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Haven Series

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They will pay for the sins of their fathers....With Their lives

6 years ago, a group of adults hid a secret from the residence of Haven, Rhode Island. But some secret don't stay private too long.

On 11/11/11 at precisely 11:11 a.m., something sinister will awaken....People will began to disappear and the Children...The Children

are beginning to develop deadly powers and abilities....

Something evil wants to kill them...that is...if they don't kill themselves first.

Human Nature has proven time and time again...Humans don't like things that can't understand.

Welcome to Haven....

This is a reworked version of my story Berserk. I can not wait to continue this and please let me know what you guys think(Good Or Bad)

Table of Contents

Prologue---Page One

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Character Guide


?They Will Pay for the Sins of their fathers...?

1. Luca Kocina

Age: 16

Location: New Haven

Luca is the lead character of Haven. Luca is from the richer parts of Haven. He comes from a stable family where

his mother is a District Attorney and his stepfather is a plastic surgeon. He is gay and after he was forcibly forced

out of the closet, he struggles with the idea of telling his parents about his sexuality. He is currently in a secretive

relationship with popular Jock, Kyle.

Luca has a twin brother that he has not seen or spoken to in 6 years, who lives in Old Haven with their biological


2)Damien Kocina

Age: 16

Location: Old Haven

Damien is the second lead and twin brother of Luca. Unlike Luca, Damien lives in Old Haven with their biological father.

Damien has issues with behavior and is often times in trouble for breaking various rules and laws. He is an extra-ordinary

athlete in basketball and wrestling.

Damien holds a strong resentment for his twin brother, Luca, and his younger half-brother, Max due to an affair and like

concerning Max.

3. Max Kocina

Age: 13

Location: New Haven

Max is the younger half-brother of Luca and Damien. Max is a typical 13 year old who hates school and tries to hang around older

kids in hopes that they accept him and he can fit in.

4.Kyle Draves

Age: 16

Location: New Haven

Kyle is a popular jock from Blair Academy, the school that Luca goes to and is the secret boyfriend of Luca. Having been together for

six months, they find it hard to maintain a relationship when Luca wants Kyle to come out with him and Kyle has a hard time accepting

the fact that Luca does not want to be physically intimate.

He, overall, is a good guy but has a temper and can be a tad possessive.

5. Ben Ficara

Age: 16

Location: Old Haven

Having moved to Haven just 3 months ago, Ben is a smart kid who is on a scholarship to the prestigious Blair Academy. At first he was teased

for being on a scholarship but has proven himself to be an amazing athlete and unknowingly gained the hatred of Kyle.

He also good friends with Luca.

6. Tyler Bradley

Age: 16

Location: New Haven

Tyler is the best friend of Kyle. He too is a rich guy from New Haven and a great athlete but Unlike Kyle, Tyler deems those who are not equivalent

to him in status and often times bullies them. He is shown not to have a care in the world for others except for his friends and family.

7. Sal Ficara

Age: 14

Location: Old Haven

Sal is the overexcited best friend of Max and little brother of Ben. Sal is not a strong athlete like his brother and finds it hard to fit in with the popular

kids. Though he does hang with Kyle and Tyler and their friends but is often times the punch line and sometimes the punching bag of the two boys.

8. Dean James

Age: 16

Location: New Haven

Dean is the son of the Mayor and dimwitted best friend of Kyle and Tyler. He is known to bask in the success of his two best friends. Dean loves to

drink and do drugs and party. He is also considered Sal's best friend(aside from Riley).

9. Analisa Kramer

Age: 15

Location: New Haven

Analisa is the best friend of Luca and she is often viewed as a mother figure that is there to build her friends up. Analisa's parents work long hours in their

careers causing her to become neglected.

10: Troy Cervini

Age: 16

Location: New Haven

Troy is Luca's best friend. Although he struggles with Luca's sexuality, he is shown to be very compassionate with his best friend. They are very close.

11.Ryan Gentzler

Age: 16

Location: Old Haven

Ryan is Damien's best friend and often times an accomplice to whatever activities Damien partakes in. He harbors homophobia based on the way he was rasied

by his father.

12. Joey Vitkovsky

Age: 16

Location: Old Haven

Joey is a punk rock kid living in New Haven who is off and on again friends with Damien and Ryan.

13. Kit Hawking

Age: 13

Location: New Haven

Kit is a young boy who grew up in New Haven but has trouble fitting in with kids so he often times visits and only associates with people from

Old Haven.

