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Between Dreams


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Would anyone be Interested in doing a bit of editing to this story and also the punctuation which to say the least is not to standard. Below is part 1. If you're willing to partake of this [project please contact me.



Between Dreams

Part 1

At ten years of age he was like any other normal boy. Yelling or crying when he needed either one, or both of his parents' attention. Talking non stop when excited or conveying the events of his day at school and how well he had done in a particular subject. Later, when let out to play with his friends after he'd had his tea, and whenever weather permitting. He would be running wild in the streets, playing whatever game that he and his friends had concocted up on the spur of the moment. Till reluctantly leaving his friends when called in, and going to bed and falling asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.

The day his mother and father dropped him off at his aunt's apartment, and took off for faraway places Phuket, to be exact, was when his whole character changed. That had been shortly after his tenth birthday over four years ago. Since then his conversation were mainly with his aunt and the teachers at the new school when they had required him to answer the normal day to day school questions. From being a boy who had partaken in all the various activities in his old school and being in continuous conversation with his classmates, here at his new school he kept his own company and only spoke when spoken to, giving the most abrupt of responses to anybody who bothered to speak to him.

At first every time the front doorbell rang he had gone dashing to open it thinking his parents had returned to take him back, and every time he had been disappointed. Now Four years later he no longer ran to the door when the bell rang, instead he let his aunt answer the door knowing that there was little chance it would be his parents.

He inserted a pound coin that his aunt had given him into the slot, and pulled the trolley out swivelling it around to follow his aunt, who was making her way down the aisle of the supermarket. As usual the trolley went in completely the wrong direction that he wanted it to go in.

God! I hate these bloody trolleys, he thought, as he struggled to get it back on course which he did after much grunting and swearing on his part. He headed down the main aisle but couldn't see where his aunt had gone. He kept looking around at the same time doing his best to keep the trolley from colliding with the other customers. He'd got halfway up the aisle when without warning from one of the side passageways another trolley came crashing into his.

He looked to his right to see a rather stocky boy about the same age as himself standing looking at him. Before he could utter a word the boy said,

"What you staring at?"

He averted his eyes and made to untangle the trolleys and continue his progress in the hope that he could catch up with his aunt, when an older and much taller, and slimmer boy cuffed the younger boy on the back of his head.

"Apologize before I kick your arse."

"Sorry," the boy mumbled reluctantly.

"Are you alright?" the older boy asked.

"Yeah no damage done," before he could say another word he heard his aunt call, "Shandy, come on, and stop dawdling."

He looked at the older boy smiled shyly and muttered, "See you," and pushed his unwilling trolley in the direction of his aunt.

They continued their shopping trip, and from time to time he saw the two boys in various parts of the supermarket. He lost sight of them for some time, then as he and his aunt approached the tills to pay for their groceries he saw them again waiting by the lifts with their trolley. After paying and getting their groceries bagged, his aunt told him to take the bus home as she was going to make a hair appointment and would meet him back at the apartment.

He grabbed the four bags two in each hand, and made his way out to the exit passing the lifts on the way and seeing the boys that he'd met earlier. As he came alongside them he smiled at the older of the two.

In response to his smile, "Want a lift home?" The older boy asked.

"Yeah, if it's alright with your parents."

“No parents I'm driving, and the name's Matthew Benson, and the mouth here is John, I heard your mother call you Shandy is that right?"

"Yeah," the boy replied shyly looking down at the ground, then lifting his head he said, "But that was my aunt, and Shandy, is my nick name my real name is Jeremy,

Jeremy Walker."

Matthew looked at the slim blonde haired boy, "I'm not sure which I like better, they both sound nice, but I've never heard the name Shandy before."

"It's not really a name it's a drink, a mixture of lemonade and beer. My relations said when I was about two my mum was drinking a shandy, I asked for some, she gave me a sip, and after that they said I demanded more, and later whenever I was asked if I wanted a drink I'd ask for shandy. So they used to call me Shandy Boy, and then shortening it to Shandy. Even the kids at school use my nick-name since they've heard my aunt use it, when she used to come and pick me up when I was younger. Just then the lift doors opened. They piled in with their bags and trolley, and exited again on the first floor.

As they made their way towards the car Matthew turned asking, "Where d'you live Shandy."

"Alan Street in the council flats."

"That's on the same road as us, but we live at the top end on the corner of Crampton road."

"Yeah, I know, I've seen you and your brother a couple of times in the garden on my way back from school."

Arriving at the car Shandy got in the back with his shopping while the brothers loaded their bags into the boot. When they had finished loading the groceries,

Matthew took off exiting the car park and heading for the flats on Alan Street.

It wasn't a long drive and on the way Matthew made small talk asking him how long he'd been living in their area and was surprised to hear that it had been over four years, and this was the first time he'd seen him. When they arrived at the flats Matthew parked the car telling John to remain inside, while he gave Shandy a hand with his shopping. Grabbing a couple of bags Matthew followed the younger boy as he made his way to the apartment; there was no stairs to climb as their premises were on the ground floor. Opening the front door Shandy led the way into the kitchen, where they deposited the bags onto the kitchen table.

