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Legacy by Altimexis


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Legacy, a long and carefully crafted novel by Altimexis, has now completed serialization and for those of you who always wait for a novel to be completed before starting to read it... this is your cue to 'go for it.'

This is the continuation - set in the future - of Altimexis' Naptown Tales and centers on the assassination of the first openly-gay elected President of the United States. Although the story starts sometime in the future... the years in between are rolled out in chapters in the first person by several key players in the story.

Despite my skepticism - which I initially expressed to the author - about spilling the outcome of the story in the first chapter, Legacy is still full of surprises. If you haven't been following in its serialization, I highly recommend it to you now, in its completed form. Read it HERE


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Thanks for the support, Mike. One of the challenges in writing a major story or story series such as Naptown Tales is that, as authors, we get attached to the characters. In many ways they are our offspring and, to a large degree, the personalities of the characters we create dictate the directions our stories will take.

Earely on, Naptown Tales hinted at a rich future in which my characters would go on to do great things. Turning that future into reality while still making my characters seem real was a challenge in and of itself. Turning teenagers into adults was yet another challenge, but I'm pleased with the results. For those who have avoided reading Legacy because it begins with the assassination of one of the central characters in the Naptown Tales series, please bear with me. Without giving away too much, nothing is as it seems and although the ending may not give you what want - a future in which President David Reynolds was never assassinated, it is a very satisfying, surprise ending.

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