? Matt said to her. ?I don?t really know how to pray.?

Julie laughed at that. ?Praying is a lot like talking,? She explained. ?The way I see it, you talk to god about your problem and ask for his help.?

?I see,? Matt said nodding his head. ?Although, I am not sure what I want to pray for is a good thing according to god. Because?Well, I?m gay.?

?Really? Oh, that?s nice,? Julie said pleasantly. ?I don?t think God hates homosexuals. Because homosexuals are still his children.?

?Really?? Matt asked her. ?Well, it?s not just that. I don?t know I just don?t have as much faith in God or religious officials as I should Probably.?

?Why is that?? She asked him.

Matt told her the story about Reverend Taylor and how he had come to destroy Matt and those he cared truly about lives in a matter of a short time.

?Gee, that is awful,? Julie said shaking her head. ?There is are sick and twisted people in the world. But don?t mistake those people for people of God. Because people of God don?t have to hurt people to get his word across and they don?t pass judgement on anybody like this man has on you and you?re friends because only God can judge me, you or anybody else on this earth.?

Matt nodded as he listened to her talk. He was really taking all this in and trying to analyze and comprehend it.

?But I don?t know if God is real, though,? He said to her. ?I mean no to diss the bible or anything but I have read it and heard stories. Like for instance, a man talking to a burning bush and claiming God spoke to him. Had that been today and somebody said that, He would be committed in one of those crazy houses.?

?Well, there are a lot of?interesting stories in the bible,? Julie said. ?But I think honestly that some of those stories in the bible are their to make a confusing topic a little more interesting. Remember, everybody?s perception is different. You can interpret something differently than I. It?s all about what the word says to you. How it speaks to you.?

Matt just thought for a little while longer not sure of what to say anymore.

?I really don?t know what brought me here,? He said sadly. ?I am really scared because nothing I can think of can help Coy. I need a miracle and I figured this was the place to come looking for a miracle.?

?Well, you wanted to know how to Pray so how about I help you learn how to pray?? She asked him with a warm smile.

She stuck her hand out and Matt looked at it. He was nervous but he wanted a miracle to happen. He grabbed her hand and sighed.

?Now just say what you want, Matt,? She said to him. ?It?s just that simple. Say what you want. What you need. Let him here the need in you?re voice. What do you want??

Matt looked at the statue of Virgin Mary sitting in front of him and all the pictures of Jesus.

?I want Coy to come back to me,? He said as he realized he was crying. ?I want, I need, I beg you to bring Coy back to me?please. Please God, bring Coy back to me.?

Julie grabbed him in a hug and allowed him to sob into his shoulder for awhile. Once Matt had stopped crying he just sat there cradled in her arms. For so long he had tried to be strong, he was tired of being strong. Tired of being tough, right now he wanted to be weak and feel emotions that he spent so long trying to close himself off from. He needed his heart back the way he loved it and how it made him feel when he thought about spending his life with somebody special.

?Julie,? A nurse said popping her head inside the chapel. ?2 more minutes, honey.?

Matt looked down at Julie?s arm and saw a hospital bracelet around her hand and he looked at her.

?You are a patient?? He asked her confused. ?I?m sorry. I didn?t mean to take up your time so much. I?m sure you had some stuff of your own to pray for.?

?I think I found it,? She said to him. ?Look, Matthew, I am dying. I have cancer and my prayer was to know that there was a such thing as True love. I used to believe I had that for 20 years she said. I loved my husband dearly and to this day I still do. But when he discovered I had cancer and the sex would be gone?he divorced me and left me for a woman half my age.?

?Wow,? Matt said rubbing her hand. ?What a dick.?

?You know, my wish was that somehow I would find true love and be able to see it with my own eyes before I died,? She said to him. ?I think I found it.?

Matt smiled at her and gave her a hug. ?And I think you restored my faith in something greater out there that I can?t see with my owns. That I can just feel.?

?Ah, I better go,? She said after a few months of hugging. ?But remember, life is short and enjoy every moment that you have with Coy. Because you never know how much longer you have and when the end is coming??

She walked out of the hospital leaving Matt sitting there lost in his thoughts about his future.

He sighed heavily. ?But what if the end is already here??



Scene J

Giselle walked up to the bedroom door of Darek?s room excited. She had just gotten the good news that he had pulled through and would be fine.

His parents were sitting in there around the bed and a boy that looked like Darek?s brother talking happily with Darek.

?Wow,? She said happily as she looked at the family.

She had heard about his family and how screwed up they were but now?They were appearing to be the perfect family. She knew Darek had to be happy to see the three most important people in his life all around him as a united front.

Darek looked towards the door and saw Giselle and motioned for her to come in but Giselle panicked and rushed away from the door.

?Giselle!? A woman?s voice called out to her. She tried to ignore it because she knew it was Darek?s mom. ?Giselle!?

She stopped before she reached the end of the hall and sighed and turned around and walked back towards him mom.

?Why were you running for sweetie?? She asked Giselle curiously. ?Darek saw you and wanted you to come in and hang with us.?

Giselle blushed. ?I..I?uh?I don?t think that is a good idea.?

?Of course it is honey,? She said guiding Giselle back to the room.

Giselle forced a fake smile as she walked into the room behind his mom. Giselle was never to good with parents. She remember the debacle of when she had met Matt?s. She accidentally said fire to their home by knocking over a candle because she had gotten scared by the dog his little brother owned..

?Hey?Dar,? She said looking at her boyfriend. ?You feelin okay??

He smiled weakly at her. ?Well, I am a little tired.?

?Well, we won?t take up much of your time,? Giselle said taking that as a way to get out of the room. ?I?m glad you are okay and I will come visit tomorrow.?

Darek knew his girlfriend was Giselle and he smiled. ?It?s okay, just stay for a few minutes,? He said to her. ?Dad, this was the girl I was telling you about.?

?You?re girlfriend, huh?? He asked looking at Giselle with a warm grin.

?Girlfriend?? Damien echoed. ?Gee, I find out everything last in this family.?

?I didn?t know it either,? Mrs. Bouzakis said. ?Caroline Bouzakis.?