Turning to the older boy Shandy smiled saying, "Thanks for the lift and for helping with the bags."

"It was the least I could do to make up for my brothers bad behaviour."

"I'm sure he didn't mean it."

Matthew gazed at the boy standing in front of him who was making his insides do all sorts of funny things. "You don't know my brother like I do Shandy," he said, smiling at the face that was making his heart beat at nearly double its normal rate, "He means every word he says. Now I'd better get going,” Mathew paused then continued, “Have you got anything planned for tomorrow?"

"No Matthew."

As he heard the boy use his name in that beautiful melodic voice of his, he was so tempted to grab the boy and wrap his arms around him in an embrace, instead he said, "If that's the case how about coming around tomorrow and hanging out for the afternoon?"

"Sure,” the younger boy said eagerly, “Any particular time."

"No suit yourself. So I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Yeah sure Matthew."

He turned to leave then stopped turning to face the boy again, "What name would you prefer I call you by Jeremy, or Shandy."

Either I don't mind."

He stretched his hand out and ruffled the younger boy's hair, "See you tomorrow Shandy."

The boy followed him to the front door and as he made his way to the car he heard him yell, "Bye Matthew see you tomorrow."

His stomach did another flip on hearing the boy shout his name, God, he thought, What's that kid done to me I must be going ga, ga, but it's nice. Oh man, roll on

tomorrow afternoon. He got into the car gave his brother a withering look waved his hand at the boy standing in the doorway and drove off.

Shandy put the groceries away then made his way to his bedroom picked up his book The Amulet of Samarkand, and started to read. He read the first sentence

about three times before he gave up and closed his eyes. He let the face that was distracting him from his reading enter his minds eye and smiled inwardly.

He couldn't believe that this boy he'd seen playing in the garden with his younger brother would one day be inviting him over to their house. As his mind wandered so he slept and the subject of his waking thoughts entered his dreams.

He was coming back from school, he turned into Crampton road and as he neared the junction that led into Alan street. He looked and listened for sounds from the back garden of the huge corner house, but except for the chirping of the birds there was no human sound coming from the house. Disappointed that he wouldn't see the older boy or hear him he turned into the street he lived on and made for the flats.

He opened the front door and made to close it behind him and there he was, tall and slim with that wicked smile on his face.

"Hi, you going to let me in?"

"Uh, oh yeah Matthew, I didn't see you."

The older boy stepped inside the front door then closed it behind him.

Shandy stood watching as Matthew walked over towards him. The older boy wrapped an arm around his shoulder then bending slightly the other arm went behind his thighs and the next thing he knew he was lying in Matthews arm looking up at his face. The face smiled down at him then lowered as a pair of lips found his and he had sensations coursing through his body that he'd never experienced before in his entire life. Matthew broke the kiss, as he opened his eyes the older boy asked, "Where's your bedroom."

He guided the older boy to his room where he was gently placed on the bed then Matthew lay down next to him.

"Shandy, Shandy wake up.” He dreamily opened his eyes to see his aunt bending over him.

"Come on sleepy head," she said tousling his hair, "I've got an afternoon snack ready for you; you must have slept for a couple of hours. He followed his aunt into the kitchen to see some cheese on toast and a cup of tea on the breakfast table.

When they'd finished their snack he went into the sitting room to watch the Saturday afternoon football on the box, and two hours later he'd seen Chelsea win yet again. They watched a movie together then later sat down to their evening meal after which he retired to his room to continue with his book He read till quite late and reluctantly as his eyelids drooped he put the book away and laid his head on his pillow. He tried to recall his dream of earlier in the day, but because of his tiredness he was unable to do so and drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Half-a-mile away Matthew, who had just returned from a friend's party undressed and lay in his bed fondling his loins.

He lay with his eyes shut and fantasized about the boy he'd met earlier in the day at the supermarket.

He let his imagination control his thoughts still fondling himself as the scene unfold inside his head.

The front doorbell rings and he goes to answer it in the hope that it's Shandy. Opening the door there he stands the small blonde haired boy with that expectant look on his face. Matthew doesn't hesitate; not saying a word he takes hold of the boy's hand and leads him into the house and closing the door he says.

"Come on Shandy," and leads the boy up the stairs to his bedroom.

Shandy doesn't question the older boy but just lets himself be led where Matthew takes him. Once inside the room the older boy closes the door then wraps his arms around Shandy and draws the boy close. As he feels the boy pressed into his body his loins are instantly at full arousal, he puts a hand under the boys chin lifts his face and lowers his lips to taste those of the boys that he'd been wanting to from the moment he'd set eyes on him. The boy didn't hesitate but met his lips and opened his mouth so that their tongues could unite and continue their exploration of each other. Matthew broke the kiss and quickly undressed the boy who stood placidly as he did so. Then stood back and looked at his slight frame and his loins that like his were at full arousal. He now felt guilty of taking advantage of the boy who looked so small and vulnerable, but when Shandy who seemed to read his mind came towards him and started to undress him, so his feelings of guilt disappeared and he was soon as naked as the boy.

