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If you haven't watched this locally produced documentary by KUED in Salt Lake City of all places and supported by the B. W. Bastian Foundation, you'll find it worthwhile. The short film explores homelessness in LBGTQ young people.


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Thanks so much for bringing us this report. Watching it was an hour well spent.

Following the lives of these four young people both gave me hope for the future and cast shadows of fear of what homeless gay young people endure every day without anyone to care.

It also leaves me with a feeling of helplessness in not being able to step outside my home and help, however much I would like to.

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A heartwarming film, thank you to bi_janus for the link. It's good to know there are these kind people out there doing something to help these young people, disheartening to learn of the reasons it is all necessary.

The young people featured in the film seem like perfectly normal kids who just happen to be LBGT, and yet that is too difficult for their parents to handle. The street is no place for a kid to develop into a responsible adult, and yet some of them seem to have taken that difficult step for themselves with the help of those who care.

The harsh reality is that parents who reject their kids leave them open to drug addiction and a lack of education. We seem to have a culture where very few religious organizations stand up to help the homeless. There are a few and their faith based service to the poor and homeless is to be admired. But most of the rants we hear from the right wing religious bring them a lot of money to line their pockets and do little to serve the needs of those in most need.

I will stop here because I promised myself I would not get into anti-religious rants this year. A shame, they give me so many reasons...

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