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Same Love: Pro Gay Hip-Hop Video

The Pecman

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I just caught this remarkable hip-hop video that's both pro gay marriage and pro tolerance, from a community you wouldn't think had the capacity to accept gay people. Susan Johnson, a performing arts teacher at South Lyon's Centennial Middle School, was suspended for allowing a student to play the song in one of her classes, saying she felt students might appreciate and learn from the song's message of acceptance and "tolerance to diversity."

But according to this news story, at least one student apparently took offense to Macklemore's plea for "human rights for everybody" and complained to the administration. Johnson was promptly suspended for three days, two of which she was told would be without pay.

Here's the video -- watch it and see if you agree with her side of the argument. I found it to be surprisingly moving and well-done, and one hopes it'll make more people at least consider the human aspects of the pro-gay marriage arguments.

The video has over 8 million views right now, so somebody's watching this thing.

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