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Between Dreams 2


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Part 2.

Surprisingly enough he'd enjoyed the movie, and the disappointment of not meeting Matthew, although still painful he’d decided that he could live with it, as he had done with his parent's abandonment of him. Now that he was older and more hardened, he'd put the episode of being rejected a second time to the back of his mind, and decided to continue with his life.

That night after reading his book he lay in his bed thinking that at this moment in his life the one and only person he could rely on not to let him down was his aunt Jenny. She never failed him in his emotional or monetary needs. She was not rich far from it, but whenever she needed to find the money he required for something, whether it be clothing, or games for his play station, or for the book that he was at present reading, she always found the means to do so.

His aunt had not always lived on her own. He remembered hearing his parents talking about his aunt Jenny just before his ninth birthday, and how sorry they felt for her. She had been involved in a motor accident with her husband. He had been killed, and she badly injured, not only losing the baby that she was expecting but not being able to have anymore. To add insult to injury her husband had not renewed the car insurance which left her with no compensation.

He lay his head on the pillow and slept without any thought of wanting to fantasize about Matthew, he'd decided that there was no point of living a life of make belief, when the person concerned had rejected him, and like his parents Matthew, would soon just be a distant memory.

Monday morning he was up dressed and ready for school. After his breakfast and saying goodbye to his aunt he left the house and made his way to his place of learning. He didn't go by his more recent route but reverted to the way he took when he first started going to school on his own. This meant that he wouldn't have to pass the Benson's house and that way ensuring that there wouldn't be any accidental meeting with Matthew or his obnoxious brother as they didn't attend the same school as himself. Instead of walking up Alan Street and then turning into Crampton Road he crossed over and walked straight up Broomfield Road which was more or less adjacent to their flats. At the top of Broomfield road he crossed the main road and walked down a passage way between the houses that brought him to a gate which was opened at 8.00am by the school caretaker.

He passed through the gates and looked across the playing fields to the school. This used to be his normal route until one day after a particular heavy downpour the fields were totally waterlogged, and he decided to walk the long way round which took him down Crampton road, and past the Benson house where he first saw the boys. Because of that chance sighting of Matthew, he changed his route to school so that he could see the boy he secretly admired.

As he entered the playing field noting the other pupils who took the same shortcut turning and staring at him, he did what he normally did and ignored them.

At least it's only going to be for a week, and then the summer break, he thought. Won't have to worry about meeting up with Matthew and his brother again, except of course when we go to the supermarket, but I think that was a one off as I've never seen them there before."

The rest of the week followed the same pattern and he was pleased when Friday 3.30pm came and they broke up for the summer recess.

It had been nearly two weeks since Matthew had last seen Shandy and he desperately wanted to meet the boy again. He'd got back from school as early as possible in the hope of seeing Shandy making his way back home but the boy had not passed down their road for the whole of the final week of school. He'd thought of calling at his house, but again worried that his aunt had stopped him from visiting he decided against doing so. All he was left with now was the fantasies that he conjured up at night in his bed or at other times of the day when he was at a loose end of the boy who he so nearly got to know.

Shandy spent the first week of his holiday with mostly watching the box and reading his book, and doing the odd errand for his aunt while she was at work. He'd have to wait for the third week of the holiday when his aunt would start her summer recess from work, and they would be able to go away for a ten day break. He had an idea that their destination would be Cornwall, as he'd seen his aunt looking at some brochures she acquired from the travel agents. It would be nice to get away from the flats, he thought, and be able to live in surroundings that made life a lot more pleasant.

He'd been reluctant to go to with his aunt to the supermarket at the weekends, fearing that they might run into Matthew or his brother, but luckily both visits were trouble free and he gave huge sighs of relief as they exited the store.

Today he'd decided to go to the movies as Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire were on at the Shopping Mall cinema. He normally didn't go to the movies on his own, but as his aunt was working all this week, and if they were going away next week on holiday he didn't want to miss it.

Normally on a Monday afternoon there were far fewer patrons so he wouldn't have to queue to enter the cinema. He made his way by bus to the Shopping Mall where the movie was showing at Multi-Screen complex. He jumped off the bus and walked into the Mall made his way along the walkway and into the foyer of the cinema. He bought his ticket then turned and headed towards the confectionary counter when he saw Matthew's brother with three other boys. The moment he saw the boy Shandy's heart sank, he just knew that the boy would try something and his intuitions were not unfounded. They followed him to the confectionary counter and took up positions on either side of him. Matthew's brother John was the first to make a remark.

"Terrible stink around here isn't there," he said in an exaggeratedly loud voice.

"Yeah I wonder what it can be," one of John's friends said, "Smells very much like a stinky council boy. Bet you he hasn't had a bath for a month."

Shandy didn't wait to be served but walked away from the counter, as he left he heard the other boys laughing. He decided to stay at the far end of the foyer till they were allowed to enter for the next showing of The Goblet of Fire. When they were ready to let the people in he made sure that he saw that John, and his friends entered well before him. That allowed him to take his seat as far away from them as he possibly could be, and he could sit back and enjoy the movie.