?Giselle Santos,? She said extending her hand and shaking it.

?Bradley Bouzakis,? Mr. Bouzakis said introducing himself and shaking her hand.

?I?m more of a hugger,? Damien said grabbing Giselle into a hug.

?Oh..that?s nice,? She said as she struggled to breath.

?So how did you two meet?? Caroline asked curiously. ?How did this become a relationship??

?Blackmail,? Giselle said without thinking about it. She covered her mouth and blushed slightly.

?Um?She is a jokester,? Darek said with a nervous laugh. ?Honestly, she is just beautiful and I knew I wanted her to be mine. But we didn?t have the best of beginnings in our past but I?m glad she is still here in my present and hopefully, in my future.?

Giselle smiled at her boyfriend lovingly. ?Of course I will be here.?

?Well, you had it right son,? Bradley said. ?She is truly beautiful and If you are in love, then I gladly welcome her to the family.?

?I second that,? Caroline said giving Giselle a hug.

For some reason, she wasn?t nervous around his parents anymore. She knew Darek had a rocky relationship with his family but it was almost like all was forgotten and everybody had such a good energy around them.

?Well, I think I should try and get a little sleep,? Darek said to everybody. ?I am kinda feeling beat.?

?Okay, sweetie, we?ll see you tomorrow,? Caroline said kissing her son.

Bradley bumped fist with his Son. ?Take Care, Dar.?

?Who knows? I might get hurt myself just so I can get that hunky docotr,? Damien said out loud. Giselle, Darek, Caroline, and Bradley looked at him with a speechless look. ?Oh, my bad. Sorry?.Hospital Fantasy with a hunky doctor?.Never mine, I will be outside. See you bro.?

?Okay,? Darek said shaking his head laughing.

?I still can?t believe you got mugged, Dar bear,? Caroline said. ?You can?t go anywhere in the world now-a-days.?

Darek thought about the events of the Park and how he knew that he had gotten what he deserved. He also knew that his life had been spared.

?It?s whatever,? He said with a deep sigh. ?I?m okay. Just a bit of pain but I?m alright.?

?Okay, well honey, I guess we?ll be going now,? Caroline said kissing him again.

?Giselle?Can you stay for a minute?? Darek asked her.

She nodded and said her good-byes to Caroline and Bradley. ?What?s up??

?Just wanted to tell you, I loved you and that I?m sorry for everything in our past,? He said to her. ?You are the one for me.?

Giselle bent down and kissed him softly on the lips. ?You got that right.?

They kissed for a few moments as Darek tried to feel Giselle up.

?Gee, even slightly medicated and post surgery you are still a horndog,? She said with a giggle. ?Relax, there will be plenty of time for that.?

Darek groaned softly. ?Yea, and I am to sore to even consider jacking off.?

Giselle giggled and kissed her boyfriend on the lips. ?I love you.?

?I love you too, Baby,? He said looking in her eyes.

This was a new beginning for him and he was willing to take it for all it was worth.


Scene K

Anthony looked into Nick?s room lost in thought. He was thinking of a life without his brother. He was thinking about being in alone. Nick was the only one whoever truly understood him, as they were so much alike and yet so different. Without Nick, he would be the ass that people would think he was when he was far from that.

He looked to the lobby to see Matt sitting in the lobby with Giselle talking. It was true, he was friends with Matt now but it didn?t bother him that Matt was still one step ahead of him and had something he wanted.

They shared the same love interest and he had tried to close it off for the past few months and accept that the person he loved and cared about was gone because it hurt to know that not just Matt but Josh had experienced something he had dreamt about so many times and now Nate had also.

He didn?t mean to feel jealous but everyone had somebody except him. Nick had Ky. Giselle had Darek. Nate?well he wasn?t sure of what Nate had but for the longest he had Carmen. Josh had Marco.

?I want Coy,? he said to himself.

?Do you now?? John Pagan asked scaring Anthony out of his thoughts.

?How long have you been standing there?? Anthony asked folding his arms.

?Long enough to hear that my son is in love with somebody else?s boyfriend,? John said standing beside him. ?I take it he doesn?t know.? John glanced over at Matt.

?Yeah, he thinks I?m over it, though,? Anthony said to him. ?I thought I was too. But I?m sitting here thinking that what if Nick dies? Nick is my best friend and so is Coy and if I lose both of them tonight? I will have nothing?Just be alone.?

?You will never be alone, Anthony,? John said to him. ?Look, I know I reacted bad earlier and I know I didn?t handle Kyle and Nick?s relationship very well but I?I just reacted with my first instinct which was to forbid it. But if Nick wakes up, I will tell him to come back home because I want him there. I want to be in you boys lives more because it?s time like these when I realize that life is way to short and I want to experience so much more with you guys before I let you go. But I?m not going anywhere, son. You will not be alone.?

Anthony hugged his father tightly. ?It doesn?t bother you anymore that you have one gay and one bi son??

?Well, as long as one of you are bisexual then there is hope that I will have biological grandchildren and not some Asian child you adopted,? John joked.

Anthony chuckled at that as the two of them watched Nick. According to what the doctor had said, Nick had slipped into a Coma and nobody knew if he would wake up from it.

?NICK!? A voice yelled from down the hall.

Anthony looked to see Ky hobbling towards Nick?s room. He fell to the ground.

?Oh god,? Matt said rushing over as Anthony and he helped Ky up. ?Ky, what are you doing out of your room? You have fractured ribs and a broken leg. How the hell did you get out??

?Paid?doctor?help me,? Ky panted. ?I got to see him. He can?t die without me saying I love you.?

?No, you need to go back to you?re room, Ky,? Giselle said sternly as she looked around for the nurses who were apparently turrning a blind out. ?Damn, how many people did you pay off? Guys help me get him back to his room.?

?Wait,? John said looking directly in Ky?s eyes. Ky was nervous and didn?t know if John wanted to hit him.

?Look can this wait until I am healed and I can defend myself?? Ky asked as he winced in pain.

?One question,? John said to Ky. ?Is this true love??