15. Shannon Thomas

Location: New Haven

Age: 15

Shannon is the school gossip and ex-girlfriend of Kyle. It is because of Shannon that Luca was forced to come out . Shannon and Luca at one time used to be best

friends. Shannon is known to be a manipulator and liar.

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?They Will Pay for the Sins of their fathers...With Their Lives?


Luca Kocina

Damien Kocina

Max Kocina

Kyle Draves

Ben Ficara

Tyler Bradley

Sal Ficara

Dean James

Analisa Kramer

Ryan Gentzler

Joey Vitkovsky

Kit Hawking

Shannon Thomas


Max Kocina laughed at a joke as he sat with a group of high school boys. Max was 13 and he felt honored that they would even want to hang out with him. He had to thank his best friend Sal, who was a year older, for helping him out.

?You want a beer, little dude?? Tyler asked him, as he reached into a cooler and handed it to Max, who nervously took it.

Max looked down at the Budweiser in his hand. He had never drunk beer before and he was a bit nervous to do it now. He looked up to see Tyler and Dean Staring at him with a curious look on his face. He turned and met the eyes of Sal.

?Drink it,? Sal mouthed to Max.

Max didn't want to look like a loser in front of the older boys so he popped the tab and took a sip from the can of beer. It took everything in him not to grimace. It was a horrible taste but he couldn't let the boys see him grimace.

?First beer, huh?? Tyler asked before bursting into a fit of laughter with Dean. ?I hope you aren't a homo like your brother, Luca. You're not are you??

Max forced a smile even though it made him uncomfortable to hear such homophobic remarks, especially directed towards his own brother.

?No, I'm not gay,? Max said softly and that seemed to satisfy Tyler enough.

Tyler Bradley was 16 years old and one of most popular kids at Blair Academy, the private high school. He was a wrestler, very popular with the girls and the guy everybody wanted to be around. Max idolized him as he too hoped to wrestle once he got to High School next year.

?We got that match against Haven High tomorrow,? Dean Muttered before taking another swig on his beer. ?You ready to kick some ass??

While Tyler was popular for his athletics and overall leadership, Dean was a follower. The only reason he was considered popular was because his dad was the Mayor of Haven. Dean sucked at sports but often times basked in the success of his friends.

?Of course, I am going to wipe the floor with their asses tomorrow,? Tyler snorted. ?Sal, Kyle and I will be taking names tomorrow. Just watch. Those slums won't even know what hit him.?

Max could see the look of disgust on Tyler's face...the same disgust that a lot of people from the good part of Haven had when it came to discussing people from Old Haven.

Haven High School was the only other high school in Haven, Massachusetts . It was a public high school that was in the bad part of Haven. A school his half-brother Shane attended. It was common knowledge there was a racial division between the residence of Old Haven, the poor side, and the residence of New Haven, the rich side.

?Hey can you show me some wrestling moves?? Max asked him, hoping to change the subject.. ?I want to see what you got, bro.?

Tyler looked at Dean and Sal laughing before he turned to face Max and stood up. ?Well, I kind of feel bad for kicking a little kid's ass but not too bad. Stand up, kid.?

Max stood up and crouched waiting for Tyler to pounce. He was excited. He was wrestling with a local star. His idol.

Tyler pounced, anticipating taking Riley down with a pin, but somehow Riley was quicker and managed to get on top of Tyler pinning him.

?Is a kid kicking your ass?? Dean Joked, which angered Tyler.

?Shut...Up!? Tyler said, getting angry.

He expected Max to be quick but not that strong for a kid three years younger than him. He was not going to get embarrassed a second time. Tyler pounced again and again, Max was able to trip him and pin him again.

?Wow, this was a lot easier than I..? Max began but was cut off as Tyler caught him off guard and shoved him off and shoved him hard into the ground, causing him to hit his head on the rock of the mountain.

Tyler stood up, proud of his sneak attack on Max. After all, he was known for playing dirty when the going got tough. He Hi-fived Dean and the two laughed not realizing something was wrong with Max.

But Sal saw it first. ?Is that...Is that blood??

Tyler looked down in confusion as he saw that Max was not moving and there was blood all around his head.

Sal Pushed Tyler out the way and checked for a pulse. ?Oh....he has a pulse but there is a lot of blood,? He said worriedly. ?Way too much blood. Tyler, give me your cellphone.?

Tyler reached into his pocket to grab his cell but he hesitated. Sal looked up at Tyler with a confused look on his face.

?What are you waiting for?? He demanded impatiently. ?We need to call 911 and get someone out here to help him.?