When the film ended he was one of the first out of the door and more or less running to the bus stop. He was lucky he only had to wait about a minute and the bus was there without John and his friends anywhere in sight. He sat down and relaxed for the first time since seeing John in the foyer, he wouldn't have been too worried if it had been John on his own, although he was smaller than John he felt he could give as good as he got in a one-to-one. But four to one, he wasn't stupid that was asking for trouble, and in any case he really wasn't into any form of confrontation be it physical, or verbal.

At the cinema John and his friends had walked outside and into the nearest street where they waited at a pre-arranged location for Matthew to come and pick them up, so Shandy's fears of being confronted by them after the film were unfounded. They didn't have to wait too long before their ride drew into the kerb and the four boys climbed into the car. After dropping the three boys off the two brothers headed home.

"Guess who we saw at the cinema Matthew?"

"No idea, tell me."

"That kid you gave a lift to a couple of weeks back,” John said smirking, “Umm can't remember his name, but we gave him a bit of a hard time at the cinema just as I did when he called around on that Sunday after you gave him a lift."

Matthew's mind suddenly became alert, as he quickly asked? "Exactly what did you say and do on the Sunday that Shandy called at our house?"

"Oh yeah, he asked if you were in and I said no, and then added that you weren't expected back till late at night then I shut the door in his face. Didn't want any council house low life hanging around the house."

Hearing what his brother had just said Matthew felt like stopping the car and kicking the brat out but refrained from doing so, instead he took his left hand off the steering wheel and slapped his brother with the back of his hand as hard as he possibly could, then pulled the car into the kerb.

"What the Bloody Hell was that for," John yelled, rubbing the spot where Matthew's hand had come in contact with his face.

Matthew killed the engine then turned to his brother, "That's for being a snotty nosed spoilt brat. For your information when Shandy called around on that Sunday it was at my invitation. Now keep your mouth shut, I don't want to here another squeak out of you," and he started the car and drove off in the direction of their house. The moment the car was under way the younger boy took the opportunity to speak and shouted out.

"Wait till we get home I'm going to tell dad that you hit me and you'll really get it."

"You don't have to tell him, I will and I hope he hits you harder than I did."

John, now not too sure about telling his father mumbled, "Okay just lets forget it," and sat sulking in his seat for the rest of the journey.

When they arrived home Matthew wanted to go straight over to Shandy's premises to discuss what he'd recently learnt had occurred three Sundays ago. Looking at the time he realized that the boy's aunty would be back from work by now so they wouldn't be alone. Reluctantly he decided to leave it till tomorrow, when there would be just the two of them and he could talk it over with Shandy.

He sat looking at the TV. But not really absorbing anything emanating from the box it was just there, filling the room with sound and that was all. Something alerted his senses it was a sound other that that of the TV. Suddenly he realized it had been the front doorbell. Quickly he rose from his seat and went to the door and opened it.

Shandy on seeing who it was and completely surprised could only say, "You."

Matthew smiled and amused at the younger boy’s astounded look said, "Me, can I talk to you?"

They stood facing each other.

Shandy, his mind screaming telling him to shut the door still stood stationary, gazing at the boy who he’d fallen in love with long before that boy even knew Jeremy Walker existed. Then trying not to show his emotions and keeping his voice as normal as possible said,

"Umm, I'm not sure that we have anything to talk about."

"Please Shandy hear me out then you can decide what you want to do."

Shandy remained silent looking at the boy that he'd felt so embittered about just a few days previously. The one who had helped shatter his dreams then reacting to the question asked,

"Do you want to come in and talk or would you rather stand out here?"

"Can we go inside please?"

"Sure come on in," and he stood to one side to let Matthew into the house then closed the door. He led the way into the sitting room where the sat in armchairs facing each other across the room. They sat in silence staring at each other till Matthew unable to keep his emotions under control stood and walked over to Shandy. He somehow sensed that the boy had the same feelings coursing through his body as he did. The smaller of the two boys watched a little concerned as Matthew stood and walked towards him. Matthew reached down and lifted the boy from the chair till their faces were only inches apart. He leaned forward till their lips met with the faintest of touches at the same time feeling the boy's legs wrapping around his body. As he broke the contact of their lips so the younger boy wrapped his hands around his head and forced their lips to meet again, this time not in a gentle touch but with an ardent passion. Without realizing it Matthew forced his tongue passed the younger boys lips to invade his mouth. The boy whimpered as their tongues united and they were both experiencing what they had fantasized about in their dreams and now those dreams had become a reality.

Matthew broke the kiss and tried to lower Shandy into the armchair.

"NO," the boy shouted, "Sit on the settee Matthew, then I can sit on your lap."

He smiled, he pecked the boy on the lips then made his way over to the settee sat on the edge with Shandy inevitably ending up in his lap with his legs wrapped around his waist facing him.

"Kiss me again Matthew."

"No we have to talk."

"Please Matthew."

"Shandy I have to talk to you, and trying to do so with our lips stuck together is impossible."

