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2016: Obama's America

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If nothing else, the timing of this film's release is suspicious. The author, director and narrator has a history of Obama bashing and comes off as nothing more than just another Right wingnut, but now on the big screen in a theater near you.

You would have to wonder at the cost of releasing this film in national distribution and the source of such funding. The Post reviewer doesn't reveal that source of money but he does take exception to the slant of the film. "Preaching to the choir" seems to cover just who this film is out to please by painting Obama as a communist sympathizer, anti-American and pro-Muslum.

Not something I plan to see since there are plenty of Three Stooges reruns on television if I want to view something absurd.

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The film has already grossed over $9 million in limited release (making it the sixth highest grossing political documentary of all time). It shows up in more theaters this weekend.

The movie may be "preaching to the choir" but apparently a lot of people are listening.....or they were REALLY bored last weekend.

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Doesn't scare me too much. Remember that time Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 was released right before the '08 elections, and everyone was certain that there was NO WAY the goofy, bumblin', war-monger cowboy would beat the boring yet intellectual war hero, especially after such a routing at the box office? And then he did?

There's a good 30% on each side that thinks "their man" can do no wrong, and will vote for anyone with an ® or (D) next to their name. Those are the people going to see films like this.

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