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I would love to see Bully in my local theater, but upon review of the hundreds of movie showings in South Florida this film is not being shown...anywhere!

If I wanted to see teens kill one another I could go see Hunger Games in every multi-plex within a hundred miles. But it seems that violence and body count seem to trump a few 'dirty' words' said by the teenagers in Bully.

Okay, I am pissed off and just sent my editorial opinion to the local paper about this bullcrap. All because the MPAA gives a thumbs down and places an onerous rating on this film. Let's keep the important issues from view, and in this case we don't even give parents the right to take their children to a very important film. Perhaps they will all go to see Hunger Games and be so inspired by the violence that they start killing off others in the neighborhood. Reap what you sow, folks...reap what you sow.

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Here's how Bully is announced on the official website (thebullyproject.com):

See The Film

Now Playing In Select Theaters

Los Angeles

Arclight Hollywood


AMC Century City

New York

Lincoln Square


Check back weekly for more cities

So I guess we have to play a waiting game.

Colin :icon_geek:

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Mike Huckabee Uses Fox Show to Call on Everyone to See Bully
"When I viewed Bully, my first reaction was to think that every parent and grandparent in the country needs to see it, along with every child in elementary school or above,"
"Yes, there are moments, albeit limited, in which profanity is used, and it’s language that I would not personally use nor condone," he wrote. "However, the language is not gratuitous nor without redeeming value, in that it provides the shock effect to drive home the point that this is a serious issue. This is not 'kids being kids.'"


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I'm hoping to see Bully soon, when it comes to my city.

Gee, that's probably the first time I've ever wanted to see a Bully.

I posted my thoughts earlier in the thread in the News and Views section. This is a film I think everyone needs to see.

Nothing in the trailer clip was shocking to me. I can vouch for much of it happening back when I was in school. Plenty of people, if they're honest with themselves, could say the same.

Why the MPAA felt they had to treat the movie rating as they did...is, in my opinion, as bad as saying they'll ignore the problem and maybe it will go away.

The Hunger Games, according to people who've read the books, are a criticism of violence and media portrayals of violence and of oppressive governments allowing violence as a way to control people. So I wouldn't downplay that film's importance.

However, giving it a PG-13 while giving Bully an R rating, and thereby denying the chance that most who should see Bully likely won't get to see it, is not a good decision. I'm with you on that, Chris. Your point's well worth making.

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