Looking at the seriousness in the older boy's eyes he agreed to the boy's request saying, "Can we carry on after you talk?"


"Okay then talk."

Matthew looked at the face that was only inches away from his own, the hazel coloured eyes the small nose and the lips with a very pronounced cupids bow. When he looked into his mouth the boy had small teeth except for the front two which were larger than the others but lent a certain cuteness to the boy's features.

"I love you Jeremy Walker," he said as he pecked the boy on the end of the nose, "and I've been bloody miserable the last few days since we didn't meet up at my place on that Sunday. I didn't know what had happened till yesterday, when my brother happened to mention giving you a hard time in the cinema foyer. Then also telling me what he did when you called round on the Sunday I'd invited you over. I had gone to drop my cousin home and got back by 12.30pm and was waiting for you. By 4.30pm when you hadn't shown I thought that you had been stopped from visiting by your aunt, or you had changed your mind. It wasn't till John told me what he'd done that I realized what had happened, and that's why I'm here."

"Lets kiss again,"

"Did you hear what I said?"

"Yep, can we kiss again?"

"Aren't you angry at what happened?"

"I was then but not now, can't we stop talking and just kiss."

He smiled and putting his hand behind the blonde head he brought there lips together as they both so much desired. When the desire for their lips had been satisfied Matthew said, "I have to go home shortly you want to come with me."

"Umm I'm not too sure about going to your house, especially if I'm not welcome by the other members of your family."

"Don't worry, I'll be there with you and it was only John who acted the way he did. He does that with near enough any kid who doesn't belong in his little clique."

"Okay then, let me phone my aunt and tell her I'm going out then we can go."

Five minutes later, after making the said phone call and informing his aunt he'd be back before she returned from work, saw him walking beside Matthew towards the older boy's home.

"How come we're walking instead of being in your car?"

"It's not very far to your place from mine and any case I need a bit of exercise."

"Will there be anyone at home?"

"Yeah my mum, my dad is most probably at the office, he really doesn't need to go in but he does. John has gone out with our sister to the mall, she wanted company and after yesterday I'm not what you would call his favourite brother at the moment."

"I don't think I'm in his good books either. He's a real pain, and no better that some of the Neanderthals that we have at our school. How's your sister? And how old is she?"

Matthew glanced at the boy walking beside him who he'd dearly love to hold hands with as they walked. "She's as bad as him, and just as stuck up, they walk around as if their shit don't stink. This Saturday she's having a party for her sixteenth birthday."

Shandy laughed asking, "How come you're not like them?"

"Maybe I used to be like them, till I got all messed up with a blonde haired fourteen nearly fifteen-year-old boy, who makes my insides do back-flips every time I see him. No, not really, I don't know why, being rich has never bothered me nor where you come from or where you live. Because none of it is really an issue, if I like you then that's all that matters to me and in your case like is not the word I would use to describe my feelings for you.”

He paused collecting his thoughts before continuing, “But truthfully I think it was my grandfather before he died who was the cause of my being like I am. He told me the truth about our origins. You see he was an immigrant and came to this country without a penny but with hard work and a bit of luck he became extremely well off. But, he never forgot his roots, and how he had to scrimp and scrape at first to make a living for his wife and family. Our grandmother died before we were born so it was up to him to tell us about our origins. But my sister and brother were never close to him and they never had time to listen, they were too busy playing with their posh friends."

"If your grandfather was an immigrant how come you've got a name like Benson?"

"He changed his name when he found out that there was a lot of discrimination against you if you had a name that people couldn't pronounce, or spell, or if it sounded different to English names. So he changed it from Bernstein, to Benson.

They arrived at Matthews house and entered, with Shandy feeling a little nervous not knowing how he would be received by Matthew's mother. They went through the hallway and into a room on the right and when they stepped into it Shandy gasped. On hearing him gasp Matthew quickly turned to him.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, Christ this room is big."

"Yeah I suppose so; well there isn't anyone in here so we'd better make our way out to the back garden, and knowing my mother that's where she'll be.

They walked through to the conservatory and then into the garden to see a woman on her knees attending to a flower bed.

"Hi mum," Matthew called, and the woman stopped what she was doing and looked toward her son and Shandy.

"Hello Matthew, who's that you have with you?”

"This is a friend of mine mum, his name is Jeremy, but is normally called Shandy."

"Oh my that is a nice name. Hello Shandy,” then addressing her son Mrs. Benson asked, “Have you offered your friend a drink?”

"Umm no mum."

"My goodness Matthew, Shandy must be thinking that you've been very badly brought up, why haven't you offered him some refreshment?"

"Totally forgot mum," turning to his companion, "Shandy can I offer you something to drink."

"No thanks."

"Mum I'm taking Shandy to my room."

"Alright dear."

The boys left Mrs Benson with her gardening, and with Matthew leading the way made their way to his room.

After Matthew had locked the door the boys stood looking at each other. They both knew what the other desired and without a word being said they came together, their lips joined and they drifted into a world of their own, hoping that their dreams would be fulfilled.

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