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Gay Fiction: Read Mine

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Check out my personal site dedicated to my stories


A lot of people have been enjoying my story Halo and I am really pleased.

I am sorry it took so long to update the story on here. It's been 6 months

and I just realized that you guys were only on Halo Book 3 and I am just

about to finish up halo book 5, the final book.....

If you want to read Halo book 4 it is on Awesome dude already and if you

want to read halo Book 5 visit my yahoo group.

It's free to join...you don't need a yahoo em ail address.

You get to have a lot of fun reading different fiction.

I write Romance, Action, Sci-fi, Horror, Vampire Fiction and I plan to experiment with other


Currently I have

1)Halo Series--

Which you guys already are reading


A Horror/Sci-fi Romance Story.

It is a fun story and I guarantee you will like it.

Deals with End of the world kind of topics and I am so excited to write it.

3)Save the Hero

Four Brothers are involved in the mob. Full of Action & Romance & Heartbreak

Coming Soon(Later this summer)


A Medieval story

5)Pretty Boys Tell Ugly Lies

5 best friends and their sinful lives. Full of Comedy and Drama.

Think Desperate Housewives with Gay Males


A Vampire Story.

7)Eyes Without a Face

A Story set in an alternate modern day earth where Homosexuality is outlawed

8)Boys(Who Run The World)

A Story about a group of friends in College

So come on join and check me out and let me know what you guys think :)


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