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Some religions have a good point....

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And here we are after years of mainstream religious groups attacking gay marriage and pushing laws in various American states to deny gay couples the basic rights of other citizens. The people with NOM and other right wing organizations must be so proud of the money they make from scaring the public into thinking that gay marriage will bring about the End Times. A fools business.

But here is the proper approach to ending the religious persecution of gay couples that want to be joined in marriage and receive the same consideration as every other citizen:


It was only a matter of time before the gay friendly churches like the Unitarians, the MCC and the liberal Jewish groups came up with something like this, and it makes sense. If the big bad Catholic church is going to play bully in the field of gay marriage, and it has spent millions in the process, let them take on the Unitarians in court.

What works in Scotland will work here in the US, and why not? If thousands of members of the Unitarian faith, members of the MCC and Jewish faiths were to file suit against NOM and their ilk for denial of constitutional rights I could see that battle going to the Supreme Court...or at least they would refuse to hear it allowing a lower court ruling to stand.

Let's see how well arguements by the Catholic, Baptist and other major religious powers stand up to a public airing of their fight to discriminate outside of their church community. Any faith has the right to ban gay marriage within the narrow minded confines of their church. But to deny other churches the right to embrace gay marriage is a foolish move that can only backfire. The sooner the better.

Note: I am not interested in gay marriage, never have been, for myself. I don't eat at McDonalds either but I can see no valid reason to close the restaurant if others find it acceptable. Marriage is a personal choice, gay, straight or otherwise. The sooner this religious battle is fought the better, then we can move on to undermining those right wing fools who have passed state laws banning gay marriage.

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