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Pastor Rick Warren strikes again...

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I can see the Evangelical movement is concerned, they are losing traction on the big focus of their Christianity: being against gay marriage. And then there is Rick Warren.

I've read some pretty strange quotes from this man, but in this latest interview with ABC News he really goes out there:

WARREN: And so I believe what Jesus says about the Bible – and he says the Bible is the word of God.

Oh really? Gee, Rick, where did Jesus get his copy, the Jeruselem Book of the Month Club? Jesus probably had nothing to say about the Bible in the Bible so I think Rick is taking those happy pills again.

And just when I finished chuckling about that statement I came across this:


Now I know this second attribution to Rick will make many of you pet owners happy, but think about this a minute. Just when you were pissed off about having to change Fluffy's litter box once again, or cleaning up the mess Fido left on your new kitchen floor, along comes Rick and says that there will be more of that crap awaiting you in heaven. Personally, I hope Rick spends eternity surrounded with crap, he's already got a good start right here on Earth.

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Just to be perfectly clear, probably the only perfection I am at all interested in...apart from my bedside activities, I will say this,

If Heaven is populated with conforming rightwing conservative Christianists, I'd rather go to Hell, and for eternity, than spend even one day with those bigots.

Okay, I feel better now, thank you. :smile:

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Actually, Des, I'm afraid that if you plan to go to hell in advance (which, I believe, is the only way to get there) you'll be terribly disappointed because when you arrive you'll find that all of those sanctimonious evangelical preachers are there to greet you. Poor Des!

Colin :icon_geek:

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If... if, Heaven is populated by conforming right...etc.,

"Poor Des," is of course not going to Heaven, or Hell, because orang-utans, are agnostic-atheists.

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Pastor Rick Warren has recently made the statement that he is unpopular because he does not compromise his KKKristian beliefs for the culture. It's amazing that someone so high profile can be so full of crap.

The history of Christianity is full of compromises. In the early days of the church when ambitious leaders were doing conversions at sword point, there were numerous compromises. The Trinity is a concept taken directly from Norse mythology where there are three faces of God: in this case Odin, Thor and Freya are replaced by father, son and holy ghost. The Christmas tree was taken from the Germanic tribes of central Europe. The Easter egg is a fertility symbol that originated in Rome. All of these compromises were made so that the church would appeal to a broader base.

Rick Warren himself had to make considerable compromises to sell his message to affluent Californians so that his mega-church would be successful.

A more honest statement by Rick Warren would be that he only makes the compromises of faith that wants. The rest, he's just not comfortable with.


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