Ky looked at Nick laying in the bed and his heart was killing him thinking his mistake with believing Reverend Taylor caused this. ?It?s that and so much more. So much more.?

John nodded his head. ?I believe you. I really believe you.?

?Excuse me, what the hell is going on out here?? Dr. Whitman asked as he saw the group in the hall. ?I just came from Coy?s room to check on him and went to Ky?s to let him know there wasn?t a change and he wasn?t in there. What are you doing enabling an injured patient to be wondering around? What kind of staff do I have employed here??

?Apparently a staff that Ky James paid off,? Giselle muttered to herself.

?I need to see Nick,? Ky said desperately. ?I have to tell him I love him. I have to tell him I?m sorry.?

?Absolutely not,? Dr. Whitman said to him. ?You need to be back in your room before you cause more damage and pain to yourself.?

?N-No!? Ky said adamantly. He was being propped up by Matt and Anthony.

John noticed the desperate look on Ky?s face. ?Let him go see my son.?

?I?m sorry but hospital policy??

?Fuck hospital policy,? Ky said as he hobbled to the door and opened it. He winced in pain as he hopped to the bed.

Ky looked down at Nick?s pale face with scratches and bruising. ?Ha, even if you are hurt you still look hot.?

He grabbed Nick?s limp hand and held it in his. He thought about all the good times he had with Nick. All the inside Jokes. All the things he hated that Nick loved and somehow he came to love it.

?Oh, god if you wake up I will so buy 50 million Britney Spears CD?s,? Ky said sadly. ?That if you seek Amy song is kinda hot?in a she-can?t-sing-but-I want-my-boyfriend-to-wake-up-and-I-will-suffer-through-it kinda way.?

No response. No Anything. Just limpness. Almost like he really was dead.

?Listen, I just wanted to say that we make such a crazy couple, Nick,? Ky continued. ?We have been through so much and I thought we were finally in the clear and thought we had such an amazing future ahead of us?But?God, I fucked us royally when I joined that group. This is my fault. I am so sorry, baby. I don?t want to lose you. I just need you to wake-up. Please just wake-up.?

Again, no response. Nothing at all.

?You are so, so, so good for me,? He said sadly. ?I?m sorry that I wasn?t good enough for you.?

He closed his eyes to block out the tears he knew were trying to seep out. He gasped as he felt a tight grip on his hand.

?Ky?? Nick?s raspy voice said.

Ky opened his eyes to see Nick groggily looking at him.

?You are good enough for me,? He said softly. ?Our story isn?t over yet.?

Ky began to sob hard as he was so relieved that Nick was awake and not dead.

?Bro?? Anthony asked walking into the room.

John, Dr. Whitman, and Giselle walked into the room. Everybody was happy and excited to see Nick was awake.

Matt hung back at the door with a bittersweet look, envious of his friends.

?Please someone listen to my prayers,? He thought to himself.


Scene L

Carmen opened her eyes and saw that she was laying on the floor beside the open door of the bedroom Josh was in. She didn?t remember falling asleep but she got up to see the room was empty.

She walked inside to see the ransacked room had been cleaned up and it looked like the clean house she was so used to seeing.

Walking over to the night-stand she saw a picture from way back when of Josh and her, at her 12th birthday party. She smiled as she remembered the day. Josh had tried to show off and impress her and she dared him to ride this water ride. Not knowing Josh couldn?t swim, she watched as he got on it and then watched as he nearly drown just to prove to Carmen he wasn?t afraid of anything.

?God, I miss that Josh,? She said to him. ?The innocent Josh.?

She placed the picture on the night-stand and saw a piece of paper with his hand-writing.


I am writing you this letter to let you know how special you were to me. You are probably the coolest girl around. Somebody that I can play football with and at the same time just chill and cuddle with. I don?t care what has happened, you are and always will be the one person that I truly fell in love with. You are my first love and I wish that I would have become hooked on you and not the other addictions I developed because you are my angel. I don?t want the drugs anymore. I don?t want to hurt anymore. I just want to be at peace. I don?t think I can be at peace anymore knowing that I not only hurt you but I hurt my best friend. Please tell Coy that I am sorry for what I?ve done and I hope you both can find it in your good hearts to forgive me.

I love you Carmen Crishnaya Gianni. Not as my girlfriend. Not as my best friend. You are my angel from heaven.

Always & Forever,

Joshua Davis Jackson

?Josh,? Carmen whispered before she rushed out of the room and out the door. She noticed her Car was gone and that the garage that was open before was now closed.

Rushing back inside the house, she rushed to the kitchen and open the garage door to see Josh in the Car with the windows rolled up.

?No,? She said as she rushed to open the door which was locked. ?JOSH!?

She banged on the window but No response.

?Oh god, no,? She said as she looked around for something to break the window with.

Grabbing a brick, she busted the window of her backseat and unlocked the door and pulled Josh out of the car.

Josh started coughing loudly as he now he clean air in his lungs.


He was cut off by a slap to the face.

?What the hell?? She asked him. ?Suicide??

?I didn?t want to hurt you or anyone else again,? He said to her.

?Yeah, because killing yourself wasn?t going to hurt me?? She asked sarcastically. ?God, Josh?What am I going to do with you??

?Just hug me?.Please, just hug me,? He said to her.

She grabbed into a hug and they sat there hugging each other.

Carmen felt things were different this time around. Maybe they weren?t meant to be a couple ever again because so much had happened. But she was going to make sure he got the help he needed.

She was going to be his guardian angel.

Scene M

I wheezed as I could feel Marco?s hand gripping around my throat. He was using so many memories against me that they hurt so bad. It was torture because I knew that with each memory I was reliving, Every painful memory I was one step from dying.

?Well?.Let?s bring you to your most painful memories to date,? Marco said as he released his grip around my throat.

I coughed loudly and struggled to see through my blurry vision. I didn?t see Marco anymore. I saw an apartment that I was all to familiar with.

It was the first night that I had met Tony. The first time he raped me. The first time I felt true pain.

I tried to run away from the scene I was looking at but I was running into an endless void. I could hear Tony grunting loudly and I could feel the same suffocation and constriction of that very night.