He lifted the Shandy into his arms and walked to the bed laying him down then lying down beside him. The moment they were lying together their arms and legs acted like tendrils entwining around each other so that their bodies were pressed together from head to toe.

As Matthew fantasized so the stroking of his erection became faster. He fantasized that Shandy's hand was wrapped around his member and stroking it. Suddenly he felt the inevitable twinge in his scrotum as his testicles tightened, hips bucked, and his orgasm erupted spewing his seed over his body. His body convulsed with the onset of his orgasm and moans of exquisite pleasure escaped from his mouth till his feelings of ecstasy subsided and his penis finished spewing its discharge, and he lay exhausted but revelling in feelings of contentment. When he'd recovered sufficiently from his exertions, he cleaned himself with some wet wipes lay back in his bed and shortly was sleeping as soundly as one can when their sexual needs have been gratified.

Sunday morning and he'd been getting on his aunts nerves, walking around the house from room to room and being a downright nuisance in every way. He tried watching the telly to try and get the time to go faster but he just couldn't get interested in any particular programme. He went to his room picked up his book and a few minutes later put that aside as he couldn't concentrate on what he was reading.

After what seemed like years the clock chimed twelve and he made himself ready to visit Matthew. He pecked his aunt on the cheek, told her he'd be back by six and left the house. Feeling a bit nervous when outside and walking to Matthew’s house he slowed his pace hoping that the weird feelings he was having in his mid-drift would subside by the time he reached the house. The six minute walk that if he wanted to could be covered in about three he managed to stretch out to eight. Eventually he stood in front of the door, tentatively he stretched his hand out and pressed the call button, he heard the chimes and waited. The door opened and John the younger brother stood in the doorway.

"Hi John, is Matthew in?"

"No he's out, and we're not sure what time he'll be back, but knowing him it won't be before ten tonight so there's not much point in your hanging around."

The door was shut in his face and he just stood there staring at the wooden panelling.

He wanted to scream and kick the door, but he controlled his emotions instead he turned and headed down the drive and out into the road. He walked quickly back to his house and entered the front door, to see his aunt standing in the hallway looking at him.

Shandy what happened why are you home so early?"

He tried to answer but the moment he did the emotions that he'd kept under control now broke forth. He stood by the door not moving as his voice choked and tears streamed down his cheeks and great sobs burst out of his mouth. She went to him and wrapped her arms around the boy.

"Come on Shandy, let's sit down and talk and tell me what happened," as she led the boy to the sitting room.

When they were seated she stroked the boys head. To her Shandy was like the son she could never have, and treated him as any mother would.

"Alright try to compose yourself and tell me what happened?"

He sniffed a couple of times took a deep breath then told his aunt, "Matthew hadn't bothered to be at home when he went to his house to visit. His younger brother told me that he wouldn't be home till very late in the evening. I didn't mind Matthew not being at home but when his brother shut the door in my face like I had some kind of disease I got really angry, I don't ever want to go back to that house again."

"Maybe Matthew forgot that you were visiting today and that's why he wasn't in."

"No aunty he wouldn't forget he was the one who invited me and that was only yesterday, his memory can't be that bad."

"Alright then let's put this episode behind us and forget it happened, as a treat I'll let you pick what DVD to get out from Blockbusters to watch tonight as long as it's not too scary."

He gave a faint smile he knew his aunt couldn't watch anything that had the slightest bit of violence in it. "Okay aunty but you go ahead you choose like you normally do and I'll watch it."

"I tell you what instead of watching a DVD how about going to the movies. There's a good one showing at the moment in the Mall, that a friend at work told me about called, I'm Not Afraid. After what she told me about it I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

He agreed to her plan and so they settled back on the settee watching the telly the boy drawing comfort from his doting aunt.

Matthew after dropping his cousin back to her premises returned home to what he thought was an empty house till he saw his mother working in the back garden.

Making his way into the garden he asked his mother, “Had anyone called?”

"I'm not too sure Matthew, I've been in the garden most of the time but John only left about five minutes ago to visit his friend and if their had been any callers he would have said so."

"Okay mum, that's good I'm expecting a friend to call he should be here any minute.

Matthew waited till 4.00pm before he acknowledged the fact that Shandy wasn't about to turn up on his doorstep. He was really disappointed, he'd been counting the minutes to the moment that he would be able to spend time with the boy that had so completely captivated him. He couldn't think why Shandy would change his mind and not come over, he sounded so eager yesterday when he'd suggested it, maybe his aunt had stopped him from visiting he thought. He considered walking down to the flats and finding out then thought better of it, if his aunt had stopped Shandy from visiting then there wasn't much chance that he'd be able to see him, so decided against it. He burrowed deeper into the armchair angry with the world, because his plans to get closer to the boy that he'd become infatuated with had fallen apart, and all he had left were the memories of their brief meeting of yesterday.


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