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Homeless GLBT Youth

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Thank you, FreeThinker, for reminding us again of this tragic problem. I shamelessly repeat here an earlier post, for I believe this situation of homeless GLBT kids is absolutely critical and has reached heartbreaking numbers in the U.S.A. Please read the linked statement by kitkatkid and if your heart is so moved, investigate some or all of the links he provides to the organizations and agencies trying to do something about this terrible situation. If you have ever wondered what you might do to make a difference, this is it.

'I urge you to read and consider an immensely important message about runaway and homeless kids, written by kitkatkid over on his blog, The Cafe Palermo. If you are looking for good to do this holiday season and throughout the year, here are some wonderful opportunities and organizations reaching out for your support'


James Merkin

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