Tyler looked at Dean, who nodded in a silent agreement. He looked down at Max's body and the pool of blood.

?We...can't call the police,? Tyler said quietly.

?What?? Sal asked, not understanding.

?If they find out that he was with us and that we gave him beer that we are not even old enough to have...I could get charged with like involuntary manslaughter or something,? Tyler explained. ?My dad could get in trouble for buying the alcohol for us.?

Sal stood up, looking Tyler directly in the eye. ?He needs medical help. Give..Me...THE PHONE...NOW!?

Sal was 2 years younger and slightly shorter but if he had to...he would fight Tyler for that phone to call an ambulance.

Tyler sighed and reached into his pocket and handed Sal the phone. Sal looked at him and shook his head in disgust.

?But before you call, please know that when the police ask questions and trust me...they will ask questions...I am going to say it was you that hit him in a violent act of rage,? Tyler said in a eerie voice.

?Are you...blackmailing me?? Sal asked him, not sure if he heard him correctly. ?Are you really blackmailing me? Because this is not my fault. He is my best friend.?

Tyler shrugged. ?Perhaps,? He began and looked over at Dean. ?But Dean is one of my best friends and as my best friend, Dean would back me up...and lie for me so nothing would ever happened to me. Right, Deano??

Dean nodded, still in a drunken stupor. Sal wasn't even sure that he was understanding the severity of the situation.

?I suggest you give me the phone,? Tyler said holding his hand out calmly. ?Because who would they believe? A kid from Old Haven on a scholarship at our school or a top athlete and the son of a mayor??

Sal bent down and saw Max's breathing was labored and he was in critical condition. ?He is still breathing. We really can't leave him here, like this. It even looks like...like the wound is not as bad anymore. We can not leave him here if he is still alive, Tyler.?

Tyler looked down at Max and he nodded. ?No, we can't leave him here if he is still alive. That is not right at all.?

Tyler bent down and lifted Max's half-conscious body and slung him over his shoulder.

?What are you doing?? Sal asked him. ?It's not safe to move him like that.?

Tyler had a dark look on his face. ?You'll see.?

Tyler walked past Dean and Sal towards the edge of the cliff they had all been hanging out on and looked down at the ground below him.

?Dude..what are you doing?? Dean asked, as he himself started getting worried.

Sal felt a sick feeling his stomach as he knew what was going through Tyler's head. He was going to throw Max over the cliff.

?Tyler! Don't!? Sal yelled out. ?I'll take the blame for it all just don't do it.?

Max was barely conscious but he realized he was in grave danger as Tyler stood close to the edge. He couldn't see the drop but he knew the drop was far and would kill him on impact.

?Please...Don't,? Max whispered hoarsely.

Within an instant, Sal tried to run and stop Tyler but Dean grabbed him right as Tyler flung Max's body over the cliff.

?NO!? Sal yelled out in horror.

Dean was in shock. He had just witnessed his best friend murdering a young boy. That sobered him up quickly.

Tyler turned and looked at Dean and Max with a blank look on his face and he simply added, ?He Fell.?

Tyler walked past them both and back towards where the car was parked , grabbing up the beer as he past the tree branches.

?We're skipping the Eclipse,? Tyler yelled back towards the two of them.

?Dude, you can not speak of this,? Dean said, wheeling Sal around. ?I know the kid was your best friend. But you can not say anything. Tyler will kill you if you do. Just like he did Max.?

Sal swallowed hard as he looked Dean in the eye. Kyle and Tyler often gave Sal a hard time for being on a scholarship at their school but Tyler was the worse. He used Sal as fuel for whatever Joke he told or prank he pulled. Dean, however, was more respectful and chose not to bully Sal as much.

?Let's go,? Dean said as he turned to leave.

Sal looked up at the sky, as he noticed the eclipse was beginning. Part of him wishes that he could have gone blind so he couldn't have witnessed the horror he had just saw. He walked closer to the edge...

?SAL!? Dean yelled back to him. ?LET'S GO!?

Sal stopped inches from the edge. Grateful that Dean had called out to him. He wasn't sure what he would say laying at the bottom.

Regretfully, Sal turned and followed after Dean as they headed back towards the car where Tyler awaited them both.


However, down below, an unconscious Max's eyes shot open. He could see the eclipse beginning to happen.

?Luca,? Max whispered weakly.


Author Notes:

In Chapter One, The residence of Haven, Rhode Island are left baffled when people start disappearing an eclipse. Luca worries for his sanity as he begin having dreams of his brother. Sal wrestles with his guilt over Max.

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