I fell to the ground as I began to realize that this was it. The end was coming.

The scene changed and it became the scene where Ryan and Tony had me tied up and how Ryan forced himself on me and was trying to hurt me.

I tried screaming out for help but I had no voice. Who would hear me? I was trapped inside my own mind.

The scene changed again and I knew what was coming next. Freedom Hospital.

The birth of Marco.

I winced in pain as I could feel the fear and pain that I had felt when Tony had raped me the first time at Freedom.

?I don?t wanna die,? I said to myself. ?No. I don?t want to die.?

?Well, I?m afraid that you will be dead in the next few minutes,? Marco?s voice echoed as he walked towards me. I saw thousands and thousands of Tony?s behind him, circling around me.

He was using Tony to kill me. He knew that I wasn?t able to fight off and block any of that pain out that I felt?The fear of Tony and what he did to me.

?Even if you?re dreams, I?m still here,? The Tony?s echoed and I clutched my head as I can hear their echoes and it was nearly killing me. ?Remember the way I fucked you. You screamed like a bitch. But took it like a G.?

?No?Stop,? I cried out.

Marco laughed as he watch me on the floor as I began to spasm uncontrollably.

?That right there, Coy?That?s you dying and me winning,? He said with a laugh. The echoes of all the Tony?s laughing was like multiplying the pain of the rape by 50, 000.

?I don?t want to die,? I thought to myself.


Scene N

?He?s flat lining,? Dr. Whitman yelled out as the doctor?s rush to save me.

?But I?I prayed,? Matt said as he watched the doctor?s rush to save me.

?Come on, Coy,? Ky said holding Matt?s hand tightly.

Carmen, Josh, Anthony, and Giselle stood around the two of them watching the doctors do their work.

?Oh my god,? Giselle said as Matt just fainted back into Josh?s arms. ?Is he??

?He just fainted,? Carmen said checking Matt?s pulse. ?This can?t be happening. Coy can?t die.?

?He is having a seizure,? Giselle said covering her mouth.

Matt was coming to just when they heard the monotone beep.

?No,? Matt screamed out. ?No!?

Matt tried to rush into the room but Josh and Carmen stopped him. He fell back into their arms and began to sob.

?Oh, my god,? Matt said. ?He?He?s dead.?

This is the original season finale however, i've condensed the final chapter

into this story

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This is episode 9 of 9

(Also known as Halo 3.5: Crossroads of the soul)


Season 3


Main Cast:

Coy James

Ky James

Matthew Gleisner

Anthony Pagan

Nick Pagan

Carmen Gianni

Joshua Jackson

Giselle Santos

Darek Bouzakis

Nate Soto

Also introducing:

Damien Bouzakis

Daniel Rodriguez


Scene A:

I looked around for the source of the voice.

"He?s flat lining," Dr. Whitman yelled out as the doctor?s rush to save me.

"But I?I prayed," Matt said as he watched the doctor?s rush to save me.

"Come on, Coy," Ky said holding Matt?s hand tightly.

Carmen, Josh, Anthony, and Giselle stood around the two of them watching the doctors do their work.

"Oh my god," Giselle said as Matt just fainted back into Josh?s arms. "Is he?"

"He just fainted," Carmen said checking Matt?s pulse. "This can?t be happening. Coy can?t die."

"He is having a seizure," Giselle said covering her mouth.

Matt was coming to just when they heard the monotone beep.

"No," Matt screamed out. "No!"

Matt tried to rush into the room but Josh and Carmen stopped him. He fell back into their arms and began to sob.

"Oh, my god," Matt said. "He?He?s dead."

Ky buckled under the impact of this. He fell to the ground.

"KY!" Giselle said rushing towards him but he pushed her away.

"FUCK! FUCK!" Matt screamed out. "He isn?t supposed to die. I fucking prayed! I fucking prayed and you took him from me. He isn?t suppose to die."

"No, keep trying," Dr. Whitman said trying to revive me. "Keep trying."

A nurse placed her hand on his shoulder. He stopped.

"Call?Call it," He said with a grave look on his face.

"Time of death?.12:15," The nurse said sadly.

Dr. Whitman could here Matt?s hysterical sobs and screams and pleads. It tore his heart up so much.

"He was so young," Dr. Whitman said looking at my dead body.


Scene B

"Coy?" A voice whispered out. "Coy?.Wake up."

I opened my eyes groggily to see I was laying down on some sort of bed.

"Coy?" The voice said as I sat myself up on the bed.

"Who?s there?" I asked nervously.

I couldn?t feel Marco anywhere in me. That scared me.

"Marco?" I yelled out.

A blinding white light blinded me and I could feel some kind of pull pulling me up to stand. The white light turned into a person?into an angel. An angel stood in front of me.

"Oh, you have?you have wings," I said afraid. "You?re an angel."

"Yes, Coy, I am an angel," She said with a beautiful smile on her face.

"That means?That means I?m?dead," I said covering my mouth. "Oh my god. I am dead! I?m?Oh, god."

"Well, not exactly," She said to me grabbing my hand. "Coy, you need to realize that you?re story is not over. That you have a purpose that is meant to be fulfilled. But?if you can?t find out that you are meant for so much more then you can just give up and come to me."

"I?I?I don?t know," I said to her. "I can?t beat Marco. Maybe if I die then?my friends will be safe from Marco."

She stuck her hand out. "Let me show you some things Coy. Do you trust me?"

I nodded my head softly and took her hand. "Ok?let?s go."

We walked towards the light.

"No, you aren?t about to die," She said, reading my thoughts. "I just want you to see the very people you are leaving behind. Things you don?t know about the very people who need you."

I looked up at her. She had this beauty about her that was captivating.

"What?s your name?" I asked her.

"You can call me, Julie," She said and I could feel some euphoric feeling washing over me as I was engulfed in a white light.



Scene C

4 years ago:


"Hey, catch Bouzakis!" One of Darek?s team members yelled out to him as they tossed him the basketball.

Darek caught it and tossed the ball back into the net, scoring the winning basket. His teammates grabbed him in a tight hug as they cheered loudly.

