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Obama DOJ Files Brief Against DOMA

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When discussing gay rights, I've often heard something like "What difference does it make if we have a Republican or a Democrat in the White House?" I think today we get a clear difference of what it means in 2011:

DOJ Files Brief Opposing DOMA

Fifteen years ago, the Defense of Marriage Act was passed with unanimous Republican and very strong Democratic support (it wasn't unanimous among Democrats, but many did vote for it). A Democratic President signed it into law (at least in part because it was passed by a veto-proof majority). Now, in 2011, the President that signed it has called for it to be removed from the books, and the President in office has ordered his Department of Justice to stop defending said law. Today, July 1st, 2011, they have taken the next step and actually filed legal briefs arguing that the law is unconstitutional. On the other side of the issue is the attorney hired by the Republican leadership of the House of Representatives.

To be sure, I've been less than pleased with the current administration on many issues, and at times downright critical of the slow, methodical pace they've taken on so many issues. Yet, I have to wonder if it my impatience talking and a failure to see the 'big picture'. In the last year we have seen this administration move to end DADT, and now they are moving to end DOMA. Neither issue has progressed the way I would like, or as fast I want, but progress has been made the likes of which we have not seen in elected leaders since the Republican Revolution of 1994.

Maybe he really did learn from the mistakes Clinton made in 1993.

Like DADT, DOMA is not yet history, but real progress is made towards the day we will see these hateful laws removed from the books. Word is that DADT will be certified for repeal within the next 60 days, as was promised back in December. Maybe I, and all of us, should learn a little patience because while it might be slow, a Democratic President is guiding us down a better path than we've seen in many, many years.

That is a very real, very measurable difference.

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Dk, many people want change, and in their world, things can happen quickly. But in the world of the US government, things happen slowly. I believe that our founding fathers planned it that way, so that we don't over-react and pass laws that will need to be looked at again, mistakes like prohibition and DADT.

I do believe that President Obama is on our side but that things are going slower than we would like, but as you pointed out, those things are moving forward.


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I think I need to make a thread titled "What have they done for us?" to focus on what political leaders (of any party) have done to support our community in the last few years (I make sure to include all parties because New York's marriage victory happened thanks to overwhelming support from Democrats, and brave, daring support from a handful of Republicans).

What's come to my attention runs best along with the DOMA court filing though, because yet again it involves the President's administration. This time TWO federal departments are involved in the good news.

Federal Investigators Take Action Against Anti-Gay Bullying

This investigation comes from the Department of Education and the Department of Justice. Prosecution if the agreement is not followed will come with the DOJ. Now look back over the eight years of the previous investigation and you will be hard pressed to find anything this supportive of our community. This is real change.

For those not familiar with Tehachapi (and I must state here that I have had clients from this region and am actually very familiar with it. Also, my statements here are mine and mine alone and not related in any way to current or previous clients that may include campaigns associated with bond issues for the district noted in the article), this is probably one of the most conservative areas of California. They voted for Prop 8 in numbers only equalled by Tulare county (both voted 75% YES on Prop 8). If you want an area as anti-gay as this in California, you will have to go to Salida, which once boasted of having the highest number of KKK members per capita of anywhere west of the Mississippi. This action can, and will make a difference.

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