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The Ambiguously Gay Duo (NBC SNL)

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American viewers are long acquainted with the cartoon shorts and comedy bits of veteran writer Bob Smigel on Saturday Night Live. About 10-12 years ago, he created a cartoon short called "The Ambiguously Gay Duo," inspired by (I think) the last couple of Batman movies in the 1990s.

After a long absence, the short returns, with a much bigger budget (and a surprising finale):


[My apologies to those overseas who may be locked out by the nimrods at Comcast-NBC.]

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Those NBC-Comcast-Universal bastards!

They really should release an entire DVD of all the "Ambiguously Gay Duo" cartoons. Damn, those are funny. It's basically one bit -- how many suspiciously gay (but apparently accidental) things can these two muscular superheroes do without realizing it? And everybody around them, especially the super villains, notice it and start dropping hints, but the heroes are so oblivious, they have less than a clue.

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You would've had to have seen the previous episodes to really appreciate it. I was glad to see that Smigel hadn't totally forgotten about the characters.

No question, it's just a one-joke bit. But it's got moments. Hell, it's already funnier than 90% of the current SNL.

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