"Man, you got to play basketball next year," Harvey White said as he hi-fived Darek as they walked over to the park bench.

"Yeah, I am going to play football and basketball next year," Darek said with a smile. "I?m pretty much an All-star."

"Pretty much but remember I?m going to be All-conference," Dylan said as they stood by the picnic.

"Why am I here?" I asked Julie as we stood watching the younger version of Darek interact with his friends. "I hate Darek. I don?t need Marco to tell me that. I hated him before Marco even existed."

Julie smiled and placed her hand on my shoulder. "You hate what you don?t know," She said softly. "Those you hate, you hate without knowing who they are and what makes them the way they are."

I sighed and folded my arms as I watched Darek, deciding to trust Julie on this one and just listen. It wasn?t like I had anywhere else to go, anyway.

"Shit, I got to go get my cell from my locker," Darek said as he looked back at the school. "Don?t forget, Xbox party at my house tomorrow. NO GIRLS! GUYS NIGHT ONLY! We got Saturday to chill with girls at the skating rink."

Darek said bye and took off running back towards the school gym to get his phone. My hand in julie?s, I followed Darek as he headed towards the door.

"So fucking hungry," He muttered as he walked to his locker and got the phone out.

"Do you hear something?" I asked Julie looking around. "Like grunting and moaning?Or something."

"Wait for it," She said simply.

I let go of her hand and followed behind Darek. Almost as if we were supposed to see it at the same time. A boy with similar features to him was having sex with a man that had to be at least thirty.

Darek dropped his cell on the ground and the clatter alerted the boy and the man that somebody was watching.

"Darek!" The boy called out to him but Darek ran out, right through me and I turned to face Julie. But she wasn?t there.


I was no longer in the locker room but what looked like an office.

"Um?Okay, Julie you kinda suck as a tour guide," I said looking around for her.

Darek sat in a chair with a blank look on his face. I saw the shadow of two men outside and their hushed voices.

Darek?s blank face contorted in a frown and he picked up a globe and tossed it in my direction. I ducked and heard it hit the wall.

"Oh, right," I said regaining my composure. "This has already happened. Can?t hurt me."

"That was one of my favorite globes," A familiar voice said walking into the office.

Reverend Taylor stood right in front of me, talking with Darek. The sight of him just made my blood boil. Past or not, that was an evil man.

"I?m sorry," Darek said softly. "I?m just confused. I?m just hurt. Sad?"

"Angry?" Reverend Taylor offered taking a seat at the desk. "Darek, it?s an understandable emotion to be angry at your brother. What he was doing was disgusting."

I scoffed. True, having sex with a much older man wasn?t exactly legal and I didn?t really agree with it but the man was far from ugly.

"My dad wants me to come here," Darek said with a sigh. "It?s been two weeks since its all happened and Damien has been grounded?beat?.Everybody knows because they had been caught doing it again after I saw them and I had to tell dad. I thought it was once but it had been going on for months. People think I?m a fag?Sorry, can I say that?"

Reverend Taylor nodded. "It?s fine," He said with a warm smile. "They are corrupt people. They are trying to hurt others without thinking of the indecency of their actions. It?s disgusting and repulsive. Your father brought you here because he knows I can help you help your brother."

Darek, who had been looking down at his feet looked up at Reverend Taylor with a hopeful look. "You can? I don?t want him to be this way," He said, tearing up. "

"He is sick," Reverend Taylor said with a sad smile. "But with our help, we will help him. I would like to tell you a little about the Christian Soldiers?."

The scene changed and I realized I was back where I had started at.

"Wha?What?s?." I stammered out. I looked to see Julie standing there with a curious look on my face.

"Do you see now?" She asked simply.

My heart and head were hurting. "He preyed on people who were not sure of what to do," I said thinking of Ky. "Just like he did, Ky."

"You have spent a greater part of your life for the past few months hating Darek but with every bad thing in life?There is always a reason?.Always an explanation," She said with a soothing voice. "Everything happens for a reason. He was manipulated. Used like a tool. Just like your brother, Coy."

"Oh god," I said sadly.

"Reverend Taylor was so impressed with Darek?s mind and easily he could use him that he made Darek head of the Christian Soliders chapter in your school," Julie said. "He isn?t a bad person but he was put in an enviroment and situation with bad people."

I placed my head in my hands and took a moment to gather my thoughts. Looking up, I saw that again Julie had disappeared.

"You really got to stop doing that," I said aloud.

The scene around spun causing me to fall to my knees.

"Where to now?" I thought to myself.


Scene D

I stood watching a 13 year old Josh sitting on the floor of his bedroom. I remembered this room. Back then, Josh was heavily into rock bands and was kind of a punk rock which was surprising because Josh now was Uber preppy.

"Nicholas Stop!" Margaret Jackson yelled out.

Josh winced at what sounded like his mom was being smacked around.

"You are a fucking slut," Scott Jackson yelled out.

Margaret cried in pain a few more times and you could hear her being hit.

Josh whimpered and rocked as he held his hands over his hears, trying to block the sounds out.

"I saw you looking at the man," Scott yelled out. "I wouldn?t be surprised if you would?ve tried to give him you?re phone number."

"This is where it all began," I said sadly. "Where his hell started."

Josh and I weren?t talking during this time. Noticing his style of clothing, this had to be around the same time I had told him I liked him and he had transferred to another school. Even though we had started talking again, I never knew his life was this bad until it was too late. He was using drugs and being abused by his father.

"Nobody was here to save him," Julie said appearing out of nowhere. "Save him from witnessing this on a daily basis. His mom was always being beat on. Eventually, she got tired of being a mother and wife and had an affair with a younger man and left Josh here with his father where Josh became the victim of his abuse."

Josh jumped up and rushed out of the room, dropping something behind him as he left.

I bent down and smiled. He was holding a picture of Himself, Carmen, Ky, and I?the last pic we took as a quad before things had changed.

"He never forgot me," I said happily. "He never forgot our friendship."

