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The Unnatural Archeologist by Michael Arram

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Thought I might like to mention I am following this serialized story by Michael and look forward to the new chapters as they post.

I know he has written other stories in this vein with complicated characters and plots all entangled with one another. I am enjoying the archeological knowledge contained within the story, both fact and fiction. Having my fun trying to figure out where this is going.

But although I often labor at my historical references I am delighted by how familiar Michael seems to be with his. He does have me at an advantage by placing the story so far in the past. The history may be fictional but the setting that surrounds his characters appears so real, it takes me there.

Perhaps not your average romantic and adventurous fare, but that is all good, it's uplifting. And perhaps I should go back and plug the first two stories of this series available on Michael's home page, well worth reading. My thanks to Michael for offering these delights of another time and place to us all.

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