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Ex-SNL Bimbo Criticizes "Glee" Gay Kiss

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Victoria Jackson On 'Glee': Former 'SNL' Star's Homophobic Comments

Huffington Post 3/21/11

Victoria Jackson may have earned her fame as a comedian, but her recent comments on "Glee" are no laughing matter.

The former "Saturday Night Live" star, now an outspoken political conservative, hit out at the high school choir dramedy in a homophobic rant in her new column for the conservative WorldNetDaily.com. Jackson wrote:

"Did you see "Glee" this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians ? again! I wonder what their agenda is? Hey, producers of "Glee" ? what's your agenda? One-way tolerance?"

In the most recent episode of the show, there was a long awaited kiss between two gay characters, Kurt (played by Golden Globe winner Chris Colfer) and Blaine, and Kathy Griffin played a religious, tea party political candidate, modeled after Sarah Palin.

Jackson's comments came after a string of anti-Muslim and Arab diatribe, and immediately following her saying:

This new al-Qaida magazine for women has beauty tips and suicide-bomber tips! Gimme a break! That is as ridiculous as two men kissing on the mouth! And I don't care what is politically correct. Everyone knows that two men on a wedding cake is a comedy skit, not an "alternate lifestyle"! There I said it! Ridiculous!

Jackson has become known for her outspoken, and often controversial, conservative political statements. In 2009, on a Fox News panel, she said, "My motivation is gone, because [Obama] will punish me if I'm successful. That's how you start communism, is just take -- Cuba. Obama wants to be Castro."

That appearance followed a 2008 onslaught from Jackson, who went after both a campaigning Obama and former "SNL" cast mate Al Franken, who was running for Senate in Minnesota at the time. Writing about Obama, Jackson said that Obama, "bears traits that resemble the anti- Christ." She also accused him of close friendships with "Communists, domestic and Muslim terrorists, racists and convicted felons."


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Here's what's got this nutty Christian c@@@ all upset:


You know, I objected to the kiss only because the storyline was unbelievable and contrived. I want to know why every other teenager in the show (included a guy in a wheelchair) has gotten laid... but not the gay kid. One very chase kiss (actually two chaste kisses) prompts this reaction from this batty, overly-Christian, judgmental, has-been bitch.

BTW, Ms. Jackson looked like crap on CNN a few minutes ago, and also had a lot of trouble putting two sentences together. I always figured her "blonde bimbo" act on the old Saturday Night Live show in the early 1990s was an act; apparently, it's not.

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Victoria Jackson may have earned her fame as a comedian, but her recent comments on "Glee" are no laughing matter.

Must be hell to be a washed up star desperate for publicity.

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Whenver there is talk of a liberal agenda or gay agenda I tend to turn it off now, because they are usually off there rockers.

and if she was serious then she should know gluttony is also a sin.

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