"Coy, he was young and insecure and didn?t know what it meant when you told him you liked him," Julie said in her ethereal voice. "Did he have to like you back? What would people say if they knew he had a gay friend? He reacted badly but he never once forgot your friendship."

"Ahh!" I heard Josh cry out from downstairs.

I took off running at the sound of a hurt Josh and down the stairs but as I got closer and saw Josh holding the back of his head and his mother clutching him while his father stood seething with anger?It was like I wasn?t running.

"Coy?you can?t change something that?s already happened," Julie?s voice said softly.

"I?I have to save him," I said seemingly running in place. "He?s my friend. He needs me."

The scene started dissolving when Scott Jackson grabbed Josh by the hair and slung him into the wall and went after Margaret.

"No!" I screamed out as I realized I was no longer in Josh?s house anymore.

Suddenly, Everything went black??


Scene E

I opened my eyes to see that I was standing in my house.

"Am I alive?" I asked but looked down to see I was still in a hospital gown.

"Kyle, come down for a second," I heard my mother call out from the living room.

The furniture in here was different. This was at the start of Freshman year?Two years ago

Ky rushed down the stairs and headed towards the kitchen. I followed behind him.

"Yeah mom?" He asked as he took a seat at the table with Our mom, dad, and my freshman self.

"Look," Mom said sliding him a newspaper.

Ky sighed and looked at mom. "Mom, you know I hate reading anything that isn?t Playboy."

Mom shot him a disapproving look which he returned with a smile.

"Kidding, Kidding," He said with a laugh and winked at Dad.

"I will save you the trouble of reading, bro," I heard myself saying to him. "I am going to Italy with a bunch of upperclassmen from other schools throughout the new jersey area. Remember that Science fair from a few months ago?"

"Coy, the only fair I remember is the one where I hooked up?." Ky began but noticed Mom looking at him. "Carmen with those free tickets. Gee, mom what did you think I was going to say."

"Well, anyway, they recognize just how amazing your brother is and they are sending him on an all expense paid trip to Italy for two weeks during christmas vacation. He gets to bring three people. So of course your dad and I are going and?"

"Carmen," My younger self said excitedly. "It?s going to be so much fun hanging with my best friend and parents."

I never noticed it then but from the outside looking into my past, I noticed Ky?s face crack slightly from that usual cocky demeanor to something rarely saw in Ky. Disappointment.

"Yeah, because I don?t want to go to italy," He muttered to himself. "So I get the house to myself while you guys are away?"

Dad laughed. "I would have no problem leaving you here but you?re mom thinks you can?t handle two weeks without Coy so since we are going, you are going to grandma and grandpa?s."

"What?" Ky asked angrily. "They don?t have cable. Just five channels and those bunny ear things. Can?t I stay with a friend?"

"Ha, what friend is that Ky? You drive their parents crazy with your crazy antics," I said to him. "Remember Parker?s mom kicked you out for convincing him to start a bonfire that eventually turned into a forest fire. Smokey the bear would not be happy."

"Coy, always gets special treatment because he is smart and never has to do anything like stay with smelly grandparents," Ky said folding his arms. "Yet because I am not as smart as Coy, I don?t get praised for the things I do. Football and Basketball and Lacrosse later in the year?Hello, I am a triple threat."

"Yes, you are an amazing athlete but this is really important though," Mom said. "When Coy applies for college and gets scholarships it would be because of his academics not because he knew how to handle a ball."

KY sighed and walked out of the kitchen as Mom, Dad, and I begin discussing plans for Italy.

I never noticed it before but our parents had always used me as an example for Ky to live up to. It was funny because I always looked to Ky for strength because I felt he was stronger than me. He always protected me.

I walked behind Ky as he stood in my room looking around. He noticed my science project and grabbed a lighter and begin to set fire to it.

"Oh shit!" Ky said after he realized what he had done. He tried looking around for something to put it out with but when it started blazing and smoke had signaled the alarm, he ran out of the room.

"This whole time I thought it was a malfunction," I said angrily. "It was Ky. He destroyed my project and a lot of my posters. My favorite comforter on my bed. That ass."

"Coy, I didn?t show you this to make you mad," Julie said, scaring me as she walked behind me.

Mom, Dad, and my younger self ran into the room with Ky following behind them pretending to be shocked.

"I brought you here to make you think," She said to me. "What happened after your project was ruined?"

I thought for a minute. I had forgotten all about this incident. I tuned and looked at her.

"I won the competition," I said to her. "But not really?Because it was Ky. Ky enrolled into the competition as me and remade the project and I won."

Julie nodded at me. "Have you ever wondered why things always seemed to get broke of yours or somehow sabotaged yet they always worked out in the end?"

"Because of Ky?" I asked confused.

"Ky might be older than you by more than ten minutes but Coy he idolizes you so much and it bothers him because he never felt competition from anybody else except the one person he shares so much with," Julie explained. "It bothered him that he did so much and got so little Credit and recognition from your parents and we sabatoge your projects and somehow in the end before you realize it?Fix what he destroyed."

"But?Reverend Taylor?."

"Reverend Taylor took Ky?s kindness and need to help you for weakness," Julie said to him. "That wasn?t Ky?s fault. He was manipulated. Your brother loves you and idolizes you so much. Even with Marco in control, you have harbored a resentment towards Ky in your heart."

"It was his fault that happened to me," I said angrily. I didn?t even realize that I had been angry at Ky still after all this time.

"Coy let it out," Julie said rubbing my back. "You know Ky would never intentionally do anything to harm you. He thought he was doing the right thing. Are you telling me that you never had done anything that hurt Ky?"

I sighed. "Well, I remember on all my projects I did back then when I was in that science nerd phase I used to persuade Ky to be the guinea pig. I built a contraption that supposedly could make somebody fly. Like fake wings. Of course I was to chicken to try it out because I knew that it still wasn?t perfect and probably wouldn?t work. But?I allowed Ky to do it and he jumped off the roof and broke his arm and missed an entire season of basketball because he hurt his arm and leg."

"See," Julie said. "There has been times that you have Ky and he has hurt you. What else Coy."

