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Not As It Seems

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I have been enjoying a nice story from the Young Friends Section at Nifty entitled Not As It Seems, a mystery and suspense story with interesting characters and a good plot. A young boy, covered in blood that is not his own, is discovered on a golf course . A social worker champions his cause as authorities seek to identify him. Soon, Interpol and the RCMP enter the picture and the suspense builds, even as understanding grows between the boy and the social worker's son. After a four month hiatus, the story has resumed and I recommend it. The writing could use some work, but the author has put a lot of work into the story and he has characters a reader can care about and a good plot.

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Okay, Free Thinker caught my attention with his introduction to this story so I had to go read it. Ten chapters in and I have to say that the author does have something good going here...if. I have to qualify myself because the build up to the key plot point took a long time to develop. If the story ends in two more chapters I will feel misled.

Nothing wrong with a slow buildup, but that only works in a long involved story. So many issues have been raised that with each chapter I looked for some new angle, some new information that would broaden the scope. It's there he just hasn't used it yet. Will he? I await further postings.

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