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Tulips and Daffodils

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Tulips and Daffodils

Bi Janus

We worked the bed at noon

and in early evening twilight,

consigning tulips and daffodils,

surprised by the excavated

claws and canines in the dirt

until supine and side by side

at twilight in the backyard,

a thin blanket between

grass spears thrusting

against our skin

the darkness comes on

relentless to cover us

and you keep us uncovered

In a world translated to ghosting shades,

the wolf's spirit resurrected circles in shadow,

eyes aglow with the moon, stars on the ground,

your song living in his blood,

and he inclines to you always as

your breath in his nostrils sustains him

At rest on the grass

your breath I draw

into my mouth

until shades are but

shadows awaiting the dawn

Next to me even soft edges

of your familiar form

are but reminders, whispers

of your flesh in daylight

as the wolf keens in the night

of what drives us to silence

and rituals of flesh and spirit

in which eyes are superfluous

as they are in dreams

We dream in the twilight of morning

coming on, reaching to the clarity of dawn,

though enough brilliant light

conceals as much as night

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Here in the East the Full Wolf Moon marks January, halfway between the season to plant and the season to flower. Your fine poem needs no Farmers' Almanac to find the right time for its harvest of feeling, its expression of Nature's intention.

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