"Well, I was jealous that nobody wanted to date me but date Ky when were in 8th grade so I kind of spread vicious rumors about my brother and cost him a girl he liked at that time," I said as I begin reminiscing. "I had everyone thinking Ky had gonorrhea because I was jealous and I wanted to experience my first relationship and I felt Ky had too many and wasn?t a good boyfriend. I kind of destroyed his rep."

"Yet weren?t you two always close no matter what?" She asked me.

"When we were younger Ky and I fought all the time and it was like a silent competition but no matter what I remembered he was my best friend?my twin?There was so many times people used to pick on me for being smart and Ky would fight them all because I wouldn?t fight them," I said as I realized I was crying. "This whole time I have hated my brother. I never stopped and truly remembered he was my brother. That he always protected me and forgave me and I never protected him and forgave him. I should?ve tried harder with the Reverend Taylor situation. It wasn?t Ky?s fault. It was mine because I was so weak and I rather hold onto anger than look for a way to change it."

"It was nobody?s fault," Julie said to me as she wrapped her arm around me. "Coy, I didn?t bring you here to remind you of the bad that Ky did and how he always did something good to make up for it. But he is caring the weight around and guilt for trusting somebody like Reverend Taylor. He is your twin?he can sense inside you that you resent and hate him. Let it go. Don?t hurt your brother because he hurt you by hating him. Let it go."

I sighed to myself and looked up at her then back at Ky who was standing as my younger self and our parents stood over my ruined project.

"It?s funny that Ky even added some kick to it and made the project better than what I had originally made it into," I said with a laugh. "He might not be the smartest boy but he has a sense of smartness that I don?t. Creativity and vivid imagination is an intellect that I don?t possess. Ha, god I was such a nerd."

I noticed Ky?s sad face and I smiled and walked over to my brother. I couldn?t touch him and he couldn?t see me. But I leaned into his ear.

"I forgive you?.." I said softly. "Can you forgive me?"


Scene F

I stood back in the room where I had met Julie earlier and I buckled slightly.

"I don?t feel good, Julie," I said as I squatted trying not to focus on the dizzy feeeling.

"We don?t have much time, Coy," She said as I stood to regain my balance but I almost lost it again. "Coy, the time is here that you have to make a decision. You can either fight Marco or you can go into the light."

I looked at her weakly. "I don?t think I can fight Marco, Rita. He is too strong."

Going down memory lane, I realized I forgot all about Marco. If I was here, Marco couldn?t be too far away.

"That weakness that you are feeling is you are dying now," She said to me. "You are dying?slowly. The doctor?s are struggling to keep you alive for long than a few moments."

"Julie, I don?t think I can do it," I said to her. "I just feel powerless. Feel weak when it comes to him."

"Then let me show you the very thing that made you feel strong," She said to me and I felt that familiar pull and rush as I realized she was sending me somewhere else.

I was outside Nick and Anthony?s house. I could hear loud music and laughter coming from inside where the pool was.

"Is this?" I began but stopped when I noticed Matt and myself walking out of the party.


"I guess I should thank you," I said to him with a sigh. "So thank?" I was interrupted by a kiss.

After a few seconds, he pulled away and flashed me a sheepish grin. "Now I consider that a proper thank you," he said to me.

"But?You?re not?are you?" I asked still reeling from the kiss. He knew how to kiss even though it was only for a few seconds.

"Yeah," He said to me. "I am. You sprung it on me so fast that I didn?t know exactly what to say. That?s why I was speechless. I?m just?I got a lot of issues with it to work out but I want to try and work out with you."

I smiled as I watched my first Kiss with Matt. The one time where I could feel like I was wanted and not going to be hurt. I felt safe and strong with him.

The scene dissolved and changed as I realized I was in my school. I saw myself talking to Daniel and a broadcast came up on the television screen.

"Please tell me Ky isn?t behind this," I said as I saw Matt come onto the screen.

"You won?t talk to me so I figured this is the only way I can get you to understand me," He said into the Camera. "Coy?I know I screwed up royally and that you deserve somebody who would never let you down. I don?t want let you down anymore. I want to love you. Spend the rest of my life with you?I love you and I don?t care who knows. Because I am tired of hiding. I love you Coy James and I am asking you for a second chance?"

The broadcast was cut off in mid sentence. I looked over at Daniel with a confused look.

"I think you should go find him," He said to me as the bell rung signaling the end of the day was here.

"Text or call me tonight," I said to him as I rushed out of the center.

I walked out to see eyes on me just like before. But people weren?t looking at me with Hatred. It was almost like they were truly accepting me.

"Go get him, Coy," A girl yelled out and people cheered signaling their support. I smiled brightly until I saw Anthony standing at my locker.

It was the look in his eyes that told me. Told him there was no chance to start something with him because I hadn?t finished my story with Matt.

"I?m sorry," I mouthed to him. He smiled back at me and pointed at me. I turned to see Matt standing there behind me.

"Hey," He said nervously. "I hope I didn?t embarrass you?"

I grabbed him and kissed him. Something I had been dying to do for so long now. I didn?t care anymore. It was a new beginning. Tony was finally gone and I realized now that Matt was finally the boyfriend I needed him to be.

I heard cheers going off around us as we kissed. Even teachers were cheering. I noticed Ky looked happy but there was a look of fear on his face as he stood with Darek and the rest of those people. I was going to have to figure out how to help him.

"I got something to say to your face," Matt said to me as we walked towards his car.

"Which is?"

"I love you," He said to me and I realized this was the first time he said it and actually meant it.

"I love you too," I said with a smile.

It was then I realized I didn?t want to give up. I didn?t want to let Marco win?I could take Marco on. Because I had so much to live for. An amazing brother and an amazing friends who needed me. I had love and I realized that ever since Matt came into my life?I was stronger than I ever had been.

"I?m ready," I said aloud as I closed myself.

I could feel myself being pulled and I realized it was now or never



Scene G


I winced in pain as I could feel the fear and pain that I had felt when Tony had raped me the first time at Freedom.

"I don?t wanna die," I said to myself. "No. I don?t want to die."

"Well, I?m afraid that you will be dead in the next few minutes," Marco?s voice echoed as he walked towards me. I saw thousands and thousands of Tony?s behind him, circling around me.

He was using Tony to kill me. He knew that I wasn?t able to fight off and block any of that pain out that I felt?The fear of Tony and what he did to me.

"Even if you?re dreams, I?m still here," The Tony?s echoed and I clutched my head as I can hear their echoes and it was nearly killing me. "Remember the way I fucked you. You screamed like a bitch. But took it like a G."

"No?Stop," I cried out.

Marco laughed as he watch me on the floor as I began to spasm uncontrollably.

"That right there, Coy?That?s you dying and me winning," He said with a laugh. The echoes of all the Tony?s laughing was like multiplying the pain of the rape by 50, 000.

"I don?t want to die," I thought to myself. "I?m not going to die."

Marco made a move to Kick me but I grabbed his foot.

"Wha?" He began but I cut him off as I slung him in the opposite direction and stood up.


I looked at all the Tony?s and laughed. I was no longer afraid. Tony couldn?t hurt me anymore unless allowed him. One by one they all began disappearing. Then one became hundreds?hundreds became thousands and finally?all the Tonys were gone.

"How the hell did you do that?" Marco asked me as he stood up with a shocked look on his face. "Tony is your nightmare."

"My only nightmare is giving up when I have so much fight in me," I said to him.

"Fight? I?m stronger than you," He said with a laugh. "I fucking controlled you for six months."

I laughed at him. "That?s because I let you," I said simply. "But, you?re reign of terror and discord is over."

I spun around and Kicked Marco hard in the chest and saw him fly back.

"Thanks Julie," I whispered.


Scene H

"He?s flat lining," Dr. Whitman yelled out as the doctor?s rush to save me.

"But I?I prayed," Matt said as he watched the doctor?s rush to save me.

"Come on, Coy," Ky said holding Matt?s hand tightly.

Carmen, Josh, Anthony, and Giselle stood around the two of them watching the doctors do their work.

"Oh my god," Giselle said as Matt just fainted back into Josh?s arms. "Is he?"

"He just fainted," Carmen said checking Matt?s pulse. "This can?t be happening. Coy can?t die."

"He is having a seizure," Giselle said covering her mouth.

Matt was coming to just when they heard the monotone beep.

"No," Matt screamed out. "No!"

Matt tried to rush into the room but Josh and Carmen stopped him. He fell back into their arms and began to sob.

"Oh, my god," Matt said. "He?He?s dead."

"Wait?" Ky said as he heard something. "No, he?s not."

Matt turned and looked in the operating room. He heard the steady beeps coming from the Machine.

"He?s alive," Matt said happily. He grabbed everybody into a hug. "He?s alive."

"Okay, injured boy here," Ky said pushing Matt away with a happy laugh.

Dr. Whitman walked out of the room and faced the group of them with a tired but pleased look.

"Coy is a fighter," He said happily. "He really is a fighter."

"Can we see him?" Matt asked excitedly.

"I don?t want to overwhelm him," Dr. Whitman said to Matt. "I can allow one of you to see him once we move him back to a private room."

"Matt," Giselle, Carmen, Josh, and Ky said in unison.

He smiled at them appreciatively.

"Thank you, God," He said to himself. "You brought my angel back to me."


Scene I

I opened my eyes to see Matt sitting beside my bed, head resting on the Mattress. He looked so tired as if he was afraid to sleep and missing something happening.

I rubbed his hair softly and I thought about all the good things Matt and I had experienced together. All the good things we could experience together in the future.

Matt stirred and looked at me with a nervous look on his face.

"Hey, sleepyhead," I said with a smile.

"Kiss me," He said to me.

"Morning Breath," I said.

He laughed at me. "Yeah, I know it?s you. Only Coy would say that."

I laughed at that. "Because Coy hates the smell and taste of Morning breath," I said to him. "No matter how hot Matt is to kiss."

He grabebd my hand. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel amazing," I said with a smile. "I feel perfectly fine as long as you are here with me."

"I feel perfectly fine as long as you are here with me too," He echoed back to me. "I love you Coy."

"I love you Matty G," I said happily. "So much. It was you who brought me back. Because without you, I truly am weak."

"No you are not," He said to me. "You are the strongest person I know. And even the strong fall. But what makes them strong is the fact they always get back up even when they wanna stay down. They always get back up. You got back up."

I smiled at him and rolled eyes. "Come here."

I kissed him softly on the lips and then smiled.

"Wasn?t that bad," I said laughing and he laughed back at me. "Still prefer the minty fresh gum you always chew."

I looked him in the eyes and he looked back at me. We needed no words to say. He didn?t need to ask me out again. He didn?t need to say sorry for Emily. I didn?t need to say anything.

We knew?.

We knew that we were meant to be together. No matter how hard life together was?.We were meant to be together.

A nurse walked into the room and smiled at us. "Sorry. Don?t mean to interrupt you guys. I just wanted to give this to you, Mr. Gleisner."

She handed Matt a folded envelope and exited quietly out of the room.

"Looks like a love letter," I joked back at him.

Matt rolled his eyes and opened the envelope. He read the letter aloud.

Dear Matthew,

Thank you for showing me what I wanted to see before I died. You helped me and I hope I am able to return the favor to you someday and help you.

You are an amazing person with an amazing spirit.


"Julie?" I echoed as I snatched the envelope from him.

A picture was inside of the envelope and I gasped aloud.

"She?She was?.I saw her before," I said in shock. "She helped me realize what all this was for. What I needed to do."

I looked at Matt and we both looked at the picture.

"Thank you," We said in unison.

We sat in silence as we both thought about the blessing brought our way from Julie. She had helped Matt in the last moments of her life and even in Death, she reached out and helped me.

Matt looked at me and smiled.

"I can see your Halo, Baby," He said softly.

"I can feel your Halo," I said, echoing my favorite song lyrics. "Burning through my darkest night, You?re the only one I want?

"Everywhere I?m looking now I am surrounded by you?re embrace?"

"Baby, I can see your halo," We said in unison.

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